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airurandogood evening18:46
airurandoi reckon a poll to select the date on18:47
airurandoi reckon a poll to select the date of UGJ Dublin is a good idea18:48
airurandoLimerick and possibly Galway might also participate on the standard weekend18:48
moylanso a date ie a sat or sunday and maybe a start time?19:32
airurandomoylan aye. driving this is the fact that the 02 - 04 Mar 12 weekend doesn't suit tdr112 and myself.19:42
moylannot sure i can make it either as mobility is still limited.19:43
airurandoany date for the op yet?19:44
moylanwas at clinic this week.  fingers crossed.  2 years wait so far. :-/19:45
airurandoyeah I remember talking to you about it :(19:45
airurandohope the check went well.19:46
moylanseemed to go ok.  one bit of good news was that i found that after a year or so after op i can cycle again, maybe.19:46
airurandothat would be good.19:47
airurandodid you cycle before?19:47
moylanalways wanted to get a brompton folding bike19:47
moylani did in the 90s but gave it up as dublin is so unsafe to bike in.  but been hankering after a bike last 3-4 years19:48
airurandoI recently bought a whiter version of this:19:49
airurandoto help in my preparations for this (god help me):19:51
airurandomoylan you know my body19:52
moylanwhat ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger unless it's a triatholon in which case it'll leave you knackered! :-D19:52
airurandobaby triathlon :)19:52
airurandoup to 11 miles on the bike now19:52
airurandowhich covers the distance of the cycle portion19:53
airurandoremember baby traithlon...19:53
moylanused to cycle 7 miles from city centre to sandyford every day in 90s.  on good days it was great, in bad weather it really really sucked19:53
airurando400m river swim with the current....19:53
moylanso... floating :-)19:54
airurandoyip :)19:54
airurando16km cycle19:54
airurando4km crawl19:54
moylanand whimper when you get home for a day or two19:55
airurandothat's if I make it home19:55
moylanadd 1 day of training on the proper way to lie on a stretcher :-)19:56
airurandovery important in your case.19:57
moylantouche! :-D19:57
moylanyou could always do the croagh patrick pilgrimage bare foot for training.  that'll harden your feet19:58
airurandoit it the heart I am more worried about!19:59
moylanremember the rhyme 'if left arms goes numb.  you've done something dumb!' ;-)19:59
airurandoI will20:00
airurandojust giving it a go.20:00
moylanit's an interesting category of sport as it favours the generalist rather than a specialist.20:01
airurandoyeah and the triathy is a great entry level20:02

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