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trinikronohey guys did something go wrong with ubiquity with a update i am seeing lots of bugs with a resolv.conf error05:06
trinikronodoes anyone have any idea about this or a master bug so i can mark the rest as dupes05:07
ScottKI don't know which bug is the master, but it's known and someone was working on it.05:07
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alkisgHi, I'm probably blind, but what am I missing here?09:52
alkisg$ dpkg --compare-versions '1f' '<' '10' && echo yes09:52
alkisgAh it compares 1 to 10... :(09:56
alkisgThe ipxe package uses a weird numbering scheme, and got me a rejected upload... 1.0.0+git-2.149b50-1ubuntu409:57
alkisg1.0.0+git-2.55f6c88-0~2~natty1 <= 1.0.0+git-2.149b50-0~1~natty1   :(09:57
alkisg..because 55 is less than 14909:58
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