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highvoltageI like how Edubuntu is on the top of the QA tracker :)15:46
highvoltage(I realise it's just alphabetical, but still)15:46
* ogra_ ponders creating abuntu just to surpass it :P15:56
highvoltageis that the distribution to excercise your abs? the one that you run with a wii-fit? :p15:57
ogra_abuntu - sixpacks for human beings ?15:58
bencrisfordhighvoltage: when and where can one find the edubuntu meetings these days? :)17:23
highvoltagebencrisford: last wednesday of every month17:27
highvoltage(at least it's a short month so you don't have to wait *that* long :p)17:28
highvoltagebencrisford: nice to see you around again!17:28
bencrisfordhighvoltage: it seems my timings out by a week :p but yeah, it'll be nice to get reaquainted with the project, nice be around again! havent been running ubuntu for quite a while, its a breath of fresh air17:29

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