Darkwinghow stable is Pangolin at this point?04:46
ScottKPrecise, apparently.04:48
DarkwingI normally install at Alpha204:52
DarkwingI'll run the live test and see how it's running.04:52
DarkwingOnce I'm done backing up my system. :)04:52
DarkwingI need to get with you Scott on what all we do with QA for Kubuntu.04:53
Darkwingapachelogger: ping04:53
Darkwingoh wait... it's like 4a there.04:53
ScottKWe just upload stuff and then see if people complain, right?04:56
ScottKNo, not here, it's just going on midnight.04:57
ScottKOh, apachelogger, More like 5 or 6.04:57
DarkwingYeah... we shoudl prolly do something more then upload and react.04:58
ScottKYou should find us some QA and bug triaging minions.04:59
DarkwingYeah. I should. Seeing that all I do is community and docs.05:00
DarkwingWould be good for me to get deeper in something.05:00
ScottKSeems like QA/triage would be good places to go from there.05:01
ScottKISO testing is the thing this week.05:01
DarkwingYeah, I saw that. I'm going to start testing.05:01
DarkwingI need to get a good system for ISO testing.05:02
DarkwingNot computer system but, work style system05:02
DarkwingI must say... 12.04 and KDE 4.8 is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet06:46
DarkwingIt feels more polished and snappy06:47
Darkwinghave a couple of bugs to file with my ISO test though.06:47
=== Stecchino_ is now known as Stecchino
shadeslayerScottK: can you let telepathy-qt4 out of new? thanks09:39
Riddellshadeslayer: let me do that09:40
shadeslayerokay :)09:40
Riddellshadeslayer: accepted09:45
Riddellshadeslayer: what's your next move?09:45
shadeslayerRiddell: Looking at outdated debian packaging and seeing what can be done09:46
shadeslayer http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/   pkg-kde/kde-extras/telepathy-kde/*09:46
Riddellshadeslayer: "February 16th" "FeatureFreeze" there's your deadline to have it in main and replace kopete! (which may or may not be suitable)09:48
RiddellI wonder if we can do kubuntu active by then too.  probably not.09:49
shadeslayerRiddell: are we following ubuntu in the ISO size?09:49
Riddellshadeslayer: that needs a decision too.  I would like to stay under 700MB but it needs some serious work and I might not be up to that09:49
Riddellalthough we have until the end of april to do that09:49
shadeslayerLikewise, but then if we go over 700 MB, then we can have both kopete and Telepathy and then kick kopete out in the next cycle09:50
Riddellno, that's a very un-ubuntu thing to do09:50
shadeslayeruh, okay09:50
Riddellbest programme for the function is the ubuntu thing to do09:50
RiddellI made that mistake with juk and amarok in the first release :)09:50
shadeslayerRiddell: okay, will try and meet deadline09:50
Riddellshadeslayer: it doesn't have to be bug free but it we should make that decision by FF09:51
shadeslayerRiddell: any idea how long it'll take to publish the tp-qt4 binaries?10:19
Riddellshadeslayer: an hour or two?10:23
Riddellit's on a cron job and takes < an hour to run10:24
shadeslayertime for battlestar galactica then :D10:25
ubottuTo test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark10:32
RiddellTm_T: that's broken, can you sort?10:33
ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James14710:33
Riddelloh it's that one10:33
RiddellISOs to be tested ^^10:33
RiddellTm_T: can you add James1479 to that, assuming he wants on ?10:33
Riddelloh he's on already, never mind10:33
shadeslayerwill try tonight, assuming the ISO is under 700 Megs10:33
Riddellshadeslayer: it's not10:34
shadeslayerbleh, can't test then :(10:34
Riddellshadeslayer: don't you have writable DVDs or USB pens?10:34
shadeslayercan't boot a USB Pendrive on my MBP, I'll try and arrange a re writable DVD this weekend10:35
Riddellthis weekend will be too late for alpha 2 but worth doing for future testing10:36
agateauRiddell: hi, how do I get patches in qtcreator? do I have to push them to the git packaging branch?11:09
debfxagateau: you can throw them at my direction. I want to update it to 2.4.1 anyway.11:16
debfxonly the debian package lives in that git branch11:17
agateaudebfx: ok great. is there an lp branch for the ubuntu package?11:17
debfxagateau: no11:20
agateaudebfx: ok, just sent them to you by email11:21
agateaufor the record, I am waiting for my corporate contributor agreement on qtproject to be approved so that I can propose them upstream11:21
* agateau fetchs food11:22
Riddellagateau: I don't think there is a git packaging branch11:28
Riddellthat sounds like a Debian thing not ubuntu11:28
Riddellso just find someone in ubuntu to check and upload it11:28
Riddelland send the same to debian if it's relevant there11:28
=== James1479 is now known as James147
* James147 wonders when that changed :P11:36
RiddellJames147: the !testers factoid, Tm_T added it recently, feel free to moan to him if you don't want to be on it11:40
James147Riddell: Don't mind helping out when I can :)11:41
RiddellJames147: ISO testing needing done now or today if you can spare a couple of hours11:43
James147Riddell: sure11:43
* James147 wonders if dpkg/apt-get supports pre-install/upgrade hooks of some sort...11:45
agateauRiddell: I say there is a git packaging branch based on the Vcs-Git field in debian/control12:06
Riddellthat'll be debian, least hassle way it to just fix it in ubuntu and send diff to debian by bug tracker12:06
Riddellunless debian packager is fabo 12:06
* Riddell out for an hour12:07
Riddellmore ISO testing needed :)12:07
James147Riddell: what do I need to do for the ISO testing?12:09
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=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
shadeslayerso much copyright stuff in ktp-common-internals13:27
RiddellJames147: download an ISO, burn it, install it13:35
Riddellit's a slow but necessary process13:35
Riddellhttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com lists what is needed13:35
yofelJames147: dpkg supports pre-/post-install/-remove scripts for every package13:36
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
Tm_Tbest is when those pre-install scripts require certain version of some other app13:41
BluesKajhi all14:20
Yuriy__got leaky konqueror again with 4.8. anything to check before I kill it?14:51
RiddellYuriy__: no, you're at the "tell upstream" stage14:52
Riddellbug report might be best14:53
Riddellsomeone with time and knowledge would use valgrind 14:53
Riddellgreyback: how did your dev week talk go yesterday?14:55
greybackRiddell: I think it went ok. It's a hard sell after the exciting UbuntuTV talk, but I got some good questions and people seemed interested, so all good I hope14:57
Riddellgreyback: nice, sorry I missed it, I'll read the logs14:57
Yuriy__that's odd, I seem to have 4.8 RC214:58
greybackRiddell: no worries. I'm trying to write up a blog post about it now, which will be pretty similar ;)14:58
RiddellYuriy__: from Help -> About KDE?14:59
RiddellI did a CD install now and it says 4.8.0014:59
Yuriy__packages are 4.8.0-0ubuntu1~oneiric1~ppa1, but about says 4.7.97 (4.8 RC2)15:00
RiddellYuriy__: oh oneiric?15:00
Riddellyou don't have something installed and up to date?15:00
RiddellI think I would have noticed an issue like that, but now I'm on precise15:01
Riddelloh good virtualbox works again on precise, that'll help testing15:01
Yuriy__version prolem only appears in konqueror. i'll log out to make sure I don't have something running out of date15:03
Yuriy__oh even in konqueror "About konqueror" and "about KDE" show different versions15:05
Riddellkonq has its own version no15:05
RiddellYuriy__: maybe you are discovering that konq is badly maintained now15:06
Yuriy__: (15:10
Yuriy__and looks like the lost display settings wasn't a one time thing15:10
RiddellI've heard other people have that problem too15:11
* ScottK waves.15:11
Yuriy__oh maybe I needed to click save as default15:12
Yuriy__nope that didn't do it15:14
Yuriy__could the verson thing be a packaging bug or should I just report it upstream?15:17
RiddellYuriy__: more likely upstream15:18
Riddellmaybe it's a case of konq being compiled against old kdelibs15:18
Riddelllet me see15:18
RiddellYuriy__: precise About Konqueror says 4.8.0 so I think my theory is correct15:19
Riddella recompile will fix it15:19
Riddellhi Quintasan 15:19
QuintasanRiddell: Can you check if alioth is online? I can't access it for some reason (I know it was down yesterday)15:20
Riddellthe website?15:20
Riddellhttp://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/ works fine15:20
QuintasanRiddell: thanks15:31
Quintasanshadeslayer: it seems like it is possile to boot off the glx accel kernel on transformer with u-boot, imma going to try this15:32
shadeslayerQuintasan: is the method independent of SBK version?15:32
shadeslayerif so, please to link me to the instructions15:32
shadeslayerand turns out they have a newer serial number as well15:33
shadeslayerSB0KAS series15:33
shadeslayeror something along that .... 15:33
Quintasanshadeslayer: No idea about the SBK, I think it still requires you to use nvflash15:33
QuintasanCan't you send back your tf and get a refund and buy one from Poland? xD15:34
shadeslayerlilstevie hasn't been replying as well15:34
QuintasanWell, one should blame either ASUS or NVidia for breaking the nvflash magic15:34
Quintasanshadeslayer: lilstevie is usally around in #ubuntu-arm or #asus-transformer15:35
shadeslayerQuintasan: I know, but he hasn't replied to any of my queries on #ubuntu-arm15:36
shadeslayerI guess he's busy with stuff15:36
Quintasanshadeslayer: catch him now, I just finished talking to him15:36
shadeslayeroh okay15:36
shadeslayerQuintasan: hah, he didn't reply so far :P16:03
shadeslayerhe's probably got me on /ignore or something by now xD16:03
shadeslayerUhm, anyone have a oneiric machine ?16:10
Riddellshadeslayer: Yuriy__ does16:17
shadeslayerYuriy__: https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/nightly < Please test the Telepathy Qt4 package for oneiric16:18
apacheloggerDarkwing: do you have things in mind for QA?16:55
apacheloggerthat is non-trivial anyway16:55
=== koolhead17 is now known as koolhead17|zzZZ
micahgfun bug of the day: Bug #925002 18:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925002 in kdegames (Ubuntu) "Code of Conduct Violation in Kubuntu Package kpat" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92500218:08
Darkwingapachelogger: if i d, 18:11
Darkwingif i do it should be upstream18:11
Darkwingeverything should be upstream18:12
Darkwingqa in kubuntu should be testing. At that point (ISO) is when upatream joins ubuntu18:13
Darkwingmicahg: wow...18:15
Riddellmicahg: oh?18:24
Riddellapachelogger or other native german speakers: opinion on bug 925002 ?18:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925002 in kdegames (Ubuntu) "Code of Conduct Violation in Kubuntu Package kpat" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92500218:24
Darkwingit doesnt seem to mean what it used to.18:28
ScottKI've asked a native German speaker for an opinion.18:30
Riddell18:30 < Sho_> Riddell: It's not really a racial slur in everyday colloquial use, so not really comparable to "nigger", but  it is a word with a storied history that may be worth avoiding in a translation indeed18:34
Riddellworth fixing if we can find a better translation18:34
micahgupstream is discussing on their i18n list18:34
Darkwingtag it reported and discussions upstream and close it in LP.18:37
yofelDarkwing: re Q/A, we still need triaging of our bugs - upstream bugs should go upstream ofc.18:37
yofelas for the translation Sho is pretty much right, although the interpretation depends on where you live too and how it's being used in that region18:38
Riddellapparantly it's a translation for the game "gypsy"18:38
yofelok, I would've translated that the same on first guess18:38
Darkwingyofel: im trying to find a way to give guidance on lp on all of our packages to report upstream18:39
Darkwingmuch like ubiquity dous when you report there18:39
yofelDarkwing: you know of https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Responses ?18:40
yofelRiddell: and as I thought, "Zigeuner" is the correct german translation for "gypsy"18:40
yofelso I tend to agree with the translator, but let's see what they decide18:41
ScottKRiddell: Here's what I got when I asked: "I think free speech is important, but in the German social context the term "Zigeuner" clearly is a vehicle of negative prejudice against the Roma people, and Roma typically find it offensive. I just looked at the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and it seems that this should not be allowed. Then again, the game could be satire of the same mindset that likes to use the term "Zigeuner", and then I could see having18:42
ScottK it. I mean, it could be a parody of that mindset. But it probably isn't. I have no idea if "Zigeuner" is a racial slur, because technically there are no races within Homo sapiens, but most people don't get that, so it might still be a racial slur in an imaginary sense. Not much more I can say about it."18:42
Riddella game name isn't a suitable place for satire18:45
DarkwingThen again, much like Scotch Tape could be a racial slur in a term. (See Riddell, I remembered)18:45
yofelDarkwing: and just by the way, if you plan on doing QA, it would be worth to join #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-testing just so you get to know the other qa folks18:45
RiddellDarkwing: yes but that doesn't have such social problems historically, scots were never massacred by a fascist government18:45
yofelif you plan to do triaging you should eventually get into ubuntu bug control anyway18:45
DarkwingRiddell: True,18:45
Darkwingyofel: Thanks.18:46
Darkwingyofel: I think what apachelogger and I had talked about was getting Kubuntu users to file all bugs upstream then handpicking the ones that belonged in LP.18:46
yofelI'm not sure if the upstream triagers will like that18:47
Darkwing99.9% of our bugs belong upstream.18:47
yofelnot that much, but it's still the question on how you'll get them to file them upstream18:48
yofelwe already have all kde bug reporting options on18:49
debfxwhy don't we let the german ubuntu translation team deal with that bug?18:49
debfxwe (as in packagers) don't even have the permission to change translations18:49
ScottKdebfx: Because generally the last thing we want to be doing is encouraging Ubuntu translators to "Fix" KDE translations.18:50
yofelDarkwing: sure, we *could* add an apport hook to all packages that tells them to go upstream, but I'm not sure if that's something we want to maintain18:50
Darkwingyofel: That's why I was trying to figure something out at the LP level18:51
ScottKApport shouldn't be firing on KDE apps anyway.18:51
yofelwell, it will still work if people run like 'ubuntu-bug plasma-desktop' as they're used from ubuntu18:52
debfxScottK: then add a comment saying just that to the bug and reassign it18:54
ScottKI think we ought to figure out what we want and then if upstream declines to fix it, patch i18n.18:55
DarkwingI agree... 18:56
RiddellScottK: hopefully sho has a plan to come up with an answer18:58
BluesKajanyone having issues with slow loading of files , when ssh'd into a lan or remote pc ?19:02
BluesKajsfpt is much faster , which shouldn't be19:03
shadeslayerBluesKaj: hmm, it's a bit slow here as well, but mostly because I have very low bandwidth19:08
=== ferai is now known as jefferai
DarkwingKMail in KDE 4.8 still hates IMAP boxes over 10K emails.19:11
BluesKajshadeslayer,  it used to be very quick until kde 4.8 installed on this pc, the lan pc is still on 4.7.419:12
BluesKaj the Lan pc is also on 12.04 and something else came down the pipe to slow it down19:14
BluesKajcouI guess19:15
ScottKDarkwing: I've got one with over 15K that's fine on
ScottKUsing DIMAP however.19:17
yofelmy mail folder itself works fine in kmail, but I still can't use the right trash folder19:18
DarkwingScottK: im going to keep wing at it. i hate hate hate thunderbird.19:19
BluesKajhmm, t-bird works fine here , kmail hasn't worked prerly for me since they tied it  akonadi and kontact , I fail to see the resaon why that was done . akonadi is basically useless to us home users.19:21
apacheloggerRiddell, yofel, debfx: that is a kde bug and quite frankly I don't see how it has anything to do with the coc19:22
apacheloggerthe coc defines inter-community relationships19:22
apacheloggerall that said, the bug itself is rather silly as that is what the game is called not a reference to people19:23
Darkwingapachelogger: I would agree with you. But, I don't think it should just be closed without a comment on where it stands.19:28
BluesKajalso my HP printer isn't recognized as the default printer and the notifier gives the the "may not be connected" message 19:42
apacheloggerthere is drunken people sining outside my window19:53
* apachelogger ponders throwing his printer out19:53
ScottKapachelogger: You should come inside.19:54
ScottKOh.  Wait.  You meant someone else.19:54
* apachelogger waves fist int he general direction of ScottK19:54
* ScottK saw apachelogger mention drunk and jumped to the logical, but in this case, wrong conclusion.19:54
* apachelogger hasn't had a drop since saturday :(19:55
maco<ScottK>  it. I mean, it could be a parody of that mindset. But it probably isn't. I have no idea if "Zigeuner" is a racial slur, because technically there are no races within Homo sapiens, but most people don't get that, so it might still be a racial slur in an imaginary sense. Not much more I can say about it."  <-- would they prefer "ethnic slur"?19:56
ScottKThat wasn't me, that was from a native German speaker I know.19:57
macohence they not you19:57
ScottKRight, missed the bit at the end at first.19:57
* shadeslayer had whiskey for the first time ever yesterday20:01
shadeslayerbetter than beer if I may say so ...20:01
shadeslayeralso, ktp-common-internals uploaded to https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/nightly20:03
shadeslayerQuintasan: ^20:03
yofeldebfx: could you review oxygen-gtk3 in ninjas when you have time?20:05
apacheloggermaco: actually IIRC zigeuner was originally a social term refering to people who live "on the road", only through the nutzis it got an ethnic drift20:06
apacheloggerand about that comment WRT to no races within homo sapiens ... there were between 193* and 1945, proofing my point about messed up meaning from above without having to digg through a tediously long wikipedia article ^^20:07
debfxyofel: do you want me to upload it?20:24
yofelif it's ok, go ahead20:24
debfxyofel: it doesn't still the theme to a multiarch location20:25
debfxother than that it looks fine20:26
yofelwhere did you get that from?20:28
debfxfrom the oxygen gtk2 package20:29
yofelah, ok, my error20:29
debfxok, uploaded20:30
yofeldid you add it?20:30
debfxhm dpkg-shlibdeps says "contains an unresolvable reference to symbol _ZNK6Oxygen12TreeViewData19updateColumnsCursorEv"20:34
debfxthat's a bug20:37
yofelthanks for filing that20:48
debfxyofel: have you found another way to set the gtk3 theme except that xsettings-kde thing?20:58
debfxoh, we already have that in the archive20:58
yofelonly that and the ini file so far20:58
debfxhow convenient20:58
yofelI'm a bit stuck in exams right now20:58
yofelthe version we have is older than what fedora has, but it might still work20:59
debfxI wonder what else xsettings-kde does21:04
apacheloggerxsettings ^^21:04
apacheloggersingle most funny thing ever invented21:04
apacheloggerright after sl maybe21:04
yofelI don't particulary like that solution, but as long as I don't know what lubuntu and xubuntu do it's better than the ini file21:05
* yofel pokes in #xubuntu-devel21:07
rdieteryofel: we/fedora went with using xsettings-kde as the least bad solution too.  in a perfect world, there's be a *lot* more harmonizing between oxygen-gtk*, xsettings-kde, kcm-gtk (some day maybe).21:10
yofelmy problem with xsettings is that it doesn't make a difference between gtk2 and 3. But yeah, currently it might be the best solution21:12
rdieterthe non-difference is gnome's problem.  they do not distingish gtk2/gtk3 :(21:12
debfxyofel: xfce4-settings seems to contain an xsettings daemon21:18
yofelk, guess we'll go with that then21:19
debfxrdieter: what else does xsettings-kde do? or have you disabled the other parts?21:19
rdieterdebfx: I'm not intimately familiar with it (Kevin_Kofler is our goto guy).  I believe it can share preferences for fonts, color scheme, icon theme too, probably more.21:22
debfxok, let's hope it doesn't make things worse21:32
debfxScottK, Riddell: oxygen gtk3 is in the NEW queue in case you have some time to review it21:33
apacheloggeryofel: my problem with xsettings is that it is xsettings21:52
apacheloggernow what if we switch to wayland21:53
yofelwell, problem is that gnome really doesn't care about how well gtk is configurable outside of gnome21:56
yofelthey provided an ini file and think it's sufficient21:57
apacheloggeryofel: why is it not?22:07
apacheloggerwe could always haxx0r the GTK ^^22:07
yofelwell, feel free to add GTK3_RC_FILES. I'm not good enough at C for that22:07
apacheloggerenv var?22:07
apacheloggerI was more thinking along sane KDE integration :P22:08
apacheloggerenvrionment is weird anyway22:08
yofelwell, true22:08
apacheloggeryofel: but really, why do we need that env var anyway?22:08
apacheloggerlike why do we not change the ini?22:08
yofeldunno. I mean I'm fine with the ini file. But that'll potentially mess with other dektop environments which we haven't done till now22:09
yofelI haven't had time to test this enough yet22:09
apacheloggerdoes one not have to do the same thing when Qt should use the GTK compatibiltiy theme engine thing?22:09
yofelthe ini file would be less messy than xsettings IMO, but will require a bit of a kcm-gtk rewrite22:10
apacheloggerQString QGuiPlatformPlugin::styleName()22:11
apacheloggerperhaps Qt actually autoswitches to GTK style in a gnome session22:11
* apachelogger actually thought of a similar technique for GTK22:11
yofelwell, Qt does it properly. Gtk does not -.-22:12
apacheloggerwell, that would not be too difficult22:12
apacheloggergetenv("DESKTOP_SESSION") ... strcmp(,"KDE") ... read ~/.kgtkrc ... set theme engine accordingly22:13
apacheloggerjust need to find the right spot in GTK to do it22:14
apacheloggerfor which I have no motivation22:14
apacheloggersomeone find a gtk fanboi to implement my supreme algorithm :P22:14
apacheloggeroh my this code is scary22:24
amichairafiestas: you've offered to help with bug 289760 ? I'm having it since I upgraded to kde 4.8. What info do u need?22:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289760 in language-pack-fr-base (Ubuntu) "[Ibex] language-pack-fr-base - Depends: language-pack-fr but it is not going to be installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28976022:59
amichairoops... that is, http://bugs.kde.org/28976022:59
ubottuKDE bug 289760 in general "powerdevil 4 8 RC1: does not react on lid close events due to policies" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]22:59
afiestasamichair_: yes !23:49
afiestaswould be awesome if we can debug it, I tried to reproduce in 3 computes with 3 different environments and gpu and I couldnt :/23:49
yofelnote: works fine here (T510 - nvidia quadro nvs 3100m)23:54
yofelsame on my eeePC (intel 945GME, precise)23:59

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