jason_bzr down?00:24
wgrantjason_: Looks fine to me, why?00:24
jason_wgrant, my bzr push wont finish...00:25
jason_its just stalled00:25
wgrantIt's working OK for me. You might want to retry the push.00:26
jason_done that like 3 times now00:27
jason_its just stalling00:27
jason_can I get debug output somehow?00:27
wgrantWhat does it say when it's stalling?00:27
jason_Using saved push location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/unity.dont-emit-on-id-change/00:27
jason_thats it00:27
jason_wgrant, any clues? :)00:29
wgrantjason_: Retry with -Dhpss, and see what ~/.bzr.log says00:29
wgrant'cause I just pushed a new unity branch fine.00:30
jason_something is REALLY weird00:32
jason_I cant post on pastebin either00:32
jason_now I suspect... wtf... I dont even know00:32
wgrantOh no, Launchpad broke the pastebin too!00:33
gnuvinceI tried to upload a package to Launchpad using dput, but I got a rejection email saying that the orig.tar.gz file already exists on the server.  How can I remove that file?02:03
lifelessgnuvince: you cannot02:14
lifelessgnuvince: APT archives have no means to invalidate previously published files, this error is telling you you are trying to do something that the APT archive format is incapable of doing.02:15
gnuvinceI found an old irc log about using pull-lp-source to retreive the tar ball and then re-run debuild02:17
gnuvincewould that work?02:17
lifelessquite likely02:25
MTecknologyI'm cofused why this happened. https://launchpad.net/~nginx/+archive/development/+build/313836306:44
MTecknologyThere's no reason the source should be superseded06:45
wgrantMTecknology: That status is reused when somebody cancels a recipe build.06:46
MTecknologywgrant: that wasn't a recip build... I uploaded it from my system. I pushed lucid through oneiric and the rest finished building without issues06:47
wgrantAh, so it was.06:48
wgrantThe source is indeed superseded06:48
wgrantnginx 1.1.14-1ppa1~precise is the current oneiric version06:48
wgrant(yes, precise in oneiric)06:48
MTecknologywgrant: thanks!!06:49
MTecknologysuch a simple oopsy06:49
al-maisanis there a way to rename a bug tag in launchpad?07:49
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[ITA]Good Morning Launchpad11:05
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[ITA]Can I ask you if exist a "pysaml2-0.2.1.tgz" file on the Launchpad site? I try to install a software using that version of pysaml2 but I don't find it in the launchpad site. Can you help me?11:12
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rick_hadeuring: taking over12:59
adeuringrick_h: thanks!12:59
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Forageabout symbols files: during build on launchpad I get warnings stating new symbols appeared and some disappeared, followed by a diff13:07
Forageshould I just take over those changes in the included symbols file?13:08
maxbThe warnings are there to alert you about potential API or ABI incompatibilities that may impact packages that depend on yours13:13
maxbYou should consider the changes carefully, and take action based on an understanding of what the effect on your package's reverse-dependencies are13:14
Forageit is followed by an error failing the build13:14
maxbPaste a link to the log?13:15
maxbThis is telling you that your new version of libgtkpod1 has changes that may break other packages depending on it13:16
Forageand what if I don't care?13:17
maxbThen I you can express the fact that you don't care by applying the diff to the debian/libgtkpod1.symbols file in your source package, but why don't you care?13:18
maxbwhoopp - s/Then I you/Then you/13:19
ForageI'm added the package to a personal ppa, and gtkpod itself is the only app depending on the lib13:19
maxbI guess it's safe to ignore then, but it's particularly odd that symbols would be *removed* in such a small version increment as 2.1.0 to 2.1.113:20
ForageI'm trying to find those changes in the log but can't find them as fast as I would like to13:21
ForageI assume I should change "@Base 2.1.1-0ppa2" to "@Base 2.1.1", no?13:21
Forageyep, those changes, at least some of them, where where really made between 2.1.0 and 2.1.113:26
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ndechi guys, i am working on Ubuntu for Pandaboard and i am the admin of the LP team tiomap-dev. We have public and private ARM PPAs. we recently decided that we will start releasing more recent OMAP kernel in our PPA. and we are quickly reaching the 2Gb limit. any chance our storage can be increased? my main contacts in canonical are ogra and davidm.14:35
bigjoolsndec: if you file a question at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad it will prove your identity and then someone can take action14:36
rick_hderyck: can we help ndec by pinging someone on us or is that for ops?14:37
rick_hor bigjools has the answer14:37
ndecwhat do you mean? my LP identity is https://launchpad.net/~ndec14:38
ndecand you can see there that I am part of tiomap-dev14:38
rick_hndec: I've got to ping someone, if you can list the ppa in the question I can point them at that so they can tell it's valid and which ppa to do when they get a chance14:40
bigjoolsndec: yes but this could be anyone on IRC14:40
bigjoolsndec: also it would be useful for you to list exactly which PPAs need quota increases, so put it all on the question14:41
ndecbigjools: btw, if i need armhf support in this PPA, is that something I need to ask you too?14:44
ndecbigjools: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/18651314:44
deryckrick_h, just ack'ing your ping, but it seems things are sorted, right?14:52
rick_hderyck: yes14:52
bigjoolsndec: if you file a question, then the support team will deal with it appropriately. Although I can deal with some requests, I am not the right person to route them through.14:57
ndecbigjools: ok. thx for explaining the process. you saw my first question above about the size?14:59
bigjoolsndec: yes, I'm fixing that for you now14:59
ndecbigjools: thx! fyi, i filed https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/186516 for my armhf request ...15:13
* bigjools points rick_h at that :)15:13
rick_hndec: bigjools looking now thanks15:14
bigjoolsrick_h: it needs special permission from IS etc15:14
ndecguys, you are just too fast ;-)15:14
rick_hbigjools: from IS? ok will ping them thanks15:14
bigjoolsrick_h: yup15:14
ndecargh.. as i said i have 1 PPA with armhf already. perhaps it's easier the 2nd time.15:14
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lamalexwgrant, is there possibly a bug with launchpad dailys and epoch versions??15:51
SamBhow is https://bugs.launchpad.net/+icing/rev14727/combo.css generated?16:11
rick_hSamB: it's generated from the bin/combine-css I believe16:12
* SamB isn't even looking at a source tree yet16:12
rick_hthe make css_combine fires that script16:13
rick_hSamB: ok, so there's a make command that runs a script that generates the file16:13
micahgis it possible to upload a 180MB crash file or no?16:15
rick_habentley: do you know what the limits are? I know you'v been peeking at some of that16:16
rick_habentley: regarding ^^16:16
abentleyrick_h: There are no limits on the length of bug comments, if that's what you're asking.16:17
rick_habentley: do you know if that applies to attachments then?16:17
abentleyrick_h: I'm pretty sure it applies to attachments.16:17
rick_hmicahg: so I *think* it's possible.16:18
* micahg got a 503 on a 2Mb up connection16:18
rick_hmicahg: any idea of the timeframe of the response?16:20
micahga few minutes maybe16:21
rick_hI'm not sure, but wonder if a timeout hit vs a file size limit. looking16:21
deryckrick_h, I've got IRC now.  Sorry for being a tad late.16:21
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rick_hderyck: np, maybe you can help out with the current discussion.16:21
lamalexis there anyone around familiar with launchpad daily builds who can help me debug why my version number is wrong? I think there may be a bug in the LP daily code16:21
micahgI'm retracing locally, so not such an issue for me, but others might want to be able to do this and ISTR there being an issue with the timeout16:21
rick_hmicahg: got a 503 uploading a 180mb file and while I don't think there are file size limits, I wonder if a timeout or something else might have kicked in16:22
deryckmicahg, what's the issue?  timeout with large attachment upload?16:22
deryckI think we do have file size limits on attachments.  Not sure what it is though.16:22
micahgderyck: it was a .crash file that apport was trying to upload16:23
deryckadeuring, do we have file size limits on attachments?16:24
* SamB wishes he had some idea when his "bzr branch lp:launchpad" command would finish16:24
adeuringderyck: I am not aware of any limits -- but that may be due to my memory...16:24
rick_hSamB: heh, it'll take a few. On my ssd it takes around 5+min I believe16:25
* SamB doubts that a 4GB attachment would be practical16:25
rick_hSamB: and then that first make run takes 10+min16:25
adeuringthere is somewhere a bug about 50316:25
SamBrick_h: its too bad bzr doesn't have some sort of "progress bar" or "percentage" ...16:26
adeuringand about bug attaments16:26
macosame could be said about cp16:26
rick_hSamB: it should be reporting some values to you, revisions or insertions or something16:26
SamBit is16:26
SamBalso kB16:26
SamBbut I have no idea how many that is out of16:26
SamBoh, now I see a slash before the last number16:27
SamBso I guess it could be around 10%-15%16:28
* SamB takes the dog out while he waits16:28
deryckadeuring, right, thanks.  I was thinking there was something known about this.  let me dig for the bug....16:29
adeuringderyck: I'm lloking too, but it seems that I am too stupid to find it...16:29
deryckadeuring, having trouble myself16:35
adeuringderyck: bug 194558 is the one I meant -- but I am not sure it is related to the current issue...16:35
ubot5`Launchpad bug 194558 in Launchpad itself "Project file uploads time-out but don't OOPS" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19455816:35
adeuringderyck: I should check -- but anyway: aren't bug attachments uploaded via an ordinary web form, and hence via the app server? huge files could cause all sort of problems becaue the entire file is held in memory...16:38
deryckadeuring, so I found the closed bug 562816:42
ubot5`Launchpad bug 5628 in Launchpad itself "Uploading a large attachment causes a 502 error" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/562816:42
deryckthat's probably too old to be what we're remembering16:42
SamBadeuring: and don't forget how unlikely it is that a user would have the patience to let the upload go to completion for a huge file16:43
adeuringderyck: yeah -- but any way: If people have this sort problem, we could reopen it16:43
adeuringSamB: right16:43
deryckadeuring, a ha!  bug 19455816:43
ubot5`Launchpad bug 194558 in Launchpad itself "Project file uploads time-out but don't OOPS" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19455816:43
deryckyou should all bow at my bug discovery skills16:44
adeuringderyck: that one _could_ be the same, but i am not sure...16:44
SamBI mean, unless browsers were to start showing proper progress bars for large form submissions, anyway16:44
deryckadeuring, I'm fairly certain it is.  I remember discussing this in depth one time.  It's related to your connection speed, too.16:45
deryckadeuring, which is why it only demonstrates itself with certain users.16:45
deryckmicahg, did you see the bug I linked above ^^16:45
SamBso, it's not just users who lack patience ?16:45
adeuringderyck: ah, ok,. makes sense.16:45
adeuringSamB: no, it might be related to timeout issues within LP16:46
micahgderyck: yeah, not sure if it's that, I got well above 12MB16:47
SamB(To be clear, I'm not implying that the users should be more patient -- I'm one of them -- but that they need progress feedback so they can tell that the process isn't stalled.)16:48
SamB(And, what's more, it would be best if it were possible to do something other than restart from the beginning if it *did* get stalled.)16:49
* SamB toys with the idea of allowing rsync-via-ssh to be used for uploads16:50
* SamB is glad that Xming has a framebuffer of its own, since that lets him see what gkrellm had last displayed before freezing up about 20 minutes ago ...17:03
* SamB wonders why resuming his branch of lp:launchpad seems to be using 100% CPU about 50% of the time ...17:59
SamB(there are seriously little stripes on my CPU graph!)17:59
SamBmachine was/should have ben thrashing18:01
SamBso I hit ^C, then ended up running the "bzr branch lp:launchpad" again, which just turned the repository that had been left behind into a checked-out branch ...18:02
SamB... which I then cd'd into and ran "bzr pull"18:02
maxbYes, as you have found, bzr doesn't really resume branching in any sane way18:03
SamByeah ...18:03
SamB... reminds me why I used to import SVN revisions by the thousand, rather than trying pull them all in one go ...18:04
SamBOh, it's using 100% CPU now. That's better!18:05
SamB(well, top says it's only ~80%, but that's presumably because other programs want some too...)18:05
SamB(I guess there were a LOT of round trips at the beginning?)18:10
lifelessSamB: depending on the network protocol perhaps?18:15
SamBlifeless: the bzr smart-server protocol18:22
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abentleyderyck: I relieve you19:00
deryckabentley, thanks!19:00
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blueyedNo comment on http://blog.launchpad.net/general/custombuglistings#comment-42463 ?22:01
blueyedI find the new layout really distracting in the bug lists!22:02
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saepiahi, I've got a question related to launchpad's buildd system22:45
saepiais there any way to add software from custom PPA before build starts?22:45
saepiai need to enforce valac 0.14 on building for old ubuntu distros22:45
saepiais here anyone that could help me? I've asked the question on answers.launchpad.net but it has remained unanswered for a week22:46
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