svahello :)01:14
LubuntuPoweredso i'm still having the problem where my system with Lubuntu on it, only receives a fraction of the download speed (4mbps out of 17+mbps from my ISP, but my upload speed is normal (1.4+mbps) only on my Lubuntu powered =P comuter... all my other computers (desktops/laptops/wired/wireless) are all receiving the speeds i'm supposed to be getting. Just a few weeks ago, i decided to play around with the usb connection option 01:38
MrChrisDruifLubuntuPowered; maybe switching network manager would fix that for you. Are all your other systems GNOME powered by any chance?01:47
MrChrisDruifAnyhow, I'm off to bed01:49
MrChrisDruifYou *could* try wicd, but I've got no idea how to set that up01:49
emrys_Wooo, busy in here. Anyone alive though?01:50
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svahey, I just clicked through the live version of lubuntu and i am wondering if it is possible to get anonther task bar / panel03:52
svaI just found the option to move it eg from bottom to top, but havent found yet an option to make two of them :)03:52
clachesva: Yes, Tint2 is one.04:01
clachesva: Excuse, i'm wrong, You want make it with the default Task bar.04:02
svaclache: yes, i would like to keep the one below (eg for the open windows) but wanna have a second one at the top with the clock and the quickstart and so on (e.g.)04:10
svaanother question for the ones who are doing crypto. is the lubuntu installer nearly the same as the lubuntu installer? so it is possible to follow those instructions? http://joernfranz.net/2011/01/20/installing-ubuntu-10-10-with-full-disk-encryption/04:10
svaaeh second lubuntu in the question above should be ubuntu ;)04:11
clacheIt use the alternate cd.04:13
svaclache: and have you used the alternate cd of ubuntu before? is it the same?04:14
clacheNo, I install with Lubuntu cd. The great thing with Lubuntu is not only Lxde, but the fact not all service are started than Ubuntu cd.04:16
svayes, i know. so i think it will be the same - but anyhow, i will not start the installation tonight, so maybe till the evening (its 4:18 a.m. here) some more maybe tell something about their crypto install :)04:19
svaneed to get some sleep as well :(04:19
clachesva: Ok, have a good night.04:20
svatnx alot - my nick stays here, so if you have anything to add, just do :) i'll read it when i get up again04:21
pcroquesva: re your two panel question...right click on the panel and select 'Create New Panel'. This should give you another panel to customize.04:57
pcroquesva: Oh...and good morning :)05:06
clachepcroque: You're right. I don't have seen this.05:11
Nach0zhey uh... I can't seem to find the "Additional Drivers" button under System Settings. where's it at in LXDE anyways?05:27
Nach0zor nevermind. just switched wm's for a bit.05:32
hbrtxitohello? is someone still awake ? i need help :(05:38
pcroquehbrtxito: ask your question and see if anyone can help.05:40
hbrtxitook i have an old lapto ACER  and i have lubuntu but i can activate mi wireless device :S05:41
pcroquehbrtxito: sorry...can't help you with that one...but maybe somebody else will come along who can.05:44
pcroquehbrtxito: while waiting...you can look at this...it might help you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185944605:48
hbrtxitook buddy , thanks05:49
grendal-primehey guys06:04
grendal-primethis is kinda werid..i installed ubuntu 10.04 on my toshiba portege m2000 but...when i try and install lubuntu it just refuses to boot from the usb cdrom drive i have06:05
grendal-primethought maybe the disk was not bootable..but it works in other machines06:05
grendal-primeIf i install the lubuntu desktop will that get me most of the performance improvemts im hearing about or are there kernel level tweeks that i need  to install from disk to get?06:07
hbrtxitopcroque thanks for the information , it worked well07:01
trammHi, does anybody know when the lubuntu-rc.xml, lxde-rc.xml is created into ~/.config/openbox? I want to change these system wide, but I cannot find the sources.10:03
trammIt would be natural to think that ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml is used, but this doesn't seem to be the case, because this file and the ones under ~/.config/openbox are quite different.10:07
trammCorrection: It would be natural to think that /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml is used, but this doesn't seem to be the case, because this file and the ones under ~/.config/openbox are quite different.10:07
trammI tried it out in practise: if I add something to /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml and delete ~/.config/openbox/*, the newly created lubuntu-rc.xml doesn't have anything from /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml... So how's it being done or where I can find some docs? Or a knowledgable person?10:50
svapcroque: tnx! it worked - sorry, why havent i seen that... maybe to early at night ;)10:57
svasomething else i missed immediadely: i would love to increase/decrease the size (and fontsize) of the consol with keystrokes: ctrl+ and ctrl- doesnt work (with the live CD)11:04
gogo_lubuntu switching to unity?13:40
icerootgogo_: no13:40
icerootgogo_: then it would be called ubuntu13:40
gogo_uhm check this --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=191853413:40
gogo_is it an accident?13:43
gogo_any lubuntu alpha 2 tester here13:46
icerootgogo_: my lubuntu 12.04 looks normal13:50
icerootgogo_: there is no unity on lubuntu13:50
gogo_its on alpha 2 testing build...not on daily build13:50
icerootgogo_: apt-get dist-upgrade on 12.04  20 minutes ago13:50
gogo_look at this -->13:55
gogo_look at the comment13:55
iceroothopefully they will not change anything13:59
gogo_any lubuntu devel here?13:59
icerootbut i cant see pictures because i dont have a forum-account13:59
gogo_w8 i gove u direct link14:00
icerootlets wait for something official14:03
icerooton the maillinglist there was nothing like "lets add something like unity"14:03
gogo_yeah that too i am wondering14:04
icerootso maybe its just a bug14:04
gogo_i hv not much bandwidth left else I would have downloaded and tried it myself14:04
gogo_yeap looks like bug14:04
giuseppe60someone uses epiphany in Lubuntu?14:55
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JjonAny apps you guys would recommend? Just fresh installed,18:12
kanliothumble indy bundle.  was just plying the uh bacteria game18:13
MyrttiJjon: depens on what you're interested in18:15
Unit193You can look through Synaptic, or apt-cache search <keywords here> in the terminal18:17
JjonSeems like a reboot fixed my problem, but, any games?18:22
Unit193There are games installed by default, but depending on your hardware you can add all sorts of games18:25
e-headI'm curious if there is any "apt-get install" goodness I can do to "lighten up" my current Ubuntu distro?19:41
wxle-head: this reminds me of something that continues to entertain me to this day that someone asked me regarding her bike and a certain part: "if i put this on my bike, will it make it lighter?"19:41
wxle-head: that being said there are "apt-get remove" or "purge" goodness you can do19:41
e-headWell, when I say "lighten", disk space isn't an issue.19:42
wxli'd say that often a program's footprint in terms of disk space is an indicator of its potential for resource usage19:42
e-headI just want a system that uses less memory and CPU.19:42
wxlnot a rule19:42
e-headThe one thing I do have is a big hard drive.19:42
wxlyou can always install lxde and remove all the ubuntu garbage e.g. !purelxde19:43
e-headyeah, that could be true at times.19:43
wxl!purelxde e-head19:43
wxlstupid bot19:43
Unit193!purelxde | e-head19:43
ubot5`e-head: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »19:43
Unit193Stupid human19:43
e-headlxde is the LuBuntu window manager I take it?19:43
wxlclassic pebkac19:43
wxle-head: it's the desktop environment; openbox is the window manager19:44
kanliotna openbox tecnically19:44
e-headahh, that's ubot5`.  I figured I wasn't the first person to want to do this.19:44
Unit193You could build from !mini and just add openbox or fluxbox :P19:44
wxlwell if you want to go totally hardcore you could get rid of x altogether ;)19:44
wxlthank's? ;)19:44
e-headohh, above. I said "that's ubut". I meant to say "thanks ubot".19:45
e-headI use to run ratpoison and evilwm.19:45
e-headhard to get much lighter than that.  ;)19:45
wxlso you mean s/that\'/thank/19:45
wxlthere you go; you can do that119:45
RadiumCathello, how do i add more keyboard layouts in lxde?19:46
wxlRadiumCat: you may find this helpful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145587719:47
wxlman the fact that our wiki links to a 7 page thread kind of sucks19:48
RadiumCatok, thanks very much :)19:48
* wxl puts that on the to-do list for a wiki update19:48
leszekwxi I am working on a lxkeymap update so multiple layouts will be possible soon :)19:50
wxlleszek: how soon?19:50
leszekI guess its ready this weekend19:51
wxlwxl: cuz i'll spend the time reading all 7 pages :/ and then testing it out and then making the update tonight but if it's going to happen quick then i'll leave well-enough alone19:51
wxlah i should just update it19:51
wxlthere's still 11.04 users out there19:51
wxli can make a note that it's coming soon19:51
wxlassumedly your update will apply to 11.10+19:52
wxlomg did i just send a note to myself?19:52
* wxl needs more caffeine19:52
wxl(or less?)19:52
taylorquick question: my system settings such as mouse speed, wallpaper, etc., are not saving when i reboot. can someone give me a push in the right direction please?22:20
svataylor: sounds strange. i am still installing, hope it wont be the same with me22:34
svabtw just for the record ('cause i ask about yesterday) the howto for ubuntu to do full disk crypto fits lubuntu alternate installer as well: http://joernfranz.net/2011/01/20/installing-ubuntu-10-10-with-full-disk-encryption/22:35
svabad news for tayler: i cannot even adjust mouse speed. if i adjust it, and set in on fast, klick "ok" its not faster. if i open the dialog again, its on the old value (not fast)22:58
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