rockyi'm finding my wifi card isn't working very well in precise (compared to in windows 7) ... it's slow, sometimes just times out, etc... i have a "Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (rev 34)" device03:55
imnicholWhen I re-open my laptop after closing to suspend, the screen is unlocked, which package should I file this bug under04:35
valorinIs anyone having issues with the installer? I'm getting stuck on the "Removing conflicting operating system files" step of the installer.. it just sits there forever. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/92466005:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 924660 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "12.04 Installer stuck on 'Removing conflicting operating system files'" [Undecided,New]05:04
urlin2uimnichol, have you looked in system settings screen bottom left to see if the screen lock is off05:05
imnicholWhich section of system settings would it be under urlin2u?05:07
imnicholOh, nevermind.  I see what you're saying05:08
imnicholI checked that, and the lock is turned on05:08
urlin2usystem settings-screen bottom left of screen.05:09
urlin2ulooks like a screen with a lock. imnichol05:10
imnicholIt appears that my computer does not lock its screen when suspended05:10
imnicholEither by closing the lid, or by selecting suspend from the system menu05:11
urlin2uimnichol, you can do a bug report at launchpad if you have a account.05:11
imnicholI have an account, I just don't know what package to file the bug against05:11
urlin2uI turned mine off but I have nobody to access it.... netbook05:11
urlin2uimnichol, I'm not sure either I just started reporting, when I get a crash popup05:12
imnicholThat's the problem, there's no crash so apport doesn't kick in05:12
urlin2uI suspect your not the only one, probably already reported.05:13
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:13
urlin2ueeek a bug. :D05:13
imnicholurlin2u, I've searched launchpad and I do not see any bugs similar to this.  It seems that a lot of bugs are marked "private" though, so I can't say for sure05:14
imnicholFor the record: it looks like gnome-screensaver is the package that handles screen locking05:16
imnicholAnd it looks like it's fixed in updates!  Awesome!05:17
urlin2uimnichol, makes life easier huh. :D05:23
imnicholIt's the price I pay for running an alpha05:23
imnicholand making Ubuntu better for everyone05:23
LordKowi'm not a good tester. i tend to fix the problem myself and not tell anyone about it05:25
LordKowafter spending x amount of time fixing the problem its hard to spend the additional y amount of time reporting it along with the patch05:26
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jo-erlendare there any serious issues I should know about?07:58
Fudgeanyone here interested in grub behaviour across ubuntu versions10:14
Fudgeis it a grub-pc regression  when lucid can see my osx drive and alter versions can not.10:23
snadgefeature ;)10:28
Fudgewhat do you mean10:36
Fudgexorg log from installing fglrx w/e http://paste.ubuntu.com/824929/10:37
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samba35i have download a package with . run extention i try to run it with ./package (before that i change permission +x ) but its give me error13:47
bazhangsamba35, what package13:48
samba35sytenx error untermincat quoted strick13:48
jdhfri need command to upgrade to subj13:49
LjL"to subj"?13:54
jdhfrwhat is subj? precise pangolin.13:58
LjLjdhfr: the instructions are in the topic for alpha 1.13:59
jdhfrLjL: you probably gloading now making me wget that link and read it in kate, do you?14:02
LjLjdhfr: update-manager -d14:03
BluesKajhi all14:20
Milos_SDI upgraded to Precise yesterday, and I have a little problem with nautilus look. Here is the screenshot: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/14/EE/45LCW3jA/screenshot-at-2012-02-01.png14:49
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:50
Milos_SDthat "buttons" that show the path are not supposed to look like that.14:50
rigvedMilos_SD: i have the same problem. but i haven't gotten around to filing a bug yet. if you have the time, please do so.14:54
Milos_SDrigved, so I'm not the only one. :) On some screenshots from omgubuntu i can see that he doesn't have that problem, so I thought that it is problem at my end :)14:56
jdhfrwhy ubuntu updater removes packette:386 stuff?15:00
jdhfrpackette:i386 precisely?15:01
Milos_SDrigved, it is ok with radiance theme :)15:04
Picijdhfr: What is packette?15:04
jdhfrPici: many libraries15:05
rigvedMilos_SD: oh. ok.15:05
jdhfrany ideas?15:08
ArnoldHas anyone tried installing Ubuntu 12.04 from the daily live image, just to get stuck at "Preparing to install Ubuntu" phase?15:10
Picijdhfr: the upgrader normally removes a bunch of packages and installs replacements, if you're really concerned that it is removing things that it shouldn't, then you should show us a paste so that we can take a look.15:10
jcook_5xdataanyone have problem with remmina after the update today on 64 bit. when I try to connect to a rdp session on login It segment faults on crashes, vnc connection seem fine.15:43
jdhfrnew ubuntu made strange thing15:50
jdhfrmy sdb now sda15:50
jdhfrwhat the hell?15:50
bazhangjdhfr, clarify please15:50
jdhfrubuntu disk was sdb15:51
jdhfrafter upgrade it is sda15:51
rockyso i'm having a very commonly reported problem that since the upgrade to precise i'm only seeing hdmi in my sound settings and i'm not getting any sound out of the regular builtin speakers... i've tried the various suggestions in the forums to no avail, does anyone here have any special tips or suggestions i can try? this is a dell xps 15z laptop with intel sound15:58
jdhfris there a way to return disks to previous order?16:29
bazhangjdhfr, downgrade?16:29
jdhfrit doesn't make sense16:30
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)16:30
jdhfram i supposed to use guids everywhere?16:33
bazhangjdhfr, you are concerned because the uuid changed?16:35
Ian_Cornethe new 'resist at screen edge' also works if you're coming from the other side16:42
Ian_Cornethat's not how it should be I think16:42
samba35_i run update-manager and it installed some package and prmpted to reboot after reboot i am not able to access internet ,my ubuntu beta is on oracle linux 6.217:35
samba35_ubuntu as a guest17:35
samba35_can you please tell me how do i fix this17:35
nhainessamba35_: there are currently no beta versions of Ubuntu available.17:45
nhainessamba35_: what packages were installed by update manager?17:45
samba35_sorry i mean alpha17:50
samba35_i dont know which packages was update17:51
samba35_nhaines, is there any way to find ? which package was added recently ,like rpm -qa --last17:52
jtaylorfyi, there is a class about running the +1 release in #ubuntu-classroom right now18:03
scarleoDoes anyone else have problem with wl not working after boot in PP but after beeing modprobed?19:13
jtaylorwl=wireless? yes19:14
scarleowl = broadcom driver19:14
scarleoI have to modprobe -r ssb b43 wl every bot and then modprobe wl again19:15
scarleoand b43 and ssb are blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/19:16
scarleowhat do you mean?19:17
jtaylorI don't have a solution, just a similar problem19:17
rockyi'm having a very commonly reported problem that since the upgrade to precise i'm only seeing hdmi in my sound settings and i'm not getting any sound out of the regular builtin speakers... i've tried the various suggestions in the forums to no avail, does anyone here have any special tips or suggestions i can try? this is a dell xps 15z laptop with intel sound19:54
floorlavaI've installed HUD, but not sure how-to invoke it.21:04
Arnoldfloorlava, have you restarted Unity after you installed Unity HUD from the Unity PPA team? You should then be able to invoke it by pressing the ALT key21:12
ArnoldFrom what I know, the package version should be 5.1.x21:13
floorlavaArnold: yup, did a complete restart. I've only got Unity-2D installed though. Wonder if that could be messing it up.21:13
Arnoldfloorlava, hmm. Have you been using a different Unity other than the one coming from the main repositories?21:13
floorlavaArnold, I just installed Ubuntu base with the Alternate Install CD, then manually threw on xorg, gdm, ubuntuartwork, and unit-2d21:14
Arnoldfloorlava, installing the ubuntu-desktop metapackage might fix that. However, I believe you would need the default set of packages which makes the regular Unity to work, before installing it from the Unity Team PPA. I could be also wrong about this, though.21:15
ArnoldIs there a way I could check what it is going on with Ubiquity, and why exactly it stalls at some point?21:51
urlin2uArnold, here is a wiki, enjoy. :D  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man8/ubiquity.8.html21:53
urlin2uand here is the basic google search if that helps as well. https://www.google.com/search?sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&q=Ubiquity+ubuntu&btnG=Search&gbv=1&sei=HLQpT8jZJOWriQL4qPDPCg21:53
Arnoldurlin2u: Ah! The debug flag might just do the trick. Thanks!21:54
urlin2uArnold, cool.21:55
ArnoldI do know it is the development version and all, but if the Alpha 2 build lands tomorrow, then I might be left out from installing it the conventional Live USB/CD way :P21:55
ArnoldIt just stalls at the Preparing to install Ubuntu phase, as in after clicking Continue while on that page.21:56
urlin2uI'm not really familiar with exactly what ubiquity does, I don't thin there will anything except a bug or bugs that mess with install methods.21:58
blairwhen is it too late to request syncs from debian for 12.04?  i'm thinking of pyside 1.1.0 which has a number of bug fixed over 1.0.921:59
ubottuA schedule of Precise Pangolin (12.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule22:08
ArnoldJust want to say that the whole problem was lying with one of my defective NTFS partition. Sure I had to format it, but atleast it made the installer to move on.22:24
Essobi_Arnold: I've had to use the alternative installer on a mac book pro to get it to be happy with a OSX and NTFS partition.22:29
ArnoldEssobi_: I presume the log in Ubiquity would've told you atleast something, a clue or anything. But at which point the live installer stopped working right?22:30
Essobi_eh, no idea..22:30
Essobi_It didn't just hang... it couldn't create the partition.22:30
Essobi_Or would refuse to w/o wanting to wipe out the whole disk.22:31
ArnoldI see. So it's a different kind of problem then. I wonder the latest Ubiquity updates had to do something with it.22:32
ArnoldI had no problem installing it with Alpha 1.22:32
LekensteynHi all, are there known issues with Xorg and input devices? Bumblebee with both nvidia and nouveau segfault on it: nvidia http://paste.ubuntu.com/825582/ nouveau http://paste.ubuntu.com/825749/ Backtrace is the same22:59
zzecoolHello guy  i think i found a bug in precise can someone help me to see if he can reproduce it to his machine?23:24
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rockyhrm... when i create a new "desktop application" shortcut using the google chrome feature... and then i double-click on it (it has the icon representing the website i mapped) it adds that process to my already running google chrome icon ... is there anyway to make sure it remains a separate item instead of grouping with the other google chrome icon?23:33
rockyok... a more general question, is there anyway to force apps in the unity launcher to *not* group together?23:45
rocky(ie terminal windows, browser windows, etc)23:45
Daekdroomrocky, nope23:49
DaekdroomWell, I mean there's no such setting available. There might be a way to work around that.23:50
rockyDaekdroom, any idea on how to do it? i really want "Gmail" as a separate app from the browser itself so i can quickly alt-tab and such23:51
DaekdroomNever seen anyone doing that.23:52

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