Goodguy69How to I tell if some site is trying to use my pc as a proxy? A site was connected an hour after closing my browser. The site has no updates etc.03:37
mystdarrencheck firewall logs03:54
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sahmedI have a question about installing .tar.gz files in Kubuntu.14:38
hobgoblinask it then :)14:41
sahmedhow do I install it14:51
sahmedI have synaptic file manager but not sure how I can use that to install the package14:52
hobgoblinhi sahmed - sorry was afk15:00
hobgoblinyou need to extract it and then it depends what is in the extracted folder as to what you need to do next15:01
hobgoblinwhat is it you are trying to install15:01
hobgoblinsynaptic will not be of any use with a tarball15:01
sahmedI am trying to install Cisco AnyConnect that I downloaded from Cisco's website15:02
hobgoblinnever heard of it :)15:03
hobgoblinis it a small download sahmed ? if it is give me a link and I'll take a look15:04
sahmedyea its only 3mb...but you have to login to Cisco's website to download the file so I do not have a direct link15:05
hobgoblinoh - ok - so have you extracted it yet? right click extract15:06
sahmedyes i have..i downloaded 2 files...anyconnect-linux-2.5.3055-k9.tar.gz and anyconnect-linux-2.5.3055-vpnapi.tar.gz15:07
sahmedi have extracted both but not sure which one is the main one to use...15:08
hobgoblinneither do I ...15:08
hobgoblincan you use a terminal sahmed15:08
sahmedyes i navigated to the extracted folder with terminal15:09
hobgoblinif you can navigate to each one in turn and do ls15:09
sahmeddidn't know what to do after that15:09
hobgoblinthen paste the contents to paste.ubuntu.com - put a user name and I'll have a look15:09
hobgoblinnot sure I'll be able to help you - but let's look first15:09
hobgoblinthen paste the contents to paste.ubuntu.com - put a user name, enter and then give me the new urlk and I'll have a look15:10
hobgoblinsahmed: I will be right back15:12
sahmedHere it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/825180/15:15
hobgoblinsahmed: ok in that one there is a vpnfooinstall.sh - while in the correct directory try sh .vpn_in - tab should autocomplete15:19
hobgoblinit might need sudo though15:19
sahmedi did sude su and logged in...by the way what does sudo mean..I know su mean supper user15:20
hobgoblinsahmed: ubuntu does not use su15:21
hobgoblinthe su account is disabled15:22
sahmedi typed in sudo su and put in my password15:22
sahmedis that the correct method15:22
hobgoblinyou can just sudo command15:24
hobgoblinno need for su at all15:24
hobgoblinsahmed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:24
sahmedThanks so you are saying I have to use sudo to install the application?15:28
hobgoblinsahmed: yep - if root is needed then sudo sh vpn_install.sh15:28
hobgoblinbut as you said it is possuible you need the other installed first - there are some threads on the forum about this cisco thing15:29
sahmedokay thanks for your help15:35
hobgoblindid it work?15:35
sahmedno i still don't know what to do15:38
sahmedi'll look around on cisco's website15:38
hobgoblinsahmed: did you do sh vpn_install.sh  while in the directory or sudo sh vpn_install.sh if it asked for root rights15:41
sahmedoh let me try that15:43
sahmedwell i just did sh vpn_install.sh and it asked if i agreed to the licence15:43
sahmedStart the VPN agent.... then said Done!15:44
sahmedbut not sure where the install is :)15:44
hobgoblinI'll not be able to help you with the agent itself though I'm afraid15:44
hobgoblinif you did sh and not sudo sh it should be in your /home somewhere15:45
sahmedokay i'll look around15:45
sahmedi found it :)15:48
sahmedafter I did sh vpn_install.sh ..i located the vpnui in the folder where all the extracted application were and the UI came up15:49
hobgoblinsahmed: cool - glad I could be of assistance - enjoy ubuntu :)15:50
sahmedThank you15:50
Alexeey17hi, i was wondering if there's any way of scanning my comp so that i find out what drivers and what modules i need on the boot dvd19:17
Alexeey17is there anyone here at all?19:18
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coalwaterhi Alexeey1719:30
coalwaterso, what do u mean by scanning19:31
Alexeey17something like an utility that scans my hardware19:32
Alexeey17and tells me what i need and what is best19:32
coalwateru just installed a new ubuntu ? or what do u mean, when the system starts the update manager handles all this stuff19:33
Alexeey17no, i am trying to figure out what version to download and install, and what other drivers i'll be needing, i have xp for the moment19:34
coalwateru wont have an internet connection on the ubuntu pc ?19:35
Alexeey17i have interenet but it's wireless, and dont know if thats going to work after reinstall19:36
Alexeey17tho i think i can use a cable untill i find a driver for it19:37
coalwaterwell u could try using live cd, if it doesnt work then u need to check19:37
Alexeey17thought of that, downloading one now. and do you think that the last version is going to run smooth on a 1.5ghz celeron m with 512 mb ram toshiba sattellite?19:38
coalwaterit should run fine, but u could consider running different desktop versions, like kubuntu or lubuntu, they need less ram19:39
Alexeey17do those have live cd versions?19:39
Alexeey17ok, witch one do you reccomend?19:40
coalwatertheres good support for lubuntu19:41
coalwatermaybe u could try that19:41
Alexeey17ok, thanks alot :) cya19:42
coalwaterlatest lubuntu http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/11.10/release/19:43
Alexeey17thnaks :)19:49
nlsthznJono Q&A now on ustream20:02
* benonsoftware wishes he could20:03
asdfpoi3hello! can someone tell me if there's anything like dreamweaver for ubuntu?22:38
* Timurator burp22:58
holsteinasdfpoi3: sure23:13
holsteinwhat are you wanting to do?23:13
holsteinhttp://kompozer.net/ is an option23:14
* benonsoftware was trying think what kompozer was called during his UDW session :P23:15
benonsoftwareholstein: Thanks :p23:15
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