mhall119doctormon: I'm pretty sure launchpadlib was designed by the devil himself01:09
mhall119or maybe he just made lazr.restful01:09
mhall119either way you have to sell your soul to use it01:09
nigelbdoctormon: Its maintained by Launchpad Team.01:18
bkerensaI can no longer say 12.04 is stable :P01:21
mhall119balloons: any idea why I don't have "unity testing" tool in my dash?01:42
mhall119I have System Testing01:43
mhall119is that the same thing?01:43
bkerensaI didnt have Unity Testing tool either01:43
mhall119bkerensa: are you on Unity 5.2?01:53
* cjohnston is debating upgrading the lappy to precise01:58
mhall119cjohnston: I've been running it for a week01:59
bkerensamhall119: When I had the PPA yes01:59
mhall119other than a PPA conflict between HUD testing and Unity 5.2 testing, I haven't had any problems01:59
cjohnstoni have been on the desk01:59
bkerensaI have been using precise for a few weeks prior to Alpha 1 and have had minimal issues01:59
mhall119bkerensa: did you have the HUD ppa too?01:59
bkerensamhall119: Yes02:00
mhall119that bit me pretty bad, yeah02:00
mhall119you have to ppa-purge the HUD ppa *before* installing the unity staging ppa02:00
mhall119otherwise everything goes wrong02:00
doctormonmhall119: wonderful news, I can search for people on launchpad through a lens too.02:36
mhall119doctormon: nice!02:36
mhall119where's the code?02:36
doctormonmhall119: The lens code is out of branch, but lp:groundcontrol has a command line tool you can play with02:39
doctormonI'm working out this damn lens interface, I want it to run internally like all the other apis.02:40
doctormonSo hold onto your hat because I know you're interested in seeing the lens rather than just the dbus.02:40
mhall119doctormon: I'm making a list of lenses, so I kind of want that code02:43
doctormonYeah don't list it until it's there.02:43
mhall119if I list it, does that mean you have to hurry up and publish it?02:45
doctormonmhall119: That is an interesting question isn't it ;-)02:49
doctormonmhall119: Are you still here?03:24
mhall119depends, is your branch ready?03:24
doctormonmhall119: I'm wondering why your run_lens code is registering a bunch of dbus names. Quite complex stuff.03:28
doctormonI need to duplicate it since I won't be running from the command line but internally.03:28
doctormonBut the Unity.Lens docs don't seem to mention this part.03:29
mhall119doctormon: you're running the lens code inside of groundcontrol?03:37
mhall119lenses operate over dbus03:37
mhall119it's how they communicate with the dash, and with scopes03:37
doctormonmhall119: Yes and yes03:53
doctormonMy dbus objects look very different and the Unity.Lens documentation seems to suggest it takes care of registering the addresses.03:53
doctormonI think I'm going to try cutting out singlet and trying to use the Unity.Lens module directly.03:55
mhall119yeah, singlet is made to run stand-along processes, not sure how Lenses should work within another program04:02
koolhead17mhall119: ping05:17
nigelbHe's probably asleep by now.05:25
bkerensadoes anyone know what kwaimuk.canonical.com, mulberry.canonical.com, humboldt.canonical.com are? I noticed that my Ubuntu install is calling home to those hosts a lot even with Statistics Submission and U1 Sync disabled...06:53
dpmgood morning all07:21
benonsoftwareHello dpm07:22
dpmhi benonsoftware07:24
dpmmorning czajkowski08:09
dpmmorgen dholbach, how was the first UDW day?08:09
dholbachgood morning08:09
dholbachhey dpm08:09
dholbachdpm, awesome08:10
dpmthat's what we like to hear :)08:10
dholbachwhen I was still there we had ~330 people08:10
dholbachlots of questions too :)08:10
alouriegood morning08:14
czajkowskidpm: ello08:21
dpmhey :)08:23
dpmmorning alourie08:23
alouriehi dpm08:23
dholbachJoeb454, happy birthday08:34
jonoanother marathon coding session is over :-)08:45
jonomaking solid progress on Ubuntu Accomplishments08:45
benonsoftwareHow is it going?08:45
jonoall going well :-)08:45
jonoI now have most of the core system built - just need to work on the final verification piece next08:46
jonoright, heading to bed08:47
dholbachnight jono! :)08:48
benonsoftwareSee you jono08:48
jononight all!08:49
bkerensaGood Night folks!10:39
dholbachnight bkerensa10:41
=== dholbach__ is now known as dholbach
mhall119bkerensa: what processes were calling them?12:54
mhall119dholbach: morning13:20
dholbachhey mhall11913:23
dholbachI got your mail, didn't have time yet to check into it13:23
dholbachtoday is a bit crazy13:23
dholbachare you sure you don't want to get access to the parts of cranberry yourself? :)13:23
mhall119that means more work for me though13:23
dholbachgotcha, I'll do it then13:24
nigelbdholbach: I vote you get mhall119 root on that machine... ;)13:24
mhall119dholbach: what all would I need access to?13:27
dholbachhuats, can we move our call to maybe tomorrow or Friday?13:28
huatsdholbach, sure13:28
dholbachmhall119, I guess you just need to be added to qa-team13:28
huatsdholbach, Friday same time ?13:29
dholbachhuats, I know that the wiki clean up is still ongoing and we need to do the announce, but apart from that things are looking good13:29
dholbachhuats, sounds good to me - maybe just 10-15m to go through the trello board together and decide how we want to use it13:29
dholbachthanks a lot huats, I'm in a bit of hurry today :)13:29
huatsdholbach, I would like to have some info on your syntax on trello :)13:29
huatsso do I13:29
huatsthanks to you13:29
dholbachhehe, great :)13:29
dholbachde rien, mon ami13:29
huatsdholbach, regarding the wiki cleanup13:45
huatsI am wondering what to do with old meetings logs...13:45
dholbachmaybe just write a small wiki page saying:13:46
dholbach"""This content is obsolete.13:46
dholbachThe Mentoring programme was shut down.13:46
dholbachHere's what we do nowadays: <link to d-a-t>."""13:46
dholbachand include that on the pages13:46
dholbachor just remove the pages altogether13:46
mhall119dholbach: unity-stats appears to be a symlink to a directory in /home/dholbach/...13:49
dholbachI can move it somewhere else if you like - hang on13:50
dholbachok, let me update the code now13:52
dholbachwe can still look for another place13:52
dholbachmhall119, there's conflicts in the code?13:53
dholbachlike in your merge proposal13:53
huatsdholbach, this little text was also my idea13:53
huatsI am glad you made some words on it13:54
mhall119dholbach: let me check13:54
mhall119dholbach: this is what I get for emailing a patch, bzr didn't know that my changes were already there13:59
mhall119dholbach: I re-based my branch, should be a clean merge now13:59
dholbachok, just a sec13:59
dholbachthanks merged, running the script now14:02
dholbachbenonsoftware, ready? :)14:06
jcastrohey dholbach14:11
dholbachhey jcastro14:11
jcastrowhat trello board are you on?14:11
dholbachcurrently none14:11
dholbachI mostly just use the one we use in the advisory team14:12
jcastroah ok, I was afraid I was missing out on something, nm.14:12
jcastroDEVELOPER WEEK. \m/14:12
jcastrosorry I had to yell that out14:12
dholbachok, need to take the dog for a walk14:12
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:50
balloonsgood luck dpm ;-)15:08
dpmthanks balloons ;)15:08
jcastroDaviey: did you guys discuss #ubuntu-cloud and its fate your last meeting?15:41
Davieyjcastro: Sort of..15:42
czajkowskiis it going up in the air :)15:42
Davieywe might rename it to #ubuntu-fog15:45
czajkowskiyes cloud discussions do tend to be very foggy at times, very hard to see through the dense chatter ;)15:49
akgranerballoons, your call for testing posted to the Fridge this morning15:49
Davieyczajkowski: how poetic!15:52
jcastroDaviey: kill it!15:52
jonojcastro, dpm, dholbach, balloons, mhall119 - team hangout in 7 mins15:53
balloonsakgraner, thank you :-)15:53
Davieyjcastro: I'll have an answer by tues EoD.. but i think it's a yes15:53
dholbachjono, I thought the team did a hangout yesterday already? :)15:53
jonodholbach, really?15:54
jonoI wasn't there15:54
dholbachme neither :)15:54
jonothen how was there a team hangout :-)15:54
dholbachseems we missed the irc meeting then :)15:54
dholbachthe rest of the team hung out15:54
czajkowskiDaviey: that'sthe Irish in me, all great poets come from there :)15:54
jonodholbach, so can you do the hangout?15:56
dholbachjono, si si15:56
jonojcastro, can't make it15:56
dholbachdpm is still surrounded with 240 people who want to learn more about apps in Ubuntu15:58
jonodpm, are you going to be too busy for the hangout?15:58
dholbachhe should be finished in 2-3m15:58
dpmjono, I'm about to finish, I'll just be 2 mins late15:59
jonodpm, cool15:59
dholbachhang out is set up15:59
jonoon my way16:01
mhall119plugging in16:02
dpmok, answering the last questions on -chat, grabbing the headset and coming over16:03
akgranerjcastro - sorry to ask you for the millionth time - what is your presentation work around you were telling me about16:28
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow17:21
jcastromhall119: yo17:38
jcastroakgraner: work around?17:38
akgraneryeah what were you using17:39
akgranerb/c impress is so broken17:39
akgraneryou mentioned it at SCALE17:39
jcastrobut clint didn't like it17:39
jcastrohttp://jsbin.com/oxohev#slide1 is another one17:41
jcastrohttp://markdalgleish.com/projects/fathom/ and another one17:41
jcastroI haven't gone through them all and figured out which one is best17:41
mhall119jcastro: hey17:42
jcastrocan you fill me in on what I missed with the hangout?17:43
jcastroaka. what did I get voluntold to do for global jam? :)17:43
mhall119what would ever make you think we'd do something like that?17:43
jcastroI would be disappointed otherwise. :)17:44
balloonsjcastro, mostly just 80's hair band references.. and jono's lack of hair and voice to sing in said bands17:45
jcastrosinging is a stretch17:47
jcastroI call it "screaming in key"17:47
jonobut fair.17:50
mhall119jcastro: mostly we were discussing ways of fostering a community of appreciation17:52
mhall119and recognition17:52
jcastroIt's not meant be harsh, that's just the style of the music17:52
jcastrothat is awesome17:52
jcastroI don't want to be sung to, I want to be rocked. \m/17:53
jcastroIf I want to be sung to I'll watch OPERA.17:53
jcastromhall119: ah excellent17:53
mhall119I want to not bleed out of my ears17:53
jcastrohey I added some accomplishment guidelines to the spec17:53
mhall119jono: you should make a self-referential trophy17:54
mhall119"Got a Trophy"17:54
jonomhall119, LOL17:54
jonothat would be easy17:54
mhall119or "Wrote an Accomplishments script", then award it to yourself as soon as you're done17:55
jcastroThat would be awesome17:55
jcastro"Trophy Crafter"17:55
jonothanks jcastro17:55
jonoI made some big improvements on it this week17:55
jonoI only have the U1 component to add and then the system should be working17:55
jcastrowe could call it "Sauron". :)17:55
jonobut I know how to do that17:55
jonothe U1 bit is called the matrix :-)17:56
jcastroI tried to keep the guidelines lose but strict.17:56
jonobut I need more accomplishments files17:56
balloonsblue pill please17:56
jcastroit'd suck if people made dump trophies just to earn them17:56
jonojcastro, yeah, and we can fill those out more as we go forward17:56
* jcastro nods17:56
jonojcastro, exactly, this is why this is called "accomplishments" instead of "achievements"17:56
jcastroI am hoping people get clever and humorous with it.17:56
popeyi managed to file four bugs and get sequential bug numbers, I deserve an achievement :D17:56
jonoI think so17:56
jonopopey, LOL17:57
jcastroYou know someone will make "SABDFLed" -- where Mark closes one of your bugs as opinion.17:57
jcastrothat would be brilliant17:57
mhall119we need a "Shut it Down!" achievement,  just for popey17:57
jcastro"shut down more than 3 community resources."17:58
jcastrotying into work items would be great too17:58
jcastromaybe a slightly embarrrassing trophy for people who never finish them would help us out. mwahaha.17:59
jonowell the accomplishments scripts support multiple languages and now different types of auth data18:00
jonoso it is pretty flexible18:00
jonowhen I finish the core system, I will document all of this18:00
jcastro"annoying guy at UDS that dominates the conversation for 40 minutes and then bails when it comes time to volunteer to work."18:00
mhall119"broke trunk"18:00
* jcastro whistles18:00
jonomaybe I should run a hangout to show it working?18:00
jonoanyone wanna see it?18:00
mhall119too bad we can't record yet18:01
jcastroI'd like to but I can drop out if it'll give someone else a chance to join in18:01
mhall119jono: maybe a screencast and upload to youtube?18:01
jonomhall119, I plan on that in a bit18:01
jonojcastro, no worries18:01
popey\o/ hangout18:01
jcastrobut yeah count me in18:01
jonoone sec, while I set it up18:02
jonook hangout set up on G+18:03
jonocan I provide a link to it?18:04
jcastrois what it tells me18:04
=== koolhead17 is now known as koolhead17|zzZZ
jonofolks hangout is open for ubuntu accomplishments demo if you want to join18:07
jonoit is in my timeline on G+18:07
ahayzen@jono: Well done with all the work on the accomplishments, really loving it. Will this application become default in Ubuntu at some point or will you have to install it?18:08
meetingologyahayzen: Error: "jono:" is not a valid command.18:08
ahayzenoh yeah no @ sign ;) ... always forget18:08
jonoresent hangout18:12
pleia2cjohnston: what is the car situation for folks coming to LC? we're trying to pick a location and need to know if it needs to be walkable from the hotel18:25
mhall119jono: ping19:21
jonomhall119, hey19:22
mhall119jono: including all of the merged branches in the graph will make the other lines so far down you won't be able to get meaning out of them19:23
jonomhall119, ok, break out another graph then19:24
jonothat's fine19:24
mhall119with just merged count?19:24
=== ashams_ is now known as ashams
jonomhall119, yup19:30
mhall1193/w 7619:35
balloonsmhall119, when you had your compiz crash while testing unity -- where you able to manually report it and/or get a system log?19:37
balloonsI know the apport tool likely yelled at you as running from a ppa, but I was wondering if you had the option to collect the info manually19:37
balloonsperhaps by doing ubuntu-bug compiz?19:37
balloonsit appears like that would work.. :-)19:39
balloonsalso mhall119, did you ever find unity testing app?19:51
mhall119balloons: nope19:56
jonomy Ubuntu video Q+A is in a few mins at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/at-home-with-jono-bacon19:56
mhall119balloons: I assume it's in unity-team/ppa, but not unity-team/staging19:56
mhall119balloons: I didn't try manually reporting19:56
jcastrojono: I'll listen in!19:56
mhall119I wasn't sure if it would gather anythign useful after compiz has reloaded19:57
* benonsoftware wishes he could listen in :(19:57
balloonsmhall119, ahh.. yes the staging ppa19:57
balloonsit's not in there19:57
mhall119jono: in order to check if a branch owner is canonical or not, I'm going to need to build authentication into daniel's stats collecting code19:57
balloonsok.. on the compiz thing, looks like manually running ubuntu-bug will work19:58
mhall119balloons: but what will that collect?19:58
balloonsi can do it now.. I'm assuming I can do it in case of a crash19:58
jcastro"oh look I accidentally left that flying V on the couch."19:58
balloonsif I did it right after a crash it should get the remnants of it.. perhaps not19:58
mhall119if compiz crashed, then successfully reloaded, and then I can ubuntu-bug, I assume it would see a happily running compiz19:58
jcastro"sorry I didn't mean to look like a rock star."19:59
balloonsyes.. don't reload :-)19:59
balloonsleave it crashed and go to tty119:59
mhall119it reloads by itself19:59
balloonsi thought you had the option?19:59
balloonsat the least when it occurs you could go to tty1 and leave the msgbox hanging there right?19:59
balloonsnot-intuitive to say the least20:00
mhall119I just saw the unity bits flicker, disappear, then reappear20:00
balloonsahh.. you never got a compiz crashed box?20:01
mhall119balloons: after compiz came back up I got the apport dialog20:03
balloonsgotcha.. yea, no good20:04
pleia2akgraner: trying to arrange a linaro connect meetup with california folks, will you be available for pizza dinner sunday evening?20:52
pleia2if so, what time is good for this thing? :)20:52
jcastrocaffeine refill, be back in 10!20:57
pleia2jono: Christian Einfeldt sent you an email this morning (Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-US-CA] 11 Ubuntu machines went live today in a school) about possibly meeting up tonight in SF21:05
jonopleia2, yeah, was on calls all day, will respond21:06
jonotonight is a problem I have rehearsal21:06
pleia2jono: oops, I meant *tomorrow* night21:07
pleia2and thanks :)21:07
jonopleia2, tomorrow I rehearse too - I am basically out of luck in the evenings as I rehearse Wed and Thu, play the show on Fri, and have dinner with friends on Sat and Sun21:13
jcastrojono: hey, UDS isn't that far away, we need to have a think about a jam song21:46
jonojcastro, indeed21:46
jcastroI was thinking something that doesn't take itself too seriously21:47
jcastrosomething "greendayish" but of course, not sucky21:47
=== huats_ is now known as huats
jcastro<--- working on charm school content so going offline to concentrate: I leave you all with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O9zMnwD65Q21:51
cjohnstonIt's the end of the world as we know it21:55
mhall119alright, I'm off21:58
cjohnstonwhere do you think your going21:59
jonocprofitt, all set22:26
jonocprofitt, G+ still work for you?22:26
cprofittlet me hook up camera22:26
jonocprofitt, invite sent22:29
jonocprofitt, keep losing you22:30
cprofittits crashing... give me a minute22:30
cprofittgoing to eat dinner all.22:50
balloonsbye mhall11922:51
bkerensaAwesome Ubuntu Hour this Friday :D22:57
bkerensaGot Comp Sci students coming from three universities and the people who run Kernel.org :D22:58
balloonsaweseome bkerensa!23:03
bkerensaindeed :D the best part is were having Pho for dinner :P23:03
bkerensaballoons: Have you had Pho before?23:08
balloonsi have not23:08
balloonsbut adding it to the list of things to try23:08
balloonsin general I enjoy SE asian cuisine23:09
cjohnstonpleia2: did you ever get a response from akgraner23:51
pleia2cjohnston: nope23:53
pleia2we'll have pizza sunday night, even if it's just you and me ;) but I do need to know about timing23:54
cjohnstonI get there at 325..23:54
cjohnstonso i gotta get to the hotel23:54
pleia2I'm thinking 6 or 7PM23:55
pleia2(they're open until 10)23:55
MrChrisDruifpleia2; got a minute?23:56
MrChrisDruifIt's about that proof-reading that poem I talked about the other day23:57
pleia2MrChrisDruif: email it to me? I'm still at work and kinda busy this afternoon, but I can try to find time :)23:58
MrChrisDruifThanks pleia2 , I'll send you the link23:59

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