dholbachgood morning08:10
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dholbachsladen, who can we turn to to get https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/812337 fixed?10:42
cwt-bugsLaunchpad bug 812337 in Ubuntu Website "Ubuntu Wiki: IRC style formatting needs a "word-wrap: break-word"" (affected: 2, heat: 1) [Undecided,New]10:42
dholbachI hope it'd be an easy fix10:43
dholbachbecause it's a bit irritating :)10:43
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jasoxI am just testing ubuntu 12.04 alpha, lots of improvements. I would be nice if we had when you type alt-F1 emacs of vim key bindings. What do you think ?11:53
jasoxIt would be nice and much faster for power users.11:53
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dholbachTrevinho, ready? :)14:06
Trevinhodholbach: ehm.. Not so much :P14:06
TrevinhoI'm a lot busy with the upstream stuff14:07
dholbachyeah, I can imagine - it's still some time until the session later ;-)14:07
Trevinhobut I'll focus on that later :)14:07
dholbachrock and roll14:07
dholbachthanks a lot14:07
mhall119hey design team, I'm working on re-vamping unity.ubuntu.com/get-involved, in what ways can the community be involved with the design side?14:19
mhall119of unity specifically14:20
mhall119I've got trying the prototypes (which btw, are a great idea), but I don't know what else14:21
iainfarrellmhall119: hey hey14:44
iainfarrellnot sure who's best to talk to on the Canonical Design team side about Unity14:44
yailiiainfarrell: o/15:11
iainfarrellhey yaili!15:18
iainfarrellhow are you?15:18
yailiiainfarrell: good, thanks :) you?15:20
iainfarrellnot bad thanks yaili :)15:20
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bkerensasladen: Is packages.ubuntu.com going to be transitioned to the new branding?17:05
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