sherifsaba7 el 5eir05:46
sherif7ad y3rf ezay akbr el 5at el 3rby 3shan so3'yr awy05:47
sherifshokran mokdmn :)05:47
ashamsHi sherif o/06:11
ashamsGood morning06:11
ashamsmay I know which release is this? 11.04, 11.10 or what?06:12
sherifgm ashams06:12
sherifit's 11.1006:12
ashamssherif, I found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186362406:14
ashamswould you take a look, plz06:14
sheriflet me check06:16
sherifthx :)06:19
sherifit will help ashams06:20
sherifwill try to adjust06:20
ashamsgood luck06:20
sheriffunny thing i had it installed before06:20
sherifanother issue06:20
ashamsok, shoot06:20
ashamswhat is it?06:20
sherifflash application not workin fast on chromium06:21
ashamsis it fast on firefox?06:21
sherifdidnt try06:21
sherifbut i think it will be fast06:21
sherifit works well on windows 7 on chrome06:22
ashamsso it's a chrom problem06:22
sherifi guess06:22
ashamsI think it's ok on win7 and not on linux because chrom doesn't run natively on linux06:23
ashamsit uses it's customized-wine06:23
ashamsto run cross platforms06:23
sherifwell i use chromium not chrome06:23
ashamsso it's normal to be slower than on win06:23
ashamsI know, I just abbreviate it :)06:23
sherifso i shud install ff again?06:24
ashamswhy? it's not it's problem06:24
ashamstry to make chromium a bit lighter06:24
ashamsis chromium runs fast in general?06:24
sherifvery fast06:25
sherifjust flash games on FB06:25
sherifnot workin06:25
sherifvery slow06:25
ashamsthat's weird06:25
ashamslet search on this06:25
sherifi have adobe flash installed06:25
sherifthere r 2 adobe flash plugins in store06:26
sherifdo u know which one to install06:26
sherifthe installed one is for mozilla06:27
ashamssherif, and the other one for what?06:27
ashamsI mean, what's the differance between them?06:27
sherifits just weird06:27
sheriflook at this06:28
sherifas I read here (see link below) - it's some trouble with cookies... seems like it's true06:28
sherifI have:06:28
sherifgoogle chrome 15....06:28
sherifubuntu 11.10 x6406:28
sherif1) open incognito mode in chrome06:28
sherif2) go to www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer06:28
sherif3) choose your system (ubuntu x64)06:28
sherif4) and install (and it's should install properly!)06:28
sherif5) restart main chrome window06:28
sherif6) voala...06:28
sherifhope it's will be halpful for some one :)06:28
sherifwut is incognito mode?06:28
ashamsit's like safe mode on ff, or some06:31
sherifnow im lost06:32
sherifmany versions to download06:32
ashamsah no, it's like the private browsing06:32
sherifyum for linux06:32
ashamswhere is that?06:33
sherifwhen i opened the page in that mode06:33
sherifnow it ask me to select version to install06:33
sheriffirst choice YUM for linux06:33
sheriftheres apt for ubuntu 10.04+06:34
sherifi think this is the right one06:34
sherifbut im 10.1106:34
ashamsit's 10.04+06:34
ashamsmeans above 10.0406:35
sherifi selected this06:36
sherifnow it says my browser Firefox06:36
sherifn cant change it06:36
ashamswould you remove that flash and visit youtube06:37
ashamssome utube vid will tell you u don't have flashplayer and will link you06:38
sherifr u sure06:38
ashamsNO :)06:39
ashamshaha let's ruin it :P06:39
sherifwut is HUD?06:41
ashamsHeads Up Display06:41
ashamsa new way that would be perfect if you hate menus06:42
ashamsfocus on items that you want to reach, instead of where is it06:42
sherifUsing the´╗┐ HUD to change status. Totally useless. The click is faster.06:42
ashamshaha :)06:43
ashamsI shouldn't give you that link :P06:43
sherifim still beginner06:43
sherifdont wont go further now06:43
ashamsyou won't choose, just will find yourself hungry to try things :)06:44
ashamsTrue Story06:44
sherifi will do alot of things until i format linux06:45
sherifn go back to windows06:45
ashamshaha :-)06:45
sherifi installed FF again06:46
sheriflet me check06:46
sherifits even worse now06:48
ashamsso, do you want to remove the whole browser then install it again? >:-)06:50
sherifwhich browser06:51
sherifboth not working06:51
sherifsomeone told me the video card not installed on the write driver06:52
sherifi think its big problem06:52
sherifand the other problem is arabic font size very small n when i increase it latin letter become huge06:53
sherifnow i wanna die06:53
ashamsmaybe you should chane the arabic font not make it large?06:54
sherifu mean in the browser?06:54
ashamsno, I mean globally, the first problem06:56
sheriffrom advanced settings tool?06:57
ashamsfrom software center06:58
sherifok i already downloaded the tool06:58
sherifnow im at fonts tab06:58
sherifthere r06:58
sherifdefault font06:58
sherifdocument font06:58
sherifmonospace font06:59
sherifwindow title font06:59
sherifwhich one to chane06:59
ashamswhich one you want to change?07:00
ashamsdo you see some button to rest it back to defaults if things missed up?07:01
sherifi can write them on paper07:02
sherifit let me change type n size07:02
sherifbut dont know yet which one to change07:03
sherifashams wut is amd6407:07
ashamssherif, sorry, I was away07:09
ashamsit's another architicture of computer design07:09
sherifwb bro07:09
sherifam i amd?07:10
ashamsmmmmm almost yes07:10
sherifnow i removed flash n youtube still works07:10
sherifshud i remove adobe flash player plugin downloader too07:13
ashamsno need07:14
sherifit says i must remove it to install the other version07:17
sherifwelcome MFawzy07:17
ashamsok, then do it07:17
sherifi dont think it will work07:17
sherifits a global problem07:17
sherifi red all the comments07:18
MFawzyHi sherif :) I'm sorry, but I'm going out shortly :D07:18
MFawzyhi ashams :)07:18
sherifMfawzy cool happy to catch u07:18
ashamshi MFawzy o/07:18
ashamsthen no need to do it07:18
sherifMFawzy do u know anything about the flash problem07:19
sherifi wont07:19
ashamshope he knows07:19
sherifwill just keep it as it's07:19
sherifdont care anymore07:19
sherifn he just left07:19
ashamswb ;)07:19
sheriflike he can help07:20
sherifwhen u play a game n then u quit ur desktop shrink how can u fix it back07:24
sherifashams do u know07:25
ashamsshit, this is even more wierd07:25
ashamshave you tried the resolution manager07:25
sherifi fixed it07:26
ashamsfrom Monitor settings?07:26
sherifis it 1366 or 136007:26
ashamsshut up07:27
sherifi guess 136607:27
sherifam i askin 2 much07:27
ashamsit's just you have some weird problems in there07:27
sherifmaybe my laptop doesnt like ubuntu07:28
ashamsHP hates ubuntu, do you?07:28
sherifhow do u know07:28
ashamsHPs hate it :/07:28
sherifhate all linux?07:28
sherifso bad07:29
ashamsgraphics, drivers, bluetooth07:29
sherifhey i got another weird problem07:29
ashamssometimes sound07:29
sherifwhen i open pidgin u know07:29
sherifit hangs07:29
sheriftakes long time to open07:29
ashamspidgin is not perfect07:30
sherifwhich is better07:30
ashamsit's the best :P07:30
sherifthey told me so07:30
ashamsbut just not perfect07:30
sherifdevelopers sux07:31
sherifi will go back to windows07:31
ashamsgood for you07:31
ashamswhat why?07:31
sherifbut it's like some force attract me here07:31
sherifflash font07:32
ashams hahaha07:32
sherifbut font is ok07:32
sherifmaybe flash07:32
sherifdo u play batte for wesnoth07:34
ashamsnot so far, but will try it07:36
ashamsit's my first time to hear about it07:36
sherifi just installed it07:36
sherifthey say its good07:36
ashamswill try it for sure07:36
ashamsthelinuxer, dude, plzdrop morocco team, they never respond even on irc :(15:20
thelinuxertayeb feeh 7ad tany ba2y men el Arabic teams momken yekoon interested ?15:21
saad_Hey guys15:21
thelinuxerhi saad_15:21
saad_How are you ya basha? :)15:21
thelinuxerfine el 7amdulelah :) how r u ?15:21
saad_I am fine el7amdolelah15:22
thelinuxerthe slow connection is really killing me!!15:23
thelinuxerashams: answer me man15:23
ashamsthelinuxer, I guess no15:23
thelinuxersaad_: u can't imagine how slow it is!!15:23
thelinuxertayeb cool15:23
thelinuxerashams: this simplifies it15:24
thelinuxerwe will only wait for last reply15:24
thelinuxerashams: please help me with something ..15:24
thelinuxeri need the logs for the developer week15:24
saad_thelinuxer: Usb modem?15:24
thelinuxerbut can't google it15:24
ashamsso you want it on mail?15:24
thelinuxerhowa usb ah ... bas i am in the middle of nowhere :D15:24
thelinuxerashams: mail would be good ...i guess15:25
saad_vodafone? :D15:25
saad_3ndk sl3wa? :D15:25
ashamsok, cool15:25
thelinuxerashams: or links law el page mafehash sho3'l keteer15:25
thelinuxersaad_: lool ana shoft embare7 kalb 3'areeb kont 7'ayef la yekoon sel3awa :D15:25
saad_el sodfff di =)))15:25
thelinuxerwhen ur walking in the dark in the desert anything can happen ...15:26
saad_that's what I hate about cairo15:27
thelinuxerit's not cairo15:27
thelinuxerana fe marsa alam15:27
thelinuxerno landlines15:27
thelinuxerel 7ala dank :D15:27
saad_int7ar :D15:28
saad_bs b3d cairo security camp15:28
saad_tl3na ma3a anas15:28
saad_w2fna fil sa7ra belel15:28
saad_kan mawkef w7sh15:28
saad_w kant el donya hawa :S15:28
saad_e dlma :S15:28
saad_sa3et-ha el wa7ed bytmna law ma3ah 7ta 7omar :D15:29
thelinuxerma3lesh :D15:29
ashamsthelinuxer, man, I think a mail will be heavier to load, try if it will work: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/01/31/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t15:0015:33
thelinuxerashams: eshta15:34
thelinuxerashams: thanx man it's opening now :)15:40
ashamsthelinuxer, shit, just now......15:41
ashamsI didn't imagine it's soooooo bad15:41
thelinuxerlol 3ady15:41
ashamsI'll mail it15:41
thelinuxeri get disconnected all the time aslan15:41
thelinuxerla2 eshta i will save it15:41
thelinuxeri saved it ya3ny ..15:42
ashamsMenopia, hey dude15:47
Menopiahey ashams15:47
ashamshow are you buddy?15:47
Menopiael7 wenta 3amel eh?15:48
ashamstamam el7amdi lellah15:48
ashamsok, let's get to work15:48
ashamsMenopia, we need a logo for ArabNet conf15:48
ashamsso we can put it on our wiki-site15:48
Menopiamsh arabnet 3andohm logo15:49
ashamsand on the Tunisian and Palestinian team's too15:49
ashamsthelinuxer, ^15:49
thelinuxerhi Menopia :)15:49
thelinuxer3amel eih ?15:49
Menopiahi thelinuxer :D15:49
ashamsyes, but we need one that says Arabic Teams :)15:49
Menopiael7 tamam15:50
thelinuxerhere is the thing15:50
thelinuxerArabNet want Ubuntu Arabic teams to be partners as a single unit15:50
thelinuxeri think it's not legal to use Ubuntu's logo directly15:50
Menopiamsh fahem, ya3ny logo ykon mwado7 en el arabic teams sponsering el event?15:51
thelinuxerbos enta 3aref el logo beta3na, sa7 ?15:51
Menopiawa7ed zayo lel arabic teams?15:52
thelinuxerwe feeh logo tany le tunis we palestine ..etc15:52
thelinuxerwe will be partners with ArabNet as  a single team15:52
thelinuxerso we need a logo for this team15:52
Menopiamafhom :)15:52
thelinuxermasalan momken yekoon el circle of friends feeha 7eta men kol 3alam ...15:52
Menopiamashy, el mafrod ye5las emta?15:53
thelinuxerASAP 3ashan na7'od mowaf2a bardo men el nas el tanya15:53
ashamsCan't wait to see Menopia 's output :) (tchek tchek tchek tchek tchek)15:55
Menopiahhhhhhhh :)15:55
Menopiahowa el meeting elgaay hayb2a irc?15:55
thelinuxerashams: el meeting beta3ko feen ?15:56
Menopiahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Meetings/Agendas/2012-02-0X ?15:57
thelinuxernefsy yekoon IRC 3ashan el nas kolaha te3ref tetabe3 we keda ..15:57
Menopiaah ana kman tel3ly safr youm el gom3a :(15:57
Menopiafa yareet irc15:58
thelinuxerwe 7aterga3 emta ?15:58
Menopia3ala el etnen kda15:58
thelinuxerteegy belsalama15:59
ashamsMenopia, would you please +1 the irc suggestion on that msg, so we can collect votes on it? :-) (7ases enny fi magles el sha3b)15:59
Menopiaallah yesalmik thelinuxer15:59
Menopiaashams, ok16:00
ashamsThanks :D16:00
thelinuxerashams: lol16:00
ashamsbas ana mesh dictator zay elkatatny, don't worry16:00
thelinuxerashams: lool, we'll see ...16:01
Menopiahhhhhhhh :)16:02
ashamsthelinuxer, Tunisian team confirmed16:59
thelinuxerashams: cool16:59
thelinuxeri will send an email isA to ArabNet16:59
ashamsok great16:59
thelinuxerand we will coordinate with the guys 3ashan el logo wel description16:59
elacheche_anishold on17:00
elacheche_anisashams, what is confirmed!!17:00
ashamselacheche_anis, that you want to participate in Arab net conf17:00
ashamsby promotional advertising17:01
ashamselacheche_anis, didn't I understand well?17:01
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: any problems dude ?17:02
elacheche_anishold on please17:03
ashams<---- prayer for 10 mins17:03
thelinuxerme too17:03
elacheche_anisthelinuxer, ashams I said that zied had sent a mail to theme.. I don't said that there is a confirmation yet.. thelinuxer you can check your inbox you will find the mail that zied sent17:10
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: back .. yes i saw the email I asked ashams to get me final confirmation on the matter17:13
elacheche_anisI have not a final confirmation, we have not receive an answer of our last mail(that mail)17:14
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: ok .. she called me and said they can't offer tickets and accommodations, sorry for any confusions17:15
thelinuxerso we will have mutual advertising, they will spread the word about about ubuntu and ubuntu arabic teams and we will spread the word about ArabNet17:16
elacheche_anisah ok.. can you please send a mail to zied said that??17:16
thelinuxernp can u please send me his email in private ?17:17
ashamselacheche_anis, Sorry for the misunderstanding :(17:19
elacheche_anisit's ok ashams :)17:20
elacheche_anismay be it's my fault, that I haven't no how to share the information with you XD17:20
ashamsI thought that is 2 different things, I mean tickets&accommodation and advertising :)17:21
ashamsit is*17:22
ashamsgtg, sorry guys17:23
ashamswil catch you later17:23
thelinuxerashams: cool, bye17:23
elacheche_anissee you soon ashams :)17:24
=== ashams_ is now known as ashams
ashamsthelinuxer, has it been solved with Anis?19:27
thelinuxerashams: i sent an email19:28
ashamsconfirmed from Tunis?19:28
thelinuxerwaiting for their replu19:28
thelinuxerMFawzy: sorry got disconnected19:28
thelinuxerand can't log into gmail kaman :)19:28
ashamsok thanks19:28
MFawzynvm :)19:28
MFawzythelinuxer: __^19:29
MFawzywasalo 73 fe a5er taqdeer lel Jazeera Masr --3an wezaret el se77a :@19:29
MFawzyenna l-Allah w ena elayh rage3oon19:30
ashamsbut who killed them?19:30
MFawzyashams: el a5bar el rasmeya bet2ool "tadafo3" :\19:33
MFawzybas, eh elly 5alahom "yatadaf3o" now ? :S19:34
thelinuxertadafo3 ezay ya3ny?!19:34
thelinuxerhowa awel match kora el masreyeen yero7ooh!19:35
ashamsI have seen ppl from portsaid on fb saying that they'll kill Alalhly fans19:40
ashamsI think el-masri fans was intending to do terrorism19:41
thelinuxerashams: i think deh el 7arb el ahleya ely wa3adoona beeha ...19:43
ashamsI always considered football fanatics as low ppl, it's normal on this level, seriously19:46
thelinuxerbos ana ma3aya wa7ed mo7eb lel koora geddan19:46
thelinuxerlama 2oltelo nas matet 2ally 3ady19:46
ashamsthe problem is dead person are not necessarily fanatics :'(19:46
thelinuxerlaken lama 2oltelo kam 35 wa7ed nafoo7'o darab we 2aly dah mosta7eel yekoon sha3'ab koora19:47
ashamsah, someone conspired19:47
ashamsit can be true, central security opened gates for el-masri fans to run through the play groun19:48
ashamseven to chase el-ahli's19:48
thelinuxerLelah el amr men kabl wa men ba3d ...19:49
thelinuxerashams: ya 3am el cloaking ;)22:44
elacheche_anisGuys look at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Artwork?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=precise_pangolin_by_elacheche_bedis.jpg22:44
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: looks cool (Y)22:46
ashamsthelinuxer, when you'll renew membership?22:47
ashamselacheche_anis, it's coooool22:48
thelinuxerashams: in 6 month i think ...22:48
thelinuxeri should receive an email soon22:48
thelinuxerthey send an email before your membership expire22:48
ashamsyeah, a month before?22:48
thelinuxerdon't actually remember22:49
thelinuxerashams: bas eshme3na ya3ny ?22:49
ashamsthelinuxer, to collect some new testimonials :P22:50
thelinuxerana gamed awi we mesh me7tag :P22:51
thelinuxerel sara7a i was expected to be a DM(debian maintainer) by now22:52
thelinuxerbas i really didn't have enough time to pull this off22:52
ashamswhat you wanted to maintain?22:52
thelinuxernothing specifically .. just wanted to get into debian development somehow22:52
thelinuxerthis would make me a member in ubuntu too btw22:53
thelinuxerif I am  a DD (debian developer) I am automatically a UD22:53
ashamsdude, it takes a long time till you feel comfortable with things in there22:53
ashamsso, you should start now22:54
thelinuxeri started a few month ago22:54
thelinuxerand i have a sponsor22:54
thelinuxerand i maintain a package there kaman22:54
thelinuxerbas i am still not good enough to be a DM22:54
ashamsit's just few steps, you can't stop now22:55
thelinuxerbos the package I am maintaining to really really simple22:55
thelinuxerand used by a small set of people22:56
ashamsyalla 3alashan tezaker leena22:56
ashamswhat language?22:56
thelinuxerI am not the developer22:56
thelinuxeri am just the maintainer22:56
ashamsbut some ti,es you might need to fix some bugs to catch with some release or so22:57
thelinuxerthis package is for managing device call "guitar effects processors" and specially for the DigiTech brand22:57
thelinuxerso what is added mostly is support for new devices, which I don't have22:58
ashamsnow i got it22:58
thelinuxerand all of it is just midi msgs, as the device is seen as an external sound card22:58
thelinuxerso adding new devices isn't a really big hassle and would be tested by the contributor him/herself22:58
ashamsyour name is there: http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gdigi.html22:59
thelinuxeryes I am the maintainer22:59
ashamsdude, jump to the real work22:59
ashamsgo to ~motu and get some mentorship22:59
thelinuxeri don't think this pkg will ever leave testing :D23:00
ashamshahahah lol23:00
thelinuxeri just read in the UDW scripts that they are swamped and can't mentor anymore devs23:00
thelinuxerUDW logs*23:00
ashamsthe same happened with bug squad23:01
ashamsI hate this23:01
thelinuxeryes of course23:01
thelinuxersmall number of experienced devs and a lot who want to learn23:01
thelinuxerexpected ...23:01
ashamsI was thinking of a modular general mentorship program, but no one listened23:02
ashamsthey said no discussion now, it's vacation23:02
ashamsit was jan 1st23:02
thelinuxertayeb I guess they are back now ...23:02
ashamsbut I hated them23:02
thelinuxerbos one of the main problems with free software is that it's changing really fast23:03
thelinuxeryou can hardly keep up23:03
thelinuxerso having a program is not that easy23:03
thelinuxerhaving a one-to-one mentorship really makes perfect sense23:03
thelinuxermay be not as efficient as we hope, but it's working so far23:04
ashamsall what they hated is "ppl expect us to *teach* them everything*23:04
ashamsthey want a hands-on23:04
ashamsthey hated 1/1 too23:04
thelinuxerand if i am getting a mentor i would want him to teach me everything :D23:04
ashamsof course23:05
thelinuxerbtw i sent an email to the mailing list about ur membership23:05
ashamsso, why to close the whole thing while there are many ppl ready to teach everything23:05
ashamsnow omar will feel bad23:05
thelinuxerthey aren't closing it, they will just be selective ..23:06
thelinuxerwhy would he feel bad ?23:06
ashamscoz he reall wanted to be a member23:06
thelinuxerand i think he already knows23:06
thelinuxerand what's preventing him ?23:06
thelinuxeromar mola7zeto gamda awi :D23:06
thelinuxeri think he is subscribed to the page23:07
thelinuxerand he will notice the cloaking stuff we keda23:07
thelinuxerno use hiding it23:07
ashamshe's really sub'd to that page :D23:07
thelinuxerand u can actually guide him through the process23:07
thelinuxeri am subscribed to this page ..23:07
ashamsme tooo :D23:08
thelinuxerand i don't know y didn't i get your name23:08
thelinuxerU CRAZY GEEK!23:08
ashamshehe >:)23:08
ashamslinux chix are doing some mentorship to C23:08
thelinuxerlink ?23:09
ashamsone sec23:09
thelinuxersure ..23:09
ashamsthelinuxer, that's all so far: http://mailman.linuxchix.org/pipermail/courses/2012-January/002844.html23:10
thelinuxerashams: yaah! i guess i studied their course on kernel module dev 5 years ago :D23:12
ashamsa kernel module kaman, doul chix gamdeen 2wiiii23:13
thelinuxerawi el sara7a ..23:13
thelinuxeru in cairo these days ?23:13
ashamsno, in town23:14
thelinuxerno specific reason23:14
ashamswhen you'll be back to cairo?23:15
thelinuxerby tomorrow isA23:15
ashamscoool, i'm sure it's cold over there23:15
thelinuxerit's actually hotter23:16
ashamsweird !23:16
thelinuxerya3ny el 7etta deh 3ammatan hotter shewaya23:17
thelinuxermesh 3aref leeh el sara7a23:17
ashamsra3'm ennha desert, it should have a bi diff between day and night23:18
ashamsi bet it's nice weather on day23:18
thelinuxerand by night too23:18
ashamsman, why ppl say, some software is ported to another, what the hell they mean?23:21
thelinuxerwhere do people say that ?23:22
ashamsin hell23:22
thelinuxermesh fahem23:22
ashamssomewhere I couldn't remember23:22
thelinuxerya3ny edeeny example 7a2ee2y keda23:22
ashamsI don't know, but when I find I'll ping you23:23
ashamsMenopia, should we postpone that meeting to next friday?23:23
Menopiala2 law IRC23:24
ashamsjonathan wants to postpone...23:24
ashamstwo of you, that's cool23:24
Menopiakhalas mashy23:25
thelinuxermenopia should i kick one of u ?23:25
MenopiaI don't know who is him :D23:25
MenopiaI have one xchat running now23:25
ashamsMenopia, just run this: /MSG NickServ SET ENFORCE ON23:26
Menopiaashams, ok23:26
ashamsis menopia_ in your group? if no it won't work23:27
ashamshi menopia_ who r u?23:28
Menopiammm I am now on Konversation, I don't know how menopia_ is here :D:D23:29
Menopiama 3lena :D23:30
ashamswhat Menopia means aslan? ya 3am seebak :P23:30
Menopiatamam :D23:30
ashamsapplaud :D23:31
Menopialooool :D23:31
thelinuxerabout that meeting23:31
thelinuxeris the agenda complete ?23:32
ashamswho knows?23:32
thelinuxeri see there is very slow response on the mailing list, do u expect to be ready by this friday ?23:32
ashamsI wait for ppl to add things23:32
thelinuxerashams: wasn't me!23:34
Menopiacongratulations ashams :)23:38
Menopiaana lesa 3aref delwa2ty :D23:38
Menopiaeh dah howa ra7 fen :D:D23:39
thelinuxerMenopia: mesh 3aref23:43
thelinuxeryemken internet problems..23:44

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