mhall119paultag: http://design.canonical.com/2012/01/multi-monitor-update-and-greeter-prototype/02:10
mhall119send them your experience02:11
dholbachgood morning08:10
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paultagmhall119: I sent someone an email over launchpad, since GPG servers were dowwn and they didn't want their mail public12:51
mhall119paultag: about the lightdm issue?12:53
paultagmhall119: yep12:53
* czajkowski hugs paultag 12:54
mhall119cool, thanks paultag 12:54
mhall119did you try the prototype?12:54
* paultag hugs cjohnston 12:54
paultagerm, crap12:54
* paultag hugs czajkowski 12:54
paultagno hugs for cjohnston 12:54
paultagHow is everyone12:55
* nigelb waves to paultag 12:56
paultaghowdy there nigelb :)12:56
paultagalso cjohnston, howdy howdy12:56
paultagJoeb454: Happy birthday!13:09
nigelbHAPPY BIRTHDAY Joeb454!13:11
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:50
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paultagif anyone wants to help sunlight out, some twitter love would be awesome - http://shortyawards.com/sunfoundation#/vote 18:51
xdatap1paultag, it require my twitter to be authorize by that site. What is it about?18:54
paultagxdatap1: it does something with registering the vote pre-tweet18:55
xdatap1paultag, yes, I mean, what is about sunlight18:56
xdatap1paultag, is the sun acquired by oracle we're talking about?18:56
paultagno :)18:56
paultagxdatap1: sunlight is who I work for now, we focus on making the us goverment more transparent and accountable18:56
paultagxdatap1: sunlight also hosts a bunch of the ubuntu DC events18:57
xdatap1paultag, oh, cool18:57
paultagxdatap1: http://sunlightfoundation.com/18:57
paultagxdatap1: we're a nonprofit :)18:57
xdatap1paultag, I understand, cool18:57
paultagxdatap1: ^518:57
xdatap1paultag, it require a "because" statement. Gimme some ideas ;)18:58
paultagxdatap1: you can just say @paultag made me :)18:58
paultagor whatever you'd like :)18:58
xdatap1paultag, done :)18:59
paultagxdatap1: you rock! :)18:59
paultagxdatap1: thanks so much :)18:59
xdatap1paultag, it's nothing :) I rock for many other reason ;)19:00
paultag'tis true!19:00
xdatap1paultag, LOL19:00
xdatap1paultag, I was joking :D19:01
paultagxdatap1: I'm not :)19:01
paultagxdatap1: how's the LC going?19:01
paultageverything running nicely?19:01
xdatap1paultag, thank you19:01
xdatap1paultag, as far I can see yes, I'm still "learning" btw19:02
paultagxdatap1: ah, I'm sure you guys are doing great :)19:02
xdatap1paultag, I'm still wondering about how doing better, I think next cycle will be better, this one was an ice breaking from my point19:04
paultagxdatap1: it can take a while to get used to some of it, sure - it's also a totally new set of people, so it's hard for everyone to learn at once, I'm sure19:04
paultagxdatap1: I'll show up at the next meeting and watch, but I am sure y'all have your own aweome vibe19:05
xdatap1paultag, thank you19:05
paultagdude, thank *you*19:05
xdatap1paultag, where are you based? Are you going to next UDS?19:05
paultagxdatap1: I'm in the US, I'm in Boston, MA -- I'm not going to the next UDS, no - but I'll be at PyCon and a few other big events19:06
paultagperhaps debconf19:06
xdatap1paultag, I've been there last year, few days before debconf in NYC19:06
xdatap1paultag, nice city, I loved it19:07
paultagah, yeah, totally. That was '11, aye?19:07
xdatap1paultag, mmm no, 2010 if I'm remembering well19:08
xdatap1paultag, two years ago then19:08
paultagah, you might be right19:08
xdatap1paultag, going off line. See you soon! Bye19:09
paultagxdatap1: cheers!19:10
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Daniel0108hey guys, can somebody send me the link to the official ubuntu drupal loco-webpage theme, please?20:25
SergioMenesesDaniel0108, look https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-theme/20:39
SergioMenesesDaniel0108, sorry... this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-theme20:39
Daniel0108SergioMeneses, thank you very much :)20:40
SergioMenesesDaniel0108, don't worry20:42
YoBoYJanC: on of the french community member will bring official live CD for the fosdem, with kubuntu and server. have fun :)21:40
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JanCYoBoY: I have official CDs too  ☺22:47
JanCwe can keep some for other events then...22:47
YoBoYJanC: as you want, I still have for us since we received 2 packs by error23:14
YoBoYyou can keep them all or a part for your needs :)23:15

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