aboudreaulthey, what's the proper way to edit a quilt patch, but a patch that doesn't apply correctly, so I can't really do a quilt push patch1 then fix things.02:14
micahgaboudreault: quilt push -f, apply the .rej changes manually, quilt diff to make sure it's how you like it, then quilt refresh02:16
aboudreaultthx forgot than option02:16
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dholbachgood morning08:10
tumbleweedmicahg: yes please.08:15
tumbleweedcjwatson was suggesting an API attribute listing the binaries that will be built by a source package (From its Binaries field). That would probably do the trick here too08:15
tumbleweedcjwatson: I can't see a bug for that, did you file one?08:19
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cjwatsontumbleweed: I don't think so09:10
cjwatsontumbleweed: I expect at the time I got distracted by the fact that the DB column that would have been coming out of was inconsistently formatted (which I fixed)09:11
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debfxtumbleweed: is there a similar tool like reverse-depends for debian? or could that one be extended to debian?14:40
tumbleweeddebfx: Debian has less stable releases, so apt-cache rdepends gets you further14:41
Zhenech_debfx, apt-cache rdepends?14:41
tumbleweedI asked the rest of the Debian QA team if they were interested, and got no reply :/14:41
Zhenech_debfx, or some dctl-grep magic14:41
tumbleweedbut yes, extending it would be trivial14:41
tumbleweedless stable releases, and almost all packages in the same component14:42
Zhenech_grep-dctrl -e -sPackage,Source -FBuild-Depends your-dev /var/lib/apt/lists/*Sources14:42
tumbleweedwhich helps dctrl-grep14:42
debfxwell apt-cache covers only one architecture and I need to setups a chroot or something on an Ubuntu machine14:42
Zhenech_(works for me)14:42
tumbleweeddebfx: another alternative is doing a dak rm on the ftp-master mirror, and seeing what it complains about :)14:44
DktrKranzdak always complains14:45
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:50
debfxtumbleweed: unfortunately I don't have a DD account14:52
debfxI think having reverse-depends cover Debian would be useful14:53
* debfx has a look at the code14:53
tumbleweedshouldn't be hard, but all Debian's architecturse will probably mean a fair bit of DB bloat14:53
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debfxtumbleweed: a DB with only precise is 55MB and a DB with precise+unstable is 170MB15:54
tumbleweeddebfx: that's not too bad15:55
* tumbleweed is trying to find nice example bugs for a UDW talk in harvest and keeps coming across bug 88988916:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 889889 in python3.2 (Ubuntu) "Use PNG or SVG instead of GIF" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88988916:34
tumbleweedthat should be tagged stupid, not bitesize :)16:35
micahgtumbleweed: most of the tasks were deleted already16:45
tumbleweedyeah, I'm just grumbling16:46
tumbleweedit's a valid issue, but belongs upstream16:46
micahgindeed, and that's what the reporter was told16:47
debfxtumbleweed: I've pushed the changes to support Debian to lp:~debfx/+junk/reverse-deps-debian17:34
tumbleweedbdrung: ^ time for arch lists in distro-info :)17:36
debfxheh yes. ignore the http 404 errors is a bit ugly17:39
bdrungtumbleweed: patches are welcome :P18:00
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HFSPLUSWhen i start drinking my dick does all my thinking18:10
jtaylorhurray numpy 1.6 transition ready to start in debian (given r-t ack), anyone willing to help get it done in precise too?20:45
micahgjtaylor: that's over 200+ rdeps20:49
jtayloryes but not much must be rebuilt20:49
micahgabout 100 or so build-deps20:50
Laneywhat does the transition involve?20:51
jtaylorits abi compatible and has a better helper to make future transitions easier20:51
LaneyI don't see a transition tracker for it?20:51
jtaylorbug was just filed today20:51
jtaylordebian bug 65828920:52
ubottuDebian bug 658289 in release.debian.org "transition: python-numpy" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/65828920:52
jtaylormicahg: didn't you want to look at the numpy multiarch merge proposal?20:53
micahgjtaylor: ah, yes, I meant to upload that last week :(20:54
jtaylorthough maybe that can wait now a bit longer as debian may want to do something about it too during the transition20:54
jtaylorits probably too late for the test rebuild anyway20:55
micahgwell, we have a full archive rebuild happening now, you could do a local test rebuild20:57
jtaylorwho can set up an ubuntu transition tracker to get an overview?20:58
jtaylorLaney: nice :), the affect lines are in the debian bug21:03
Laney20 mins or so, if it works21:06
jtaylorgreat thanks :)21:06
jtaylorit will show up here then? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/21:07
Laneyhourly cron afaik21:07
Laneymaybe 30 mins given the improved publisher21:07
micahgYokoZar: mind if I add wine-gecko-unstable to your list of removal requests?21:42
YokoZarmicahg: I suppose that crept in from Debian, so yes please remove21:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 925127 in lmms (Ubuntu) "Please remove wine1.2, wine1.3, wine1.2-gecko, wine1.3-gecko from archive" [Undecided,New]21:43
micahghmm, maybe I should file separately since it needs blacklisting21:44
YokoZarMaybe I should get my packages in debian so we don't have to bother21:45
* YokoZar waits for cheers from the crowd21:45
micahgYokoZar: I don't see wine gecko 1.4 in precise21:46
YokoZarmicahg: it's still in the new queue21:46
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blairn is it too late to request syncs from debian for 12.04?  i'm thinking of pyside 1.1.0 which has a number of bug fixed over 1.0.922:05
blairs/n is/when is/22:06
jtaylorfeature freeze is 16.222:06
jtaylorand bugfixes can be synced after too22:06
ajmitchit's not modified in ubuntu either, so should be a fairly easy sync if there are no rdepends22:07
jtaylorbut it has a rc bug :/22:07
ajmitchnot so great22:07
jtaylorbut itwas there in .9 too, so not so bad if .10 fixes bugs22:08
tumbleweedfor the last few releases, we synced pyside quite late after feature freeze22:09
tumbleweedit has picked up a couple of rev-deps, though22:09
* Laney eyes the transition tracker22:09
jtaylornot there yet :(22:10
Laneywondering why it didn't update in the last hour22:13
blairjtaylor, thanks for the info; which bug is the rc bug?22:21
jtaylordebian bug 61834722:21
ubottuDebian bug 618347 in src:pyside "pyside: Too many build-tests failures (on some architectures) - Maintainer testing-blocker RC bug" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/61834722:21
tumbleweedthat's not specific to a new version that we haven't synced22:22
jtayloryes so its no blocker for a sync22:22
tumbleweedif odyx wanted it in Ubuntu in previous releases, I doubt that's changed, either22:23
blairtumbleweed, the additional reverse depends would only matter if there was an API change in pyside, which it doesn't look like22:31
blairso it doesn't look like any dependencies would need to be recompiled???22:31
tumbleweedbut it does mean that we start caring more about post FFe big changes22:33
jtaylorthe tracker is there :)22:35
Laneylot of unknown22:36
Laneyprobably affected could be tightened up22:36
blairwell, the question, for me is, should i open a ticket and if so, is there any additional work i need to do besides that?22:37
blairto help the process?22:38
tumbleweedblair: it's before FF, just do it22:41
blairtumbleweed, thanks :)22:41
goddardtrying to build the kqrcode project and i am getting this error when running make "qrencode.h: No such file or directory"22:46
blairlooks like there's a bunch of dependencies for pyside that need to be updated, should these go into separate requests using requestsync?23:20

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