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buntuDo I need a cable splitter to connect to the haup hvr 1600 analog and digiital connections? I'm a little confused on the difference between Qam and analog?04:58
buntuGot cut off, Do I need to use a splitter to connect to both digital and analog connections in the back of my card?04:58
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qwebirc99996I'm looking for a tuner card to use with mythbuntu.  Does anyone know if the Hauppauge WINTV-HVR-2250 is going to work well?21:08
Patrickdkit will21:58
Patrickdkbut last I looked it was digital only21:58
rhpot1991Patrickdk: he is gone22:01
Patrickdkhe sucks22:02
Patrickdkit really sucks my hvr1600 is crapping out22:03
PatrickdkI get no audio on recordings anymore (analog side)22:04
Patrickdkand half the time I also get no video22:04
rhpot1991Patrickdk: what do you use that requires analog?22:09
rhpot1991all tuners should be HDHR based now :)22:09
Patrickdkwhat do you mean by all tuners?22:15
Patrickdkby definition analog has nothing to do with a tuner22:16
rhpot1991I stopped using firewire and my hdpvr hasn't seen a single recording since I got my HDHR-prime22:16
PatrickdkI don't have any *tuners*22:16
* rhpot1991 doesn't see how22:17
Patrickdktake cable, plug into card, record22:17
Patrickdkwhy in hell would I want to pay $15 a month extra for a tuner?22:18
ZinnPatrickdk: Please watch your language.22:18
rhpot1991your card has a digital and analog tuner22:18
rhpot1991I think you are thinking stb22:18
Patrickdkit also has svideo and composite22:18
Patrickdk80% of the channels it records are only available on analog22:19
Patrickdkcurrently using pvr250, hvr1600, hvr225022:22
Patrickdkbut the hvr2250 hardly ever records anything22:22

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