akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:00:41
akgranerThanks everyone00:41
pleia2thanks akgraner!00:42
akgranerpleia2, you're welcome sorry for the delay in getting it published :-)00:42
Unit193Wow, less people this round00:53
pleia2indeed, I am going to blog again about our need for summary writers00:54
akgranerThanks Lyz, Maybe we should as Jono and Jorge to blog as well.  Thoughts?00:59
akgranerpleia2, it's published everywhere now - updating the wiki and googledoc now01:00
pleia2akgraner: maybe ask them to blog once we have our docs finished01:00
pleia2my post now will just be a simple "we need more summary writers"01:00
akgranerok thanks - I'll share it everywhere01:01
* pleia2 runs off to pharmacy01:01
akgranerI won't be able to help much next week - as I'll be at Linaro Connect for the week01:02
akgranerAdding Unity 5.2 call for testing to the Fridge as well - but will schedule it to post in a couple hours01:06
pleia2ok, I'm taking a break for a couple hours, I'll get my blog post out later01:38
bkerensaakgraner: Nice UWN :)01:42
pleia2blogged :)07:44
dholbachgood morning08:10
nlsthznpleia2, noted... congrats on 250 issues!!!09:14
bkerensapleia2: Congrats10:18
bkerensadholbach: When did you want to do the Hangout? I figured we could set a time and let Alex and Cody know?10:18
dholbachsure - sometime your evening, my morning like last time?10:21
dholbachit seemed to work for Alex too10:21
bkerensadholbach: Yeah... Cody usually goes to bed pretty early but he says he can swing like 11pm PST (My time too) I obviously stay up later :P10:23
bkerensadholbach: 11pm PST should be about 8am Germany10:24
dholbachyeah, I guess that'd be possible :)10:28
dholbachhow about Tuesday next week? (your Monday evening)10:29
dholbachthis week I'm a bit busy with all kinds of UDW stuff10:29
bkerensaTuesday Next Week sounds good10:29
dholbachsweet, I'll pencil it in10:29
dholbachwill you mail the boys?10:29
bkerensado you have alex's e-mail?10:29
dholbachone sec10:30
dholbach(you should have it too ;-))10:30
dholbachalex.s.vincent at gmail dot com10:30
bkerensadholbach: So just to confirm 0700 UTC (11:00PM PST) Next Tuesday?10:31
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pleia2akgraner: I know you're really busy this week and not around much next, if you want I can handle all the edits for Fridge and UWN, I just need your feedback in the doc18:51
akgraneryep will do that once I am off my call :-)18:55
pleia2thanks :)18:57
akgranerpleia2, ok I'm off my call now :-)  looking at the doc now - and THANK YOU! :-)19:56
akgranerpleia2, all comments are in - lots of +1's and Deletes :-)20:12
akgranerThank you again20:12
pleia2akgraner: great, thank you!20:13
pleia2I'm thinking maybe we add the ubuntu-news-team mailing list to the list of summary writers to email22:50

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