Ghads: ohh thanks01:03
* thumper has two launchers01:10
thumperoh yeah01:10
thumperplugged in external monitor01:11
ajmitchit just works now?01:11
thumperin precise01:11
thumperwith the unity ppa01:11
thumpereach monitor gets its own launcher01:11
thumperif you have hide behaviour01:11
thumperit works nicely01:11
ajmitchthe only multi-monitor box I have is running lucid still01:11
thumperthere is a cursor barrier01:11
thumperusing XFixes01:11
thumperwhich adds resistance on screen boundaries01:12
thumperit's very nice01:12
thumperno more accidental launcher pop-outs either01:12
thumperas you now have to push past the edge of the screen to get the launcher01:12
ajmitchthat's good01:12
* thumper tries unplugging01:13
ajmitchthumper: but will you ever be able to move the launcher? ;)01:13
* thumper sighs01:15
thumpernot at this stage01:15
ajmitchI know that precise was going to introduce more configuration, didn't know how far that'd extend01:16
codepalhaving problems with rhythmbox, stop and starts01:26
codepalisn't contiguous when more CPU is in use...01:26
hadsG: :)02:30
* hads grumbles at the mess on the floow and few hendred meg of scanned image invoices I have.02:31
* hads gets annoyed that he always puts an "I" in there.02:32
chiltshads: how do you store all your scans? at the moment, I just whack them as PDFs into a Git repo!05:06
chiltsit works, but I suspect it'll get a little big over time05:06
chilts(oh, and I use PDF since that's easier for auditors and accountants)05:06
lifelessajmitch: sure you can, just rotate the tablet :P05:07
ajmitchlifeless: that's a bit harder when it's a laptop & I want to still use the keyboard :)05:11
lifelessI'd love it to be movable too05:11
ajmitchyeah, I wasn't complaining that it wasn't, just wondering if the decision was made to allow it yet05:12
hadschilts: PDF in direcories.06:37
hadsCurrently have ~2GB06:38
chiltsyeah, you probably do a lot more transactions than I do :)07:17
hadsWrote a little script to name them for their date etc. and that's about it. Very rarely look at them.07:30
mwhudsonyay for the fear of the IRD i guess?07:53
hadsYup, pretty much.09:05
hadsOccasionally to check things for GST etc.09:06
hadsApart from that just archives.09:06
chiltssame here, for IRD purposes mainly09:31
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codepalmmm - lunch23:12

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