ubottuacerimmer called the ops in #ubuntu (s1n4)07:17
Jordan_UCan someone watch (and likely need to deal with) rick__ in #ubuntu? I'm going to sleep.08:42
bazhanghe's done this before. no idea why he cannot install a browser; just "rekonq is broken"13:44
bazhangkubuntu has another default installed iirc13:46
bazhangkonqueror ?13:46
jussiRekonq comes by default13:46
LjLjussi: konqueror is also installed though, isn't it?13:47
jussioh, btw...13:47
jussiLjL: nope13:47
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:48
LjLuhm, i have it installed (precise) and i don't remember installing it, but who knows13:48
jussidunno, but why is that guy not in #kubuntu?13:49
Tm_TKonqueror is part of default Kubuntu install13:49
Tm_Tjust not used to anything by default13:49
bazhanghe was yesterday, and daskreech tried to help him, he just gave cryptic answers to troubleshooting13:49
jussiTm_T: really? that doesnt sound correct to me - Im pretty sue it was replaced by rkonq...13:51
jussibazhang: that doesnt give him an excuse to ask kubuntu questions in #ubuntu....13:51
Tm_Tjussi: hmm, I can check, but I'm still quite sure13:51
LjLjussi: actually asking KDE/Kubuntu questions in #ubuntu was always considered ok afaik13:51
Tm_Tit is ok13:51
Tm_Tjust could be better served at #k13:52
bazhanghe wanted us to explain the "scamware" that was kdewallet and others13:52
bazhanghis word13:52
* jussi wonders is babalu and zlozlz the same...13:53
LjLcertainly the same IP13:53
bazhangdifferential updates? rsync + diff ?14:15
LjLhe meant in APT14:17
bazhangso why is apt different from yum or whatever14:18
LjLwhat do you mean? fedora has differential updates for its packages, ubuntu (and apt in general) does not.14:20
bazhang<propellerdnk> тщ14:36
bazhangthats like 'pffft'14:36
ikoniabored of him all ready14:36
jpdsSometimes you just have to speak the tongue.14:38
bazhangfbk3 thinks theres a netsplit14:39
ikoniait's drunk14:40
jpdsGreat, now I'm doing Russian support in PM.14:46
bazhangjpds, the muted user? or propelldrdnk14:47
jpdsbazhang: The latter.14:47
bazhangI read that as larter14:47
jpdsbazhang: лол.14:47
bazhangwhy is bluetooth built in to ubuntu?14:48
bazhangis that even a real question?14:48
LjL@mark #Ubuntu derpies just pasted something that's probably that X-Chat attack, but it might have been a mistaken15:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:11
LjL... or not15:11
Myrttitried to be, but wasn't15:12
Myrttioh that first one perhaps15:12
* mneptok tut-tuts LjL 15:55
LjLmy policy is to correct misinformation :)15:55
mneptoklet's not prolong "what is the most lightweight OS" discussions, hmmm? i'll buy you a Coke ....15:55
mneptokif i can stop myself from recommending Minix or Haiku ...  O:)15:56
LjLmneptok: !requirements say it is lighter. if i cannot correct an obvious Ubuntu-related misinformation given in #ubuntu...15:56
Tm_TI still have those MS DOS 3.2 disks lying somewhere...15:57
LjLmneptok: i didn't say it was the lightest or anything.15:57
mneptokLjL: i'm far too uncaffienated to be annoyed to the point that you need to explain anything :)15:58
* LjL refrains from explaining English grammar to jdwhatever wrt comparative adjectives16:00
LjLbazhang: are you sure? i would say an unsecured wifi connection opens the door to all kinds of nasty remote exploits, since you're using a LAN that anyone can connect to...16:12
bazhangLjL, looks like a troll to me16:12
LjLthat could be16:13
bazhang<jdhfr> zippytech: that problem is a trademark of linux16:13
bazhangmore FUD16:13
LjLi want to ban him already16:14
bazhang<jdhfr> only reach people can afford secure wireless16:16
bazhangreach = rich, yes?16:16
LjLthat was my interpretation16:16
LjL@mark #ubuntu jdhfr Prolonged offtopic and irrelevant commenting16:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:17
bazhangufw is no longer updated? really?16:23
LjL[17:26:53] <sipior> Boreeas: before you do that, make sure the reserved block percentage on that partition is set to zero: "sudo /sbintune2fs -m 0 /dev/<device>". should give you five percent of the volume back.16:27
LjLwhat do we think of this?16:27
Myrttisounds dangerous16:28
h00kthat scares me.16:28
LjLftr reserved blocks are for privileged processes to use when the disk is full16:29
LjLso when user processes see the disk full, root processes will still have 5% free to do their stuff16:29
h00kreserved blocks may be also used to host backups of the file allocation table, IIRC16:29
h00kor for remapping of bad blocks16:30
LjLi'm not thrilled at the idea of people's systems being completely b0rked even from root just because they have filled their drive16:30
h00kwhich, I'm pretty sure still happens, blocks going bad.16:30
LjLi've seen sipior give his own advice before, he's probably knowledgeable but i don't think he should go around recommending changes from defaults just because he thinks those defaults are ancient and outdated, when there's nothing to replace them16:31
Tm_TLjL: I agree16:31
LjL@mark #ubuntu sipior recommending removal of any reserved blocks from ext filesystem in order to reclaim space, not giving any due disclaimers about what that might entail16:35
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:35
LjLi'm out of this discussion with him, someone please review it16:38
* h00k mewlings with LjL 16:38
mneptoki *certainly* change the 5% reserved to something lower on large volumes. but i always leave something for root to use to get journalling and process handling done.16:40
LjLmneptok: yes making it smaller makes sense, but he instructed the user to make it zero, and that was (probably, from what could be inferred from the discussion) on the root partition.16:42
mneptokyeah, i read his tune2fs command16:43
mneptokjust stupid.16:43
LjLit's an attitude problem anyway, he thinks he can recommend whatever works for him or he thinks makes sense in the channel. that's not afaik how it works.16:44
LjLi've seen it before, will dig logs16:44
mneptok"keep users as close as possible to distro defaults" is the primary consideration in an official channel like #u, AFAIC.16:46
bazhangno webupd8 PPA!!!???16:47
Tm_Tmneptok: we just cannot provide support for any wild configuration people seem to prefer16:48
mneptokTm_T: the problem is that we'll try. when that user shows up in 6 months with problems, we'll have no idea that their disk has 0 reserved blocks.16:50
mneptokif that's the issue, time and effort will be spent needlessly.16:50
Tm_Tmneptok: I know17:13
Tm_Tmneptok: just supporting the "keep users as close as possible to distro defaults" you said earlier as that's not just primary consideration but necessity17:14
bazhangoracle linux?17:36
LjLsomeone confirm that what blitz is using in -ot is the Windows X-Chat exploit21:24
Myrttiit is21:25
blitzLjL, I didn't know you wanted me to stop21:26
blitzI was more than happy to comply21:26
LjLblitz: i didn't know trying exploits on people's clients was acceptable practice in #ubuntu-offtopic21:26
blitzthose were music notes21:26
blitzand mahjong tiles...21:26
blitzI wasn't trying to exploit peoples clients21:27
blitzI don't even know how to do that21:27
blitznor would I21:27
blitzI thought all clients supported UTF-821:29
blitzif trying to make smile isn't allowed in #ubuntu-offtopic I won't come back21:29
blitzmake people smile*21:30
AlanBellblitz: we are trying to figure out what characters they were21:30
blitzI was just getting them form there21:30
AlanBellIt doesn't seem anyone sees them as notes and mahjong cards21:30
blitzim uploading a screenshot21:31
LjLblitz: look i'll just let you back in for the time being, since i can't say i'm sure it was an exploit attempt. i just really hope it wasn't.21:31
AlanBellscreenshot would still be interesting21:31
AlanBellblitz: it came through as a replacement character for me at least http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/fffd/index.htm21:32
pangolinI saw them as notes and majng tiles21:34
blitzI assume xchat didn't encode it correctly going out then21:34
blitzor it did21:34
LjLblitz: ok, thing is, apparently those characters *will* crash some versions of X-Chat, so please avoid them if you can21:34
pangolina smiley, ace of clubs...21:34
blitzk, I was unaware LjL21:35
* AlanBell checks irssi utf-8 settings21:35
LjLblitz: you're free to rejoin, sorry for the misunderstanding21:35

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