GrueMasterbladernr_: 20120131 is not a respin.  Just late to the game.00:35
GrueMasterNot sure if a respin was planned or just rumored.  Probably safe to assume there will be one, but at this rate, it will be tomorrow.00:36
GrueMasterSince they respun ubuntu-core (the lowest form of ubuntu), i would assume everything has been triggered.00:39
Patrickdkheh, respin hell :)00:44
Patrickdkheh? currently on .300:44
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LirusaitoIt seems as though 32-bit support has been broken...06:01
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highvoltagePlease state the nature of your emergency.11:08
andymc73testsorry iiirc client snafu :~/ missed a slash key11:10
RiddellI am coming cross network-manager not successfully telling plymouth that it has started which causes plymouth to wait for ages on first boot, have ubuntu desktop testers come across this?11:39
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PaoloRotoloHi all!14:11
gogo__latest lubuntu alpha testing build shows unity interface...is it a bug or planned feature -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=191853414:11
gogo__lubuntu alpha 2 testing iso live mode http://i.imgur.com/flT9j.jpg14:13
patdk-wkthey got respun yet again?14:15
gogo__dun get you14:16
patdk-wkit's like the 6th respin of the server iso's14:16
BluesKajhi all14:23
BluesKajssh into my other 12.04 pc connects fine but I have to use dbus-launch to load any text files or even folders , and they are very slow to load...reminicent of windows 95 on a 166mhz pc with 32mb of ram14:27
BluesKajtesting kde 4.8 , ssh target is 12.04 kde 4.7.414:32
gogo__can someone else confirm that lubuntu alpha 2 testing iso is using Unity...is this a bug and unity packages are pulled in accidently?14:34
stgraberjibel: can you confirm you indeed had the same issue on libvirt: bug 85646014:39
ubot4Launchpad bug 856460 in ltsp (Ubuntu) "ltsp-live fails to configure internal NIC (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85646014:39
stgraberjibel: I told highvoltage you did based on my comment asking for a "dumpxml" and based on some vague memory I had of our IRC discussion, but would prefer to be sure it wasn't limited to VBox14:40
jibelstgraber, I don't have that setup handy, and can't try it now.14:45
jibelleave it incomple I'll try to reproduce this issue before B114:45
stgraberjibel: thanks14:45
jibelstgraber, bug 924897 with alternate i38614:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 924897 in ltsp (Ubuntu Precise) (and 1 other project) "ltsp-build-client initial setup failed on i386 : Unable to locate package linux-image-generic (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92489714:46
jibelnot sure it's ltsp's fault14:46
stgrabercould be the whole pae thingy14:47
stgraberdoh, right, I know what's happening and it's not good14:47
jibelkernel package should be linux-image-generic-pae I guess14:48
stgrabermost thin clients won't boot with a PAE kernel, so LTSP explicitly depends on the non-PAE kernel but I'm pretty sure we blacklisted it from the alternate14:48
stgraberjibel: right, but then you won't be able to boot half the hardware that's being used in production ;)14:48
jibelah, that's a problem indeed.14:49
stgraberthough I don't think we have much of a choice, I doubt people would be happy with me bringing a second kernel package on the CD just for LTSP14:49
stgraberpeople can always manually switch to non-PAE post-install14:50
stgraberjibel: mentioned it in #ubuntu-release. I'll prepare the change ... not really happy about it because it almost certainly showed up in some reports and was ignored (it's a depend of a package on the CD ...)14:53
stgraberah, actually no, it's not a depend, it's installed from a ltsp-build-client script, now to figure out how to fix that...14:56
bladernr_GrueMaster:  just out of curiosity, I noticed that there's a generic armel image for Ubuntu Core, will that work on MX5 (since the other images state armel+omap3/4 or MX5)15:06
GrueMasterubuntu-core is a very basic core image.  No kernel, no fluf.  It is designed as a base for developers to generate images from or use as a chroot.15:07
GrueMasterYou could copy it to a sata drive on your mx53, then chroot into it and run apt-get to install all the packages needed to make it a full desktop.  I haven't tried this but it is perfectly feasible.15:08
bladernr_interesting... I wondered just how "core" core was going to be.  My actual interest is that I'd like a server image for MX53... I don't really care for desktop on that because it's infuriatingly slow, but I'd thought about building a file/print server15:10
bladernr_oh well, something to think about in my copious amounts of free time15:10
GrueMasterIt wouldn't be too hard.  chroot in, run apt-get update;apt-get install tasksel and then run tasksel to install the package bundles you seek.  Also install the kernel and flash-kernel, then you should be able to make the system mount it as root from there fairly easily.15:13
stgraberhighvoltage: I can't explain http://launchpad.net/bugs/924862 I'll have a look this afternoon, testing on my usual libvirt setup16:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 924862 in ltsp (Ubuntu) "LTSP Live guest login fails (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]16:14
stgraberhighvoltage: only thing that changed since alpha-1 is the merge of ldm but that's just packaging change, binaries have been confirmed to be identical (to the byte)16:14
GrueMasterstgraber: Not needed immediately, but you might want to add ipv6 to the netinstall network-console module.  When started, it only spews an ipv4 address.  We may need this for arm server in the near future.16:40
stgraberGrueMaster: what package is that? not really sure what you're talking about ;)16:42
GrueMasternetwork-console udeb.  It is enabled in the preseed with d-i anna/choose_modules string network-console16:43
jibeldid anyone test a desktop install on hw with wireless only ?16:45
GrueMasterDefinitely not something to worry about this week, but may want to add/fix before release.16:45
brendandjibel - do you need someone to?16:46
brendandjibel - which image?16:46
jibelbrendand, that'd be great yes. any ubuntu desktop16:47
brendandjibel - ok, on it16:47
jibelbrendand, in ubiquity at 'wireless' step, the password field is disabled when the user selects a network16:47
jibelbrendand, I'm filing a bug16:47
brendandjibel - ok. put it here and i'll confirm it16:48
stgraberGrueMaster: ok, and that thing shows the IPv4 address on screen? I think I see how to change it in the code, though the code also covers kfreebsd and hurd, not too sure how these two work ;)16:48
roadmrjibel: so you beat me to filing the "invalid username" bug by about 7 hours :)16:48
GrueMasterstgraber: Like I said, not critical atm.  I can test it when you have it uploaded though.16:49
jibelbrendand, that's more an annoyance than a blocker because there's a popup asking for password when you click on continue but disturbing16:49
jibelroadmr, yeah, continuous testing :)16:50
roadmrjibel: awesome! cr3 is curious to know which tool you use to do preseeded install testing16:50
jibelcr3, we use https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-iso-testing-dev16:51
jibelcr3, results are published here https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20ISO%20Testing%20Dashboard/view/Daily/?16:51
jibelcr3, and tests are triggered automatically when a new image is available from cdimage.u.c16:52
cr3jibel: I should be looking at the lp:ubuntu-server-iso-testing branch, right?16:52
cr3jibel: even though the name says "server", does it also handle preseeding ubiquity on the desktop image?16:52
stgraberGrueMaster: as you're actually using that stuff, can you confirm/close bug 557626 and file a bug for the IPv6 issue?16:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 557626 in network-console (Ubuntu) "Unable to get a shell (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55762616:53
jibelcr3, it's name is because of ... history :)16:53
cr3jibel: any reason why you didn't use testdrive?16:54
jibelcr3, right main branch is lp:ubuntu-server-iso-testing  and preseed/tests for desktop are in lp:~ubuntu-server-iso-testing-dev/+junk/testsuite-desktop16:54
jibelcr3, for automation ?16:55
GrueMasterstgraber: Worked here.16:55
GrueMasterClosed that bug.16:55
stgraberGrueMaster: thanks16:55
cr3jibel: I don't know much about testdrive, I was under the impression it did preseeding16:56
GrueMaster(although I am not sure which network-console rev I am currently using).16:56
jibelcr3, I think testdrive is more a way to make iso testing easier for new comers16:57
jibelno sure it does preseeding16:57
cr3jibel: I know it does crashing, which is what just happened on a system where I just tried it :)16:58
cr3jibel: the templates in ubuntu-server-iso-testing looked familiar, then I noticed mathiaz in the bzr log... that explains it!17:00
brendandjibel - no, password is not disabled17:01
GrueMasterstgraber: Bug #924983 filed for your pleasure.17:01
brendandjibel - not if you select a network which needs one17:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 924983 in network-console (Ubuntu) "network-console doesn't output an ipv6 address when started. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92498317:01
brendandjibel - if the network is open then you don't need to put a password17:02
jibelstgraber, another bug with resolvconf on livecd, argh :(17:02
jibelnameserver is set to and not updated if wireless is enabled during install17:03
stgraberjibel: and? that's the expected value17:03
jibelstgraber, and nothing resolves17:03
stgraberjibel: ah, that'd be the bug ;)17:03
stgraberNetwork Manager runs dnsmasq on, so that part is correct17:04
stgrabercyphermox: ^17:04
jibelif I disable/enable wireless then dns resolution works17:07
jibelI'll file a bug against n-m17:07
jibelstgraber, you're safe on this one17:07
jibelbrendand, I tried with a protected network17:09
brendandjibel - i don't know. it might be specific to that network. i can't confirm it17:11
cr3roadmr: after looking at ubuntu-server-iso-testing, it doesn't look like we're duplicating much effort actually. their use-case is vastly different from ours because it is intended for integration with jenkins17:11
cr3roadmr: as for testdrive, it doesn't look like we're duplicating effort there either. I just grepped the source and there's no trace of ubiquity, so chances are it doesn't preseed the desktop image17:12
stgrabercyphermox: for bug 924836 AFAICS ifupdown never did anything for interfaces that aren't defined in /etc/network/interfaces, not sure what used to emit the net-device-up17:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 924836 in network-manager (Ubuntu Precise) (and 3 other projects) "network-manager does not tell plymouth it has started (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92483617:12
cr3roadmr: so, maintaining dpkg-offline makes sense17:12
stgrabercyphermox: oh, I think I know, NM runs the ifupdown hooks and that's what emits net-device-up17:14
cyphermoxinteresting. but nm should run those no matter what no? as long as there is some device up17:18
cyphermoxeg. nm brings up a default wired device with dhcp17:18
stgrabercyphermox: indeed, not quite sure what's going on here but I'm pretty sure it's not ifupdown as the hook hasn't changed since Oneiric.17:19
cyphermoxremember it wants static-net-device. or something17:20
stgrabercyphermox: I moved back to NM for now, would be worth getting a full syslog at least17:20
roadmrcr3: yes, dpkg-offline rocks !17:20
cyphermoxim out for lunch for now17:20
stgrabercyphermox: static-network-up is emitted by /etc/network/if-up.d/upstart so if the run-parts actually works, it should be emitted17:20
cyphermoxill look as soon as im back17:21
stgrabercyphermox: thanks. Poke me if you think it's ifupdown related, I'm also out for lunch now.17:21
cyphermoxweird thing is this hasnt changed in forever either17:22
stgrabercyphermox: yeah, which gets me wondering "does he actually have a working network?" :)17:22
jibelcyphermox, bug 92499817:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 924998 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "no dns resolution when wireless connection is enabled by ubiquity (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92499817:38
jibelnew Ubuntu alternate images are on the tracker17:45
jibelServer images published and ready for testing17:53
patdk-wkagain? :(18:00
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jibelstgraber, ltsp-build-client failed with build 20120201.118:08
jibelsame error18:08
stgraberjibel: argh, that's getting annoying...18:08
stgraberjibel: ok. I'll reproduce here and try to debug from there. thanks (I was still zsyncing)18:09
patdk-wkman, downloads are just flying today for me18:12
patdk-wkI don't think I have ever downloaded an ubuntu iso in under 2min before, even though my connection speed hasn't changed18:12
astraljavaAre you sure you're not downloading the .zsync files instead? :)18:14
patdk-wk     712.29M 100%    5.45MB/s    0:02:10 (xfer#1, to-check=0/1)18:15
patdk-wksent 58 bytes  received 712.53M bytes  5.38M bytes/sec18:15
astraljava(3.57 MB/s) - `precise-desktop-amd64.iso'18:20
astraljavaThat is pretty nice.18:20
astraljavaYours, I mean.18:20
patdk-wknormally I can't break 1 MB/s18:20
patdk-wkI have 150MB/s down bandwidth though18:21
patdk-wkoh, 150mbit/sec I mean :)18:21
balloonspatdk-wk, wow.. what kind of a pipe are you on?18:21
patdk-wkit will be nice next month :)18:21
patdk-wkballoons, just cable modem18:22
patdk-wk20mbit up, and 150mbit down18:22
balloonsserious connection speed there18:22
patdk-wkwhen downloading from vmware I can actually max out that 150mbit18:22
patdk-wktaking my new servers and san down to the datacenter next weekend18:22
patdk-wkthen all my testing is going be done from there18:22
patdk-wkI so don't feel like running these tests a 4th time :(18:24
cyphermoxstgraber: should have worked. tried on my vm and got the same result18:34
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GrueMasterbladernr_: Any info on bug 925059?20:44
ubot4GrueMaster: Error: Bug #925059 not found.20:44
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bladernr_GrueMaster:  not really... to be honest, I only filed it because apport fired automatically after I launced terminal from the app lens.20:59
bladernr_GrueMaster:  however, there are several very similar looking bugs so it's most likely not ARM specific21:00
bladernr_GrueMaster:  I expect it to be marked a duplicate of one of the others...21:00
balloonsanyone ever use testdrive for iso testing?21:02
GrueMasterbladernr_: If it is the unity_lens crash, yea I filed a dup too.21:09
bladernr_that would probably be it... I noticed there was another one filed just before mine (probably yours)21:09
balloonspatdk-wk, i'm dl'ing the new isos now too.. 1 hour :-(  your a bit quicker at 2 mins21:10
astraljavajibel: How do we get version updated in iso tracker? I just reported Studio's amd64 cases, but noticed _afterwards_ that the version was wrong.21:19
jibelastraljava, it's automatically updated when the image is published. looking21:20
jibelastraljava, version is 20120130 and build on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/ is also 20120130.21:23
jibelastraljava, it matches, when was the last respin of studio ?21:23
astraljavajibel: Yes, but there are images for 20120201.1 already.21:23
jibelastraljava, right, I'll grab a new pair of eyes :)21:24
astraljavaHeheh. :)21:24
jibelstgraber, ^21:24
jibelstgraber, the tracker was not updated with the latest build id for studio which is 20120201.121:25
jibelstgraber, dvd replaced alternate21:25
jibelastraljava, I'll update it manually21:25
stgraberjibel: right, could be some magic missing on nasukan21:25
astraljavajibel: Thanks!21:26
stgraberNo iso.qa.ubuntu.com product found for ubuntustudio/dvd/precise-dvd-amd64; skipping.21:26
stgraberNo iso.qa.ubuntu.com product found for ubuntustudio/dvd/precise-dvd-i386; skipping.21:26
jibelastraljava, done21:26
astraljavaExcellent, thanks guys!21:27
* jibel finds 20120201.1 too difficult to read. too many 2's and 1's21:27
jibelnew ubuntu alternates on the tracker. yay \o/21:44
jibelanyone ?21:44
albrighajibel: I'm doing alt install now21:50
albrighawell just finished, doing the resize test21:50
jibelalbrigha, great. Could you do "Entire disk with encryption" ?21:52
albrighajibel: yes I'll do that one next, if that's cool21:58
jibelroadmr, around ?22:07
roadmrjibel: yep! how can I help?22:07
jibelroadmr, about bug 924535, how do you preseed the password ?22:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 924535 in casper (Ubuntu Precise) (and 1 other project) "desktop preseeded installation stops at user setup since build 20120131 (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 14)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92453522:08
roadmrjibel: our preseed has d-i passwd/user-password-crypted password blahblah22:10
roadmrwhere blahblah is obtained by "md5pass whatever-password-you-need"22:11
jibelroadmr, could you check it's fixed for you then ?22:11
roadmrjibel: sure! I'm actually downloading the images now22:12
jibelstgraber, ltsp on i386 is ok22:14
stgraberfirst good news of the day ;)22:15
roadmrjibel: testing now...22:16
roadmrjibel: it seems to have made it past the troublesome point, I'll wait for the install to finish and report again22:20
jibelroadmr, ok cool. thanks for the confirmation.22:20
roadmrjibel: I may have to leave before the install finishes, but it's well beyond the point where it failed before, so I think we're golden!22:30
jibelroadmr, I think it's good at this point. Thanks for helping !22:31
roadmrjibel: np, glad to help :)22:31
roadmrjibel: ok, super-confirmed, it installs OK. Gotta leave now, good night!22:37
balloonsi was doing alt with encryption.. I should have been paying more attention to chat :-)22:43
jibelballoons, I think we're good with alternate. Now desktop needs testing22:47
jibeland kubuntu, lubuntu, mythbuntu, ubuntu sutdio, xubuntu too ...22:47
balloonsk -- I am sadly on a slow connection, so dl'ing takes a bit for me22:47
albrighaI've started on desktop as well22:48
balloonsi will once my dl finishes22:50
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zzecoolHello guys  i think i found a bug in precise can someone help me to see if he can reproduce it to his machine?23:25
albrighajibel: is desktop done? alt encrypted home works23:48

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