dpmgood morning07:21
jokerdinomorning there. :)07:27
dpmhey jokerdino07:30
jokerdinoi had a chat with my translation team since we last discussed it.07:33
jokerdinothey apparently said they were more involved in translating upstream than here.07:33
jokerdinowhich i think is understandable. but what i don't understand is that, there are still no progress in the precise status.07:34
jokerdinothe upstream translation is auto updated or manual?07:34
dpmjokerdino, upstream translations are automatically imported07:34
jokerdinothat just makes things more gloomy.07:35
jokerdinoupstream translations are close to completion but Ubuntu's is way below near completion.07:36
dpmjokerdino, is there any particular package that you've noticed it's done upstream and not in Ubuntu?07:59
dpmWhat I mean is, we need detailed info to investigate if anything is happening08:00
dpmso the more detailed, the more likely we can solve the problem if there is any08:00
jokerdino> debian installer is more or less completely updated.08:04
jokerdinoyet it still has incompleted strings in Ubuntu. (https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+lang/ta)08:04
jokerdinoand i see that most of the incompleted ones are Ubuntu specific apps.08:05
jokerdinolike ubuntu one and checkbox08:05
dpmjokerdino, cool, more info makes things easier, thanks :-) debian-installer is a special case, as it's manually imported due to the differences on how the translations are handled at the technical level, so it's just a matter of time before upstream translations are imported. But yeah, it seems upstream translations in Launchpad are in pretty good shape, and your team would need someone to focus on the Ubuntu-specific templates08:09
jokerdinoright. that clears things.08:11
jokerdinowe have about two months before the translation string freeze...08:11
dpmyeah, I think it might be worth starting anyway. Some of the strings might change, but it's unlikely that they all will do, and that should help you in getting organized and advancing some work08:13
jokerdinoand, do you know where i should be looking for help regarding the mailing lists? I have problem seeing the Tamil messages...08:15
dpmjokerdino, what problem do you have exactly?08:16
jokerdinoAll Tamil messages just appear as question marks.08:16
jokerdinoI can only read the ones sent in English.08:17
jokerdinoI am not sure if it can be tuned in the browser setting.08:18
dpmjokerdino, can you send me a link to one of those messages?08:18
jokerdinoWhere do I find the link for the message?08:21
jokerdinoAh, that is the discussion thread.08:22
dpmlooking now...08:23
jokerdinoI can see the messages in that link. But, when I receive an email, I can't see the messages.08:23
dpmjokerdino, it might be an issue with your e-mail client. Have you tried asking on the list, if anyone is experiencing the same problem?08:24
jokerdinoone of them said, here in the chat, that they had to alter some settings in the browser. But, they weren't too sure about which one that was.08:24
jokerdinoI use Gmail web client.08:25
dpmjokerdino, there are some settings to use UTF-8 encoding by default, you can try that08:25
jokerdinoI tried those before... they gave some other funny characters.08:27
jokerdinomay be i will just visit the online lists archives. i didn't know such a thing existed before.08:27
dpmjokerdino, or you might want to try to choose another encoding08:29
jokerdinosure, i will try them and get it fixed sooner.08:30
jokerdinoBTW, I have nominated myself for the next moderator election on AU..08:31
jokerdinoAye or Nay?08:31
dpmwhat's AU?08:34
jokerdinoOh hmm Ask Ubuntu08:35
dpmah, cool08:35
TLEdpm: hey, how goes with the django deployment?08:37
TLEand ... goodmorning08:37
* TLE remembers my lessons in polite interaction with other people ;)08:37
jokerdinoTLE:  that should be quite enriching.08:38
TLEjokerdino: yeah08:38
jokerdinousually, if you throw in a lot of smileys in an online convo, you will sound less rude.08:39
dpmmorning TLE :)08:39
jokerdinooh my. i forgot the ubuntu dev classes.08:40
jokerdinoBBL people.08:40
dpmTLE, I was trying to set up the django server again last night, but got stuck with some juju issues, I've asked the right people and I'm waiting for a response08:40
dpm(just a quick FYI)08:41
TLEdpm: ahh great, don't mean to be pushing, just looking forward to it08:41
dpmyeah, no worries, I just thought by using juju it would be quick, but it seems it's still got a few things that need ironing out08:44
jokerdinoapparently, i don't know the exact timings of ubuntu dev classes. :/08:44
jokerdinoi misread the UTC timing as my local timing.08:45
jokerdinoin any case, BBL08:45
dpmjokerdino, Ubuntu Developer Week starts later on, in a few hours08:45
dpmwell, it started yesterday, today it's day 208:45
TLEdpm: yeah off course, it makes sense with some in house testing when there is the chance for it08:46
jokerdinowell, yeah, now i know it. :(08:47
TLEjokerdino: there are always the IRC logs if you missed something08:47
jokerdinowhat's the fun in that?08:48
jokerdinooh i forgot the smiley face.08:48
jokerdinoanyways, this is really off topic.08:48
jokerdinolet's just stick with the translation matters.08:49
TLEjokerdino: I think that is ok, we usually don't get swamped with translation matters08:49
jokerdinooh hmm08:50
jokerdinodpm: reading up on the previous messages from my translation team that i failed to read, the current leader suggests that the new leader should best be in Tamil Nadu. For the sake of collecting CDs and organizing things in the field.08:51
jokerdinoContext: Tamil is mainly spoken in Tamil nadu, India and I am currently living in Singapore.08:51
jokerdinomore context: i was proposing to him that i be the next leader. which he said might not be the best decision going forward. instead he suggests that i can be leading the team in singapore.08:53
dpmjokerdino, being at the same place is generally not a requirement for a translation team leader: for a while, I was leading the Catalan translation team while living on another country08:53
jokerdinowell yeah.08:54
dpmjokerdino, it might make sense for the LoCo team leader, but afaik if the current leader is not active and not organizing these potential local events, and you're active and eager to drive the translation team forward, you should be the best candidate for the job08:54
dpmalso the translation team lead is not the same as the loco team lead (though he/she can be)08:55
jokerdinoyou make sense.08:55
jokerdinobut in our case, the translation team and the loco team is just the same.08:55
jokerdinojust with different names.08:55
jokerdinoi am guessing he probably misunderstood me.08:56
dpmas far as I understand it from previous conversations, the current Tamil Ubuntu translation team is dormant, so it might be worth separating it from the loco and infuse some energy into it08:56
dpmit's not like separating, it's distributing work08:56
dpmwhich is the beauty of Ubuntu and the community08:57
dpmso for me, if no one is actively leading the translation team, it makes very much sense to have someone new picking it up08:57
jokerdinoboth the loco and the translation team are dormant.08:57
dpmoh :(08:58
jokerdinoi will get back to them and clarify that i was only nominating myself for the translation team and not the loco team.08:59
dpmyeah, that sounds great. Let me know if I can help in any way08:59
jokerdinoone more thing, are there any prerequisites for someone to be a leader of the translation team?09:00
jokerdinowhy i am asking this is because i am not currently active translating, because the lack of support and activity kinda makes me demotivated.09:01
dpmthe prerequisites are actually simple and pretty common sense ones. Let me dig out the url where we explain this...09:01
dpmjokerdino, here you are: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/TeamCoordinatorResponsibilities09:03
dpmno worries, if there is anything I or the rest of the translations community can do to help, feel free to ask here or on the ubuntu-translators mailing list09:05
jokerdinothanks. i am on the mailing list.09:08
dpmexcellent, so one requirement for becoming a translation team leader ticked off the list ;-)09:09
trijntjedpm: are there still plans to open up some universe packages for translation? The dutch team is doing a huge revision of virtualbox, it would be nice if those could be included in the LTS14:05
kelemengabor1dpm: ping, is it meeting time yet?16:58
dpmkelemengabor1, argh, I thought it was tomorrow!, let me check!16:59
kelemengabor1IIRC wednesday is today :)16:59
dpmI've just finished a call, just a sec...16:59
dpmyeah, it's definitely wednesday :)17:00
dpmlet me quickly pull the agenda...17:01
dpmkelemengabor1, give me 2 mins and then we can start17:02
kelemengabor1sure. I just pinged andrejz17:03
dpmexcellent, thanks17:05
dpmkelemengabor1, ok, invite sent17:06
dpmkelemengabor1, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/#Special_translations17:22

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