hamitrondirecthex, you still not worked out if you are mummy, or daddy?00:00
directhexi'd like to know in advance which game is the story of a plucky woman's adventures in the underground of an oppressive dictatorial space army, and which one is a side-scrolling homoerotic ps1 game. it seems if you enable parental controls, you can't know what a game is until you launch it00:00
ali1234what games are those?00:01
ali1234metroid and streets of rage?00:02
gordonjcpdirecthex: they both sound okay actually00:02
AlanBelldirecthex: ps3 roulette00:02
gordonjcpI reckon "parental controls" just cause more problems than they solve00:02
AlanBellparents like to think they are in control00:03
gordonjcpsurely you do that by actually watching your children00:03
AlanBellgordonjcp: note they are not called "child controls"00:03
gordonjcpAlanBell: a long time ago when a friend of mine was getting pressure to set up a PC for his two stepsons, one was 9 and one was 13 or so00:04
gordonjcpand all the web filtering stuff he had found was crap, and mostly didn't block objectionable content and *did* block CBeebies00:04
gordonjcpso we set him up with a transparent proxy00:04
AlanBellmy kids have no filtering and each have a computer00:05
ali1234i was building my own computers at 1300:05
gordonjcpand the house rules were, stay off things you think mum and dad would be annoyed about, and it's all logged00:05
AlanBellI can ssh into their machines and do "sudo halt" remotely00:05
gordonjcpof course if they figured out how to crack root and destroy the evidence, fair play to them00:05
gordonjcpshows initiative00:05
hamitronor activate a firewall00:06
gordonjcp"if not duffers then won't drown" and all that00:06
directhexali1234: beyond good and evil hd, and cho aniki00:06
gordonjcpI liked Ikaruga00:06
gordonjcpI never get drunk enough to play it any more though00:06
directhexcho aniki is the same kind of genre. but with more of this: http://v2.onipepper.de/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/choaniki_011.jpg00:09
bigcalmHaha, I remember that00:10
ali1234right, restart for new unity time :)00:13
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Unity 5.2: Testers Needed! - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/01/unity-5-2-testers-needed/00:17
ali1234too sloooow man00:17
awilkins_I have a feeling this "push into the edge" is going to break my Synergy setup00:19
awilkins_My desktop breaks over the left edge to my Windows box00:20
ali1234it's already annoying the hell out of me00:20
ali1234the stickyness between monitors is really high00:20
awilkins_Isn't there a tweak UI for it?00:21
ali1234at least i can start things on the second monitor now, that's an improvement00:21
bigcalmLooks like I'll be xfce for a long time yet then00:21
ali1234it would be much better if the launcher was on the outside edge of each monitor though00:21
awilkins_Maybe it would be good if "super" summoned the launcher and not just opened the dash00:21
ali1234it does. hold it down00:21
ali1234lol now it also opens a huge windows with a list of keyboard shortcuts00:22
bigcalmMy schema created tables correctly00:29
bigcalmI'm one step closer to going to bed!00:29
ali1234this checkbox tool could really use a progress bar that tells you how many more tests are left00:35
OliOminous. Main RaspberryPi website (.org) has gone down.00:40
* Oli smells a launch afoot00:40
OliNow I *can't* go to bed.00:40
ali1234it's been going down all day00:40
OliYou would say that... You just want me to go to sleep so you can buy my Raspi00:41
ali1234i'm going to get a maple mini or a beagle bone instead00:42
OliThe bone looks interesting but they (BBB, Arduino, et al) are all so cut-down00:47
directhexmy final verdict as far as parental controls go: 360 > wii > ps300:47
directhexOli: at least the beaglebone is a real cpu, unlike pi00:47
directhexalthough the gpu is weaker00:47
ali1234and it comes with documetation00:47
OliPah. I'll take drivers over documentation any day.00:47
ali1234the pi actually is a real CPU00:47
directhexoh, sorry, yes, the pi has the screaming power of an *iphone 1* as its main processor00:48
ali1234but the CPU is a proprietary broadcom design which runs rtos, and linux only has access to virtual devices00:48
ali1234the core that runs linux is slow, the "GPU" is actually a full CPU and is probably more powerful, but you can never use it00:48
directhexBCM2835 is a GPU with enough leftover silicon to implement a low-end armv6 core00:49
ali1234that's is absolutely not true00:49
ali1234i spent a few hours today hexdumping the "GPU" driver00:49
ali1234it runs ThreadX rtos, has full access to all hardware, and present software virtual drivers to the arm core through a mmu mapping interface00:51
ali1234practically every one of the open source drivers in the arm kernel is a MT_DEVICE coupled with a user space library that serialises high level API calls00:53
ali1234and there is not even documentation of these high level interfaces00:53
directhexbroadcom don't do docs.00:53
directhexi have no idea how anyone decided to buy their crap00:54
ali1234you are effectively running user mode linux00:54
directhexi've said before & i'll say again that pi's cpu choice is a joke00:54
directhexbeaglebone proves it00:54
ali1234it's a pity the beagle bone doesn't have video out, but meh, i have a computer with a fast graphics card that poops over any of this stuff00:55
directhexfrom the general-purpose perspective, they'll just see pi back-to-front. i.e. the ARM1176JZF-S with some magic black-box gpu at the back00:55
directhexdespite the gpu being in charge of everything including the proprietary bootloader00:56
ali1234the one good thing about it is it is utterly impossible to write software that isn't standards compliant00:56
ali1234you *have* to use opengl etc because there is literally nothing else at all00:56
OliI think you're being a little harsh against it, given the price is that of a fairly mediocre pub lunch + pint. ~£20 for something that can run XBMC.00:57
ali1234so it will be real easy for someone to make a clone with a totally different chip :)00:57
ali1234Oli: a house brick is even cheaper and about as useful to me00:58
directhexOli: but it won't boot ubuntu, so offtopic in #ubuntu-uk :p00:58
ali1234i would happily pay 4x or more for the exact same thing, except with documentation00:58
directhexali1234: i'd pay much closer to £100 if it had an OMAP4 or similar cortex-a series CPU00:59
directhexalthough i already have an efikamx on my desk00:59
directhexand i.mx53 is full of freescale fail00:59
ali1234well, that's one of the beagle series...00:59
hamitronthere are already more powerful boards, if you are willing to pay more? ;)01:00
ali1234it's not about power, that thing is *really* powerful01:00
ali1234but the architecture is designed so that broadcom can cripple features with the blob01:00
directhexhamitron: i don't want *much* more powerful. i just want a better general-purpose cpu core than the iphone 1 had01:00
ali1234i just want to twiddle the hardware registers and make it do cool stuff01:01
hamitrontbh, I think I'd choose an i3 on some ITX board01:01
ali1234don't care if the cpu is worse01:01
hamitronwell, there is talk of changing resistors to fix the fault01:01
hamitronI heard something has been changed since the beta board, which has broken some function01:02
ali1234that's just one of the SPI ports01:02
ali1234or I2C, i forget01:02
ali1234but it has like 301:02
ali1234that's not the point01:02
hamitronnot really something I want tbh, rather have a fpga I think01:03
ali1234the point is: imagine you have a dual core computer that is running windows 7 with a locked EFI bootloader and the only way you can run linux is by running it in virtualbox/vmware and dedicating it one CPU core01:03
ali1234that's the raspberry pi01:03
hamitronhe pi has less cpu power01:04
OliI wouldn't care if that was what I expected. And I do and I'm happy with that because it's an iPhone for £2001:04
ali1234yes, and instead of windows you have express logic threadx01:04
ali1234i'll probably still buy one anyway01:05
ali1234but i doubt i will use it for anything01:05
ali1234pretty much all it can do is opengl and video01:05
OliWell if you ever get bored of it, I'll happily take it off you01:05
hamitronI'm not gonna rush, if everyone else wants one so badly ;)01:05
hamitronI did wonder if it would be a good replacement for a load of my old comps01:06
hamitrononce there is no restriction on the number ya can buy01:07
OliDepends on their purpose. I wouldn't use it for a multi-purpose desktop but for silly things like torrentboxes, home-automation, etc, they'd be ace.01:07
ali1234it would make an awful torrent box, it only has 256 mb01:08
ali1234and it's slooooow01:08
hamitrontorrents would be ok wouldn't they?01:08
ali1234and you have to plug in a usb hard drive, which is slooooooow01:08
hamitronbut agreed, not the best thing for the task01:08
Oliali1234: since when did torrents need RAM? rtorrent piddles away like 20MB01:09
hamitronand for video, I'd get something like this: http://www.saverstore.com/product/20216880/Sumvision-Cyclone-Micro-3-HD-HDMI-1080p-Upscaling-Multi-Media-Player-Adaptor--Black01:09
ali1234i had to buy a router with 256mb ram because just all the torrent connections were killing the old one that only had 32 mb01:09
ali1234and that's when the torrent program is running on a different computer01:09
hamitronmy router with 16MB ram is fine01:09
OliAnd USB is faster than my internet connection so that's not a problem.01:09
ali1234the r-pi is basically good at one thing: and that is being a set-top-box01:10
ali1234that's what it is designed for (not mobile phones)01:10
hamitronand cheap to learn basic programming ;)01:10
ali1234ok, *maybe* mobiles as well01:10
ali1234you do not learn basic programming on this. BASIC maybe. but not basic. only high level stuff01:10
hamitronI was thinking, C upwards01:11
ali1234yeah, there's no point using C on this01:11
ali1234because there's nothing on it that you can use with C01:11
hamitronbut good for a new little cheap device for someone who can't afford a full comp01:11
ali1234everything has to be done through library calls01:11
hamitronnothing can be done on the ARM cpu?01:12
ali1234all the arm chip can do is make RPC to the GPU01:12
ali1234which is done through libraries01:12
ali1234or through the kernel interface in a few instances01:12
hamitronwell, still think you are been a little harsh..... even if it is higher level stuff only01:13
ali1234you should really only be using C to write device drivers, and this thing doesn't have any devices01:13
ali1234it only has RPC mailboxes01:13
hamitronyou can use C to learn to code simple apps01:13
ali1234if you want to make, say, a media centre front end, it is perfect for that01:13
ali1234that is what it is designed for01:14
ali1234but you wouldn't code that in C because it would be buggy as hell01:14
ali1234or if you want to make the front end for your home automation system, it's great01:14
hamitronI know you wouldn't..... but someone could try and learn a lot01:14
ali1234QML is a perfect match for it01:15
ali1234i'd get one to mess about with QML, if i could get a nice small OLED screen for it01:16
ali1234touchscreen ofc01:16
hamitronway I feel atm, will stick with existing x86 machines01:18
ali1234makes sense01:18
hamitronthe only good thing I can see, if it became big, it is a standard hardware setup01:20
ali1234actually it isn't01:20
ali1234the hardware is all virtualized so it can change any time the blob changes01:20
ali1234but the high level interfaces are so simplistic that it doesn't really matter01:21
hamitronI just thought, if everyone ran r-pi, it may create a nice large community01:21
hamitrona slim distro01:21
ali1234<- mer is that way01:21
ali1234it run on x86 too01:21
ali1234i don't know of any raspi specific distros01:22
ali1234not linux anyway01:22
hamitronnot yet ofc01:22
ali1234most people will just use fedora or debian01:22
ali1234people that want a slim distro will use mer01:22
ali1234it basically runs anything01:23
hamitronI suspect it may encourage people to like slimmer software01:23
hamitronsurely a good thing?01:23
ali1234lolno, it will just encourage people to upgrade to a "real" computer01:23
hamitronhaha, true01:23
hamitronI guess in reality, people won't put up with slow01:23
ali1234and ubuntu won't be on it anyway01:24
OliNot to begin with, at least01:24
ali1234not ever01:24
directhexwell, i guess hardy01:24
hamitrontbh, ubuntu isn't everything ;)01:25
lubotu3Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.01:25
* hamitron hides from the comebacks01:25
ali1234still a year or so left :)01:25
directhexbut ubuntu requires armv7 with thumb2 support01:25
ali1234yeah and i don't see that requirement getting any lower01:25
ali1234it will almost certainly go up01:25
hamitronno, ubuntu is for cutting edge01:25
hamitronso you run Mer ali1234 ?01:26
ali1234mer is only about 100 odd packages01:26
ali1234if i ran it, i'd boot up to a shell prompt01:26
hamitronis that bad? ;)01:27
ali1234um.................................. yes?01:27
OliIsn't Mer what was on the Noka "tablets" (Nxxx series)?01:27
ali1234mer is a fork of that01:27
ali1234well it was01:27
ali1234now it's a fork of meego01:27
ali1234soon it will be a fork of tizen01:28
hamitronthen a fork of ubuntu? ;)01:28
ali1234no, they already tried that01:28
hamitronnothing pleases me now, so I've given up looking01:28
ali1234basically it's the community edition of "real mobile linux" ie mobile linux with gnu utils and X1101:29
ali1234as opposed to linux01:29
ali1234so they'll pull in whatever01:29
ali1234as opposed to *android i meant01:29
ali1234there's a load of openmoko people working on it01:30
ali1234people from maemo, meego, moblin01:30
hamitronprobably good if you like to mess around with mobile gadgets01:30
ali1234yes, anything arm, low powered, but with a nice gpu01:30
OliYou're starting to make me want to move back to my N900.01:30
hamitronI've always wanted a N90001:30
ali1234the N900 is great apart from that damn resistive touch screen, it's so horrible to use01:31
hamitronjust little too expensive still01:31
ali1234you could have got one for the price of a ticket to amsterdam :)01:31
OliIt's okay with the stylus but yes, it's nothing on modern capacitive screens01:31
hamitronali1234, I could? :|01:31
ali1234plane ticket. yeah. the conference was free :)01:31
OliNokia was the worst thing about the N900. If they could find a way to screw things up, they did.01:32
hamitronI reckon they want to "nearly go bust", so they can buy back most of their shares01:33
hamitronwhy else do what they are?01:33
OliWhile we're muttering about the N900, here's my review of it after using it for a year: http://thepcspy.com/read/my-n900-review/01:33
directhexi've had an n900, n9, and pre3 as work phones01:34
directhexn900 lasted about a day before i rejected it01:34
hamitrontbh, I want a n900 to basically use as a comp..... I should just stick to my comp01:35
OliI still use mine to SSH into my computer when X locks up.01:35
* hamitron uses another comp01:35
ali1234what is all that crud on your n900?01:35
directhexlack of google contacts is a HUGE issue for me01:35
ali1234i don't think that's a design flaw, i think that's just you :)01:36
hamitronCOOKIE CRUMBS01:36
Oliali1234: well quite - read the blurb next to it. That was after a few days of being in my pocket and it's not like I fill my pockets up with sand on a regular basis01:36
ali1234ah google contacts... but the skype integration is great!01:36
ali1234i still use it for that01:36
hamitronI keep meaning to use my PSP for skype01:37
ali1234also... i'm sure mine has synced google contacts01:37
ali1234beacuse there'sa bug where it gets everyone's birthday a day late01:37
ali1234from google01:37
ali1234beacuse it doesn't support timezones properly01:37
OliI guess I really just miss the slide out keyboard. Typing commands into SSH on my SGS2 with Swype is a pain in the face.01:37
directhexali1234: it works for some people maybe ish if you configure google as a microsoft exchange server, not as a gmail server01:37
ali1234oh wait, it's because you have to use google's exchange sync service01:38
hamitronbrb, coffee01:38
ali1234yeah, now i remember01:38
directhexIMHO the n9 does more things as intended than the pre3. it's less buggy, in that the functions it implements go wrong less. but what it implements is usually worse01:39
directhexi could write pages about the n9's boneheaded design decisions01:39
ali1234whew, i think i finished all the tests02:46
ali1234and i found a bug in the test program :S02:47
ali1234make that two :/02:56
AlanBellhi TheOpenSourcerer07:24
TheOpenSourcererAre you dressed and ready Mr AlanBell?07:24
AlanBellI am decent07:27
AlanBelljust fed the chickens07:27
TheOpenSourcererOK - Will be along fairly shortly then.07:28
AlanBello/ popey07:38
popeyhead like a box of frogs07:39
MooDoomorning all08:03
DJonesMorning all08:34
matttgood morning08:45
MartijnVdS-6. Sun is shining. Time for a run :)08:47
popey "Package data processed by brokerage. Waiting for clearance. / Released by Clearing Agency. Now in-transit for delivery. "09:05
MartijnVdSapt-get install ..?09:05
MartijnVdS(with ACTA in place)09:06
bigcalm'ello peeps09:13
bigcalmpopey: frogs will visit those who drink on a school night :P09:14
bigcalmPersonally I was up 'til 1am working on database designs09:14
bigcalm<- knackered09:15
imexilHi, does anyone know where to find information _why_ a particular package is not contained in the current release? In my case I wonder why http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/imapsync is no longer shipped.09:25
popeyimexil: it got renamed imapcopy by the look of it09:32
imexilno that is a differen program as far as I can see09:32
imexilimapcopy does not do/support what imapsynch does09:32
imexil or did09:33
popeyimexil: looks like imapsync was dropped in debian09:34
oimoni use offlineimap09:34
popeywhich is probably why it was dropped in ubuntu09:34
smittixDon't suppose anyone is after one of these? http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/09:34
imexilbut is there any kind of traceback of *why* it was dropped?09:35
bigcalmsmittix: I've recently bought myself a Xoom, so I'm happy :)09:37
oimonbigcalm: which android is on it?09:40
bigcalmHoneycomb (ICS if you're in North America)09:41
diplobigcalm, Can I ask how much you paid for it ?09:41
bigcalmdiplo: 249.99 from the Carphone Warehouse (no longer offered)09:42
diploI really would like to get one, dubious about spending the money as I'm rather short of cash most of the time09:42
diplooh :/09:42
diploLiking it ?09:42
bigcalmYeah, I spotted the offer on twitter and gave in :)09:42
bigcalmdiplo: yes, very much09:42
diploI also would love to know what it's like for reading books, instead of getting a kindle + tablet09:42
diploWas debating about just a tablet09:42
bigcalmI have both, so tend to use the kindle for books09:43
bigcalmI find the tablet is handy as a reference manual display while I'm working09:44
ubuntubhoydiplo, kindle on a tablet is decent, but if you read a lot I would recommend a 7"09:44
bigcalmThe Xoom is quite weighty09:45
diploI read lot's of normal books at the mo, borrow my mates sony ereader and decided i liked it, also dad just for a kindle and uses it all the time09:45
bigcalmYou wouldn't want to hold it for too long in bed09:45
ubuntubhoybut a decent price right now09:45
diplojust not going to be able to afford both, think a tablet would be best option for now as kids could use it a lot09:46
diploMy brother bought an iPad and the kids loved it.09:46
bigcalmGet a tablet then if you can only get one09:46
ubuntubhoyan original Tab, or a Flyer would be ideal09:46
ubuntubhoyI got my kids Advent Vega's and they love them09:47
popeyimexil: http://old.nabble.com/situation-of-imapsync-and-Debian-%28was%3A-Re%3A-Bug-609845%3A-huge-memory-leak-when-syncing-large-mailboxes%29-td30744498.html09:47
diploWill take a look ubuntubhoy thanks09:48
imexilpopey: cool thank !09:48
imexilhow did you find it?09:48
smittixbigcalm: Nice, I have Honeycomb on this Vega. I don't use it at all though so it's just sitting there.09:49
diploSo wish i wasn't so tight on money :/09:49
imexiloh that one ;)09:49
popeydebian bug 60984509:49
lubotu3Debian bug 609845 in ftp.debian.org "RM: imapsync -- ROM; no longer distributable" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/60984509:49
ubuntubhoydiplo, the other option is a Kindle Fire09:50
diployeah, been looking at them.. was waiting on XDA peeps to unlock it nicely :)09:50
diploThen make it kid friendly, give that to the kids and get something for myself09:50
ubuntubhoyany Android Tab is kid friendly really09:53
popeydaubers: no reply from black magic yet ☹09:54
xplora1athe Humble Bundle is on again with an Android bent with World of Goo...09:55
oimondiplo: i find my tablet useful to take to meetings. often there's 10 PDFs which are referred to in a meeting, and some people print them out just for the meeting, then throw away afterwards09:58
diploI like that idea oimon, luckily new job means not to many meetings now but I do like that idea.09:59
oimonand i only paid £90 for my HP tablet09:59
ubuntubhoyyou have a touchpad ?10:00
ubuntubhoythen why do you need another tablet10:00
ubuntubhoyget CM9 on it10:00
oimonme? i don't10:00
ubuntubhoyOhh, wrong person10:00
oimonhmmm.. amount of spam received lately has doubled at least10:01
oimonwork and personal10:01
oimonha. usually we give linux boxes to new staff, but after a couple of days, one guy demanded a windows box. ever since then he's been asking for stuff that comes standard on linux machines, and takes one of our team 15-30 minutes to sort out on a windows machine each time.10:03
dauberspopey: :(10:04
aquariuspopey, now I come to you for your m4d ffmpeg sk1llz10:07
popeyaquarius: what you gonna play the converted videos on?10:10
popeya kindle? ☺10:10
aquariuspopey, ps310:10
aquariusnot a kindle. :)10:10
aquariusvideo on kindle. It'd work for stop-motion stuff :)10:10
popeywhat codecs does the ps3 support?10:11
aquariusno idea.10:11
aquariusif I have to spend the rest of my life finding that out then I wouldn't need your help :)10:11
aquariusit plays downloaded .avi files, which means nothing, and allegedly it supports mp4 as well but not what Handbrake outputs10:12
aquariusI can find a file that I know works and then inspect it in a way of your choosing, if that helps10:12
popeyget a video it plays and install ffmpeg then run "ffmpeg -i video.mp4"10:12
popeyand that will tell you what codecs it uses10:12
aquarius    Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 624x352 [PAR 1:1 DAR 39:22], 25 tbr, 25 tbn, 25 tbc10:13
aquarius    Stream #0.1: Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 192 kb/s10:13
ubuntubhoydiplo, http://recombu.com/news/spark-linux-based-tablet-for-200-166-runs-kdes-plasma-active-interface_M16655.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=share&utm_campaign=website10:14
popeyaquarius: is the goal to save space?10:15
aquariuspopey, nope. Don't care about space10:15
popeywhats the goal?10:15
aquarius(well, within reason. I'd rather a 500MB mkv doesn't become 4GB or anything10:15
aquariusgoal: convert a bunch of mkv files which won't play on my ps3 to something which will.10:16
aquariusthen delete the mkv files :)10:16
diploubuntubhoy, Sorry ueah i saw that the other day.. keeping an eye on it10:20
diploBe good for me, not so sure for kids.10:20
ubuntubhoyI'm gonna have a look at compiling it and throwing it over KDE to see if it runs10:21
diplobeing so short on cash and none of my friends having any android tablets to play with I've held back because I don't want to make the wrong decision10:21
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:24
DJones\o/ New printer10:42
davmor2morning all11:06
davmor2czajkowski: prod oi I said morning! ;)11:06
czajkowski▙▗▌▞▀▖▛▀▖▙ ▌▜▘▙ ▌▞▀▖   ▌                ▞▀▖11:07
czajkowski▌▘▌▌ ▌▙▄▘▌▌▌▐ ▌▌▌▌▄▖ ▞▀▌▝▀▖▌ ▌▛▚▀▖▞▀▖▙▀▖ ▗▘11:07
czajkowski▌ ▌▌ ▌▌▚ ▌▝▌▐ ▌▝▌▌ ▌ ▌ ▌▞▀▌▐▐ ▌▐ ▌▌ ▌▌  ▗▘11:07
czajkowski▘ ▘▝▀ ▘ ▘▘ ▘▀▘▘ ▘▝▀  ▝▀▘▝▀▘ ▘ ▘▝ ▘▝▀ ▘  ▀▀▘11:07
matttwell that was inappropriate11:07
gordi see MORNDSANDSRr11:09
gordstupid non monospace font11:09
mattiI see nothing.11:09
occupy64kOn the HUDs there seems to be a lot of unused space11:10
LaneyI seeeeeeee dead people11:10
MartijnVdSdead space*11:12
directhexclank clank clank clank BLAAARRRGGGG11:14
directhexthere you go, saved you 8 hours of play time11:14
ali1234lol 8 hour game? lol11:16
bigcalmHang on, I'm using Ubuntu Mono and it looks messed up11:17
ali1234that's because those are unicode characters11:17
ali1234and lazy font designers never make unicode characters in monospaced fonts11:17
ali1234or if they do, they don't make them the same width11:17
directhexyeah, what ali1234 said. ubuntu mono is not monospaced, beyond ascii11:18
ali1234to be fair, there is about 11 billion characters in unicode11:18
ali1234and most of them couldn't be rendered at all in 12 pixels or however wide the average font size is11:18
ali1234so if you want your horrible ascii graphics to render properly, be sure to actually use ascii to make them :)11:19
ali1234does anyone else see gaps in this with ubuntu mono: __________11:20
ali1234makes my python source codes look ugly :(11:21
ali1234and i'm sure it never used to have those gaps before precise11:21
directhexi'm on oneiric11:21
davmor2czajkowski: I don't know what that was meant to say but I don't think it worked as you expected11:21
czajkowskiit did for me11:22
* popey points ali1234 at sladen 11:22
* popey points sladen at the lat 10 minutes11:22
ali1234what did i do now?11:23
directhexyou angered the sladen. now he gets to feast on your entrails11:23
popeyhe's the guy you need to bitch^H report problems with the font to11:24
ali1234well it's not really a problem11:24
ali1234i don't even use a monospace font for irc11:24
directhexreport a bug that cowsay looks wrong!11:25
directhexi reported a bug against thunderbird for that once11:25
directhexit was mangling cow-based signatures11:25
popeylooks fine here11:25
directhexdebian bug #27614411:25
lubotu3Debian bug 276144 in cowsay "mozilla-thunderbird: Breaks formatting of cowsay-based signature" [Minor,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/27614411:25
ali1234the most unlikely thing about that is that it got fixed :/11:26
ali1234or did you fix it yourself?11:26
directhexit was fixed in cowsay 3.03-711:27
directhexby Florian Ernst11:27
sladenali1234: morning.11:29
* sladen salivates11:29
davmor2sladen: salivating and foaming at the bit aren't the same you know ;)11:30
gordsince the change to automatically putting software centre installed things in the launcher, i sure have grown a lot of crap in my launcher11:31
gorddon't think i need five different webcam softwares in there11:31
sladenmmm, maybe you need to program a delete option too ;-)11:32
czajkowskiremind me not to do toliet again :)11:32
ali1234anyone know how i can report bugs in checkbox-unity when using the unity team ppa?11:33
davmor2gord: in the view menu click on New Applications in launcher ;)11:34
MartijnVdSgord: this is why you use Alt+F211:34
czajkowskican someone running precise, please open up chrome, and then a new window, then thunderbird, and open up write a new mail, can you alt tab to those 4  or just two ?11:35
ali1234i would do if i had either of those programs installed11:35
davmor2czajkowski: try using the ` button11:35
czajkowskidavmor2: the ' button?11:36
ali1234actually it's alt-button-above-tab11:36
czajkowskioh I looked at the button above shift @ ;)11:36
czajkowskinope still doesnt make a difference11:37
ali1234(on UK keymap)11:37
davmor2czajkowski: so alt+tab between apps and alt+` to get between window of apps11:37
czajkowskiahh that works11:38
czajkowskibut some hand cordination required11:38
davmor2czajkowski: no you just move your finger up one :P11:38
czajkowskifeels odd ;)11:39
davmor2czajkowski: by the way on a plain desktop if you hit the windows/meta/super key you get the keypresses and then you won't need to ask11:39
czajkowskibut thanks for the info11:39
davmor2orca with english_wmids(en) is hilarious11:40
* popey files bug 924839 bug 924840 bug 924841 and 92484211:53
lubotu3Launchpad bug 924839 in unity "Keyboard shortcuts overlay inconsistent" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92483911:53
lubotu3Launchpad bug 924840 in unity "Keyboard shortcuts overlay text too long" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92484011:53
lubotu3Launchpad bug 924842 in unity "Keyboard shortcuts overlay text is small and cramped" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92484211:53
lubotu3Launchpad bug 924841 in unity "Keyboard shortcuts overlay KP_Left ?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92484111:53
ali1234is that the new thing that covers up the screen when you press meta?11:54
popeyif anyone fancies confirming11:54
popeydamnit, forgot screenshot11:54
ali1234it seems ok to me11:54
ali1234i mean other than it covers up the screen and i don't need it11:54
ali1234also well done for filing 4 consecutive bugs11:55
ali1234i normally get every other #11:55
diploGuys, update-notifier can be installed with out the need for gui ?11:55
ali1234there should be an achievement for that11:56
diploRelating to that11:56
ali1234diplo: that's an interesting question11:57
diploActually after apt-check11:57
* diplo looks again11:57
ali1234my apt is currently in a broken state where update-manager lists different updates to apt11:57
ali1234i don't have the slightest idea how to fix it, because apt fixes usually work on the command line11:57
ali1234and apt command line doesn't show the problem :(11:57
diploI suppose I can see updates from how motd does it11:58
ali1234that's probaby the easiest way yes11:58
diplohmm, motd is generated from something else now11:58
ali1234byobu also has an update notifier i don't think it distinguishes security updates though11:59
ali1234but it might give you a clue11:59
popeyit does11:59
popeyyou get a ! for security updates11:59
popeywell, you get a ! if at least one is a security update I guess11:59
ali1234well, it's a start11:59
diploit's in /etc/motd.d/ now12:00
diplogenerates from files in there12:00
davmor2ali1234: is this on precise?12:00
ali1234broken apt? yes12:00
davmor2ali1234: could be that there is a broken apt package a few went through the other day,  so just to confirm you have done sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install in the cli?12:02
ali1234it says there are no updates and nothing to fix12:02
davmor2ali1234: right and have you tried clicking on check in update-manager?12:02
ali1234yes, it says there is one update to install: openjdk-6-jre:i38612:03
ali1234atempting to install this package causes dpkg to crash leaving apt in an unusual state until various packages are purged12:03
ali1234the package itself cannot be installed, but it's dependencies can be12:03
ali1234bug 92409612:04
lubotu3Launchpad bug 924096 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "update-manager wants to install openjdk-6-jre:i386" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92409612:04
ali1234loljava indeed12:04
ali1234but at least it isn't lolmono12:04
davmor2ali1234: is there a reason why you have the 32 bit jre installed on a 64bit system?12:04
ali1234davmor2: i don't have it installed. it cannot be installed. update-manager wants to install it though, for reasons only known to itself12:05
ali1234i reported it against openjdk because micahg told me to, saying it is a multiarch bug12:05
ali1234i was going to report it against update-manager but... *shrug*12:05
directhexali1234, which out of the two is broken, again?12:05
davmor2ali1234: I'm assuming that the reason is you have a 32bit java app installed that requires it12:06
ali1234i don't have any java programs installed12:06
ali1234i have jre installed only to play minecraft, which is not packaged12:06
davmor2ali1234: is that a 32 bit version that would do it12:07
ali1234that makes no sense12:07
popeydo you have 64-bit version of that package installed too?12:08
ali1234i only have openjdk-6-jre (64 bit) installed12:08
ali1234:i386 cannot be installed12:08
ali1234therefore i don't have it installed12:08
MyrttiI thought :i386 was the way the new system marked named the archagnostic packages or something12:09
davmor2Myrtti: no it's the way it notifies the system that you have installed the 32version over the 64bit version, take zsnes the 64bit is listed but has no package, so you can do sudo apt-get install zsnes:i386 to install the 32bit package instead12:10
davmor2ali1234: do a sudo apt-get purge openjdk-6-jre:i386 && sudo apt-get autoremove12:12
ali1234Package openjdk-6-jre:i386 is not installed, so not removed12:12
ali12340 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.12:13
ali1234(i already tried all this, as i mentioned in the bug report)12:13
ali1234now i run update-manager and click "check"12:14
Myrttiit's all very confusing12:14
ali1234ad it lists 1 update: openjdk-6-jre:i38612:14
ali1234now i run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, and it shows 0 updates12:14
popeyburn it with fire12:15
ali1234yeah i've basically given up on update manager now12:16
ali1234i only use synaptic and apt-get12:16
davmor2ali1234: I've past the bug onto mvo see what he makes of it12:16
ali1234it should be possible to to install those packages side by side anyway12:17
ali1234that's the whole point of multiarch12:17
ali1234so it is at least 50% a bug in java packaging12:17
ali1234the rest is down to update-manager weirdness12:17
davmor2ali1234: That's cause java is "special" ;)12:18
ali1234java = loljava12:18
ali1234right lunch time then i'm going to do coding instead of just reporting endless bugs12:20
gordgrr, i need to fork xchat. the only change would be to remove that annoying selecting text copies the text thing13:34
oimonwouldn't that be a desired feature? selecting text copies it to clipboard?13:37
MartijnVdSoimon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_selection#Clipboard13:38
directhexgord, i think that's an effort to make the select-to-copy behaviour work on windows, since there's no way in xchat to explicitly copy text to the copy buffer13:39
smittixbah, does anyone know how to claim admin status of a facebook page? I setup a facebook page under an old disabled account.13:40
popeyre-enable the old account?13:41
smittixIm not sure I can it was a while ago and I set it to delete.13:42
smittixNope account doesn't exist anymore.13:45
oimonIf the group has no current admin, you or any other member will be able to take the admin position by clicking Become Admin on the right side of the group's page13:46
smittixI think I know what's happened. I think someone I know is still an admin which is why it wont let me do anything.13:50
davmor2ali1234: mvo asked if you can have a chat in an hour on #ubuntu-devel he would like to resolve your issue incase it crops up again13:58
davmor2ali1234: try giving mvo a ping now on #ubuntu-devel15:01
bigcalmI just used "That's the rub" in a conversation with a client. Pleased to be keeping that phrase alive15:32
popeybigcalm: i prefer "Therein lies the rub"15:50
bigcalmpopey: I think I would have had a weird look from the client :P15:52
bigcalmBut, that does sound good15:52
* bigcalm kicks odbc and mssql15:53
* popey spies some changes in 12.0415:54
daubersbigcalm: Was the client Ann Summers?16:43
daubersbigcalm: Cause that might get you in trouble16:43
oimonpopey: were you about to share the changes with us?16:52
popeyfeel free to install 12.04 :D16:53
oimoni'm there16:53
* oimon checks for new stuff16:53
popeyalt-tab behaviour has changed16:54
popeyand the icons in the launcher are now square, not rounded16:54
oimondid you get SSD in your X220 popey ?16:58
oimoninterestingly, i am not using an image as my wallpaper, but lightdm is showing one17:01
oimoni am using coloured gradient instead17:01
oimonhoping my employer might get me a laptop. given the budget, a TP might be nice for me17:04
oimonhmm eventbrite subscribed me to an attendee newsletter without asking17:05
bigcalmDisabling the firewall on the win 2008 server (because I was too lazy to work out enabling specific ports) allowed my windows laptop to connect to the SQL Server with ODBC. But I'm still struggling to do this from PHP on my ubuntu server. One might say that #windowsSucks17:06
davmor2bigcalm: and they are shocked to learn that Linux rules in the server field17:09
bigcalmdavmor2: I really have no choice in this matter :(17:14
davmor2bigcalm: No you do, you can use it or be fired17:15
bigcalmThankfully it is only the ms sql server that is on windows that I have to worry about. The rest of the project will be on RedHat servers with RackSpace17:15
chemical-oliapologies for butting in but are there any kind gparted wizards available to give me some partitioning advice?17:16
chemical-olii need to resize my filesystem partition and have freed up 10gb to do this with, but the space is adjacent to my home partition not my / partition... does anyone have any ideas how i could do this?17:22
popeychemical-oli: move everything up the disk so the space _is_ next to /17:32
chemical-oliah ok thanks popey ill give that a go ;)17:37
AzelphurHmm, occupy has come to my town, is there anything as a tech type person I can do to be supportive?19:28
directhexgive them hats. everyone loves hats.19:30
Azelphurdirecthex: this isn't TF2 :D19:31
Azelphurmy brother already got them coffee and stuff19:32
DJonesAzelphur: Directors to the job centre :)19:35
AzelphurDJones: haha, I think that's a misconception, I was at their meet and I certainly don't think they are lazy like you are making out19:36
directhexdoes job center do anything except give you unpaid jobs at poundland and cut your benefits if you say no?19:36
AzelphurWhen I was there, they was actually planning to go around and clean up the town.19:36
AzelphurIf they are so lazy, why would they be arranging to go out and clean the town up? :)19:37
DJonesAzelphur: I'm not saying they're lazy, maybe more just frustrated at how much time they have to do this19:39
Azelphursomebody has to do it, the whole corruption thing is getting beyond ridiculous19:40
AlanBello/ popey19:56
AlanBelldid you say you had a spare wifi dongle?19:56
* AlanBell would like to buy it off you, using small eggs as currency19:57
AlanBellgreat, I will bring eggs to the pub tomorrow :)19:58
AlanBellthis could get messy19:58
popeyI am just off to eat19:59
popeybut I will keep this webcam updating to tease you19:59
DJonesAlanBell: Take hard boiled eggs to reduce the risk20:00
AlanBellDJones: nah, much more interesting to take them fresh20:01
* AlanBell wonders if christel will make it to the pub20:01
DJonesI'm sure she will if they're cardbury's creme eggs20:02
AlanBellmaybe some for czajkowski and Jon too20:03
AlanBellI got changed for bed and did my teeth as soon as I was told20:14
AlanBellpaste fail20:14
* AlanBell is doing reward chart with smiley faces for good achievements20:15
AlanBellhow do you like your eggs in the evening?20:21
czajkowskioh so many comments20:21
czajkowskiso not allowed to make20:21
czajkowskiwhat has popey pointed his webcam at20:21
AlanBella wifi dongle20:21
AlanBellthat will be going in my little desktop to replace the one I snapped in two by accident20:22
zleaphi, all20:23
czajkowskioh dear how did you snap it20:31
AlanBelllifted it up to plug something in the back of it, and put the desktop down on the front side, forgot the dongle was plugged into the front20:33
zleapAlanBell, will send cheque tomorrow its written out just need to send it20:34
AlanBellgreat, thanks20:37
AlanBellyup, bargain ;)20:37
zleapwell the local youth centre are doing a crb thing on my at the moment so once done I should be able to start this programming group, I did suggest if we can call it a hacking group, and i think from what i got back from that if I explain what hacking means ina programming sense, then it should be fine,  hacking also covers hardware hacking, too20:39
zleapI am going to see if we can also invest in a raspberry PI,  perhaps 1 to promote the device and see if anyone in the group gets one as a result20:39
czajkowskiI've applications running and I move my mouse over t the launcher20:43
czajkowskiand it wont pop out20:43
czajkowskiminimise everything move mouse to the left again and out it pops out20:43
AlanBelldo you have applications in the area it would pop out to?20:44
AlanBelllike full screen ones?20:44
czajkowskibut cant get it to launch to get at say sw centre20:44
gordonjcpin unity, what handles <ALT-F2>?20:54
gordonjcpI think I need to restart something but I don't know what, since alt-f2 has now broken completely20:54
czajkowskithis is rther annoying21:04
gordone of the things about ubuntu that i just love that no one really talks about, you can set the sound to go higher than 100%. that is just fantastic :)21:05
czajkowskihaving to minimise all my applications each time to go back to the laucher21:05
* czajkowski peers at gord what have you broken 21:05
bigcalmIt's true21:05
bigcalmVLC does it as well21:05
AlanBellwe go to 1121:06
gordczajkowski, not me, jason ;) there is a fix being worked out - for now, i just recommend leaving the launcher forced out21:06
czajkowskihow does one force it out21:07
czajkowskisounds rather painful and invasive21:07
czajkowskibut needed :)21:07
popeyinstall lolunity21:08
gordits in the unity ccsm settings21:08
popeysorry, MyUnity21:08
popeyactually that doesn't have a setting for it does it?21:08
czajkowskiwho names somethign called lolunity!21:08
gordi actually prefer it forced out all the time21:08
popeysame here21:08
popeyoh it does21:08
popeyczajkowski: i was joking21:08
popeyczajkowski: install myunity and there's a "behaviour" option21:08
czajkowskipopey: one never knows there are some odd named packages21:09
czajkowskipopey: AlanBell beers tomororow night - gentle reminder21:09
AlanBellindeed czajkowski, I will be bringing eggs :)21:11
bigcalmWhat time are those beers?21:17
bigcalmIs that you off-loaded chairing tomorrow's meeting onto me? :P21:17
AlanBellyup :)21:17
bigcalmGood work21:18
* TheOpenSourcerer loves invoicing happy customers in the evening :-D21:23
swat_anyone running precise?21:23
popeyswat_: yup21:29
swat_popey: have you been hit with the new unity yet?21:30
popeyii  unity          5.2.0~+bzr1884 Interface designed for efficiency of space a21:30
swat_the one from yesterday21:30
swat_i'm finding that the amount of 'force' i have to use to open the launcher is a bit excessive on my laptop21:30
swat_wondered if anyone else had noticed it21:31
popeyi leave mine out21:31
swat_ah i see21:32
swat_do we know if it's being looked at being tweated?21:32
popey21:06:56 < gord> czajkowski, not me, jason ;) there is a fix being worked out - for now, i just recommend leaving the launcher forced out21:32
swat_couldn't work out if that was the same thing or not21:33
swat_i don't have to minimise my apps, but it does take a good few strokes to get it out21:33
popeybug 75105021:56
lubotu3Launchpad bug 751050 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcut - Unity window placement shortcuts require a numpad" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75105021:56
AlanBellpopey: can't you use fn+ keys to the right side of qwerty keyboard?22:02
* mattt is moving on friday, and hates moving :(22:04
popeyAlanBell: you can but it's a hideous contortion of the fingers22:06
popeyno less than 4 keys held down, and has to be done with two hands really22:07
shaunoyou escape from kazakhstan yet popey?22:08
popeyyea, warsaw22:08
shaunoah, much better22:08
AlanBellpopey: yeah, totally understand that22:08
shaunomine spent half a day in kazakhstan and made me nervous as <bleep>22:08
popeydoesnt matter though I believe that shortcut is changing22:09
popeysuper and arrows would be my proposal22:09
Azelphurmaybe they got confused between you and borat, you are kinda similar :P22:09
* Azelphur runs22:09
shaunonah, it's normal getting stuff fedex'd from china22:10
Azelphurshauno: China -> UK -> Kazakhstan -> UK is normal? o.O22:11
shaunoit didn't go to the UK22:11
Azelphurhttps://twitter.com/#!/popey/status/164649986758426624/photo/1 lies :o22:11
shaunoif you import enough stuff, you can get customs to pre-process things.  so the customs process starts before it's physically present22:12
Azelphurah :)22:12
shauno'package data' arrived in the UK; no item22:12
shauno(data and bad news being the only things faster than fedex :)22:13
shaunothe funniest one I had, was ordering apple products in the US22:14
Azelphurbtw, for any steam users, my friend is working on steam friends for pidgin, progress is good22:14
Azelphurhe reverse engineered the new steam mobile protocol, I'm just helping him with the first Linux build :D22:15
shaunoit went from their distribution center, to Ontario, CA, to memphis TN, to chicago.   Ontario being the canadian province closest to us, I assumed 'Ontario, CA' meant canadaland.22:15
shaunoit wasn't until I found out there's a city in california, that the trip from cali to canada and back to memphis started to make sense :/22:16
shauno(er, a city named ontario)22:16
Azelphurhttp://www.piracyactnamegenerator.com/ \o/22:38

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