snadgeergh.. thats right.. i busted my work pc00:11
snadgewith unity from trunk00:11
bschaeferDBO, hey. would you mind taking a look at a merge into LauncherController.cpp00:14
snadgewhen you run unity from your home dir00:32
snadgeit still runs many of the unity processes from /usr/lib00:33
snadgeeg.. unity-panel-server and bamfdaemon (which i compiled into my homedir)00:33
snadgeso i just renamed them to .orig and symlinked them00:34
snadgehowever.. i still have to run unity --replace after i log in00:34
snadgei couldn't figure out how to get lightdm, to exec unity from my homedir instead of /usr/bin00:34
snadgeon the flip side.. i havn't noticed the focus bug yet00:37
htorquea little progress indication in checkbox would be nice, e.g. "Checkbox Unity Tests (9/38) - launcher/expose-minimizedapp"02:10
mhall119thumper: did you see my invite to the unity.u.c/get-involved sitemap?02:13
thumperyes... been firefighting emails mostly today02:14
mhall119no worries, just wanted to make sure it went through02:14
snadgei know im a pain in the ass outsider.. but.. can someone off the top of their heads explain why the default "filter" in dash, isnt displaying anything ?02:24
snadgeeg.. its meant to have.. apps, blah etc.. and thunderbird.. but its just blank ;)02:25
snadgesomeone did warn me that compiling from trunk was problematic atm.. and that several libs needed to be merged02:25
snadgeive only recompiled the bare minimum.. nux, bamf (probably screwed that up) and unity02:26
DBOthumper, I dont think I can do the OMG ubuntu thing02:29
DBOI am not very good at representing stuff to the public :)02:29
mhall119DBO what OMG Ubuntu thing?02:30
DBOintroducing the MM work02:31
mhall119DBO writing something, or doing an interview?02:31
DBOI dont know02:31
DBOnothing was official anyhow02:31
DBOwe never talked to them02:31
DBOit was just a02:31
mhall119DBO can be a middle-man if you'd like02:31
DBO"hey someone should do something with OMGubuntu about the multi-monitor work"02:31
mhall119I can write articles for OMG02:31
mhall119DBO: if you're interested, I can write up the article, with a little bit of Q&A between you and I thrown in02:33
mhall119if you'd feel better doing it that way02:33
DBOone second02:33
thumperDBO: I'll do it02:35
DBOthanks dude :)02:35
htorquequestion about one checkbox test: two nautilus instances, one on workspace 1, one on workspace two - what arrows should i expect to see?02:37
htorquethe test description says "two arrows", but where? one left, one right? two on the left?02:37
ali1234how do i report bugs in this checkpoint-unity thing?02:54
ali1234checkbox-unity sorry :)02:54
snadgemhall119: can you update the compiling unity from source article whilst you're at it ? :P03:00
mhall119snadge: no, I can write, I can't edit :(03:01
mhall119and even the things I write have to be approved by the site's editors03:01
snadgelet me check who wrote it03:01
htorquesnadge: is this not working? http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source03:01
snadgeit needs some modifications or something03:02
htorque(the workarounds probably are no longer necessary, haven't checked)03:02
snadgeworkaround #2 isnt needed03:02
snadgei did workaround #1 without testing whether its still needed03:02
snadgethe article doesnt mention that you should update your path to include unity in your home directory.. before /usr/bin03:03
snadgeproblem is.. i did that in my .bashrc .. so of course lightdm ignores that03:03
snadgethe instructions incorrectly say that you should just log in.. and it will magically work.. not true03:03
snadgei log in.. unity starts crashing.. have to quickly open a shell and type unity --replace03:04
snadgebefore it completely crashes and you lose ability to input into the terminal.. if you run unity from console.. it crashes03:04
snadgealso it would appear that most parts of unity completely ignores $PREFIX03:05
htorquei'll finish the unity ppa test and then try to compile from trunk03:05
snadgei had to compile bamf from trunk.. in addition to nux03:05
htorque(could take a while)03:05
snadgeotherwise unity wouldn't compile03:05
snadgeand then unity continues to use bamf from /usr/lib/bamf/bamfdaemon (which i renamed to .orig and symlinked to the one in $PREFIX)03:07
snadgealso the panel service.. i also renamed .orig and symlinked03:07
htorqueis the alt+tab switcher supposed to show windows from different workspaces?04:25
thumperhtorque: not any more04:55
htorquethen the checkbox-unity test should see an update ;-)04:55
htorquethumper: that probably also affects the pips next to launcher items (only one instead of two for one window on WS1 and one on WS2)?05:00
thumperhtorque: hmm...05:12
thumperhtorque: we need a way to file bugs against the tests :)05:12
thumperhtorque: if you are around in an hour or so, didrocks will turn up05:12
thumperhe is the man05:12
htorquei just can't do a lot if i don't know the expected behavior. :-P05:13
imnicholDoes unity control the screen locking?  Or is that a different program?05:13
htorquethumper: should bugs about checkbox-unity go to checkbox or unity (multi-monitor tests don't run for me)?05:14
thumperimnichol: different program right now (gnome-screensaver)05:14
thumperhtorque: I'm not sure05:14
imnicholthumper, would that hold true when I suspend my computer?05:15
thumperimnichol: I think so, but not 100%05:15
imnicholthumper, thanks.  I'm filing a bug and I want to make sure it's filed against the correct package05:15
thumperhtorque: if you want to, file under unity, but add a tag "checkbox"05:15
* thumper EODs05:16
htorquethumper: will do, thanks05:16
ivoksanyone interested in unity 5.2 feedback? :)07:51
ivokswell, the mouse thing works great as far as i can tell; the only problem i see are the icons in the launcher... those are all black; just black squares07:56
Saviqgreyback, do you remember such a bug being filed: make the launcher hide with a window; try dragging something to the launcher edge, close the offensive window => launcher doesn't show?08:59
Saviqwhat's weird is that we have that in both trunk and shell09:00
Saviqthat work completely different with regards to intellihide09:00
Saviqso that suggests it's a WM issue09:00
greybackSaviq: hmmm, that's not familiar to me09:07
greybackSaviq: will it be an issue with autohide? Intellihide is being dropped09:08
spikebit is? :(09:08
greybackspikeb: autohide is currently considered superior. But that might change09:09
Saviqgreyback, I would assume it's not an issue with autohide09:09
Saviqsince it doesn't care about windows09:09
greybackSaviq: me too09:10
Saviqyeah, looks good09:10
Saviqbtw, first I've heard about dropping intellihide... I must say I'm surprised, it was a good compromise, IMO09:10
greybackI was too09:11
greybackSaviq: for the "who lives in a colder place right now" competition, I'm looking at a thermometer with -8 on it09:15
Saviqyou lost09:16
Saviqit's supposed to be -24 Friday night09:16
Saviqthat's, incidentally, when I'm leaving for a week's holidays09:17
greybackNo snow here :(09:17
greybackAh! To the sun I hope :)09:17
Saviqno snow here, either09:17
Saviqtoo cold09:17
Saviqgreyback, snowboarding, so yes, sun is very much wanted for09:18
greybackSaviq: boarding! Anywhere I know?09:19
greybackThey've plenty of fresh snow I think. It'll be great!09:20
snadgesudo apt-get install indicator-weather09:23
Saviqgreyback, yeah, looking forward to it09:26
Saviqsnadge, you're melting!09:26
greybacksnadge: niice :)09:26
greybackJohnLea: hello!09:27
greybackJohnLea: I hope you've had your cup of coffee, cause I've a couple of questions for you09:27
JohnLeagreyback; just drinking my coffee now ;-)09:32
JohnLeagreyback; and good morning!09:32
greybackJohnLea: good morning to you too, I hope you're well09:32
greybackJohnLea: I hear you've lots of visual tweaks to the HUD in Unity. Do any of the changes deviate from the mockups?09:34
JohnLeagreyback; where did you hear that?  we have not touched the HUD visual design at all in the last 3 months.   However we are going to make one small update, which is adding keyboard shortcuts, but this doesn't change any other elements09:36
greybackJohnLea: ok.09:38
greybackJohnLea: I heard you generated a list of bugs on the current implementation of the HUD in the PPA. I just wanted to check nothing changed09:39
greybackJohnLea: second question, and more technical: dyams was asking about keyboard shortcut problem.09:40
greybackIt is possible for user to set wildly different keyboard shortcuts to switch workspaces & move windows between workspaces.09:40
greybackPossible to have Super+left to move right, and Alt+down to move up - as extreme example09:41
greybackIn shortcut overlay, how can we reflect that?09:41
=== Saviq is now known as Saviq|afk
JohnLeagreyback; ideally the overlay will would by dynamically built using the current keyboard shortcuts, I know this is what they are trying to do for the 3d version09:50
snadgewho else is building unity from trunk atm09:51
snadgea bunch of libs have been updated .. and i found the running it from your home dir thing09:51
snadgejust doesnt work out so well09:51
greybackJohnLea: ok, so we can expand the list in the mockup to encompass what also is needed09:51
JohnLeagreyback; we should only display the keyboard shortcuts that correspond to actions in the keyboard shortcut overlay document & design.  e.g. the shortcuts themselves can change, but shortcuts for other actions will not be added09:53
dyams JohnLea: yes, but the issue is 'Switch workspaces' alone can have four different key combinations, its possible in metacity09:55
greybackIt's possible to set "Switch to workspace right" to Alt+right, and "Switch to workspace left" to Super+left09:57
greybackHow to express that in the overlay is our problem09:58
JohnLeagreyback; in the case where the keycombo is not symmetrical we could not display it at all?  A user will only arrive at that state if they change the keycombo themselves, in which case we can assume it is a shortcut they remember10:00
kamstrupmhr3: does https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/libunity/dbus-activation-fixes/+merge/90919 fix the issue with the files lens not initially populating the home screen?10:25
mhr3kamstrup, dunno really, waiting for the packages to hit archives to test proper dbus-activation10:26
kamstrupmhr3: how did you end up debugging it btw?10:27
mhr3kamstrup, adding breakpoint(); before app.run() and doing a search when it was waiting there10:28
mhr3(cause the service is dbus-registered before app.run)10:29
snadgeahh okay so its not just me having an issue with unity from trunk then10:29
snadgei have already pulled bamf from trunk to get it to compile.. but there are other dbus issues yeah, and the default home lens is not populated10:29
snadgebut at least the annoying focus bug is fixed :D10:30
snadgewould be nice if there was a unity trunk ppa ;) *massive hint* *extreme nudging*10:31
mhr3snadge, you mean like the staging ppa?10:32
snadgeis dbus and bamf in there as well?10:32
mhr3it's building trunk every day10:32
snadgenot familiar with the staging ppa.. and i would probably only want to selectively install things from there10:34
mhr3kamstrup, btw it's nicely testable with the test tool... if your dbus service file points to correct version of the lens :)10:34
mhr3just kill it and let the test tool spawn it10:35
tsdgeossnadge: there's a unity staging ppa, not whole distro staging ppa10:35
tsdgeossnadge: https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/staging10:35
snadgeahh right.. the instructions here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source10:35
kamstrupmhr3: test tool ftw!10:35
snadgedont mention that :) .. and they're slightly out of date.. you need to build more than just nux and unity10:35
snadgeto get the latest trunk build to work10:35
snadgeplus.. unity doesnt like running from your home dir it seems.. it still tries to run things in /usr/lib10:36
kamstrupsnadge: if you really really want bleeding edge then you should use lp:unity-jhbuild10:36
* mhr3 grins10:36
kamstrupit builds all necessary components for the unity and unity-2d stack10:36
kamstrupbut if you're not into fixing weird build issues then I'd go with the staging ppa which is also highly uptodate10:37
snadgewell i was just trying to verify that the window focus problem had been fixed.. which it has been :)10:37
kamstrupthe benefit with jhbuild is that it will not hose your system if it breaks, as everything runs out of your home dir10:37
snadgewell at least ive been using it all day at work.. and didnt notice the problem.. so thats a good sign that it has been fixed10:37
kamstrupnice :-)10:38
snadgehowever.. i was annoyed at having to run unity --replace every time i login10:38
snadgesince lightdm automatically starts /usr/bin/unity instead of $PREFIX/bin/unity10:38
snadgeas i have my path set in my .bashrc.. and obviously lightdm doesnt use that10:38
snadgejh-build doesnt exist for precise ?10:40
snadgeahh its just a script10:40
kamstrupmhr3: ! configure.ac:157: required file `tools/Makefile.in' not found10:41
mhr3kamstrup, run autogen?10:42
kamstrupmhr3: that is what I *get* from running autogen.sh10:42
kamstrupmhr3: you forgot to add the tools/Makefile.am10:42
mhr3kamstrup, and pushed10:43
kamstrupmhr3: can you choke the warnings from the tool about unhandled errors? Considering that it is one file 4 warnings from valac is maybe a bit much :-)10:46
kamstrupmhr3: down the road i'd like us to compile everything without valac warnings - so let's start by not having new code emit warnings :-)10:46
mhr3kamstrup, but at least you see it got compiled :)10:46
kamstrupmhr3: indeed!10:47
mhr3kamstrup, there, no more nicely formatted warnings... it's like cpp now :)10:52
kamstrupah, nice boring compiler output10:53
kamstrupmhr3: why explicitly unity-lens-test-tool and not just unity-tool?10:53
kamstrupmhr3: the reason why I proposed unity-tool was that enterprising terminal junkies could conceivably use it to drive unity via shell scripts10:54
mhr3kamstrup, it can't really introspect unity, can't it?10:54
kamstrupmhr3: it can (in theory) do all instrumentation that is publicly available10:55
kamstrupon both lenses and unities10:55
mhr3kamstrup, right, but we already have tools to talk to unity itself, don't we?10:55
kamstrupwe have?10:55
mhr3or is it just internal to autopilot?10:55
kamstrupafaik we just have the autopilot tools10:56
kamstrupand the dbus debuggin introspection, but I don't consider that "public api"10:56
mhr3kamstrup, so what else would the tool do other than talking to lenses?10:57
mhr3cause besides the introspection there's not much to use, is there?10:57
kamstrupmhr3: list favorites, whether unity is running, if we support querying unity capabilities then also that10:57
kamstruplike 2d/3d, vendor patch level etc10:58
=== _salem is now known as salem_
kamstrupmhr3: listing installed lenses, etc etc10:59
mhr3oh well... afterall it's just a name, feel free to "Needs fixing" :)10:59
kamstrupmhr3: i know I am anal:-)10:59
kamstrupmhr3: ok, comments up on https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/libunity/test-tool/+merge/9102711:07
mhr3kamstrup, thx, as for the --test-server-mode - it allows you to pass a couple of executable test scripts (or directory) and it will run each of those as a test case (failing it they return != 0)11:11
mhr3kamstrup, so like with test cases for apps-lens you'd just do `unity-tool --test-server-mode ./tests`11:11
mhr3i imagined we could use that to run make check11:12
=== dyams is now known as dyams|lunch
kamstrupmhr3: ah, right. Nice! Figured it out after toying with the apps lens test branch11:13
mhr3right, there's a readme :)11:14
tsdgeosgreyback: i hope that i understood you correctly in https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_tests_for_rtl/+merge/90849 and what you meant was removing your name from the new file11:14
greybacktsdgeos: yep, that's all11:14
tsdgeosok :-)11:14
greybacktsdgeos: I don't see the point in keeping it there, unless we all want to keep adding names everywhere11:15
greybackbut it's a nice solution for the ltr and rtl tests. I was not sure what to do myself11:15
tsdgeosagreed, gets crazy, in poppler we have the policy to do it right, and you end up with stuff like http://cgit.freedesktop.org/poppler/poppler/tree/poppler/Gfx.cc where there's 21 names there :D11:16
greybackJohnLea: sorry I disconnected earlier, but thank you for sorting out our problem11:22
greybacktsdgeos: lol, yeah that's bad11:22
greybackalso it doesn't really make sense, if you make a one line change, that doesn't give you copyright on the whole file. IANAL tho :)11:23
snadgei can understand why you would want your name removed from unity.. *bdom tish* ;)11:23
greybacksnadge: oh the harshness11:23
greybacksnadge: we're unity2d anyway ;)11:24
snadgenaw.. seriously im one of the few non involved fanbois.. its okay ;)11:24
snadgethe community has reacted a bit over the top i think.. but its okay, some of the hate is equally directed towards gnome-shell11:24
snadgeim just pleased as punch my two main gripes with unity have been fixed in trunk.. which should mean that they'll make their way into 12.04 :)11:25
greybacksnadge: yay!11:26
snadgealt tab now defaults to apps on the current workspace.. high five to whomever did that11:26
snadgea friend of mine griped that you cant move the launcher anywhere other than the left side of the screen11:27
snadgei hadn't even noticed that.. but apparently some weirdos run their monitors in portrait mode11:28
snadgeso it would make sense to be able to move it to the top or the bottom in that case11:28
snadgealso other weirdos would like to have it on the right hand side of the screen.. i personally dont see the issue with allowing people to do that11:29
kamstrupmhr3: some more nitpicking on https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/libunity/test-tool/+merge/9102711:33
jasox freeze for Alpha11:37
jasoxHi guys, I was wondering what font size (small/normal) do you use in ubuntu on 24" monitor(16:10) ?11:37
tsdgeosgreyback: can you merge those patchse in already, i think some will conflict between themselves so if you merge them now i'll fix the conflicts11:43
greybacktsdgeos: ah boo, I meant to check that.11:43
tsdgeosthe rtl one will conflict with the bfb one11:44
tsdgeosit's fine11:44
tsdgeosjust the sooner you merge them the sooner i fix them D11:44
=== Saviq|afk is now known as Saviq
Saviqhey, sorry for not being there for the standup, got caught up in stuff :11:45
Saviqgreyback, I'm sure you've taken over, anything I need to know?11:45
Saviqgreyback, also, I've built the package just fine, are you sure your env is clean?11:46
greybackSaviq: nope, nothing major to report11:46
Saviqgreyback, try bzr bd11:46
greybackSaviq: hmm, ok I will11:46
Saviqand cleaning up build-area first11:46
jasoxI am just testing ubuntu 12.04 alpha, lots of improvements. I would be nice if we had when you type alt-F1 emacs of vim key bindings. What do you think ?11:47
Saviqjasox, please take that up in #unity-design11:51
Saviqjasox, or best file a bug against ayatana-design11:52
jasoxThanks Saviq ;)11:52
jasoxdidn't know for unity-design11:52
Saviqjasox, sorry11:52
Saviqmeant #ubuntu-design11:52
jasox:D np11:52
SaviqJohnLea, btw, with all the ayatanas going away, will there be a ubuntu-design project taking over?11:53
=== dyams|lunch is now known as dyams
JohnLeaSaviq; yes, we are just renaming everything (well the irc and mailing list at least) from ayatana to ubuntu-design12:08
SaviqJohnLea, will that be true for the LP project?12:08
JohnLeaSaviq; that would be a good idea, but not no.1 priority atm12:09
Saviqok, just curious, thanks12:09
=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
Saviqdyams, is CopyAction what's used un Unity, too?12:33
Saviqdyams, btw, you _do_ have mouse cursor feedback :)12:34
Saviqthe setAction() in onDragEnter takes care of that12:34
Saviqit's a bit slow, though12:35
Saviqlike, I need to wait a second for the icon to get updated12:35
SaviqI'm wondering if caching the mime types on the launcher items might be a good idea12:35
Saviqbut we might leave that for later12:35
dyamssaviq: ah...12:36
dyamssaviq: checking mouse feedback12:37
Saviqdyams, the cursor changes to a hand with + sign12:37
Saviqbut after a second or so12:38
Saviqdyams, another question... when validatingUrisForLaunch, you're checking against the .desktop file and the MimeType there12:38
Saviqah wait12:38
* Saviq needs to read about the gio APIs12:38
dyamssaviq: yes, nearly half a sec delay i see here12:38
Saviqdyams, can you try and find out where is the delay? whether you're not getting the onDragEnter event earlier12:39
Saviqor maybe the file parsing takes so long?12:39
dyamssaviq: I don't think parsing takes so long..but i can check it out later12:42
Saviqdyams, ok, I'll have a quick check myself what's going on12:42
dyamssaviq: ok12:42
Saviqdyams, you don't get the onDragEnter event soon enough12:44
Saviqdyams, so that's something that needs to be addressed higher up the stack12:44
Saviqbranch approved, then12:44
tsdgeosgreyback|lunch: confused about last comment in https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_tests_for_rtl/+merge/90849 that branch is fully merged and it seems the conflicts would happen when mergning the other branches, and anyway that one is not set to merge yet12:44
Saviqdyams, assuming you pushed the .append() fix/12:45
Saviqdyams, I'll wait for that before approving12:45
dyamssaviq: i made the fix, lemme push it12:45
Saviqdyams, also, please add a comment about the mouse cursor change in the manual test12:46
dyamssaviq: ok12:46
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=== s9iper1__ is now known as s9iper1
dyamssaviq: Updated13:02
Saviqdyams, thanks13:03
dyamssaviq: no prob13:05
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Saviq dyams, oh one more style issue, please add brackets around g_object_unref13:07
Saviqline 109613:07
Saviqsorry for that13:08
Saviqafter that I'm approving13:08
dyamssaviq: one sec13:11
dyamssaviq: updated13:19
Saviqdyams, thanks, approving13:19
dyamssaviq: thank you13:19
mhall119dyams: could you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~haggai-eran/unity/rtl-menu-popup/+merge/71541 and let me know what it's waiting on?13:22
dyamsmhall119: one sec13:24
dyamsmhall119: this is for Unity13:25
dyamsmhall119: not for unity-2d13:26
Andy80Saviq: hi :) you have a minute to give a look to a unity-2d library compilation error?13:26
SaviqAndy80, there's a bunch of us here13:26
SaviqAndy80, pastebin it and we'll try and help13:26
Andy80Saviq: ok :)13:27
mhall119dyams: oh, sorry, thought you were a unity guy13:28
dyamsmhall119: it's ok, no prob13:28
Andy80the error is this one http://pastebin.com/1p9v5HeH and the complete explaination is written in this email https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-dev/msg00404.html - please note that I'm trying to compile these libraries using Qt5, not Qt4 (that's what I want, not a mistake).13:29
Saviqmhall119, if you want we can give you a status update on RTL in unity-2d ;)13:29
SaviqAndy80, looks like some APIs for QML plugins has changed between Qt4.7 and Qt513:30
mhall119Saviq: dyams: yeah, looks like this is the -2d MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~haggai-eran/unity-2d/4.0-rtl/+merge/8137713:30
Andy80Saviq: so we need to first change the code for these libs and patch them before being able to recompile, right?13:31
Saviqmhall119, this is mainly waiting for our merge of unity-2d-shell, that's going to happen this week13:31
SaviqAndy80, yes, it can't find the headers for QDeclarativeExtensionPlugin13:31
mhall119Saviq: it's been waiting since november?13:32
Saviqmhall119, no, then it was waiting on someone to review it13:32
Saviqmhall119, problem with those things is that we have noone that actually uses RTL13:32
Saviqto verify the fixes13:32
Saviqmhall119, and obviously time is a problem13:32
Saviqbut I really think that's going to get into 12.0413:33
Andy80Saviq: ok. Florian suggested me some changes to do for unity-2d, probably the same changes also apply to the unity-2d libraries. I'll try to implements them and see if I can patch them, thanks for now :)13:33
Saviqif noone else, I'll do it myself13:33
mhall119Saviq: reading the comments, it looks like dyams approved it back in november, but there was an issue with it being associated with bugs it didn't close, so it wasn't applied, or something to that effect13:33
Saviqmhall119, I don't think it was reviewed properly was it? let me take a look13:34
Saviqmhall119, but yes there was definitely some weirds stuff13:34
Saviqmhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~haggai-eran/unity-2d/rtl-rebased/+merge/82151 that's the "new" MR13:34
Saviqit's only a 300 LOC diff13:35
mhall119Saviq: ah,thanks, it appears it wasn't marked as superceded13:35
Saviqso it will definitely get in before 12.0413:35
Saviqmhall119, the other one was rejected13:35
dyamsmhall119: oh that one...somehow that branch was messed up..13:36
dyamsmhall119: so, we asked to resubmit13:36
mhall119ok, do either of you have the ability to remove/delete/mark superceded that old MP?13:36
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
Saviqmhall119, it's rejected, isn't that enough?13:37
mhall119MacSlow|lunch: ping me when you're back13:37
Saviqmhall119, deleted13:37
mhall119Saviq: you're right, I'm looking at this MP for -3d13:38
mhall119I still need someone to look at that for me13:38
greybacktsdgeos: yep, but when the freeze ends, the branches will merge in order, meaning if I approve your tests_for_rtl now, tarmac will fail to merge it13:39
greybacktsdgeos: it was just a warning13:39
tsdgeosgreyback: ok13:50
tsdgeosgreyback: when does the freeze end?13:51
Saviqtsdgeos, tomorrow, I think13:52
Saviqdidrocks, is that right ^ ?13:52
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
MacSlowmhall119, what's up?13:54
mhall119MacSlow: can you give me an update on https://code.launchpad.net/~haggai-eran/unity/rtl-menu-popup/+merge/71541 ?13:55
mhall119I'm told the unity-2d patch for this is already being handled, but this one doesn't appear to have had any feedback13:56
Saviqbrb, going to test some MM stuff14:00
MacSlowmhall119, since that branch needs a patched nux before it can land and that particular nux-branch is still nowhere near landing (being approved) I'd say this is on hold still14:00
mhall119MacSlow: can you respond to him in https://code.launchpad.net/~haggai-eran/nux/rtl/+merge/71538 then?  He asked back in november if he should just push with --overwrite after he rebases14:05
mhall119that's the last comment on the MP14:05
mhall119or maybe jaytaoko would be the better person to respond14:05
MacSlowmhall119, indeed Jay would be the better person to contact... as he seems to have arleady looked at Haggai's nux-branch14:06
mhall119jaytaoko: ^^ can you respond to Haggai on that nux MP?14:07
=== dyams is now known as dyams|away
greybackSaviq: yep, you're right14:12
greybacktsdgeos: ^^14:12
tsdgeostomorrow meaning we can commit stuff tomorrow or that tomorrow is still freeze day?14:14
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
kenvandinemhall119, you have a couple lines in you copyright file that should be removed, looks like you redirected grep output into it14:41
mhall119in the copyright?14:41
mhall119huh, let me check14:41
mhall119kenvandine: which lines?14:43
greybacktsdgeos: freeze takes at least 3 days. I can't say with certainty when it ends14:43
kenvandinemhall119, in singlet14:43
mhall119this was generated by python-mkdebian, IIRC14:43
tsdgeosif it's much longer i'll end up with 20 MR14:43
tsdgeosi'm on 12 already14:43
kenvandinemhall119, ok... bug there14:43
kenvandineyou just need the 2 lines14:43
kenvandineand remove the binary file matches line14:43
mhall119kenvandine: pushing the changes14:44
mhall119rev 214:46
mhall119I don't need to update the changelog for this do I?14:46
kenvandinenot yet14:48
kenvandinemhall119, http://paste.ubuntu.com/825152/14:56
kenvandinehopefully reading the diff will help explain14:56
kenvandinemhall119, and the list in the Format field explains all the values14:57
htorqueagateau: hi! can you (or someone else that knows the unity specs in detai) look over the current checkbox-unity test descriptions? see bug 92466914:59
ubot5`Launchpad bug 924669 in unity (Ubuntu) "checkbox-unity: test descriptions need an update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92466914:59
agateauhtorque: will look into this, thanks15:01
htorquethanks :)15:01
mhall119kenvandine: pushed, do you know who maintains python-mkdebian?15:01
mhall119ok, I'll try to find out15:02
kenvandinemhall119, also you should use dh_python2 instead of pysupport15:02
kenvandineand i added a watch file for you too15:02
kenvandinealthough not tested since there are no released tarballs15:03
kenvandinethis is a simpler rules file and uses python2 properlyt15:03
kenvandinemhall119, you also need to fix the description, replace the UNKNOWN15:05
htorquedoes anyone have an idea why indicator-loader3 freezes the desktop when running the appmenu indicator? here's its output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/824509/15:05
tsdgeosgreyback: if you're doing reviews, i have a few of them i just created to backport from -shell to unity-2d that assigned to Saviq but can add you too if you feel like... ;-)15:17
greybacktsdgeos: :) I'm finishing up Kaleo's MR now, then have blog post to write. Then I'll either attack your MRs or make a few of my own15:19
greybacktsdgeos: there's one there I assigned to Saviq, maybe you can have a look, take the pressure off him15:20
Saviqguys, I'm very close to fixing the damn ScreenInfo thingy15:20
tsdgeosSaviq: awesome15:20
greybackSaviq: nice15:20
jaytaokomhall119: I will respond to haggai15:20
tsdgeosgreyback: i can take taht MR if you want and Saviq doesn't mind15:21
Saviqyou will be able to either a) bind to a particular screen b) particular corner c) follow the widget15:21
Saviqtsdgeos, I'm fine15:21
mhall119thanks jaytaoko15:21
tsdgeosgreyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-2d/shell-background-isolate/+merge/90850 ?15:23
mhall119kenvandine: updated debian/rules, debian/control and added debian/watch (also uploaded tag.gz download to Launchpad)15:26
greyback_tsdgeos: that's the one15:26
mhall119kenvandine: I can bzr builddeb from the package branch now15:26
gordmhr3, is it just me, or are the filter stage changes blocked by the model updates?15:40
mhr3gord, not sure what you mean15:41
davidcallegord, not just you15:41
gordmhr3, it looks like the filter stage changes don't update until we get more results from the model15:41
gordgeez what is it with me and that word15:42
Saviqnerochiaro, hey, you around?15:42
nerochiaroSaviq: yes, what's up ?15:42
mhr3gord, perhaps unity isn't listening to the changed signal?15:42
Saviqnerochiaro, hey, "static const int DASH_MIN_SCREEN_WIDTH = 1280; static const int DASH_MIN_SCREEN_HEIGHT = 1084;"15:43
Saviqis this right? my desktop is 1600x900, meaning I get fullscreen dash15:43
mhr3gord, or is that in unity-core?15:43
nerochiaroSaviq: as far as i know it's right, but the algo in u3d is a bit different. last i talked with Kaleo IIRC we thought it was ok like this for now15:44
nerochiaroSaviq: but i might recall wrong15:44
mhr3gord, but yea kenvandine also mentioned hickups when trying to update the filter models15:44
Saviqnerochiaro, yeah Unity isn't going fullscreen here15:44
Saviqand unity-2d wasn't, either15:45
Saviq1084 height sounds very high15:45
Saviqit's 1080p15:45
Saviqmore, even15:45
gordmhr3, hrm, i guess it might be unity not queuing a draw or something - i'll have a look later. was just an idle observation :)15:45
KaleoSaviq, nerochiaro: these figures look wrong15:45
Saviqyeah exactly my point15:45
Kaleonerochiaro: does not look like we used to have15:45
nerochiaroIIRC they have been like that all the time15:46
SaviqKaleo, the values were the same it seems15:46
Saviqbut the algo must've been different15:46
mhr3gord, feel free to open a bug, so we dont loose track of it15:46
KaleoSaviq: why do you think so?15:46
nerochiaroSaviq: at this point i suggest we just go ahead and implement the same algo as unity15:46
SaviqKaleo, I'm looking at the diff15:46
nerochiaroit'n not that complicated anyway15:46
SaviqKaleo, r875 in trunk15:47
gordmhr3, yeah, after i've taken a look, just need to get through this one thing i'm doing15:47
Saviqactually no, right15:48
SaviqKaleo, nerochiaro, before _both_ the values had to be smaller15:49
KaleoSaviq: the check seems identical15:49
Kaleo    bool alwaysFullScreen = rect.width() < minSize.width() && rect.height() < minSize.height();15:49
KaleoSaviq: is the new code15:49
KaleoSaviq:     if (rect.width() < minSize.width() && rect.height() < minSize.height()) {15:49
KaleoSaviq: was the code before15:49
Saviqok let me look again15:49
Saviqok the code is fine, something else makes my dash fullscreen15:50
Saviqok so here's what's wrong15:51
Saviqnerochiaro, if at any point you display the dash on a small screen15:51
KaleoSaviq: the fullscreen dconf key?15:51
Saviqthe dconf key gets changed15:51
KaleoSaviq: then it will be fullscreen by default15:51
KaleoSaviq: nice onee15:51
KaleoSaviq: bug report15:51
Saviqand here I am wondering wth :P15:51
SaviqKaleo, yup15:52
tsdgeosSaviq: once you have the buttons in the dash you can just go and toggle the fullscreen with them ;-)15:52
Saviqtsdgeos, I'm working in trunk15:52
Saviqtsdgeos, so I actually can regardless15:52
Saviqwell, not regardless but I can, since that's fine in trunk15:52
nerochiaroSaviq: so the first thing we need to fix for sure is the issue of putting back that &&16:02
Saviqnerochiaro, ?16:02
nerochiaroSaviq: you said before it went fullscreen is both h and w were < of the limit values. doesn't it go fullscreen now even if one of them is < only ?16:03
Saviqnerochiaro, no, I was wrong16:03
Saviqnerochiaro, the code is same, the only issue is that the dconf is reset when you launch dash on a small screen16:03
nerochiaroSaviq: ok, and you're right, it shouldn't save the value when the fullscreen is forced by the small screen16:05
Saviqtsdgeos, can you take a look at screeninfo.{cpp,h} (in either trunk or shell) and tell me where do you see m_workspacesInfo being instantiated?16:16
tsdgeosSaviq: in the constructor16:17
tsdgeosit's a member, so gets constructed there16:17
Saviqtsdgeos, implicitly?16:17
Saviqok, makes sense16:17
Saviqyou learn something new every day :)16:17
Saviqtsdgeos, last thing, does this make sense re your comment about screenNumber() only working when widget is shown http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/825268/ ?16:21
Saviqor should I check for .visible?16:21
tsdgeosthe first if doesn't make sense no16:23
tsdgeosthe event->type() == QEvent::Show looks nice though16:24
Saviqmy head is kind of steaming right now with that16:24
Saviqso .visible for the first one should be enough you think?16:25
Saviq.isVisible(), rather16:26
tsdgeosi don't think you even need it16:26
tsdgeosonce it gets visible the show even will happen and it will get right16:26
Saviqoh right16:26
Saviqit won't fail when it's not visible16:26
Saviqand then will update as soon as it is shown16:26
tsdgeossure the m_screen will be "wrong" for a while, but you'd still need to give it a value16:27
tsdgeosand since there's no "right" value for a non visible widget16:27
tsdgeoswhatever screenNumber returns should be "good enough"16:27
Saviqok makes sense16:28
Saviqtsdgeos, re activeWindowChanged, I couldn't find any code that actually used that16:28
Saviqso I dropped it16:28
tsdgeoslet me see, i thought i saw something the other day when grepping16:29
Saviqif you can, please tell16:29
Saviqah wait16:30
Saviqit's probably there in shell16:30
Saviqnot in trunk16:30
tsdgeosSaviq: that's what i thought, but no, just grepped again and found nothing in -shell either16:31
Saviqyeah, windowsintersectmonitor is connecting to the signal itself16:32
Saviqso yeah, dropping it16:32
Saviqok, r888, what a nice number, is finally ready for review, I think16:32
Saviqtomorrow morning I will merge that into shell and make sure we have MM working fine16:33
Saviqand will get back to reviews16:33
Saviqsee you all tomorrow16:35
tsdgeosSaviq: we still have lots of wnck_screen_get_default that don't look all nice MM16:36
tsdgeosbut well16:36
tsdgeosSaviq: tty tomorrow16:36
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, that will need to be fixed during the "proper" MM support16:37
Saviqwhat I was doing was just "launcher / dash always on topleft screen"16:37
Saviqbut doing it a future-proof way that will allow reusing ScreenInfo easily16:37
Saviqthanks, see you laters16:38
greyback_Saviq: good evening!16:38
Saviqgreyback_, you too16:38
greyback_tsdgeos: thanks for your comments, you're absolutely right, will fix16:39
greyback_mmrazik: pig?16:39
greyback_mmrazik: ping even :D16:39
mmrazikgreyback_:  mhm.... bacon :)16:39
greyback_mmrazik: grr, now I'm hungry again16:40
mmrazikhe he. Sorry for that.16:40
mmrazikbut you started :)16:40
greyback_mmrazik: I've written up blag post into Wordpress, and now noticed I can't save it so people can read it before I publish16:40
greyback_mmrazik: or am I such a Wordpress ogre that I'm missing the option16:41
greyback_I've been cursing it for the last hour tbh. How did they make it so buggy16:42
mmrazikI'm just looking at it16:42
* mmrazik is no wordpress expert either16:42
greyback_I've got about 20 identical preview frames below my post. No wonder Firefox is chugging!16:43
davmor2hey gord you'll know who's responsible for the applications lens?16:45
mmrazikgreyback_: does this help http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/post-visibility/ ?16:45
greyback_mmrazik: should do, I just don't see the option anywhere.16:47
greyback_mmrazik: I'm gonna publish, then very quickly try to hide it again16:47
greyback_mmrazik: that ok?16:47
mmrazikfine with me16:47
greyback_ok cool16:47
mmrazikthe dialog mentioned in that article is on right hand side16:48
om26erdavmor2, kamstrup is or mhr316:49
davmor2om26er: thanks16:50
gorddavmor2, mhr316:50
gordleave poor kamstrup alone ;)16:50
davmor2gord: oh alright then16:50
greyback_mmrazik: yep, all done. You got mail :)16:51
greyback_mmrazik: apologies for the lateness16:51
mmrazikgreyback_: thx!16:51
davmor2mhr3: in applications lens filters there is a new category that isn't in precise but is in the USC of books and magazines do you need a bug to add this filter?16:51
mmrazikgreyback_: don't worry. it is still earlier than I planned...16:52
greyback_mmrazik: I'm always happy to exceed expectations :)16:52
mmrazikgreyback_: so it is private and I should publish it if I'm happy with it?16:52
mhr3davmor2, yes, please open a bug16:53
greyback_mmrazik: yep16:53
davmor2mhr3: no worries16:53
mmrazikthen I'll send the link to the other QA engineers and will publish tomorrow16:53
greyback_mmrazik: good stuff. Thanking you16:56
davmor2mhr3: bug 924982, and thanks :)17:00
ubot5`Launchpad bug 924982 in unity-lens-applications (Ubuntu) "USC has added a new section called books and magazines this is missing from filters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92498217:00
kenvandinemhr3, i proposed a dee  branch earlier which adds a cleared signal17:02
mhr3kenvandine, i think we talked about it with kamstrup long time ago and decided we can't do that17:03
mhr3but i'll let him explain :)17:04
davmor2kenvandine: I so expected that O to be followed up by :'(17:05
nloewenI found a bug in unity 5.217:14
nloewenWhen using a transparent panel, the text fades to black, then disappears instead of fading to transparent.17:15
jonodidrocks, do you know if Alt Tab is only supposed to show apps on a given virtual desktop now?17:24
jonoI am getting that is the latest Unity17:24
didrocksjono: yeah, it's the new default17:25
jono gotcha17:25
didrocksjono: same if you click on a launcher icon, you only see apps on the current ws17:25
jonodo we know if this will be configurable?17:25
DaekdroomIt is configurable17:25
DaekdroomIt's even on ccsm17:26
jonoDaekdroom, I mean configurable in GNOME Control Panel17:26
jonoI suspect some people will miss the functionality of showing all apps17:26
jonoI certainly will17:26
DaekdroomI would17:26
nloewenOh, I hated haveing all windows in the alt tab.17:28
nloewenI like this a lot better.17:28
DaekdroomHas anyone looked into the issue that some people can't make the launcher appear using the cursor?17:30
om26erDaekdroom, its kind of knonw I believe17:50
om26ersince the new mechanism is not fully working atm17:51
om26erDaekdroom, try "pusing harder" though17:51
om26erI meant the left of the screen17:51
DaekdroomI've tried enough to tell it's not working.17:51
om26ertry the experimental tab for Unity plugin in CCSM17:52
DaekdroomIt won't reveal even with launcher reveal pressure at 117:54
nloewenoooh, I like the launcher reveal pressure setting.17:56
nloewen20 was a bit high.17:56
doctormonHey guys,18:16
doctormonI'm trying to make a lens and I keep getting a segfault (python using introspection)18:17
doctormonlibunity-WARNING **: unity-scope-factory.vala:78: Unable to search for scopes: No such file or directory18:17
doctormonThat's the last warning before the segfault18:17
DBOdoctormon, you would need to run the lens in gdb and get a backtrace18:24
DBObut it sounds like you dont have the xml files installed in the right place18:24
doctormonDBO: Remind me how one restarts unity?18:29
DBOdoctormon, compiz --replace18:29
doctormonDBO: And is it likely to complain if I'm running other dbus objects from the same daemon?18:30
DBOdoctormon, no idea :)18:30
DBOim not really that involved with lens devel18:30
DBOI do mostly visual work18:31
DBOgord, ^^ maybe?18:31
mhall119thumper: dbarth: did you guys have any feedback on the unity.u.c/get-involved sitemap?18:32
doctormonDBO: Thanks for your help, I'm not sure what to do with a segfault, the lens file is there but what else.18:33
DBOdoctormon, the segfault is in your lens?18:33
mhall119thumper: dbarth: specifically I have some gaps in the "Design" section where I'm not sure how the community can get involved18:34
DBOmhall119, is the site supposed to be live?18:36
DBOah nevermind it works18:36
doctormonDBO: Yeah, it doesn't like lens.props.anything = something18:36
DBOgoooooord gord gord get your english butt in here18:37
mhall119DBO: I'm planning a content cleanup for what's currently there18:38
DBOmhall119, its very busy...18:38
mhall119DBO: yes, hence the need for a cleanup :)18:38
mhall119DBO: if you're interested in helping, send me your email so I can invite you to the google doc18:39
DBOIm about as clear at articulating my thoughts as a drunken rhino18:39
mhall119it's just a list of lists right now18:39
DBO(though, I guess he gets his point across, groan pun)18:39
mhall119a sitemap, not actual content18:40
imnicholI upgraded to unity5.2 and ran the test application.  When it got to the test where it restarted unity, compiz crashed.  I was unable to report the crash because I wasn't running an ubuntu version of compiz.  Anyone else seen this?19:24
=== ashams_ is now known as ashams
balloonsimnichol, yes at the moment the apport tool doesn't work with ppas19:31
imnicholOk thanks19:31
balloonshowever, you can still report the crash manually19:31
balloonsimnichol, you can manually run 'ubuntu-bug compiz' and then file a bug19:39
imnicholCan I still do it if I restarted my computer after the crash?19:39
imnicholWhen compiz went down, it took unity3d with it, so I didn't have the launcher, menu bar, or window decorations19:40
balloonswell the applicable logs went with the restart sadly.. however if you can reproduce the crash you can note how to reproduce and file a bug manually giving the logs from the crash when it happens19:40
balloonsthanks for testing imnichol19:41
imnicholNo prob, thanks for explaining it19:45
balloonshopefully the tools will support this in the future19:45
imnicholActually, it just occurred to me that I was able to switch to tty1 after the crash.  Is it possible to run ubuntu-bug from a non-graphical terminal?19:45
balloonsimnichol, it is possible :-)19:47
imnicholGonna have to do that tonight19:47
imnicholHow long until the window to run these tests closes?19:47
balloons8 am utc on thursday19:48
imnicholI'm in UTC-6, so I'll have plenty of time19:48
balloonsexcellent :-)19:48
imnicholThanks much all19:48
imnicholOr, I guess: thanks much balloons!19:49
balloonsthanks for sending in your results!19:49
balloonsNZ <320:04
mhall119thumper: ping20:08
mhall119is everyone in dx a member of ~unity-team ?20:09
thumpermhall119: dx is an old term now...20:14
thumpermhall119: who are you concerned about?20:16
mhall119thumper: trying to determine whether an MP is coming from the community or employees for stats graphs20:20
mhall119and launchpadlib won't let me check if someone is in ~canonical or not20:20
mhall119not with anonymous logins anyway, which the current stats code uses20:21
mhall119but it can tell me if someone can do reviews for lp:unity or not20:21
DBOmhall119, yes20:23
DBOeveryone in dx is a member of ~unity-team20:23
DBOmhall119, and feel free to call us DX damnit, my job title is still officially GNOME Developer20:24
DBOso I guess, you know, I develop gnomes20:24
thumpermhall119: I think that the unity-team has all the canonical unity developers20:45
thumpermhall119: and some extras by the look of it20:46
thumpermhall119: but it looks like a good indicator20:46
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
mhall119ok, thanks21:03
swat_hi all21:24
swat_i got the upgrade to the latest version of unity in precise yesterday, it seems nice, very quick21:24
swat_is it possible to change the amount of "force" needed to pop the launcher open?21:24
swat_at the moment it takes me a good few swipes on my netbook to open it21:25
mhall119thumper: DBO: is ~unity-team the default reviewer for anything besides unity mps?21:27
DBOmhall119, no idea :)21:30
JonOomphHi! Has anyone else noticed that the GtkRecentChooserMenu widget is broken in Unity?  All apps that use this type of widget are broken too... but only when running Unity.  The 1st item listed in the "Recent" menu is always selected, regardless of what item was clicked.21:44
Daekdroomswat_, yes21:55
DaekdroomYou can use ccsm to do that.21:55
swat_Daekdroom: i'll take a look22:00
Daekdroomswat_, I think it's Ubuntu Unity Plugin > Experimental tab > Launcher reveal pressure22:00
swat_Daekdroom: result :-) ta v.m.22:01
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thumperJonOomph: can you file a bug on unity with more info?22:26
JonOomphthumper, https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-appmenu/+bug/752674 (36 people affected, 13 duplicates).22:29
ubot5`Launchpad bug 752674 in inkscape (Ubuntu) "GtkRecentChooserMenu always selects first entry" [Low,Triaged]22:29
JonOomphThe bug report has been around for a while... but nobody wants to take ownership of it.  =)22:30
thumperJonOomph: thanks22:35
JonOomphthumper, I updated that bug report with an easy step by step way to reproduce it.  No problem.22:35

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