nhainesdragon: it'd be weirder if you were babysitting and the kid was like 19.01:31
dragonnhaines: How did you know!?01:48
DarkwingAnyone have any expirence with usb flash drives? It reconizes it as a USB device but, not a drive.02:11
DonkeyHoteithe hello kitty ones have usb vendor/product codes 1234:5678, wreaking havoc on linux02:13
DonkeyHoteithey also necessitate a reboot for proper unmounting on mac os x02:15
broderDarkwing: you could look at `sudo lsusb -v` - find the device in the tree that gets printed out, and see what bDeviceClass is02:15
broder(you might want to pipe that to less)02:15
Darkwingbroder: It's defined at interface level however, bInterfaceClass shows Mass Storage.02:36
broderanything interesting in dmesg | tail?02:39
Darkwing[  575.365357] scsi 6:0:0:0: Direct-Access     XXXXXXXX U167CONTROLLER   0.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 202:40
Darkwing[  575.421185] sd 6:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 002:40
Darkwing[  575.422888] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk02:40
DarkwingHowever, when I try to mount sdb  it states no medum found02:43
broderwhat about sdb1?02:49
Darkwingmount: special device /dev/sdb1/ does not exist02:50
* Darkwing mutters02:50
Darkwingit doesn't show up in fdisk -l02:50
Darkwingeither... However. it lists sdb and sg1 in /dev/02:50
broderare you sure it's actually partitioned and has a filesystem?02:51
DarkwingIt was... Gimme a sec02:52
DarkwingOkay, plugged it in my moms Win7. There is no filesystem on it.02:53
DarkwingSooo... Now I get to do a google search for building a filesystem02:54
broderopen "disk utility" from the dash02:56
Darkwinggimme a sec to find my KDE equiv. :)02:58
DarkwingError creating partition table: helper exited with exit code 1: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found03:02
DarkwingI think this key is borked.03:02
Darkwingfound a firmware recovery for it.03:30
DarkwingWell, that worked.04:39
TtechDid it?04:39
DarkwingYeah, I found a firmware program that runs on windows. So I used my mothers computer to reflash the firmware.04:43
DarkwingI found it on some russian website LOL04:43
DarkwingWith the help of google translate and my highschool russian I was able to fix my borked pendrive. :D04:43
Darkwingwell, this is fun...18:16
jtatumor is it?18:17
Darkwingfun bug of the day... now, howto deal... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdegames/+bug/92500218:17
pleia2oh dear18:17
Darkwingoh yes... like i said, fun. lol18:18
pleia2I see the upstream bug brought it to the german list, but I'd talk to an ubuntu german native speaker18:19
nhainesI think a Zigeuner is a gypsy.18:19
pleia2(I wince when I hear people throwing "political correctness" around because I've encountered some deeply offensive things that people laughed at and just said I was being too PC)18:21
Darkwingnhaines yes, its gypsy18:21
nhainesI'm not sure if it's a slur, although I'm pretty certain it can be used as one.  The German word's related to 'tsigani' in Greek, like most of the other European words for the Romani peoples.18:21
nhainesI remember playing a rather pleasant song about a "Zigeuner" from a German piano/song book.18:22
Darkwingi need to find a native speaker still.18:22
pleia2Darkwing: forward to dholbach? (he's off irc now, but he replies to email)18:22
pleia2he's CC too, so can speak to CoC violations18:23
Darkwingyeah, Thanks.18:23
nhainesI don't see corresponding thread suggested on the kde-i19n-de ML.18:24
Darkwingoh, kubuntu 12.04 is sweeeeeeeet18:24
nhainesdholbach will definitely be able to grant some insight into the matter.  :)18:24
Darkwingkde 4.8 is 110% better.18:25
pleia2anyone near redwood city that can chime in on the list? We need to pick a place for dinner on Sunday19:03
broderdid you look around to see if there was anything in the foster city area? that's your best bet for walkable19:34
pleia2is the area actually walkable at night?19:35
brodernot totally sure, but it's very residential, so i'd think it might be19:36
pleia2foster city is still quite a hike from there19:36
pleia24 miles :\19:36
jtatumrwc has a little main street with like.. 5 thai restaurants19:37
pleia2Devils Canyon Brewing Co seems close, but I don't know if it can be walked to19:37
jtatumi've been to at least three of them19:37
broderjtatum: yes, but sofitel barely counts as actually being in redwood city19:37
pleia2223 Twin Dolphin Drive19:37
pleia2Redwood City, CA 9406519:37
jtatumoh.. dunno19:37
pleia2^^ address of where they are staying19:37
broder(it's just across from oracle hq)19:38
jtatumah. it's a short drive down to the main street area from twin dolphin. no good public transit.19:38
pleia2jtatum: will you be joining us sunday evening? :)19:38
broderthere's some stuff on redwood shores pkwy that might be workable19:39
pleia2yum yum Amicis19:40
jtatumi think so, pleia2. jledbetter works on twin dolphin so probably knows whatever's nearby19:41
pleia2jtatum: oh great, can you find her and ask? we'd like to have plans finalized by tomorrow19:41
pleia2(or she can reply on list :))19:41
jledbetterWow, yeah, really close to there. I can walk there (223 Twin Dolphin)19:43
pleia2jledbetter: we're planning to have dinner with some ubuntu folks coming in for Linaro Connect next week, need dinner place suggestions that are walkable from there :)19:44
jledbetterFor lunch, we've gone across the street which is within walking distance. nothing's amazing though. Thinking.19:45
jtatumthought you said there was a pizza place over there?19:45
jledbetterYeah. Haven't had it yet though. But I think it has the better review than the chinese place we usually go or Una Mas. http://www.amicis.com/19:46
jledbetterThey can probably walk down Twin Dolphin and cross the street or go through the EA campus which is beautiful ;) But might not be so impressive at night.19:47
pleia2Amicis is good, they have locations up here too19:47
jledbetterjtatum: I think that hotel is the one folks were staying at for the holiday party19:47
pleia2jledbetter: will the guards chase them out? :)19:47
pleia2sunday evening, roaming pack of geeks...19:47
jledbetterpleia2: I don't think so.19:47
jledbetterInteresting idea to be chased out though. Specially if you do the meditation maze thing.19:48
jtatummeditation maze?19:48
jledbetterWe have a bike path so I'm guessing no one would be chased off.19:48
jledbetterjtatum: Yeah. Didn't show that to you? My bad. It's like... actually might be seeable in google maps19:48
pleia2it's unclear if Una Mas there is open for dinner19:49
jledbetterjtatum: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=EA+Bikepath,+Redwood+City,+CA&hl=en&sll=37.522074,-122.255012&sspn=0.004976,0.008256&oq=ea+bikepath&hnear=EA+Bikepath,+Redwood+City,+San+Mateo,+California+94065&t=h&z=17  zoom in19:50
pleia2maybe we just go with Amici's, they're open, have veggie options19:50
jledbetterUna Mas has veggie options too but not sure of their hours.19:51
pleia2their website is unhelpful about hours19:51
jledbetterI hate when restaurants do that. I guess they like getting those phone calls about what their hours are ;)19:53
akkAmazingly few restaurants bother to list their hours on their website19:53
akkthose that even have websites, which is already an amazingly small subset19:53
pleia2jledbetter: is it a sit down place, or more like chipotle? (una mas)19:53
jledbetterpleia2: More like chipotle. There are tables. Can pull them together.19:53
akkUna Mas is like chipotle but a little more fast-foody.19:54
pleia2ok, I'll call and find out about hours19:54
jledbetterAmici's might do the table pulling together in advance though with a phone call19:54
jtatumglad we got the SME here :)19:54
jledbetterYeah. Food options around EA. I'm the SME.19:55
pleia2una mas is only open until 819:55
pleia2I think we do Amici's and make reservations, they're open until 1019:56
jledbetterThat sounds better, unless you want to go a clipper shuttle route. Not sure of their evening hours though. I only use them in the morning.19:56
akkPizza & Pipes hosted a robot hackathon a few months ago and was pretty roomy, but it's downtown RC.19:56
jledbetterThere might be photos of Amicis innards somewhere.19:57
pleia2cool, looks good19:58
jledbetterAnd, of course, now I want pizza.19:58
akkI do too, but I have to go meet someone for ramen, which sounds a lot less appealing.19:59
pleia2jledbetter: think you can put together some walking directions for people from the hotel?19:59
nhainesakk: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/restaurant_website20:02
jledbetterpleia2: Sure20:03
akkHaha, yes! nhaines20:03
pleia2oh yeah, it's superbowl night20:03
pleia2but I think fans will be elsewhere20:03
jledbetterThere's also an ice cream shop there that has vegan ice cream. Don't know the name or hours. But I had the chocolate at our ice cream social and it was num.20:05
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dragonmarkdude: ping21:18

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