DammitJimanyone know what kinda wireless routers support bridging per interface?15:19
DammitJimI would like to bridge the wireless devices, but not the wired ones15:19
zoopsterDammitJim: not sure how you are using the term bridging here, but most decent wireless routers will support bridging using the wireless interfaces15:32
zoopsterit's especially easy with dd-wrt15:35
DammitJimbridging meaning it works in the same subnet as the WAN15:38
DammitJimyeah, I know you can setup bridging, but I want to keep the wired network unbridged, so basically selecting what interface bridges :D15:39
maxolasersquadYou want a wireless router where the WAN and the LAN are on the same network?19:04
maxolasersquadDammitJim: ^^19:04
maxolasersquadHmmm, I can't find the Newegg order where I got my wireless router, but that's how it works.19:08
maxolasersquadI'll try to remember to post the make/model when I get home tonight.19:08
DammitJimthanks maxolasersquad 19:08

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