snap-lNew case is in. It's sharp12:23
snap-land by sharp, I mean it's going to cut me at some point during this build12:24
mydogsnameisrudyhmm sounds orgazmic12:24
snap-lhaven't had a case like that in a while.12:24
brouschfun times with the subaru12:49
rick_hbrousch: yea?12:58
brouschtransmission issues12:58
brouschlooks like a common problem on this era of subaru12:58
brouschit hit 123456 miles last night!12:59
brouschbut it has trouble shifting into drive13:01
mydogsnameisrudychange the filter and oil lately?13:03
brouschmydogsnameisrudy: it has regular maintenance from a mechanic13:15
rick_hbrousch: what year is it? I took my last one to 180k <313:16
brouschi found a forum with many others having this exact same problem, but the only solutions are transmission flush and filter (gives you 6 months of usage) or transmission rebuild13:16
brousch2000 forester13:16
rick_hah, outback for life!13:16
rick_hbrousch: yea, I've heard of some of that from the early 2k models13:17
brouschi liked the outback better, but this is the wife's car so she had final say13:17
rick_hwhen I got my 99 I test drove both and the forrester feels roomier, but the outback is more solid/quiet13:17
brouschwe got it in 2003 with 19k miles, so it's had a good run13:17
rick_hyea, nice thing is that fix the tranny and it's still got another good life in it13:18
brouschtranny fix is $2000+, car is worth $300013:20
brousch$3000 if it's working ;)13:20
brouschalso we've put a grand into it in the last 6 months with the first time this happened, broken shift cable, and burst radiator, so it's not feeling like something that will last will another 50k miles13:21
rick_hbrousch: ugh, sucky13:24
snap-lbrousch: Sorry to hear that.13:47
Wolfgerbrousch: Which gear is "drive"? 1st? 5th?14:09
Wolfger1st gets me going, but 5th is what I spend most of my time in...14:09
WolfgerBut I generally find that any one gear is skipable.14:09
WolfgerWell there's your problem! :-)14:10
rick_hhard to skip 5th14:10
brouschbut trying to go using 1,2 or 3 has the same result14:10
Wolfgerrick_h: I can skip (forgo) 5th if need be, but MPG would suffer14:11
rick_hskip != forgo :P14:12
brouschreal cars have 7 forward gears14:12
Wolfgerbut skip =~ forgo14:12
brouschyou wimps and your 514:12
Wolfgerreal drivers shift their own gears, not leave it to the whims of a mechanical device14:13
rick_hyea, <3 my stick14:13
brouschyeah, i kind of miss that14:13
rick_hbut it does suck that it's hard to get the nice upgrades since sticks are usually saved for the lower end builds14:13
brouschbut then i spend 75% of my time on city streets with stop lights and signs every 1/2 mile14:13
Wolfgerat any rate, sorry to hear about your costly repairs :-(14:15
WolfgerFWIW, my Jeep is approaching the quarter-million mark on the odometer, no major issues other than the radiator rusting out last year.14:16
brouschyeah, jeeps last forvever14:16
brouschfall apart bit by bit from the outisde in14:17
WolfgerYeah, I'm getting some water inside when it rains... but I don't consider that a major issue for some reason :-p14:18
Wolfgerinside -> the rugs get wet, not inside -> raining on my head14:18
WolfgerI'm sure the body will rust completely away before I have powertrain issues14:19
rick_hjust keep telling myself "doing this nasty hack in your code is ok...it'll let you get to fix it...it'll be ok"15:25
brouschhehe http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/stewart-michigan.png15:27
Wolfgerbrousch, snap-l: we should incorporate that into the LoCo logo16:00
Wolfgerrick_h: hack code is fine... for now...16:01
WolfgerWhat are the odds it will ever bite you in the butt? ;-)16:01
rick_hheh, I'm proud, I've not blown up and quit yet. :)16:03
Wolfgertrouble in Canonical paradise?16:26
rick_hlet's just say that it's a compliment to my will power I've not begun a man hunt for the people that did the JS work in LP :)16:27
rick_hI know that they say "you don't need ruby experts, you need programming experts!" but some damn good programmers can write some HORRIBLE javascript!16:35
WolfgerIt's comforting, somewhat, to know that bad code infiltrates every company to some degree. At least... comforting for as long as I don't change jobs.16:39
brouschohman, google groups pages are much easier to use than facebook16:44
brouschswitching is really easy16:44
WolfgerI have really come to loathe16:47
brouschadding manager is simple too16:50
snap-lrick_h: I did some code wrangling yesterday that made me feel like I needed some lysol afterward17:02
snap-lrick_h: Also, Javascript is not regular programming17:02
snap-lNormal programming makes some assumptions which are patently false in Javascript.17:03
Blazeixlike what?17:03
snap-lscope rules17:03
snap-lConventions for hiding or containing scope17:04
snap-lprototyping vs. OO17:04
snap-lJAvascript reminds me of C++ in many regards, because your preconceptions can get you into some deep trouble17:05
Blazeixscope i'm not so sure about. python scope is funky as well17:06
snap-lWell, in a way, yes17:06
snap-lPython's scoping is more geared towards making sure you're explicit when using globals17:07
Blazeixand variables leaking out of if/while blocks17:07
snap-lJavascript encourages global usage17:07
snap-ls/encourages/sends out invitations, and has a party whenever there's/17:08
Blazeixyeah, binding to the global object is stupid17:08
Blazeixas in a stupid language design deecision17:08
snap-l(I know it's not that bad, but it seems like every Javascript book I've read, without exception, starts off with "Here's how to avoid global scope")17:08
Blazeixi guess i'd argue that js differences aren't that large, when compared to differences between other languages17:13
Blazeixi'm bristling at "not regular programming" being used as an excuse to not learn a language17:13
Blazeixthough I know that's not what you were going for :)17:13
snap-lBlazeix: Oh, no, that's not it at all17:13
snap-lMore that "if you're not programming for Javascript, you'll be in for a world of hurt"17:14
snap-lIf you treat C++ as C with nicer malloc, you're also in for a world of hurt17:14
snap-lOf course, that's almost true of any language, now that I think about it. ;)17:15
* snap-l gets ready to restate his null hypothesis17:16
snap-lPerhaps Javascript isn't approached as a new language, but more as "web glue", and that's where it gets folks into trouble17:16
snap-lthey only learn enough for their project, not to really understand it17:16
* snap-l waits for _stink_ to yell at him for using the phrase "null hypothesis". ;)17:17
rick_hthe thing with JS is that it's bolted on a lot of things17:18
rick_hlike in Launchpad17:18
rick_hwhich then means as it grows, you have to unbolt it and start to make sense of it, get it under tests that didn't exist, break assumptions, functionality that was done server side since the server side code was generating hte JS code17:19
rick_hwhich is where I'm at, trying to wrangle years of bad practice into good practices, but as you start to do it, you break so much code that you have to go back, implement bad things before you can start to fix them17:19
rick_hmaybe shell is the only thing that tend to get abused so much because you can just do quick things with it and it's not really part of hte main app17:20
rick_hso it ends up not tested, no one knows how it works, etc17:20
brouschshell scripting is a great analogue17:21
brouschit's the bash of the web17:21
snap-lbrousch: rick_h ++17:22
rick_hexcept in JS you can start to turn that bash code into a full application now17:27
brouschi'm sure you can make a real application in bash17:29
rick_hI'm sure it's possible17:30
rick_hbut not common as making a reall app in JS is becoming common17:30
brouschthat's just because Google hasn't shown you how yet17:31
Blazeixnext google blogpost "we're sunsetting this whole 'web' thing"17:33
rick_hnaw, "bash for App Engine support! with a new sdk we call BwT!"17:34
rick_hksh users everywhere cry out "Why doesn't Google love us?!"17:35
* Wolfger wonders why he has never actually installed perl shell... it only seems natural...17:45
jrwrenanyone know how I can get bash to show me readline variables, like completions-ignore-case17:47
snap-lWolfger: Because you're not that masochistic?17:51
brouschsnap-l: come on, look who you're talking about17:52
brouschthere must be some other reason17:52
brouschoh no! the choo-choo train! http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/local/se_mich/amtrak-train-crash-in-jackson-county18:39
snap-lUgh, not cool.19:00
snap-lI love that during the recording of The Gates of Delerium by Yes, a rack of automobile parts fell during the drum take19:14
snap-land they left it in.19:15
Wolfgersnap-l: Me, not masochistic? I've been a contractor at Chrysler for nearly 11 years now.19:47
Wolfgerbrousch: the reason is laziness19:47
snap-lWolfger: Heh19:48
snap-lWolfger: Sadly I think there are contractors at Chrysler that have been there longer than most full-time folks.19:48
snap-lSo dippy.19:49
WolfgerI think snap-l just called me dippy.19:49
snap-lUm, no19:49
snap-lI mean Chrysler's whole hiring practices19:50
WolfgerThey're actually hiring pretty decently lately19:51
Wolfgerbut I lack the requisite 4-year degree to continue doing what I've been doing the past 11 years if I attempt to hire in.19:52
Blazeixmy boss (who codes) joined the company 4 years ago, and he doesn't have a degree. so it's still possible.19:55
Blazeixjust maybe not at chrysler19:55
WolfgerYeah, problem with big companies is that they tend to adopt arbitrary rules and adhere strictly to them.19:59
WolfgerThere's a massive disconnect between the HR dept and the people who actually conduct interviews20:01
jrwrenyet another reason to not work for a bug company20:04
brouschyeah, also, the bugs20:09
brouschman, they're killers20:09
* krondor won't even talk about the depressing government hiring process20:10
snap-lBlazeix: Chrysler is blazingly stupid about their degree requirements20:18
snap-lkrondor: One of my friends keeps sending me job reqs for the state of michigan20:18
snap-lunless they could guarantee a frat-party every single day, I think I'd want to kill myself.20:19
brouschquick and dirty logo. thoughts? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/grmobiledev-logo-400px.png20:51
snap-lINteresting start20:56
brouschi think it's all there. maybe just mess with fonts and finger thicknesses20:57
krondorhmm, I'm not sure I like the gray for the fingers instead of black21:02
brouscheverything black, or gray phone, black fingers?21:03
krondoreverything black I'm thinking21:03
krondoror make the colors a more obvious difference.  The gray is too similar to the black21:04
brouschthey are pretty close21:04
brouschhm, a dark yellow hand works well too21:13
Blazeixwhat about android green?21:14
Blazeixwould that be too light?21:14
krondorI'd make the four fingers shorter and fatter and more evenly spaced across the phone.  I'd make the thumb maybe come up midway to the edge of Dev21:49
krondorFills in the logo a bit more, and play with some fonts (Ubuntu font might look nice)21:50
krondorAlso I'd androidify it a bit more :)  Green Blazeix++ and get rid of that iphone circle for a home, back, switch icon21:51
krondorbut that's because I'm biased21:51
brouschthe green is so glaring22:00
brouschoh crap, gotta run22:00
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tjagodaTerrible suspense is terrible23:19
tjagodaI think tomorrow or Friday is when I'm supposed to hear back from Canonical23:19

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