thafreakSo, ohio18:31
paultagso, thafreak18:31
thafreakI'm strongly considering getting into the recruiting game18:31
* paultag ducks out18:32
Unit193paultag: You're not Ohio, you're somewhere else ;)18:32
thafreakExactly...everyone hates recruiters...18:32
thafreakso i want to do it better18:32
paultagthafreak: good luck, man18:33
paultagit's tough18:33
thafreakis anything not tough?18:35
paultaghttp://shortyawards.com/sunfoundation#/vote <- give us some love, please (some hot twitter action would be ♥ )18:36
paultagthafreak: that's true18:36
paultagthafreak: count it.18:45
thafreakcount what?18:49
paultagthafreak: your vote, it was silly and awesome.18:49
thafreakgotcha ;)18:49
paultagthafreak: RE: recruiting: yeah, it's going to be super tough18:50
paultagthe only way is if you can somehow become ohio's f/oss / linux-ey folks18:50
paultagplace pythonic and c/c++ into f/oss spots18:50
paultageverything else is *fucked* right now18:50
thafreakwell, all the recruiters contact me anyway anytime a linux job opens up18:51
paultagyeah, hum.18:51
thafreakI'm also thinking of training future linux admins...then recruiting them out18:52
thafreakonce they pass my tests18:52
paultagsysadmin bootcamp of sorts18:52
thafreakso i don't try to make money off them learning, since i will hopefully get a payday once I place them18:52
thafreakAnother question for my technically advanced friends here18:55
thafreakwould you prefer a recruiter like me, who has done many of the jobs you are being recruited for...18:55
thafreakor some one who just switched to recuiting IT after having recruited for say, accounting the year before (i.e. 0 technical knowledge)18:56
canthus13It'd be nice to have someone who knows what they're talking about. Last recruiter I talked to called me for an entry-level VoIP engineer position, which I was interested in.  The guy interviewing me wanted an SS7/VoIP guru with additional exchange experience. :/21:09
dzhoyeah, doesn't sound very entry-level21:10
dzho"we want guru experience, but only want to pay entry-level wages/salary"21:11
dzhowhich sounds about right, overall21:11
canthus13Oh no. they weren't even wanting to pay that. the recruiter was just an idiot.21:13
canthus13I'm sure the company would have paid top dollar.21:14
canthus13the guy doing the actual interviewing was talking 80k.21:14
canthus13(Odd to talk money during the first interview, but I got the feeling they were in a pinch)21:14
thafreakyeah, it was kind of a rhetorical question anyway ;)21:20
thafreakI want to see client's places and how employees are treated before I recruit...21:20
thafreakI'm not a pimp21:21
canthus13good. I hate getting slapped around and hooked on crack. :/21:27
thafreakjackson: where you from?23:05
thafreakonly a few places in ohio have armstrong...you wouldn't be up in the medina area would you?23:06
canthus13thafreak: About that pimping, though... Feel free to pimp me out to anywhere in NEO. :)23:07

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