nibalizerslangasek: ping00:34
bkerensaI cannot win for losing with this router00:35
slangaseknibalizer: ribbit00:38
nibalizerslangasek: mountall is returning status 2. what could that indicate? we're confused. one of the lvs is not being activated on boot00:40
slangaseknibalizer: hmm, looking00:46
slangaseknibalizer: returning status 2 just means mountall thinks something has failed that requires a maintenance shell to fix00:46
nibalizerokay. thanks.00:47
slangasekshould only occur if you've pressed 'M' during boot to ask for a maintenance shell00:47
nibalizeryea, we're trying to figure out what the underlying problem is and how to fix it00:47
slangasekwell, the exit code is probably not related then00:48
slangasekso is it a VG that's failing to be activated?00:50
nibalizerno, just a single logical volume00:51
nibalizera custom one, not / or anything00:52
bkerensaslangasek: Do you know which package nm-applet is apart of? I found a pretty interesting bug00:54
slangasekbkerensa: network-manager-gnome00:54
bkerensaokie dokie00:54
slangaseknibalizer: a single logical volume that's part of a VG that *has* been activated?00:55
nibalizergive me a sec to look at it again00:56
nibalizeryes thats correct. there is one vg00:56
nibalizerand from that there are 5lvs, /, swap, /tmp, /var all come up, but /disk/tank doesn't00:57
nibalizer/disk/tank is listead as inactive in lvscan00:57
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bkerensaslangasek: This was the bug I ran into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/92460901:19
lubotu1Launchpad bug 924609 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "Network Manager adds (null) values for Wireless Connections" [Undecided,New]01:19
bkerensaIt just started occuring since my last update on 12.04 and now my Wifi is also acting very turbulent01:19
slangaseknibalizer: hum, I don't know why a single lv would be inactive on boot, unless someone had done something to it prior to the reboot.  Does 'vgchange -a y' have any effect?01:22
slangasek(because that's all we ever do on boot)01:22
slangasekbkerensa: definitely not my department ;)  But the desktop guys are good about picking up those bugs01:23
nibalizerslangasek: that't what we've been trying but it hasn't been working, very strange01:25
slangaseknibalizer: ok good, then it's not my bug ;P  how about 'lvchange -a y /dev/myvg/mylv'?01:26
slangasek(and is there any clustering involved here?)01:26
nibalizerslangasek: nope01:27
slangasekcan you pastebin the output from 'lvdisplay'?01:28
nibalizersure i'm waiting on it reboot01:29
nibalizerslangasek: it didn't come back after lvchange01:38
nibalizeroutput of lvdisplay: http://pastie.org/329280501:38
bkerensaYelp is having a Back to the Future Ball on Thursday is anyone going? I'm RSVP'ed with +101:38
slangaseknibalizer: anything in dmesg?02:01
nibalizernothing useful02:02
slangaseknibalizer: you're definitely running into something I've never seen before02:02
nibalizerwell thats comforting :)02:02
nibalizerour solution is 'its up for today' tomorrow we'll reload it natty and hope the problem just goes away02:02
c_smithbkerensa, were you able to get a hold of dholbach? I feel like I'm hounding you by asking so much, so if you haven't heard from him last night, shoot me an email when you do, would you?05:44
c_smiththat way we can get this planned out.05:45
bkerensac_smith: When he comes on around midnight I will ask06:53
bkerensaand I will e-mail you when I know more06:54
c_smithHello, izdubar20:38
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c_smithAh, so it's MarkDude20:39
* c_smith is enjoying his new Acer tablet20:40
markdudeSumthin like that20:41
markdudeHows it working c_smith20:41
c_smithReally nicely, Android Honeycomb, two cameras, a MicroSD port, wifi, over all, reallt nice.20:43
markdudesounds cool20:50
cweber10Bkerensa: How it going.21:13
ibkerensaHey cweber10 I'm good just running errands21:33
ibkerensaOn my phone21:33
cweber10Ahhh was in my cs399 lab and thought it would be a good time to say hi.21:35
bkerensacweber10: When did you want to get some mentoring? :)22:21
bkerensaI think I'm supposed to check in with you weekly I have a form I have to sign and send somewhere :P22:22
bkerensacweber10: I'm available via Hangout during the day almost M-F or we can do it over IRC but if we do Hangout I can have access to meeting tools22:23
cweber10what ever works best for you, and I can pass any information on to the two other people as well22:25
cweber10Becca Says hi!22:26
cweber10She would like to know if there is anything that you know of that will happen before the 3rd week of March (end of our term)22:27
bkerensacweber10: Friday we are having a Ubuntu Hour in Portland it is announced on our mailing list22:28
bkerensacweber10: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ also lists most if not all of the international events occuring online etc22:29
cweber10Fridays are a bit hard for her at the moment.22:29
cweber10bkerensa: yea we have that link for the class. Just thinking that local stuff could be a bit more engageing as we could see people face to face22:30
bkerensaYeah well the Portland Ubuntu Hour this Friday and we will likely have another one next month too before you adjourn22:33
bkerensaSummer/Spring is generally a bit more FOSSy... Geeks seem to hibernate in the Winter22:33
cweber10Will have to keep an eye out for that so we can get out.22:34
bkerensacweber10: Seems like some OSU LUG and PSU ACM folks might be coming to the Ubuntu Hour this friday22:36
bkerensamight be a good op for engaging22:36
cweber10yea will be intresting, my problem is getting a ride from salem.22:41
bkerensacweber10: Yeah... I offered Becka to come and do a presentation at WOU for your class but told her it would be contingent on me being able to get a ride out there.22:46
bkerensacweber10: One of the other mentees just e-mailed me.22:46
bkerensacweber10: If you are interested some OSU students are coming up for the Ubuntu Hour and they might possibly be able to give you a ride up etc but they are also doing a birthday party so you would likely have to go to that with them or hangout in Portland after until they head back22:49
bkerensa<relud> bkerensa: monmouth isn't terribly out of the way, i'd be willing to pick them up if need be, but they'd have to be up for the dual birthday party22:49
cweber10bkerensa: yea if you can help set up communication, cweber10@wou.edu is my e-mail. and I am actuly in salem friday, only have one class in the morning22:50
bkerensacweber10:  Can you just /join #OSU-LUG22:50
bkerensathe person is relud22:50
cweber10BBL Lab is over and I have to ride the bus home. might get on my phone while traveling will depend on how my phone acts22:51
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bkerensaalbrigha: Hope you can make it Friday looks like we might have a very good turnout... Got students coming from WOU/OSU/PSU23:02
albrighabkerensa: cool!23:03
albrighaI think it will work out23:03
* bkerensa is off to The Home Depot23:04

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