dakermhall119, http://kippt.com11:02
mhall119daker: is that yours?12:52
dakermhall119, no13:11
mhall119daker: I'm pretty invested in Tomboy for my notes13:17
mhall119what does this one offer?13:18
dakeri didn't test it but i think the same features like the app you have made13:19
mhall119daker: oh, a news reader?13:23
mhall119I thought it was a note-taking app13:23
aquariusmhall119, you've made an app to do with tomboy?15:56
mhall119aquarius: no, I made a new reader16:19
aquariusmhall119, new reader for what?16:20
mhall119news reader16:25
aquariusmhall119, aha :)16:58
aquariusmhall119, native app or web app?16:58
mhall119aquarius: webapp16:59
aquariuscool. hosted or locally deployed?17:00
mhall119on amazon ec217:00
mhall119oh you mean for users? hosted17:00
aquariusyeah, for users is what I meant :)17:00
mhall119I was going to try and turn it into a pay service, but there hasn't been much interest17:00
aquariuscharging for access?17:00
aquariusah, you're ahead of me :)17:00
mhall119not currently17:00
aquariusso how do you pay the bills? ads? or just eat the cost for now?17:01
mhall119readfeeder.net is probably going to go away, and I'll just host it for my own purposes17:01
mhall119eating it for now, it's on a micro instance, so only $15/month17:01
aquariusfair play17:01
mhall119but mhall119.com is on a separate instance, also at $15/mo17:01
mhall119so I'm going to make it private just for me, and kill the public one17:02
aquariusI've been toying with a mobile thing based on rawdog. Haven't had time to play with it yet :)17:03
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dakermhall119, yes!18:52
cjohnstonmhall119: et al, all mobile changes should be live now too21:39
mhall119cjohnston: thanks!21:39

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