tjaaltonRAOF: heh, indeed05:36
tjaaltonmerged -wacom 0.13 in git10:06
tjaalton..which doesn't build10:20
tjaalton../../test/fake-symbols.c:467:16: error: redefinition of 'struct _InputOption'10:20
tjaalton/usr/include/xorg/input.h:226:16: note: originally defined here10:20
tjaalton../../test/fake-symbols.c:471:3: error: conflicting types for 'InputOption'10:20
tjaalton/usr/include/xorg/input.h:230:3: note: previous declaration of 'InputOption' was here10:20
tjaaltonahah, need to add more stuff to the buildfix patch10:22
tjaaltonyep, worked10:25
tjaaltonuploaded -wacom to canonical/x-staging10:37
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mgariepyI'm having issue with a machine that X won't show on the screen (monitor is going to sleep) sometime, the only way to ""fix"" it is to reboot until it works.13:55
mgariepyi'm on lucid 10.04 fully updated, i have those message in dmesg : http://paste.ubuntu.com/824176/13:56
mgariepythe one on top doesn't work and the one on the bottom works.13:57
mgariepyWhen i do xrandr, on both machine by ssh, both seems to be configured correctly.13:57
tjaaltonmgariepy: try a newer kernel, you have plenty to choose from14:44
mgariepytjaalton, i tried oneiric one and it didn't fix the issue.15:13
tjaaltonthen try 3.2 from the kernel mainline ppa15:14
tjaaltondo you have to run 10.04 btw?15:14
mgariepytjaalton, yes i do15:16
tjaaltonsorry to hear :)15:16
mgariepytjaalton, this kernel ? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.2-precise/15:21
mgariepy3.2.2? 15:21
mgariepytjaalton, the machine was working fine on karmic15:31
tjaaltonwhich chip is it?15:31
mgariepy00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:2a42] (rev 09)15:32
mgariepywhat i find weird is that it boots a RO filesystem and sometimes it works but not other.15:32
tjaaltonmaybe best to file a bug upstream if 3.2 doesn't work15:32
tjaaltonstock lucid or 3.2?15:33
mgariepystock lucid15:33
mgariepyX starts with the right resolution and all be the monitor goes to sleep15:34
tjaaltonok then. might test karmic to see if it still works, and if not it's your hw failing15:34
mgariepyi got a lot of machine that does that.15:34
tjaaltonso you're on #intel-gfx, tried asking there, or better yet, filed a bug upstream?15:37
mgariepymight be KMS that does something weird?15:37
tjaaltonit's all it has15:37
tjaaltonno ums for intel15:37
mgariepy #intel-gfx didn't answer yesterday15:38
tjaaltontry a daily livecd?15:39
mgariepytjaalton, linux-image-generic-lts-backport-natty seems to do the trick18:29
* apw has just updated a nvidia box with a GeForce GTX 580 (GF110) in it, and its hanging at the login screen with PFIFO: read fault, ringing any bells ?18:29
apw(and indeed any suggestions?)18:29
apw(and update to precise)18:30
brycehi apw, 18:36
brycenot ringing any bells for me.  tried removing and reinstalling nvidia?18:36
bryceapw, there've been some problems with people who had installed nvidia-173 instead of nvidia; I might doublecheck that.  (jockey-text should reveal it)18:37
achianghello, some time around last week in Precise, the scroll area of my trackpad went a little crazy18:38
apwbryce, will do thanks18:39
achiangif i don't use the scroll area for a while, the next time i use it, the acceleration is extreme18:39
achiangand i'll scroll half a page at a time18:39
achiangafter the first touch, then scrolling goes back to "normal"18:40
apwbryce, so the only nvidia i have is nvidia-common, is that right or am i missing something18:40
brycethat is right18:41
brycewait, no18:41
bryceyou should also have nvidia-current installed18:41
bryce(I think you can do it manually, but it's better to do via jockey if possible)18:41
bryceapw, does jockey indicate that nvidia is installed?  If so, may need to forcibly uninstall more nvidia bits.  If not, then try reinstalling18:42
tjaaltonmgariepy: nice. but you said the oneiric one didn't work, meaning it has regressed again since natty?18:44
apwbryce, i actually have a held xserver-xorg-video-all18:44
apwdepending on a bunch of -xxx h/w specific drivers18:44
mgariepytjaalton, maybe, i need to do more testing.18:45
bryceapw, aha18:45
mgariepyi'll skip oneiric tho, i'll go with precise since i won't work with oneiric..18:45
bryceapw, prior to this last update had you updated the system within the last week or so?  might be you're just still hung up on the transition18:46
apwbryce, nope this was very old, i booted it and updated it18:46
bryceapw, uninstall those h/w specific drivers and then make the update complete18:46
tjaaltonmgariepy: good plan18:46
bryceapw, lately there've been a handful of dropped drivers; theoretically they should have automatically been purged18:47
brycepresumably they weren't for some reason in your case (I've run into this myself in the past)18:47
apwbryce, yeah, i presume this is something missing on the new packages to make it occur if you have a release cd level version18:48
* bryce nods18:48
apwbryce, i will also note that nothing told me this had occured18:48
bryceapw, it's hardly likely worth your time to debug it; if it looks like it's going to be a hassle I would just backup user files and do a fresh install18:48
bryceapw, that's ungood18:49
apwbryce, is there any way to tell which is the broke -video- thats installed18:50
bryceapw, with these installation problems, usually the apt guys want to have a reproducible test case.  If you think you can reconstruct it, it may be worth reporting18:50
bryceapw, hmm18:50
bryceapw, not sure, other than individually removing them until you've purged enough18:51
apwbryce, i suspect a scratch to the oneiric release cd and then an update will repro it18:51
apwbryce, but will prove that this is the issue first18:51
bryceapw, are you attempting apt-get install -f ?18:51
apwinstall -f is happy18:51
apwit just says 13 not upgraded18:51
apwbryce, getting the errors when i attempt to install ubuntu-desktop^18:52
bryceapw, if it can be repro'd from a stock oneiric release, that would be double bad.  However, I would expect we'd have other reports in that case (but possibly you're just the first?)18:52
apwmost of us update more regularly, this being unpdated for months is unusual18:52
apwbryce, so basically uninstall *-video-* and then reinstall ubuntu-desktop^18:53
bryceapw, yep18:54
tjaaltonapw: do you get plymouth/kms?18:54
tjaaltonie. does nouveau work18:54
brycetjaalton, yeah he gets to the login screen18:54
bryce"PFIFO: read fault"18:55
apwtjaalton, yep18:56
apwbryce, but till i have X all at the same level i am ignorign the error18:57
apwbryce, ok didn't improve anything any19:05
bryceapw, ok at this point I need logs and such19:08
bryceapw, either do up a ubuntu-bug xorg or pastebin the usual stuff19:08
brycethe PFIFO: read fault error message appears to be a nouveau-specific message19:09
bryceso presumably you have two problems, a) nouveau is busted, and b) nvidia isn't running properly19:10
apwbryce, i am not expecting to have binary drivers on here19:13
apwbryce, should i install them ?19:13
bryceapw, yes19:14
bryceapw, well let me ask - you said "this is an nvidia box" initially, by which I mean your intention is to have binary drivers installed.19:14
bryceif that's not the case, then I've been woefully misleading you19:15
apwbryce, no my intenton is to use the graphical interface... i've not used nvidia drivers before on it though19:15
apwbryce, jockey-text offers nothing anyhow19:15
bryceah, ok nouveau then19:16
bryceapw, can you pastebin your Xorg.0.log or file a bug report?19:17
apwbryce, whats the incantation for a nvidia bug report19:17
bryceubuntu-bug xorg19:17
apwbryce, http://paste.ubuntu.com/825488/19:18
bryce(there is a separate command for making nvidia binary driver bug reports, but that's not used for nouveau problems)19:18
brycegpu lockup on nouveau19:18
brycewhere did you see the PFIFO error? dmesg?  pastebin that too19:19
bryce[   100.328] [mi] These backtraces from mieqEnqueue may point to a culprit higher up the stack.19:21
bryce[   100.328] [mi] mieq is *NOT* the cause.  It is a victim.19:21
apwbryce, http://paste.ubuntu.com/825492/19:21
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tjaaltonapw: you have the drm-next mainline builds, try one ;)20:24
apwtjaalton, heh thanks22:17
bryceapw, I dug through the kernel code and drm-next changelogs but didn't spot anything that'd give hope.  I think you need to go to ben skeggs, but testing drm-next first is not a bad idea.22:55
bryceapw, I've forwarded your bug to fdo, in case you want to ref it when talking with him22:55
RAOFI'm not fully up with the context, but are we building nouveau's next tree, too?  There's generally a bunch of stuff on there that's not in any of the drm-* kernels.22:56
Sarvattmesa 8 from ppa:canonical-x/x-staging might be worth trying too (but it will be a PITA to remove if you're on x64), it could very well be mesa 7.11 causing it :)22:57
bryceRAOF, we are not.  git.freedesktop.org has been down so I couldn't review it22:58
RAOFYay infrastructure!22:58
bryceSarvatt, however the freeze occurs on the login screen.  guessing it to be occurring before the fun 3d stuff kicks in22:59
Sarvattoh, i was equating 100 seconds after boot to possibly being when unity started23:00
bryceI assume it freezes before he types login23:01
RAOFHm, nvc823:03
RAOFIIRC, that's a sufficiently-different nvcX, and there's not been much testing of it.23:04
RAOFIt's nvc0 generation, you need to read the specific chip from 0x0c8000a1 (ie: c8)23:04
bryceRAOF, yes I know23:05
RAOFI think it's possible that the difference between 11.10 and Precise is that there wasn't any acceleration for nvc0 class chips in 11.10?23:06
Sarvattthats true, yep23:09
Sarvattwas no microcode for it until 3.1 or 3.223:09

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