lenNope not dhcp, I can set it up static and it says it is connected, but I can't ping anything... like the gateway.00:01
lenAnyway, the xubuntu live cd has the same problem with the wireless networking00:03
astraljavaI will test it on my laptop, just the live session though.00:04
micahglen: is it ath9k?00:11
ScottLi'm still waiting for the new studio iso00:55
lenSounds right00:56
lenLet me bring it here.00:56
micahglen: is your wireless driver ath9k?00:56
lenmicahg: what is the easy way to tell?00:58
micahglshw -C network00:58
lenmicahg: I see ath9k in the syslog00:59
micahglen: yeah, so the new kernel update broke it, another new kernel was uploaded today to fix the issue00:59
lenOk, should I change the bug report from two days ago to reflect that it uses the ath9k?01:01
micahgbug 923512 was what was fixed01:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923512 in linux (Ubuntu) "ath9k wireless stopped working after kernel upgrade to 3.2.0-12" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92351201:02
lenOk, I'll mark mine as a duplicate of that then.01:08
lenI'm just doing a live install of xubuntu. It is stalled right now because it is trying to download more packages :-P01:27
lenHowever, a quick point for whoever is doing our install slide show. Try to make it not version specific.01:28
lenXubuntu's slide show (maybe 3rd slide in?) shows an Email message saying how good Xubuntu 11.10 is.01:29
astraljavalen: They usually are, intentionally. And updated quite late in the cycle, too.01:31
len_ScottL: I downloaded and installed xubuntu. (we didn't get anything to install today)02:10
len_They don't have /usr/share/xgreeters/default.desktop either.02:11
len_But lightdm still works.02:11
micahglen_: take a look at the postinst and postrm in xubuntu-default-settings02:12
astraljavaI see. Yeah, that should be an easy fix.02:14
astraljavaAll those files will require a heavy face-lifting anyway, as we're not going to use Thunar anymore, IINM.02:17
len_Ja, but it is easier to test things if lightdm shows up.02:18
knomeastraljava, huh? why no thunar? :P02:18
astraljavaknome: WASN'T ME!!02:18
astraljavaTalk to Scott.02:18
astraljavaI would have no objections to Thunar. In fact, I rather like it.02:19
knomeso what are you going to use then? nautilus?02:19
astraljavaAnd it's partly why I will continue using Xubuntu on the laptop.02:19
knomecongrats for selecting a lighter OS then02:19
astraljavaFrom the ones currently available, it suits my work flow best.02:20
knomewe need to stop making the arch-motion with the xubuntu burndown02:22
knomehttp://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-xubuntu.html - see ?02:23
astraljavaHeh. Interesting.02:24
astraljavaScottL: Will you update the us-default-settings files, or should I take it on my TODO list?02:25
knomei think i'm off for today02:26
knomeneed to do some work tomorrow...02:26
knomesee you!!02:26
ScottLastraljava, i can do it, but i'll probably do it after A2 though :/02:59
astraljavaScottL: Ahh... yeah. I think we had this discussion already. :)03:03
len_There is a new US version... Time to download...03:11
ScottLooooh, going upstairs then to start downloading as well :)03:27
ScottLi'm downloading 32bit because i suspect others will focus on 64bit03:29
lenI have no such animal. So I will do 32 as well.03:30
len_Ok, booted todays live dvd.04:46
len_Live user is in audio group.04:46
len_installed user is too.04:46
len_/etc/security/limilts.d/file is still disabled04:47
len_lightdm still not working (I think we knew that)04:47
len_lightdm background now "surprise pink".04:48
len_bug 923512 is still there. I guess the kernel patch didn't make it.04:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923512 in linux (Ubuntu) "ath9k wireless stopped working after kernel upgrade to 3.2.0-12" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92351204:48
len_Bug #923582 has been marked as a duplicate of bug 92351205:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923512 in linux (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #923582 ath9k wireless stopped working after kernel upgrade to 3.2.0-12" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92351205:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923512 in linux (Ubuntu) "ath9k wireless stopped working after kernel upgrade to 3.2.0-12" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92351205:20
len_This was fixed earlier today, but I don't know that the new one reached our DVD iso.05:21
len_Kernel is still 3.2.0-1205:23
astraljavaHmm... no one's filled QA results thus far? QA meeting in three hours, I'd appreciate some info, folks.15:01
holsteinastraljava: :/15:34
holsteini cant do it til much later15:34
holsteini plan on having a tech evening though15:34
astraljavaholstein: It's fine. I think Scott and Len tested last night, but I wonder why there are no results from those.15:35
astraljavaI'm doing an install now, the live session (on amd64) seemed to work ok.15:35
holsteini like this http://spreadubuntu.org/files/Branded-eternalstudio-wide.png15:43
holsteinits got a little "kid" vibe to it that im not crazy about... but its slick and clean15:43
scott-worki haven't tested yet, i only downloaded the 32 bit image15:46
scott-worki will test tonight however15:46
astraljavaOk. Live session sort of works for amd64. I could play music, for instance, from a HDD. I could run others applications, too, and internet works. I could _not_, however, install applications to the session.15:50
astraljavaAnd the installation fails.15:50
scott-worki have a question:  is there another reason that the images may be rebuilt for A2?15:51
scott-workif so, i'll try to get the lightdm fix into the image then15:51
scott-workmaybe micahg can answer this?15:51
scott-workis there still the issue with the kernel regression and wireless?15:52
charlie-tcaSomething in casper is being fixed, and a respin talked about in #ubuntu-release15:52
astraljavaYeah, but they only limited it to alternates.15:54
charlie-tcadesktop images only. Alternatives don't use casper15:54
astraljavaThe ath9k issue didn't make it, I assume.15:54
astraljavaEhh... sorry, you're right.15:55
astraljavaErhm... no, skaet explicitly said "looks like we need to rebuild all alternates".15:56
astraljavaSo maybe not about casper, then.15:56
charlie-tcathese testing days are enough to mess anyone's mind up15:56
charlie-tcaI missed that one15:57
astraljava[17:30] < skaet> stgraber,  looks like we'll need to rebuild all the alternates (including server),  edubuntu dvd, kubuntu dvd - have I missed some?15:57
astraljava1730 UTC+215:57
micahgscott-work: you can get your image fixed if you like15:57
micahghow bad is it?15:58
astraljavamicahg: I should be able to install packages in live sessions, right? (/me is a n00b when it comes to ubiquity usage)16:00
astraljavaOk, then it seems I ran into a bug, which I have to report.16:00
scott-workmicahg: i am talking about fixing the lightdm issue where it prevents x from starting on the install (i believe)16:57
charlie-tcaastraljava: both geany and gedit installed here. did not run update though17:01
astraljavacharlie-tca: Thanks!17:01
astraljavascott-work: They're talking about needs for respins on -release now. Could you please join the discussion?17:01
scott-workastraljava: okay17:04
scott-workalthough i'm not sure wehre the conversation is about studio :P17:06
astraljava[18:59] < slangasek> cjwatson: the most recent builds I did should already have the ath9k fix landed on any  livefses, if I didn't screw it up - so perhaps that means ubuntustudio doesn't care  about respinning?17:06
astraljavaI told you were half-way wanting to include the lightdm fix, so wasn't sure _when_ we would want it.17:07
scott-workastraljava: is the lightdm something you can do tonight, like now?17:07
scott-workotherwise if we are waiting on me to get home tonight and do this....17:07
scott-worki'm not sure i want to make everyone wait until tomorrow just for a fix17:08
astraljavaI can start working on it as soon as I get all bugs filed on our images for A-2.17:08
astraljavaBut I'm not sure what are all of the fixes needed for it. Currently there seem to be lots of tweaks for Thunar. I suppose we can drop all of those now, right?17:08
scott-workastraljava:  are you comfortable understanding what needs to be done? 17:09
scott-worki can look at them shortly and see what i _think_ is needed17:09
astraljavaThat'd be great, thanks!17:09
astraljavaQA meeting at the same time with Xubuntu-devel. /me crashes into tiny bits17:10
scott-worki hope that these are changes that were made the xubuntu package recently, otherwise they should have been included already17:10
* charlie-tca crashes too17:12
knomeastraljava, charlie-tca: should we move the meeting next week one hour later or earlier?17:12
astraljavaI'm fine with whatever.17:14
knomei will sort that out - later it is then :)17:14
astraljavaThanks! :)17:14
scott-workastraljava: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/xubuntu-default-settings/precise/view/head:/debian/xubuntu-default-settings.preinst17:19
scott-workthe last bit of code is calling the lightdm reconfigure, but the concerning issue is that it is using a "previous version" number to qualify if the reconfigure happens17:20
scott-workoh, wait, i think it's seeing if it's the current version17:20
astraljavascott-work: not now, there's a meeting going on17:21
scott-workhehe, no problem17:21
knometwo meetings17:22
scott-worksorry to all xubuntu people17:22
astraljavaYup. Two meetings, -testing, -devel and -release channel monitoring. I'm going nuts!17:22
astraljava(yeah I know, what do I mean _going_)17:22
astraljavascott-work: The meeting's over.17:52
astraljavaBut really, I'm not sure whether we want to take a risk for A-2 with any further updates.17:53
astraljavaApparently the deadline is 0300 UTC.17:53
astraljavaThat's not very far away either.17:53
charlie-tcaI got a good time to be done with all testing by 1400 UTC17:56
astraljavaWhat did you say about 0300 UTC, then?17:57
micahgI think the 0300 time might be to take an update for a respin17:57
astraljavaOr did I misread that?17:57
astraljavaYeah ok.17:57
charlie-tcaI was guessing17:57
astraljavaNew images up, make sure you are not using the outdated ones when you do A-2 testing!19:41
astraljavameh... we still get alsa-tools-gui installed, and it includes envy24control. mudita24 isn't pre-installed for the live session.20:12
astraljavaI'll pick it up on my TODO.20:12
ailojackd2-1.9.8 is in Debian testing but no changes to use of audio group20:35
ailoI expect they will change the group name20:35
ailofor the file /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf20:35
ailoThey might even include a post install script for administering group membership20:35
ailoBut, I guess that won't happen for this release20:35
ailoSo, no changes from before20:36
astraljavaOk, reports for amd64 done. Live session works, installation fails. If someone could do the i386, that'd be great. Remember to report them in the iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/ Thank you!21:18
* astraljava goes to bed for a couple of hours21:18
astraljavaOh, and the Version for test cases is now updated, so it points to the correct images, too.21:27
ailo?? I was a member of audio group by default after installing Debian21:31
ailoI'll have to investigate if that was by default or not. I didn't do it manually anyway, and I'm not sure if I rebooted after installing jackd21:31
ailoIn which case jackd might have done it21:32
ailoAnyway, I'll have a look tomorrow or some other day21:32
lenDL new feb 1... old one (before 0100) still had old kernel and network trouble.21:36
lenLive looks pretty good. RT is missing, but same in install. Installer didn't crash.21:38
lenOne thing with the live session I thought I should comment on though... It was said that everything should work on the live session.21:38
lenFor some apps this doesn't make sense. For example ardour is pretty useless without disk space.21:39
lenEven to start an ardour session directories have to be created and as far as I know audio is recorded straight to disk.21:41
lenThe live session should therefore come with some way of mounting disk space that is obvious to the newby.21:42
lenThe user should be made aware of these requirements.21:42
ailolen: What you need to do is mount a physical disk and save your session there21:44
ailoIt makes no sense to record into RAM21:44
ailoEither one which you have in the machine or an external one21:45
lenThat is what I am saying21:45
lenThe idea was presented that everything should work as is on live.21:45
ailoAre you saying you can't mount your harddrive from the live session?21:45
lenThe user should know that is not really the case for disk intensive apps21:46
lenI can mount my hard drive, but does the new user trying things out know that?21:46
ailoThen they don't know much21:46
lenFrom windows world maybe?21:47
ailoI mean, everyone who uses Ardour or eqiuvalent are pretty well aware of where the files end up21:47
ailoThe only thing I can think of that would be possible to do is to add a script for the ardour starter, which checks if it is a live session, and if it is, it would sens a notify reminder that the session needs to be saved on a hard drive21:49
ailoEven for windows users, who have been using audio software, the idea of using harddrives, internal or external is pretty well established knowledge21:50
lenailo: then I would say the live session is fine.... once networking works, which I will find out in a few minutes when I get the iso to USB21:50
lenI just wanted to list that it was thought of. I won't loose sleep over it though ;-)21:52
ailoI can imagine that even people who are well aware might make a mistake of course21:52
lenSo long as they figure it out on their own woth out a bug report.21:52
ailoYou see the home folder and you don't come to think that it's not really a hard drive21:52
lenAt least not a very big one...21:53
ailorealtime still doesn't work on the live session right? Or has that changed?21:54
ailoI guess you said that already21:54
lenWasn't last night. I'll find out on this one21:54
ailolen: I was surprised to get realtime with Debian just before21:55
ailoI'll need to see how it happened21:55
ailoI never added myself to audio group21:55
lenI wasn't aware we were supposed to fill out qa till the A2 was out. Gotta find it.21:56
lenLast nights live/install had the user in audio.21:56
ailolen: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/206/builds21:57
scott-workailo: len:  cjwatson pointed out that ubiquity was having problems with preseeding at the correct time, which may be effecting the jackd package install21:57
scott-workmy guess is that if you look at /etc/security/limits.d/ directory you will see the audio.conf.disabled file21:57
lenscott-work: yes21:58
scott-workmy belief is that jackd install it as .disabled and then sees if it was answered to install -rt privileges then renames the file to audio.conf21:58
scott-worka bug has been filed (thanks astral.java) about ubiquity after discussion with cjwatson21:58
lenOk... off to install land.22:02
ailoscott-work: Confirmed. jackd installs audio.conf.disabled when realtime was not chosen22:03
ailoDebian Wheezy kind of rocks22:05
ailoFast, and I'm not missing nvidia drivers even22:05
ailoGnome3 as default now22:06
ailoNot fully implemented, but good enough for usage22:06
len-liveath9k bug 923512 is fixed on todays iso.22:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923512 in linux (Ubuntu) "ath9k wireless stopped working after kernel upgrade to 3.2.0-12" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92351222:09
len-liveubuntu-studio@ubuntu-studio:~$ ls /etc/security/limits.d/22:12
len-livevideo player is missing files (codecs) but downloads and installs them ok without user interaction beyond oking.22:21
len-livepulsejack still hangs player. Stopping jack lets player play.22:25
len-liveIs there a bug for that yet? seems to me I had trouble with the bug tracker when I tried and never got back to it.22:26
len-liveinstalled minitube with synaptic. Success, but even though there is a desktop file in /usr/share/applications, it doesn't show up on the menu.23:02
len-liveRuns fine from terminal though.23:03
len-livedouble click on install ubuntustudio icon. No user feedback that my clicking did what it was supposed to.23:05
len-liveno busy mouse pointer, or anything else. When installing from USB stick there is not even some form of visible accessing disk activity23:06
len-liveIt appeared the installer had failed to start.23:09
len-liveHmmm, the installer seems to have gone to "La-la land"23:41
len-liveSays configuring target system, but no target disk activity for 5min or more.23:42
falktx__I think the installer is broken at this point23:44
falktx__at least I got that idea from some ubuntu changelogs23:44
falktx__len-live: have you tried a ubuntu install? (the unity-one)23:45
len-livefalkx__: not for a long time, and then it was an alt.23:45
len-live12.04 around alpha123:46
len-liveTurned out not too stable. lots of crashes... seems US had the same problem at the time.23:46
len-liveI thought maybe the reason the installer stopped was because I switched to a console and back a few times... tailing syslog23:47
len-liveI was seeing frame buffer errors23:48
len-livefalktx__ Opps spelled it wrong ^^23:48
falktx__I always install via the alternate cds, I don't use live-cds for install23:49
len-livefalktx__ US no longer has this choice23:50
ailolen-live: Have you tried installing right from the menu, before trying it out?23:50
len-liveI was going to do that next.23:50
ailoI never tried that. It guess the old installer is not there anymore anyway and it's still handled by ubiquity23:51
len-liveyup, 23:51
len-liveI'm going to go away so I can try the other install.23:52

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