ickefeshi guys!01:26
ickefesi have a VIA 1708S internal sound card which both Windows and Ubuntu detects as "Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)". How do I install it with VIA drivers? Regards.01:26
astraljavaickefes: Take a look at this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto01:51
ickefesthank you astraljava01:52
ickefesHELL YEAH! I have sound. I just followed some advices he has and voila! http://lkubuntu.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/sound-troubleshooting/02:19
astraljavaNice! Good to hear.02:20
ickefesyeah. the good thing about linux is the great feeling you get as a noob when you manage to fix a problem with commands instead of GUI's02:21
ickefesnow I just have to restart my computer and see if alsamixer works.02:22
ickefesbye for now..02:22
cetghello.  Has anyone had ¨`default' server already active¨ when trying to start jackd , after trying to have closed Pulseaudio?03:00
falktx_I did03:04
falktx_so I stabbed pulseaudio and he died03:04
falktx_was a perfect SIGKILL03:04
cetgI tried killall, but that doesn´t seem to do it, nor pulseaudio -k   it seems persistent for some reason.03:08
falktx_blame ubuntu03:16
falktx_there's a simple way to "fix" it03:16
falktx_create ~/.pulse/client.conf file03:16
falktx_and put there:03:16
falktx_autospawn = no03:16
falktx_then when you run 'killall -KILL pulseaudio', it will work03:17
cetgoh. Yes I had just looked there, saw autospawn=yes and never quite put 2+2 together. Worth a try, thanks.03:23
cetgOK. Thats killed pulseaudio good,  still get `default' server already active  when trying to start jackd   hmm.03:28
falktx_hm, kill jack?03:53
* falktx_ realizes linux community are massive murderrs03:54
cetgHm, there´s a   /usr/bin/jackdbus auto   running04:04
cetgwhich seems persistent. Maybe a .jackd/conf  thing?04:05
cetgLeave it with me, falktx   you´ve been a help. Will try some re-boot and maybe get back later. Thnx.04:23
acerimmerHey all: I udpated Garry Parker's beautiful ray-traced wallpapers for ubuntu & studio.  http://spreadubuntu.org/en/material/unusual/beautiful-ubuntu-ray-traced-wallpapers06:06
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acerimmerNow installing UStudio 11.10 in virtualbox...22:28

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