pleia2added the Quick Links to the sidebar of the pages01:23
knomemicahg, ?01:24
knomepleia2, :)01:24
pleia2knome: are we done? :)01:24
knomewe should add some archive-browsing links in the sidebar01:24
knomelet me quickly set up a proposal01:25
micahgknome: ?01:27
knomemicahg, was wed a good/bad day for you?01:27
micahgfor what?01:28
micahgwhat time?01:28
knome17utc or earlier01:28
knomeor 18utc01:28
micahgumm, not good for me next week, should work this week01:28
knomeyou mean, today? :P01:29
knomewhat about friday this week, about same time01:29
knomeor nvm.01:29
knomelet's have a meeting this wed and next wed.01:29
micahgumm, I'm still on Tuesday ;)01:29
knomeheh ;)01:29
knomepleia2, i think that should do01:30
pleia2knome: looks good!01:30
pleia2knome: we can formally decide we're ready to switch over at the meeting tomorrow01:36
* pleia2 will sleep on it01:36
knomeokay, the meetings are in the fridge calendar01:43
knomepleia2, i fear we're going to have to go through the xubuntu wiki pages too in the future...01:46
* pleia2 nods01:47
* knome is thinking of deleting most of them01:47
pleia2that's how I've been "handling" the news team wiki pages lately01:47
knomethere's a bit too much stuff in there01:47
knomeand some of it would do much better in the website01:48
pleia2yeah, the contribute stuff in particular is all strangely scattered between the site and wiki01:49
knomeanother thing that has been under discussion much is the strategy document01:49
knomethere are things i'd like to review, and generally, i think it could do better if it was a tad shorter01:50
len_Hey, Len from Ubuntu Studio. Just installed todays iso. Two comments.01:50
pleia2yeah, I'm glad we have one but it needs review periodically to make sure it remains useful and accurate01:50
knomekeeping it up-to-date is a monstrous job if it's too long01:50
pleia2welcome len_ 01:50
knomehey len_ 01:50
len_The slide show has some outdated slides in it01:51
pleia2I'm still getting over this flu, so I'm going to go zone out to some TV for a bit, talk more tomorrow :)01:51
knomelen_, we're working on that01:51
knomepleia2, yup, get well soon :)01:51
len_About how 11.10 is the latest and greatest01:51
knomepleia2, see you at the meeting at latest! :)01:51
knomelen_, yes, it's known and it is WIP01:51
len_I don't know if there is supposed to be a progress bar on the bottom,01:51
len_But I can't see it.01:52
knomemaybe somebody who does the tests can tell if that exists for other flavors01:52
len_Other than that it seems to work well.01:52
len_Well in US there is a progress bar at the bottom... when it still worked :-)01:53
len_Well even when it doesn't.01:53
knomeFYI, i'm also working on the new US slideshow01:53
knomeso if you want that to be visible, i need to investigate that01:53
len_It is nice to know things are moving. There is a kernel bug right now that makes me no net.01:54
knomeerr, if US wants that to be visible ;)01:54
len_so when xubuntu was trying to download stuff things just stopped but there was no progress bar so I didn't know if it had stopped or was doing something.01:55
len_I had to tail the syslog to see what was happening.01:55
len_I am using a netbook, BTW01:56
knomeright, well i know very little of that kind of technical things01:56
len_So the bar may be below what I could see.01:57
astraljavalen_: Because I very rarely use desktop images, were you able to Alt + F1 like one could on alternate installers, to see what's going on?01:57
len_There is no logging on VT401:57
len_(or any other)01:57
knomelen_, so did maybe-ubiquity work as expected? is there something that is ubuntu-branded that should really be xubuntu-branded?01:58
astraljavalen_: Alt + right-click to move a window by dragging, might work on ubiquity.01:58
knomeastraljava, you too if you know ^01:58
astraljavaknome: Ehh... WTF is maybe-ubiquity?01:58
len_The window was already as high as it could go.01:58
knomeastraljava, hahah, it's the thing that asks you whether you want to install or try live01:59
astraljavaknome: Oh okay.01:59
len_Last I saw US didn't have that01:59
astraljavaNever heard that name before.01:59
astraljavalen_: Oh yes it did.01:59
knomei've NEVER *seen* it ;)01:59
len_Just the boot screen01:59
len_Xubuntu has it though02:00
knomei mean, maybe-ubiquity was added for xubuntu in precise02:00
astraljavaThe screen which provides you the options to go live, install without trying, and all extra kernel options and the like?02:00
knome"enable hidden-timeout splash mode for Xubuntu"02:01
astraljavaWell, I may have to have a look. Once the new images are done.02:01
knomewas the message that fixed this.02:01
knomebug #72065202:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 720652 in Ubuntu CD Images "[Xubuntu] maybe-ubiquity/new greeter support" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72065202:01
len_Hmm, I also notice that lightdm works on xubuntu without the /usr/share/xgreeters/default.desktop file.02:04
micahgIIRC, we use lightdm-set-defaults02:06
len_Does Scott know?02:08
len_How would I check that?02:09
knomehe most probably does02:09
knomeasking him is a good choice02:09
micahglen_: take a look at the postinst and postrm in xubuntu-default-settings02:11
len_Ok, I'm posting the questions to Scott as well.02:13
knomeBOO for taking >2months to review merges :((02:15
len_micahg: thanks for the help.02:16
micahgknome: who's taking >2 months to review a merge?02:17
knomemicahg, https://code.launchpad.net/~simon-steinbeiss/unico/fix-resize-grip/+merge/8392902:17
knomeit's even trivial02:17
Unit193Those take the most time02:18
micahgask cimi?02:18
knomenot online02:19
len_I going to vanish now ... thanks again.02:19
knomewill poke him soon02:19
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
GridCubeiim failing to install today's image15:36
GridCube:/ first trying to launch the intaller directly, not going to live, but it goes to live session15:37
GridCubethen it doesnt have mouse integration with vbox, wich its a first15:37
GridCubethen it doesnt launch the installer from the desktop15:37
GridCubeand it doesnt recognizes the vbox network either15:38
charlie-tcaThere was an issue with the mouse in vbox yesterday too15:38
charlie-tcaGridCube: trying to launch the installer directly == from the cd menu or from "try Xubuntu" "install Xubuntu" ?15:40
GridCubei choosed the Install, not the try15:41
GridCubebut i will send me to the live, not the pure installer15:41
charlie-tcaokay. The install from desktop is going to need a bug filed15:41
GridCubeim making a bug report from outside the installer15:42
charlie-tcaThat's okay15:42
GridCubebut i cant get logs from the vbox because i dont have network15:42
GridCubetoday's image still being alpha2?15:43
charlie-tcaall images until tomorrow when alpha2 releases15:43
GridCubecharlie-tca, should i do a single bug report with all the issues or should i do separated reports for each one?15:44
charlie-tcaI will try to reproduce the issue with the desktop installer on hardware. That is a big one, if we can not install from the desktop15:45
GridCubecharlie-tca, http://imagebin.org/19672715:46
charlie-tcano network connection?15:47
charlie-tcaIf it is not connected to the internet, it won't allow the bug to be filed15:47
charlie-tcaThat's normal15:48
charlie-tcaGridCube: we think they are going to respin the desktop images again15:50
GridCubebug 92493115:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924931 in Ubuntu "xubuntu precise pangolin alpha2 problems" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92493115:52
GridCubemmm i cant report another empty bug15:52
charlie-tcaNo point in it15:52
charlie-tcaI will try here on hardware and see what happens, as soon as the test running finishes15:53
charlie-tcaIf I read this right, you choose "try xubuntu" and can't install from the desktop, but if you choose "install xubuntu" it goes to the desktop and the installer works?15:54
GridCubeneither works15:54
GridCubeif you just try to install from the direct install, no live session, it will load the desktop with 2 bug reports15:55
charlie-tcaI will give it a try then.15:55
charlie-tca386 or 64bit?15:55
GridCubeone being ubiquity failin, and the other being ...15:55
GridCubei get you my old bug reports for past week15:56
GridCubehere https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/92063915:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 920639 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "The "install only" doesnt work on xubuntu Precise Daily" [Undecided,New]15:57
GridCubei have to go to work now15:58
GridCubesee you in a few hours15:58
knomexubuntu community meeting in about 2016:38
astraljavaAre you guys able to install apps in a live session of A-2?16:46
charlie-tcaWill try, 386 or 64bit?16:48
charlie-tcaOh, think it depends on the day of the week, too16:48
astraljavaI tried on last night's, so 2012020116:48
charlie-tcaI tried a couple of weeks ago, and it failed once and worked once16:48
astraljavacharlie-tca: Oh, and this is Studio I'm talking about. Just wondering whether it works for other derivatives.16:49
charlie-tcaOkay, spinning up now16:49
charlie-tcaWhen I got it to install gedit, it failed trying to run the installer without rebooting16:49
charlie-tcaAs I recall, I ran apt-get update and then the application installs failed, but just running software center without updating worked16:50
astraljavaInteresting, I gotta try other front-ends too.16:51
charlie-tcaWaiting for the desktop16:51
knomepleia2, you ready to rock? ;)16:51
charlie-tcaastraljava: any app or ?16:53
astraljavacharlie-tca: I tried lshw16:54
astraljavaBut I can try others, if you like.16:54
charlie-tcaalready installed in Xubuntu16:54
charlie-tcaTrying to install gedit using software center16:55
charlie-tcadid not run apt-get update16:55
charlie-tcait's installing16:55
charlie-tcawill try in terminal next16:55
knomeare we ready to start the meeting? :)16:59
astraljavaI thought you were about to rock.16:59
* knome plugs the guitars16:59
astraljavah*ll yeah!17:00
* pleia2 waves17:00
knome#startmeeting Xubuntu Community Meeting17:00
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Feb  1 17:00:17 2012 UTC.  The chair is knome. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.17:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired17:00
knome#topic Business carried on17:00
knome#subtopic Review the 'default shortcut keys' -blueprint17:00
knomesince Sysi has been busy with army, we have partly taken care of this with ochosi 17:01
knomewe are most probably going to postpone most xfce-shortcuts until P+1, but there are some application shortcuts we'd like to introduce17:01
knome#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Precise/DefaultShortcutKeys17:02
knomesee bottom of the page17:02
charlie-tcaDoes anyone besides Unity use Super key shortcuts?17:02
knomei don't know. that's one of the controversial things about the xfce-shortcut keys, but i think super would fit well for application shortcuts17:03
kurapikasuper+T for terminal is so great ;)17:03
knomeyou don't "miss" anything even if you didn't have the super key17:04
knomeand, the idea is of course to bind the keys to exo-launchers, not the specific apps17:04
charlie-tcaBut if you used ctrl or alt, anyone would have them?17:04
knomeso they will follow the default apps17:04
knomecharlie-tca, sure, except those keys might have overlapping shortcuts, like alt+f opens the file-menu17:05
kurapikaoups :P17:05
knomeanyway, one more week for feedback17:07
knome#info Anyone: give feedback about proposed default shortcuts17:07
knomewe aren't in hurry with decisions, but i wouldn't want to postpone this over and over again17:07
knome#topic Team updates17:08
knome#subtopic Packaging and Development17:08
knomemicahg, mr_pouit 17:08
knome(and please use #info)17:08
knome#info The Shimmer Project themes are about to be moved from murrine-themes to shimmer-themes17:10
micahg#info mr_pouit fixed some xfce4-power-manager bugs17:11
micahg#info there's an updated synaptic with some bug fixes from Debian, but it failed to build, I'll fix it after alpha217:12
micahg#info new ristretto with bugfixes syncd17:12
micahg#info if there are any package version  updates people want, Feature Freeze is Feb 16, so ideally we should do it before then17:13
knomethanks micahg :)17:13
knome#subtopic Bug Triage, Testing and Documentation17:14
knomecharlie-tca, Unit193 17:14
charlie-tcaTesting the Alpha2 milestones this week17:15
charlie-tcaDesktop images are being rebuilt now. Alternates may be rebuilt yet17:15
knome#info Testing the Alpha2 milestones this week17:15
charlie-tcaNeed help getting these tested as they rebuild. The newest ones should be 20120201.117:15
knome#info Desktop images are being rebuilt now. Alternates may be rebuilt yet17:16
knome#info Need help getting these tested as they rebuild. The newest ones should be 20120201.117:16
* astraljava will try to help with that17:16
knomecharlie-tca, is there anything you need help from the developer/artwork/etc side?17:16
Unit193Just synced them tooll {..}17:16
knomecharlie-tca, also, is maybe-ubiquity ubuntu-branded? (do you need that to be xubuntu-branded)17:17
charlie-tcaWe need help getting the tests done. I don't think anything matters much if we don't get them tested17:17
charlie-tcaWe don't need anything changed until after alpha2 now. Then, yes, maybe-ubiquity is purple17:17
knomeyeah, agreed. are you far behind?17:17
charlie-tcaWe are at no tests done if everything gets rebuilt17:18
knomemmh :/17:18
knome#action knome to look at maybe-ubiquity retheming17:18
meetingologyACTION: knome to look at maybe-ubiquity retheming17:18
charlie-tcaand we have until what, about 3AM UTC to be done17:19
knomei'm trying to get maybe-ubiquity rethemed before FF, can't promise more17:21
knomeso before that, no need to worry about that17:21
scott-workmr_pouit: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/xubuntu-default-settings/precise/view/head:/debian/xubuntu-default-settings.preinst17:21
scott-workmr_pouit: shoudl the last section see if "12.04" is the equivalent release?17:21
knome#subtopic Marketing, Artwork and Website17:21
knomepleia2! :)17:21
pleia2oh goodie :)17:21
pleia2so, big news on the website front!17:22
knomeuse #info please ;)17:22
pleia2#info knome and I have finished up the edits required to go live with the new wordpress website17:22
pleia2#info there are some content edits we may want, but I don't want to wait on those because there will probably always be content edits17:22
pleia2so it's time to decide, want to go live with wp.xubuntu.org replacement for the old drupal xubuntu.org? :)17:23
pleia2not sure if we should discuss, vote, or what17:23
knome#info some content edits todo: developertools/, press/, about/17:23
knomeif anybody has objections, please let them out now17:23
knomeif there is no objections, we will let the IS move the site to production17:24
charlie-tcaIs it really a question, since we have not been updating the current site awaiting the new one?17:24
pleia2charlie-tca: I've kept up with important edits on both sites17:24
knomenot really, except if there is some clear shortcomings on the new site17:24
knomeor bugs that need fixed17:24
pleia2(bug fixes have gone to both, for instance)17:25
knomebut there should be none, unless we've both missed them17:25
charlie-tcaBut we have been waiting a year or so to get the new site up?17:25
knomeyes, and now we're finally pretty much bugfree and ready ;)17:25
pleia2we've been working on it for over 8 months, yeah17:25
knomei'm all for pushing it to production17:25
knome#action pleia2 to create a ticket in RT for releasing the new website!17:26
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to create a ticket in RT for releasing the new website!17:26
pleia2great :)17:26
knomepleia2, if you have time after the meeting, we could go through some issues with the site17:26
knomeok :)17:27
pleia2are we doing an alpha2?17:27
charlie-tcaDoesn't that depend on getting it tested?17:27
pleia2if so, we need at least some very basic release text for the site17:27
knomei can help working on that text17:28
charlie-tcaWe do not have time to run upgrade tests and all the mandatory tests required, since it will be an hour minimum before we have the images now17:28
pleia2and a2 is tomorrow17:28
knomehmm. what do you think?17:29
knomewhat was it why we had the respin?17:30
charlie-tcaMust be done by 1400 UTC 2 feb17:30
pleia2we can continue this discussion later, I was just bringing it up from site/marketing side since I'd need text if we are releasing17:30
knomepleia2, you free to work on the text as well?17:30
pleia2I mean yeah17:32
knome#action knome and pleia2 to prepare writing an alpha2 release announcement with others if needed17:32
meetingologyACTION: knome and pleia2 to prepare writing an alpha2 release announcement with others if needed17:32
knomeso, artwork17:32
knomecharlie-tca, m?17:32
charlie-tcafor the release notes... Installing from the cd menu is failing, however, allowing the cd to spin until it stops at "try Xubuntu" "Install Xubuntu" lets it work17:33
charlie-tcafor the desktop images17:33
pleia2thanks charlie-tca 17:33
knomethanks :)17:33
knome#info there is a wallpaper draft at http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_wall/wall-draft9.png17:34
knome#info any feedback is welcome in the following week17:34
knome#info if everything seems fine, we'll formally decide about using the wallpaper in the meeting next week17:35
knome#subtopic General updates17:36
knomeany general updates?17:36
knomeok, none17:38
knome#topic Announcements17:38
knome#info Xubuntu LTS proposal for 3-year LTS releases is accepted.17:38
knome#topic Other business17:38
knome#subtopic Open action items from previous meeting17:38
knome#action GridCube to gather a list of problems with QA tracker17:39
meetingologyACTION: GridCube to gather a list of problems with QA tracker17:39
knomeis there any, since there hasn't been an update?17:39
knome#info This action item will be removed in the next meeting if no issues are raised.17:39
knome#info knome to keep investigating possibilities of getting Ubiquity "application sets" included is done - astraljava is working on it17:41
knome#action micahg or mr_pouit to confirm xfce package versions in precise17:41
meetingologyACTION: micahg or mr_pouit to confirm xfce package versions in precise17:41
knomei suppose we know this soon...17:41
knome#action micahg to look at the thunderbird button issue17:41
meetingologyACTION: micahg to look at the thunderbird button issue17:41
knome#action ochosi to investigate some cherry-picking from xfce upstream to ubuntu17:42
meetingologyACTION: ochosi to investigate some cherry-picking from xfce upstream to ubuntu17:42
micahgI don't think we have a choice but to use 4.8.x17:42
knome...aaaand the website stuff is sorted out :)17:43
knomemicahg, i suppose ochosi wanted to know some specific lib versions, but he can follow-up with you on that17:43
knomeany other business we'd like to raise?17:43
knomeerr, right17:44
knome#info Meeting next week is postponed to 18UTC.17:45
knome#action knome to inform the devel ML about the changes17:45
meetingologyACTION: knome to inform the devel ML about the changes17:45
knome-s :P17:45
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Feb  1 17:45:29 2012 UTC.  17:45
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2012/xubuntu-devel.2012-02-01-17.00.moin.txt17:45
charlie-tcaThanks for chairing, knome 17:45
knomethanks for attending17:45
knomemadnick, heh, hey17:45
Unit193Now he shows u[17:45
madnicki was here all along lol17:45
* knome will update the minutes17:46
Unit193I made a comment, or two17:46
astraljavaHey! I was here, too. Put that up there, as well!17:46
knomeastraljava, you contributed two lines17:46
Unit193Unit193 (1)17:47
Unit193Well, going to resync the images soon enough it seems17:48
knomemeeting minutes are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings17:54
pleia2ticket submitted :) #1924517:56
knomeyup! great17:57
knomepleia2, so, http://wp.xubuntu.org/press/17:57
knomepleia2, you okay with changing that to have subpages, like http://wp.xubuntu.org/press/11.10/ ?17:57
pleia2aaand meeting notes tweeted17:58
pleia2knome: oh yeah, that's fine17:58
knome(i can do that, just wanted to check with you)17:58
knomeokay great17:58
knomehttp://wp.xubuntu.org/developertools/ still needs reviewing/feedback17:58
knomehaven't had much time to think about it17:58
* pleia2 nods17:58
pleia2I need to run downstairs for some breakfast, brb17:59
knomeand what about http://wp.xubuntu.org/about/ ? should we take some time in the near future to review the draft by beardygnome17:59
pleia2it'll need to be expanded upon a lot, there is only a very basic draft before the proposal about comparing to proprietary OSes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Website/Drafts18:12
GridCubehello charlie-tca 18:13
GridCubeso you can not install xubuntu in any other language than english then?18:13
charlie-tca  No, when the cd stops, you can pick a language, then pick whether to try or install18:14
charlie-tcaYou just don't go to the cd menu anymore18:15
GridCubeoh... ok18:15
GridCubewill try it again then18:15
charlie-tcaWhen you pick a language on that screen it stops at, the installer changes to the language picked18:16
GridCubei dont understand18:16
charlie-tcaLet it go until it stops, then pick the language on the left side. That should change the installer language18:18
GridCubeit just boots into the live cd18:18
GridCubethere are no options if i dont press any key on the cd18:19
GridCubethere is this keyboard icon next to an accessibilty logo, then waits then boots the live session18:19
knomepleia2, press/ done :)18:20
charlie-tcadon't hit any keys on that screen. It should stop in a minute, with languages on the left, and two choices, try or install18:20
pleia2knome: much better!18:21
GridCubecharlie-tca: nope, it goes to a >Xubuntu 12.04 [· · · ·] and stays like that for a long, long time18:22
GridCubeand now it got to live session18:23
charlie-tcait should stop. it does go to Xubuntu 12.04... for a while, yes. but it should have stopped 18:24
GridCubeooooo D: 18:26
GridCube10 minutes to get the same as the thing you got in 5seconds of booting before18:27
GridCubethis is progress!18:27
charlie-tcaif it doesn't stop before the live desktop, that is a bug in VBox18:28
GridCubeok i got to the selection thing now, it did not happen last week18:28
GridCubebut its really slow18:29
charlie-tcaGridCube: might have to increase the video memory or ram18:31
charlie-tcaI been running hardware tests here. My VBox machines use 64MB video and 500mb ram18:32
charlie-tcaalternate images are up, still waiting for new desktop images18:34
GridCubeim zsyncking alternate now, but its slow, the old desktop images do not have network on vbox18:36
GridCubecharlie-tca: i gave this box almost 1gb of ram18:36
charlie-tcashould be working then18:38
GridCubeoh, but i have only 12mb of video ram :P18:40
charlie-tcaThat's the slowdown then :(18:41
Unit193I found it actually faster since it bypasses maybe-ubquity :P18:42
charlie-tcaUnit193: but GridCube has not been able to get the installs to work by using the cd menu18:43
GridCubei don't like this thing, this mayby ubiquity18:43
Unit193I didn't get it with that little VRam18:44
olbihello :D18:44
GridCubehola olbi :)18:44
olbiwho will be on FOSDEM? :018:44
Unit193I'm not really fond of it either, it's basically the same as the old system just has added resource usage18:44
olbiI fly at Friday evening18:45
olbiand want make interview with you guys :D18:45
olbiin front of camera :)18:46
charlie-tcaolbi: I don't know that we have anyone scheduled for FOSDEM18:46
GridCubeolbi: i think people at xfce will be going18:47
astraljavaochosi will be there.18:48
* Unit193 will not be18:49
* charlie-tca will not be, either18:51
* GridCube lives in argentina, and has no idea what you people is talking about18:51
charlie-tcapleia2: release note: Xubuntu upgrade testing not done for alpha2 18:51
pleia2ok, started collecting notes for the announcement here: Installing from the cd menu is failing, however, allowing the cd to spin until it stops at "try Xubuntu" "Install Xubuntu" lets it work18:54
pleia2Installing from the cd menu is failing, however, allowing the cd to spin until it stops at "try Xubuntu" "Install Xubuntu" lets it work18:54
pleia2fail at paste18:54
pleia2there we go18:55
pleia2anyone should be able to edit that18:55
charlie-tcaOkay, I will try to remember to add anything else there18:55
charlie-tcanew desktop images are up19:34
GridCubeim still installing the old ones :(19:38
GridCubeso i cannot report them?19:38
astraljavacharlie-tca: Apparently ubiquity crashing at installation makes further package installations not working, too. A fresh live session is able to install packages.19:39
charlie-tcaGridCube: need to sync again19:40
charlie-tcareporting bugs with them will make the bug people ask if you will try the latest image19:40
GridCubesee this is a problem for the qa tracker19:40
charlie-tcaWhy? it shows the latest image19:40
GridCubei already started the install, it takes hours to zsync19:41
GridCubeand to install19:41
charlie-tcaThat is not a tracker issue, though19:41
GridCubebut im doing a test on an image and then i can not report it because it has changed19:41
charlie-tcaI have the same issue here. Respins do happen often during the milestone testing19:41
GridCubei have a eta of 300minutes for the alternate image now19:42
charlie-tcaThat is not a tracker issue, though. Any time the image changes, the report is invalid19:42
GridCubeyeah, well, but then what we do is useless19:43
charlie-tcaIt doesn't matter where it is tracked, reports using the old image don't count19:43
GridCubealkisg: it might just take a long long time19:45
charlie-tcaWe have always tried to get most of the serious bugs fixed for milestones. Daily testing is different, and we don't push new images with each fix19:45
GridCubealso today's images have been updated for some reasons so you might need to update them and try again19:45
alkisgGridCube: I think I'll try starting over with alpha-1, and upgrading from there...19:46
alkisgI just downloaded the daily CD an hour ago - you mean I should wait until tomorrow?19:46
astraljavaGridCube: That is called a QA process. And you're starting to get a feel of why coders loathe QA folks with a passion. :D19:47
astraljavaj/k, of course19:47
alkisgAbout the time, it's been 20 minutes already, in a single step, with no cpu/disk/network use at all, so I suspend it's just blocked19:47
alkisgI also tried clicking on the [Skip] ubiquity button, but it's not responding19:48
GridCubealkisg: update the image to the latest one, it got realeased i guess a few minutes ago19:49
GridCubealkisg: you know how to use zsync?19:49
alkisgGridCube: I've used it in the past, but I think it'll take me more to set it up again than to re-download from scratch :)19:50
GridCubenot really19:50
GridCubealkisg: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/206/builds/11157/downloads19:51
alkisgTy, let me try it...19:51
GridCubeanyway i just killed my test install and im zsyncking again, withmy speed, its eta is 405 minutes19:52
charlie-tcaI don't know if you can get the link if you are not signed into qa tracker, but the images are at http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/19:52
charlie-tcaI know.19:53
charlie-tcaGridCube: this is why there will be no upgrade tests for us this time, too19:53
alkisgETA: 2 mins instead of my usual 15, much faster :)19:53
charlie-tcaI don't have 12 hours to run the upgrades19:53
GridCubecharlie-tca: im not signed in and i got the links19:54
charlie-tcaOh, okay. Wasn't sure that would work19:55
charlie-tcaand, yes, it is a constant battle to keep up to date during these milestone testing days19:56
charlie-tcaI have burned 16 cd-r's now in two days19:57
charlie-tcafor 4 images19:57
GridCubethe problem comes when you top 70kbs on the best case scenarios20:00
charlie-tcaYeah, I know. Maybe you could limit it to either alternate or desktop ?20:01
charlie-tcaAt least get one of them, instead of trying for both?20:01
GridCubeim trying to do desktop because its the one giving more problems and knome asked to check ubiquity to see wrong stuff to report20:02
GridCubei don't understand the rationale behind the change of the language selection taken from boot to after it20:03
charlie-tcaOkay. I am starting with the alternate images, let's see what we can get done on them.20:03
GridCubebut i understand tho, that its pretty much the same, you just have to wait 10 minutes for it to load, but its the same20:04
astraljavaY U NO USE CD-RWs?20:06
GridCube\o/ believe it or not it suddendly went to 300kbs and syncked in less than a minute20:14
charlie-tcaastraljava: because I haven't found anything reliable to reburn them more than one time20:15
astraljavaOh. That sucks. I've used this one DVD since Sept. '10. I consider myself real lucky, then.20:18
charlie-tcaI can burn a cd-rw two times, then it is dead20:18
charlie-tcaand that makes cd-r cheaper20:19
charlie-tcaGridCube: stopped another respin for ltsp installs20:25
GridCubeyou did?20:26
GridCubethe new image still has the no mouse integration and no network on vbox20:26
alkisgThe new daily live didn't help either, still stucks at "removing coflicting OS files"... /me will try with alpha-120:28
alkisgAh, or let me try vbox first, if that works I can just rsync the installation...20:29
charlie-tcaThat's a bug installing using VBox then. It works on hardware20:29
GridCubealkisg: alpha1 is deprecated, you should not install it20:29
GridCubecharlie-tca: i think its the standard vbox integration thats broken20:30
GridCubebecause of the bug on the network too20:30
charlie-tcaThat's possible, the main thing is it will work on hardware20:30
GridCubeoh, yes, i see what you mean, you can forceit to work in vbox too, it will take your mouse and keyboard, and you will need to recall it with the left ctrl but it works20:31
alkisgHehe vbox mouse doesn't even work with the vbox embedded RDP server + ubuntu rdesktop client :D20:37
* alkisg tries disabling the "[ ] Enable absolute pointing device"...20:39
alkisgYeah it works fine that way20:40
alkisgAnd paravirtualized networking works too20:40
charlie-tcaGridCube: alkisg seems to have the fix you need to test in VBox?20:42
alkisg...and it passed the part where it hanged before. Maybe something in my partitioning made it hang.20:43
GridCubewhere is that option alkisg ?20:48
GridCubeenable absolute pointing device?20:49
GridCubeoh i see20:49
GridCubeits greyed because im using that box now20:49
alkisgUnder "System"20:49
GridCubebut its installing20:49
alkisgYes, you need to turn it off first20:49
GridCubewell will try it later20:49
alkisgI'm trying that, and paravirtualized networking, both work fine20:50
alkisgIt appears like I'll have a successfull installation in a few minutes, will need to transfer it over the network afterwards to the real hardware... :-/20:50
GridCubealkisg:  alpha2 its not proper for a daily use, you do know that?20:51
alkisgGridCube: I'm using ubuntu precise myself from alpha1 without any serious problem, is xubuntu in a much worse state?20:51
alkisgBecause of the desktop environment changes in gnome, I want to test different environments on a daily basis, to decide which will suit us better (about 250 schools)20:52
GridCubeno, its just not a good idea20:52
charlie-tcaAs long as you use it knowing it could break bad anytime, it's fine20:53
GridCubewhen 12.04 comes out yes, but it changes everyday a lot20:53
alkisgWe need to decide that first, then debug our programs on that environment, and be ready for release... so it needs to be done before release20:53
alkisgYeah sure no problem20:53
GridCubeoh okay then :)20:53
alkisgI know what alpha means :)20:53
GridCube:D just making sure, you never know20:53
alkisgIndeed :)20:54
charlie-tcaI agree with GridCube . We have too many installing alpha releases and complaining when they broke for more than a day20:55
alkisgHow receptive is upstream xfce for small changes requested by communities? E.g. in LTSP we need "reboot" to set an xprop, if it detects "LTSP_CLIENT" in the current environment... LXDE accepted a patch we sent, gnome-session didn't...20:55
charlie-tcaum, ltsp is broken on the images today, should be fixed by Friday's daily, though.20:56
micahgalkisg: upstream I think is pretty accepting20:56
charlie-tcaSometimes Xfce is very receptive, and sometimes not so much20:56
micahgbut mr_pouit would know best20:56
alkisgSounds nice. charlie-tca yes ltsp is broken in all daily cds20:57
alkisgNope, got bitten by LP bug #87064320:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 870643 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "package flashplugin-downloader failed to install/upgrade: wget: unable to resolve host address `archive.canonical.com'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87064320:59
GridCubeflashplugin killed ltsp? O_O21:01
alkisgNo no I meant in my xubuntu installation :D21:02
* alkisg needed to put an empty paragraph between the two sentences to emphasize they're unrelated :D21:03
alkisgAlthough it's true that flash is one of the worst enemies of LTSP, it requires the most bandwidth + cpu21:04
GridCubei could imagine that, does html5 help there?21:04
alkisgThe main problem is youtube... google-chrome has a nice decoder and can play the videos with low CPU, but firefox suffers21:06
yofelhi, how does xubuntu set the gtk3 theme? I'm currently trying to figure out how to do that for kubuntu and would like to know what the other DE's do21:06
GridCubeyofel: don't really know, ochosi does that things :/21:07
micahgalkisg: umm, firefox should be able to play youtube HTML5 videos just fine21:11
alkisgmicahg: I tested html5 about half a year ago, flash cpu usage = 40%, firefox usage = 45%, google-chrome cpu usage = 10%21:12
alkisgI don't know if there were any changes recently21:13
micahgthere have been lots of changes in Firefox in the past 6 months21:13
alkisgSounds good... I'll try it again when I get a chance21:13
GridCubeat least 28 version numbers as well :P21:13
micahgalkisg: if there's a disparity, Mozilla would be interested in that, it's also easier to get fixes as anything that lands on trunk barring regressions is in the public's hands within 18 weeks21:14
* alkisg visits youtube.com/html5 to test again... :)21:16
alkisgNope, 50% cpu usage for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt8d3Shlfrg with html5 activated, on my lucid + firefox 921:17
alkisg(without counting xorg)21:18
micahgalkisg: which version of chrome has better performance?21:34
alkisgmicahg: google-chrome, I think, but it's been months since I did proper testing, so I'm not sure about the details, video format etc21:35
baizonFirefox 10 + youtube html5 is pretty nice :)22:03
GridCUbeupdated the tracker22:35
GridCUbeit installed :)22:36
ochosii guess i missed the meeting :)22:57

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