w30spanner3003, if you use a Nvidia install you have to reinstall for every kernel. Not os if you use the repos for a nvidia module because ubuntu will update it for you.00:00
spanner3003oh ok00:01
spanner3003well i uninstalled nvidia but not difference00:02
spanner3003w30 it's a wubi install how do i mount it in windows 7 so i can look at /var/log more?00:08
w30spanner3003, what's wubi? Is that Microsoft stuff. I don't do Microsoft stuff because it's too expensive.00:12
w30spanner3003, sorry....00:12
spanner3003w30 http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer00:14
spanner3003so w30 can you help me?00:43
spanner3003i use xbuntu as my build enviroment so i need it working right00:44
spanner3003how do i mount one of my hdd as rw and for user spanner3003 not just root?00:45
w30spanner3003, I don't use Windows so I don't know anything about it past Windows 3.100:50
spanner3003on not in winodws in xbuntu00:53
Unit193Wubi is basically the same, you need windows to use wubi and he doesn't have it00:54
spanner3003w30 i can boot into old kernel so will use that for now but one of my harddrives that i use for build android i mount to /media/mydrive00:55
spanner3003before the kernel update it mounted fine00:56
spanner3003and now as i have to use old kernel it is mounting as root only and read only :(00:56
spanner3003and Unit193 what do you think i'm on now not xbuntu00:57
spanner3003windows 700:57
spanner3003check my whois info :P00:58
spanner3003Unit193 on irssi v0.8.15 - running on Linux i68601:00
Unit193What about it?01:00
* spanner3003 on mIRC v7.22 Khaled Mardam-Bey running on windows 701:00
TVasEyes<spanner3003> i mount to /media/mydrive  <--  which command do you use?  if you have an entry in /etc/fstab, can you list that too, please.01:06
TVasEyesoh, gone already..01:08
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wakejagri recently installed xubuntu 11.10 on a machine with an intel 82945G/GZ integrated video card.  max resolution is 1024x768.  the problem seems to be that the intel xorg server isn't being used.  any suggestions where i go from here?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/824690/02:47
wakejagrXorg.0.log in pastebin02:48
TVasEyeswakejagr: create an xorg.conf (as root:  Xorg -configure to create the initial file), edit it to include the intel driver, copy to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.02:52
TVasEyesand make sure you can ssh in in case the server doesn't 'like' the xorg.conf.02:53
TVasEyeswakejagr: man Xorg, man xorg.conf, man intel02:53
m1chaelhello. i am trying to revive an old e-machine pc. i have a network cable plugged in to the router but the tiny router indicator isnt lighting up (indicating the network card isnt being activated.) i've booted up and the internet isnt working. where do i start with troubleshooting03:12
TVasEyesm1chael: to begin you can examine  dmesg  output for clues, also check whether ifconfig reports your interface.  (sorry, go to go)03:16
m1chaelthanks tvas!03:17
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A_Jmy gui is not loaded correctly, the top navigation bars are missing can someone help me07:02
baizonA_J:  ?07:05
baizonyou mean in the windows?07:05
A_Jumm, no xfce07:06
A_Jbaizon: the top bars with applications etc are gone07:06
baizonA_J: ok, this -> http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=6102 should fix your problem07:06
A_Jbaizon: did it now, nothing happened should i reboot ?07:09
baizonA_J: yes07:09
A_Jokie brb07:09
A_Jthanks you baizon, worked.07:11
A_Jbaizon: can I ask you another query, how can i get the pc to login into two user accounts at startup and keep one in the background07:11
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Guest42490i have language problem07:15
baizonA_J: you mean something like this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1687602 ?07:15
* A_J looks07:15
amusselmmsg nickserv07:15
baizonGuest42490: what language problem?07:17
A_Jthanks baizon. i'll do it manually for now07:17
A_Jgoodbye o/07:18
Guest42490no i cant switch between languages because i cant intall any lang except chinese07:18
baizonwhat error msg do you get07:19
Guest42490on the bar, it is showing input method off07:19
Guest42490under input method menue it showing only chinese07:21
baizontry to install it using the terminal07:22
baizonopen the terminal07:24
baizonor not :P07:24
xubuntu134or hello09:05
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pjotterI just installed Xubuntu in Virtualbox. I am looking at it right now13:11
pjotterIt looks very nice13:11
pjotterI am looking for a distribution that will have a browsable startmenu for quite a while13:13
pjotterXubuntu seems to offer this13:13
knomeyup. nice to hear you like it13:14
pjotterI have been using Ubuntu for the past three years now13:15
pjotterBut since they starting to use Unity, I found it to be increasingly unusable13:16
pjotterSo I am looking for an alternative. Looks like Xubuntu might be just that13:16
pjotterDoes Xubuntu have any other themes than the standard one?13:17
SpiKe_Spiegelof course :)13:19
hobgoblinpjotter: settings - settings manager - appearance - there is a big list there13:19
knomemost of them are not really gtk3 complete though13:19
pjotterAh, I see now. I have installed the dutch version and it uses a different word for it. Thanks!13:21
pjotterVery nice :)13:22
pjotterI think I will have to install Xubuntu to give it a real test. I need to install photoshop under wine. That has always been a bit tricky in Ubuntu. So I hope it will work in Xubuntu.13:23
knomepjotter, it will at least run13:23
knomepjotter, there might be some problems, but those are related to wine, not xubuntu13:23
pjotterI know.13:23
knomeyup, just saying. running photoshop in xp under vbox myself :)13:24
pjotterI have tested many distributions. On some, my setup works fine. On others, for some unknown reason, the don't.13:24
knomemm-hmm, i didn't have problems installing with xubuntu13:24
knomebut it wasn't really stable enough for everyday use, at least for me13:25
pjotterI have tried that too. But I also use a wacom tablet pen. And I never figured out how to get that working in virtualbox.13:25
knomepjotter, my wacom works after installing the drivers as you would do in native windows13:25
pjotterThat's interesting. So you just installed wacom driver in windows under virtualbox?13:26
pjotterI should give that a try!13:27
knomeheh :)13:27
pjotterI need photoshop for work. So, it is not some small thing for me.13:27
knomeyep, same for me too13:27
pjotterI really must say, I like the looks of Xubuntu. It is very clean and very efficiënt.13:28
pjotterWill the startmenu be in Xubuntu for a while?13:28
knomemmh, thanks for the words :)13:28
knomeyeah, we don't plan to change that. (why would we, that's a core xfce component :)13:29
knomeand even if it was removed from the default installation (which is not really going to happen at least any time soon), you could just readd the panel applet13:29
pjotterI mean, it will not suddenly turn into an iphone app, like Ubuntu?13:29
knomelol, not really13:30
knomeit's nothing to worry about13:30
knomeof course xfce developers can go nuts and so, but looking how it is now, it's not going to happen13:30
pjotterO man, I was just shocked when I saw the new Ubuntu interface. I have a very big monitor too. The whole thing looked like a giant tablet.13:31
knomei suppose the usefulness of unity depends on your workflows13:31
knomeit's a different thing, and i'm sure it's the best thing for some, at least13:32
pjotterMaybe I am overreacting or maybe I'm just a bit little oldfashioned. But I really couldn't  see myself working with that kind of an interface.13:33
hobgoblinif you want to see overreaction look in the recurring discussion bit of the forums13:34
hobgoblinor testimonials13:34
pjotterTo me, it really looked as if they designed the thing with tablets in mind. So it would be great for tablets, I guess. But for developers, artists that use desktop computers and other people that have some serious work to do, it really is just counterproductive. Just my opinion.13:35
pjotterBut anyway. It is good to see there is a very good alternative. I think I found a winner in Xubuntu :)13:36
hobgoblinpjotter: I came to it in 11.04 when unity first really appeared13:37
pjotterI use 10.04 LTS. So I really had no clue at was was going on with the Unity thing in 11.04 and 11.10. Imagine my surprise :D13:38
knomeguys... if you want to chat about unity and such more, use our offtopic channel at #xubuntu-offtopic. thanks! :)13:38
hobgoblinI assume you don't go to the forum's often then , it has been the main topic of debate for over a year now13:38
hobgoblinsorry knome :)13:39
pjotterok, knome.13:39
knomeno problem :)13:39
webroastershi guys. quick question. How do I change the color of the text of the desktop icons?14:57
knomexubuntu community meeting in about 20 in #xubuntu-devel16:38
ceslaoMay someone help me to choose the best linux distibution for my 2005 laptop?16:45
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.16:45
charlie-tcaI use Xubuntu on my 5 year old laptop16:47
ceslaoThanks a lot!16:48
soreauHey guys, will the xfce panel weather applet be fixed for 12.04 release?16:54
charlie-tcawhat's wrong with it?16:56
charlie-tcaI have it working on 11.1016:56
soreauWell in my 11.10 install it's broken. It just says No Data16:56
charlie-tcaI know where it comes from. What's wrong with it in 12.04?16:58
ElderDryas"Attention: The folks at weather.com have upgraded their platform in July 2009 to make the API key mandatory. It wasn't required previously (apart in writing), and the Weather plugin didn't implement that before 0.6.3. You'll need version 0.6.3 or more recent to make the Weather plugin work again. "16:58
charlie-tcaI show version 0.7.4 in 12.0416:59
charlie-tcaI show version 0.7.4 in 12.0417:00
ElderDryassorry...clicked wrong button :(17:00
charlie-tcano problem. As far as I know, there should not be a problem with it17:01
soreauSo it should be fixed in xfce4-weather-plugin >= 0.6.3?17:02
soreauok cool, thanks ElderDryas charlie-tca17:03
alkisgHi, is the precise daily live CD bootable, should I use that, or get the alpha-1 instead?17:39
charlie-tcaYes it is bootable. You do know it is not ready for production use?17:40
alkisgYes, thank you very much :)17:41
alkisgI mean, I expect the normal alpha/beta problems, there's no known blocker in xubuntu+1 right now, correct?17:41
charlie-tcaThe images are being rebuilt for an issue in casper now. You might want to wait for the next one17:41
alkisgDo you have a bug # handy?17:42
charlie-tcaNo known blockers, correct. They are working, with bugs17:42
alkisgFor the casper issue, if it blocks the boot process17:42
charlie-tcaI don't have the latest bug numbers, no17:42
alkisgBut if it doesn't, no problem :)17:42
charlie-tcait boots, but can sometimes lose the network.17:42
alkisgAh ok no problem there17:43
charlie-tcaTrying to install from the cd menu fails completely, too. Let the cd run until it stops at the try or install screen17:43
alkisgThanks for the tip.17:44
charlie-tcaGood luck, and thanks for testing this one17:44
* alkisg is trying to decide which desktop environment to use in about 250 schools, as some people weren't very satisfied with unity17:45
charlie-tcaWorth trying Xubuntu, then. There will be some artwork changes, yet, but for the most part, it will be as seen today17:46
knomeagreed with charlie-tca :)17:56
knomexubuntu has proven to be very stable with every release as long as i remember17:56
pjotterHi everyone!18:07
pjotterI just installed Xubuntu on my computer18:08
pjotterDuring my initial install, something went wrong. It resulted in a message that asked me to send a crashreport. So I did. Does this also mean that my personal information, such as: computername, accountname and password were also sent? Should I be worried?18:09
Myrttipassword isn't sent18:10
MyrttiI wouldn't particularly worry about the computername or account name18:11
pjotterNo, I guess not.18:12
vaevis there a way to set system default python to a different version? non-intrusive, like I don't want to manually change the python symlink18:15
vaevsystem default anything actually, any package that can exist in multiple versions18:17
reivaev:  if you have some python version installed, you can run "eselect python list "18:18
reiin a python cli18:18
Axzcould someone please explain me how to fix panel... somehow i moved everything to the right18:18
reiand then select the version you want with "eselect python set <num>"18:18
Axzlike session menu and such that needs to be on left side18:18
vaevrei: wrong distro perhaps? isn't eselect gentoo's thing18:19
charlie-tcaAxz: add a separator to the panel, and expand it18:19
Axzcharlie-tca, oke but now i dont see any windows in the panel18:20
reivaev:  are you in python cli ?18:21
charlie-tcawhat do you mean?18:23
charlie-tcaYou don't see any windows?18:23
vaevrei: python cli? do you mean python interpreter shell?18:23
Axzcharlie-tca, when i open firefox i cant see it in my panel18:23
vaevI'll rephrase my question: how do you select the default package in xubuntu, when there's multiple package versions in the live system?18:25
reivaev:  yes18:26
charlie-tcathen remove that separator18:27
Axznvm fizxed added Window Buttons18:27
AxzAlso how come terminal is being removed after update?18:30
Axzatleast the icon isnt working, says application cant be found18:30
pjotterHey, does anybody know a good notes manager for Xubuntu. I used to work with Notecase manager. But that doesn't seem to be working anymore.19:01
charlie-tcatomboy works if you don't mind mono19:01
charlie-tcaalso xfce-notes works19:02
pjotterI'm looking for something with an tree menu on the side.19:02
GridCubepjotter: something like this? http://rednotebook.sourceforge.net/19:03
pjotterLooks nice. But maybe a bit too fancy for me. I'm looking for a really simple one.19:04
pjotterMaybe Kjots might be something. It is made for KDE. But can I install that on Xubuntu, or can I better look for somethiong that was specificly made to work with Xubuntu?19:06
charlie-tcaIt's fine to install KDE apps, but sometimes they add a lot of extra stuff19:06
pjotterWhat extra stuff? KDE stuff?19:07
charlie-tcaI usually have to install the kde cd burner app here19:07
charlie-tcayes, KDE stuff that the application needs to run19:07
GridCubepjotter: this wiki articly list a few applications http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KJots19:07
mongyk3b is worth the extra depends.19:08
charlie-tcaas long as the machine can handle them19:08
mongyaltho I use gnomebaker these days, for lighter reasons19:08
charlie-tcaYeah, I find myself switching to whichever one works on that day19:08
pjotterThanks GridCube! I will have a look.19:09
pjotterI can always use the free TreeDBNotes 1.0 version under Wine :D19:11
pjotterHa ! Found one!  Tuxcards. Just perfect for what I want!19:12
GridCube:P qt19:13
Kingsywhat is the best linux video player to use to navigate dvd menus with? vlc doesnt work19:14
baizonKingsy: im using SMPlayer19:14
GridCubesmplayer is pretty cool19:14
Kingsybaizon: can you open folders with it? i.e I have a dvd in the format of a video_ts folder19:14
Kingsywhich has menus I need to navigate19:14
GridCubeKingsy: it should19:15
mongyKingsy, you might be interested in http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-mplayer2-and-smplayer2-in.html19:17
KingsyGridCube: nope.. SMPlayer works but it doesnt let you go through the menus.. it just loads it without interactive.. i.e it just goes through the chapters 1 by 119:18
Kingsymongy: how so?19:18
GridCubeoh, vlc doesnt work either?19:19
KingsyGridCube: nope..19:19
mongybecause its mplayer2 and smplayer.  a fork of mplayer with better features and stuff.. or so it says :)19:19
Kingsyseems like a few people have had issues according to google.. so I am looking for a replacement19:19
GridCubedon't know then, i've used both to explore dvd isos created by devede19:19
pjotterJust one general question about Xubuntu: Whenever I want to resize a window, it seems there is very little space to do it. If you are only off by one pixel it doesn't work. Is this a know issue? Or is there a fix for this?19:20
baizonKingsy: yes you can19:20
GridCubepjotter: thats pretty much by desing19:20
baizonor it can :)19:21
GridCubeyou can choose other windows borders19:21
pjotterOkay, how?19:21
baizonmongy: smplayer 0.7.0 is released with mplayer2 support19:21
mongypjotter,   shiki dark is ok from what I remember19:21
pjotterOK, so just another theme should fix it?19:22
mongybaizon, but not all the functions available in mplayer219:22
mongyhence, smplayer219:22
GridCubepjotter: on configuration go to window manager and choose another border style19:22
Kingsybaizon: ok, so I have the dvd loaded.. I can see the various, play.. special features.. etc none of the menu items is selected at the moment..19:22
pjotterOk, thanks!19:22
Kingsyhow do you select one of the menus and access it?19:22
Kingsyif you use the arrow keys it skips through the current scene that is replaying in the background19:23
GridCubeclic them?19:24
KingsyGridCube: does nothing19:25
GridCubedon't know then, can you packet it into an iso19:27
Kingsywhat difference will that make?19:27
Kingsyoh .. so I can use it on a regular dvd player you mean?19:27
KingsyGridCube: what would you use to create a .iso file out of it?19:28
Kingsyxfburn doesnt seem to have an open19:28
GridCubeKingsy: It should have it19:29
pjotterGridCube: I can't seem to find that option. I am in Window manager. There are four tabs: Style, Keyboard, Focus and Advanved. Where can I adjust borderstyle?19:30
GridCubeon style, change the themes19:32
KingsyGridCube: well I cant do that.. its a dual layer dvd and I don't have any.. lol..19:32
Kingsycan you get daemon tools for xubuntu and "fake" mount it ?19:32
pjotterOk, I thought you meant there would be a seperate option to adjust borderwidth or something.19:32
GridCubepjotter nope19:33
pjotter:) Sorry, I am new to this whole Xubuntu thing here.19:34
GridCubeKingsy: once you get the iso the player would automagically mount it19:34
GridCubepjotter: :)19:34
KingsyGridCube: how would you go about creating the iso then?19:34
GridCube:D im trying to figure that out :P19:34
mongyman mkisofs19:35
GridCubethat should work http://tuxarena.blogspot.com/2009/03/4-ways-to-create-cddvd-iso-images-in.html19:36
mongyan example is in there, I forget the exact command19:36
GridCubemkisofs -o cd.iso /data_directory/19:36
GridCubethat :P19:36
mongy-dvd-video also19:36
Kingsynice one yeah.. seems to be going it now19:36
mongybut thats more for  when burning19:37
Kingsygot it yeah.. its creating now19:37
Kingsyman I need to remember that19:37
Kingsymkisofs hardly sticks in your head19:38
alkisgNah the daily iso stops at the very beginning of the installation, saying "removing conflicting OS files" or something similar... (I'm using localized UI)19:39
alkisglog-output -t ubiquity fontconfig-voodoo --auto --force --quiet => that's the last I see in the log19:39
GridCubealkisg: ?19:40
GridCubemind to explain yourself a little bit?19:40
alkisgI'm trying to install a system using the daily iso xubuntu cd19:40
alkisgI select my locale (greek), I start the live session, launch ubiquity, select the partitions etc, and then it stops on that step19:40
alkisgNo crash, it just stays there waiting forever19:41
alkisgSo I expand the ubiquity bottom side to see the log output, and that's the last line I see19:41
alkisgIf I manually run fontconfig-voodoo --auto --force in a terminal, I'm getting "no fontconfig-voodoo configuration found for the current LANGUAGE. Aborting" - I get that even if I start the CD with english locale as well.19:43
xubuntu814I think u are still downloading the language packs19:43
alkisgNo, it hasn't reached that step yet, and it does that even if I don't have an internet connection at all19:43
GridCubealkisg: please go to #xubuntu-devel :) thats the proper place for this19:44
alkisgThank you19:44
xubuntu814im running the installation on an ibm thinkpad with 1028mb ram and i see the same message for about 20 minutes now19:45
xubuntu814still downloading locales19:45
Kingsyok so now I have created the iso how do you mount it?19:46
GridCubeKingsy: you do not, simply open it with vlc or smplayer19:46
Kingsyhmm menus still dont work.. perhaps the files themselves are faulty..19:49
Kingsyoh well19:49
mongyI've had that, and they still work in a proper dvd player...19:50
jackulteveryone here is running xfce of xubuntu?19:53
charlie-tcaum, Xubuntu is Xfce desktop environment19:54
jackultyes i kow..19:57
jackulti known..19:57
Louis11Anyone know if there would be any difference using XGrabKeys on ubuntu and xubuntu?20:45
Louis11I'm trying to have my program register a hotkey with the OS, seems to be working on Ubuntu, but fails on XUbuntu . . .20:46
well_laid_lawnLouis11: check that xfce hasn't already grsabbed the key you want to use22:38
pjotterDoes compiz work with Xubuntu?23:21
holsteinpjotter: sure... not so much "out of the box"23:27
holsteinits a lot like this http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/xubuntu-compiz-pretty-pretty-xubuntu/ though i find it to be less than pleasant23:27
pjotterHi! Looks like I have a problem here. I can't get the hardware drivers working on my computer. I tried installing them, but got an error.23:45
well_laid_lawnpjotter: what was the error?23:45
pjottercan I paste it her? It is 6 lines23:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:46
charlie-tcaIf it is only 6 lines, I will allow the paste this time23:46
pjotter2012-02-02 00:41:44,683 WARNING: /sys/module/fglrx_updates/drivers does not exist, cannot rebind fglrx_updates driver23:46
pjotter2012-02-02 00:41:44,802 ERROR: xorg:fglrx_updates: get_alternative_by_name(fglrx-updates) returned nothing23:46
pjotter2012-02-02 00:41:44,931 DEBUG: fglrx.enabled(fglrx_updates): target_alt None current_alt /usr/lib/fglrx/ld.so.conf other target alt None other current alt /usr/lib/fglrx/alt_ld.so.conf23:46
pjotter2012-02-02 00:41:44,931 DEBUG: fglrx_updates is not the alternative in use23:46
pjotter2012-02-02 00:41:45,003 DEBUG: fglrx.enabled(fglrx_updates): target_alt None current_alt /usr/lib/fglrx/ld.so.conf other target alt None other current alt /usr/lib/fglrx/alt_ld.so.conf23:46
pjotter2012-02-02 00:41:45,004 DEBUG: fglrx_updates is not the alternative in use23:46
charlie-tcawell_laid_lawn: easier that way?23:47
pjotterThis is from jockey.log23:47
well_laid_lawnpjotter: have you rebooted since installer23:48
pjotterseveral times23:48
w30Is there a tweak to make ristretto have a print function?  What image viewer would be recommended for xubuntu that canprint?23:49
well_laid_lawnpjotter: seems the driver didn't install properly   /sys/module/fglrx_updates/drivers does not exist23:50
w30gimp is awful for just viewing and printing23:50
pjottershould it have been there?23:50
pjotterI'm trying: sudo dpkg-reconfigure fglrx-driver23:51
pjotterI have to reboot. brb23:53

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