icerootnice, lubuntu-software-center is in the repos :)02:53
icerootcould someone have a look here? i cant see what is causing this but i guess its one of the lubuntu-packages https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dia/+bug/92525503:01
ubot5`Launchpad bug 925255 in dia (Ubuntu) "Reading state information... Done dia-gnome-gnome: package not found" [Undecided,New]03:01
Unit193Bug #88668003:05
ubot5`Launchpad bug 886680 in app-install-data-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Dia fails to install from the Software Center: There isn't a software package called "dia-gnome-gnome" in your current software sources" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88668003:05
icerootubot5`: thanks, i will mark is as a duplicate03:05
icerootUnit193: ^03:05
Unit193Hehe, happened before :P03:06
iceroothm, that is already a 11.10 bug from november...03:07
Unit193Has a workaround though03:09
icerooti dont see why "install dia" is a real workaround03:10
Unit193Gets it installed = workaround03:12
icerooti dont want it to be installed03:12
icerootbut apt-get is working with the data from app-install-data  and there is a wrong entry for dia-gnome03:12
iceroote.g. if in app-install-data would be texlife instead of texlive the workaround would be to install texlive03:13
icerootbut that is just my opinion03:13
icerootUnit193: thank you for the info and the bug searching :)03:16
Unit193Righto, got my burrito now :D03:19
clacheHi, i use Lubuntu11.10. I find too slow the movement of the mouse(it's a trackpoint), in spite of to have adjusted the mouse properties at maximum. I adjust it in "Keyboard and mouse" panel and the value is conserved. Is it a file where i can put a higher value?03:29
JackAnansiI'm trying to execute some python script from the file manager via double-click. I added the #!/usr/bin/env/ python3 line to the file, chmod +x it, and it still won't run. Is it because of LXTerminal, or some other problem?04:03
JackAnansiIt brings up a window asking whether I want to execute it, execute it in terminal, etc. Both of those options do nothing.04:03
rawfodoghow do I put a desktop short cut into my task menu, or programs menu ? (I made a custom lock screen app and right now it sits on the desktop awkwardly)05:26
bkmi wish i new the answer. my question is: why would i get more results by typing:  $ groups <username>  than i do by typing:  $ groups  ??05:31
bkmmy answer was in the man page, thx!05:33
head_victimphillw: you around?09:42
head_victimActually anyone who knows about bug 918401 would be good :)09:43
ubot5`Launchpad bug 918401 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Unity-greeter installed by default on Lubuntu, crashing on start" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91840109:43
kanliotin the meeting yesterday they said that bug would unfortunately not be fixed for the alpha 209:44
kanliotwh/e that means09:44
head_victimYeah jmarsden asked for a simpler how to to fix it09:44
head_victimSo I was going to propose:09:44
head_victimTo do this when the screen goes blank press control+alt+F1 to bring up09:44
head_victimthe tty1 terminal. From this prompt type in "sudo apt-get install09:44
head_victimlxdm" and enter in your password. After this has completed you should09:44
head_victimtype "sudo reboot" and it should boot up as expected.09:44
head_victimBut I don't have the ability to test it so if anyone does, please let me know if it's technically accurate09:44
kanliotwhy can't you test it09:45
head_victimThe hard drive I kept all my virtualbox drives on failed.09:45
head_victimHaven't been able to afford to replace it yet.09:45
kanliotso that's with the daily iso?09:46
head_victimIt's just the latest snapshot of current development progress. If you've never tested before it might be worth waiting until alpha2 comes out though if you're using it on anything remotely production.09:47
kanliotheh, how bad could it be?09:47
head_victimI had been running 12.04 from the day 11.10 was released in my virtual box so when things broke I could just wipe and start over (but hadn't happened this cycle yet!)09:48
head_victimIf you don't know what you're doing fixing things the worst it can be is a wipe and start over.09:48
head_victimAnd lots and lots of wasted time ;)09:48
kanliotactually i need to learn how to install all my common packages quickly09:49
kanlioti hear you can just export a list of installed packages and then cut and paste that into a new script on a new machine09:49
head_victimMe personally, I don't ever run development releases on bare metal unless it's an entirely spare machine09:50
kanliotok thats good advice i bet09:50
head_victimkanliot: yep, I'm about to run away or I'd find a link for you09:50
head_victimEssentially the list can be generated from synaptic or from cli, so google whichever way sounds more exciting.09:50
kanlioti'll check your method and post it on the mailing list09:51
kanliotit belongs on the list right?09:52
svamh the question from clache is interesting, as my mouse speed can not be saved in the gui. is there a config file that can be edited for mouse speed?10:55
MrChrisDruifI don't know sva11:00
head_victimkanliot: cheers for testing, I just updated the bug comment for bug 918401 to reflect your results :)11:50
ubot5`Launchpad bug 918401 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Unity-greeter installed by default on Lubuntu, crashing on start" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91840111:50
kanliotyeah toolk me longer than i thought, ran into another bug while i did it.  the install wizard window was too big for the screen in the virtual machine11:55
eboneI installed the lubuntu-desktop and core packages in my Ubuntu system and I was hoping it would switch over my desktop environment and display manager.15:40
eboneIt doesn't seem to have worked.15:40
eboneI'm definitely still on Gnome after a reboot/login. The display manager still looked like gdm, but it's artwork did change.15:40
kanliotdid you change session on the login scren?15:41
eboneAnyway... is there a "ubuntu way" to change your display manager and desktop enviornment?15:41
ebonewell, the apt-install routine asked me what display manager I wanted to use and I choose lxdm.15:41
kanlioti mean the login screen15:42
eboneBut, like I said, it doesn't seem to have switched it. The login screen looks exactly the same except for a blue background instead of the original "red clay" look.15:42
kanliotwhat you see if you log out15:42
eboneohh, yeah. You know. i was looking for a way to select a window manager.15:42
eboneHold on. Let me try again.15:43
eboneI couldn't find where to do that, but maybe I just wasn't that observant.15:43
eboneokay. When I put a login ID it pops up.  ;)15:47
eboneI didn't notice that at first.  I can select Lubuntu or lxde.15:47
eboneSomething really weird here!15:49
eboneI'm in the Lubuntu desktop, but the title bars on windows is flashing continuously!15:50
kanliotis it the update window15:50
kanliototherwise might be a bug15:50
eboneIt looks like it's any window.15:51
eboneI wonder if I have enough video ram?  I have 32mb.15:51
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eboneI think maybe I had 2 display managers running.16:08
eboneIt seems "fixed" now, for the moment.16:08
Unbekannteri have a problem16:37
Unbekannteryesterday i have install lubuntu 11.10 on my computer and now i want to use skype16:38
Unbekannterbut i cant use my webcam mikro16:38
Unbekannterhow can i use my webcam as standart mic?16:38
Unbekannterand where can i find audio settings like ubuntu ?16:39
Unbekanntersry for my bad english..16:39
epictetusso one of the best things about lubuntu is it does not include this thing called pulseaudio16:40
epictetusbut what pulseaudio does is magically make all the different sound chips your computer might have (i.e. built in soundcard, webcam sound card, USB headphones have a sound chip in them, USB microphone, etc) and make them all magically work like they are all part of one big sound system16:40
epictetuspulseaudio is SUPER buggy and is one of the things that makes regular ubuntu really slow and laggy and crashes your machine all the time16:41
epictetusthe downside of not having it is, you ahve to use alsa tools directly and/or tell your apps more specifically about which sound cards to use16:41
epictetus(alsa is a more low level sound layer)16:41
Unbekannterhow can i open audio settings?16:42
epictetusfor alsa i recommend an app called alsamixer16:42
Unbekannteri look in the software-center for it16:42
Unbekannterok alsamixer is installed16:43
epictetusbut in some cases you also need to tweak app settings (i.e. you need to tell skype which sound input to use)16:43
epictetusok from a console window run alsamixer and hit F616:44
epictetusthat should pop up a list of sound cards / sound chips detected16:44
epictetusis the sound chip you are trying to use in that list16:44
Unbekannterok i have start alsa mixer16:45
Unbekannterbut its not in console16:45
epictetusGUI one is okay too16:45
epictetusi'm not sure where, it should have a list of sound cards somewhere16:45
Unbekanntermy soundcard is not very good its a onboard16:45
epictetusis the webcam USB?16:46
epictetusand it has a built in microphone too?16:46
Unbekannterits a Logitech16:46
Unbekannterwith usb 2.016:46
epictetusokay i think it should show up as a USB sound device16:47
epictetuswhen you bring up alsamixer somewhere should be a list of sound cards16:47
epictetusis there a USB sound card listed?16:47
epictetusactually skype should have its own list16:48
epictetusif you run skype go to options -> sound options, there should be a dropdown for "sound in"16:48
Unbekannteri dont understand16:48
epictetusis there a USB option in that list16:48
epictetusforget alsamixer just run skype16:48
epictetusgo to options -> sound options16:48
epictetusthere is an option "sound in"16:49
epictetusthat is a dropdown'16:49
epictetuswhat is in the list?16:49
epictetusis there only 1 choice in the list?16:49
epictetusor 2 choices?16:49
epictetusor 5?16:49
Unbekannterwhere is options?16:49
Unbekannteri only habe "File" "Edit" and Help16:49
epictetusin Skype?16:50
Unbekannterno in mixer16:50
epictetusFORGET MIXER16:50
epictetusGO TO SKYPE16:50
Unbekannteri have do in skpye Options16:51
Unbekannterthen sound devices16:51
epictetuswhat is in the list16:52
epictetusfor sound in16:52
Unbekannteri cant see sound in16:52
epictetusmore particularly, is there anything with a name like "usb audio"16:52
Unbekannterthere is micrphone16:52
epictetussame thing16:52
Unbekannterits a long list16:53
epictetusone of those options might make your audio work16:53
epictetusespecially if the option has a name that sounds like "usb audio" or "logitech"16:53
Unbekannteris it usb device16:53
Unbekannteror INTEL ICH616:53
epictetusintel ICH6 is the built in sound on the machine it will only work if you plug a microphone into the sound port on the computer directly16:54
epictetusyou want USB16:54
Unbekannterthere are a lot of usb16:56
UnbekannterUSB audio default audio device16:57
Unbekannterusb audio front speakers16:57
Unbekannterusb audio 4.0 surround output16:57
Unbekannterusb IEC95816:58
Unbekannterusb direct sample snooping16:58
Unbekannterusb direct hardware device16:59
Unbekannterand usb audio16:59
Unbekannterwhat is the right?16:59
toschohow can I change my "back" key on my laptop to a "home" key?17:06
holsteintoscho: check out http://stray-notes.blogspot.com/2011/01/lxde-remap-keyboard-shortcuts.html ...you can use nano for the text editor :)17:12
holsteinthats more for the shortcuts though...17:13
holsteinlooks like this should work with LXDE http://askubuntu.com/questions/24916/how-do-i-remap-certain-keys17:13
toschothe first works for shortcuts. but i don't want a shortcut, I want the "back" button to behave like the "home" button17:20
toschothe second uses xmodmap17:20
toschoi have a solution with xmodmap, but xmodmap is incompatible with setxkb17:21
holsteincool... so you are sorted out then?17:21
toschoas I need xkboptions set with setxkbmap, I need a compatible solution17:21
toschono, I'm not sorted out17:21
holsteini didnt mean to be unclear.. i tried to imply that the first option was for remapping shortcuts by saying "thats more for the shortcuts though" but i realize that is vague and unclear17:22
toschoyou were very clear17:22
toschoah. you posted the first link as well17:22
holsteinyeah, i was just spitballing...17:22
toschoI didn't get that, as it was a different color17:22
holsteintoscho: do you have a string that works, and is just not persistant?17:23
toschoI'm still not used to XChats highlighting17:23
holsteini hate to suggest #ubuntu since its so noisy... maybe #ubuntu-beginners ?17:23
holsteinnot to imple you are a beginner17:23
toschoxmodmap's solution is persistent (when added to a startup script)17:23
toschoit's just that I can't use xmodmap and setxkbmap in the startup script as the second one kills the changes from the first one17:24
holsteinhow about http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/MovingTheCtrlKey#toc5 ?17:25
holsteinyoud need to adapt it for your needs17:25
holsteinsetxkbmap -option back:swaphome ...though im sure thats not it.. but something like that17:26
toschoI thought more of one of these key symbol maps about which there is lot of abstract documentation17:28
kanliotonline class on ubuntu documentation if anyone needs a class17:32
skaetwe've got some new lubuntu desktop images posted - is there anyone around who can give them a quick test out to see if the issues have been sorted?17:47
kirillhello there18:21
kirillplease help me i have dlna on win7 and laptop on lbuntu how i can wath video from dlna server on my lubuntu?18:22
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moesDell Dimension l800r plentin 3 800 mhz 384 ram intel i810 video card....Which version would be compatible for this pc...I want to have better than 800x600 resolutions20:29
icerootmoes: lubuntu 11.10 should be fine20:29
moesit is lxde desktop right20:29
icerootmoes: but if i am correct the normal cd needs 512mb ram for installation (the later system is fine with 256) maybe try the minimal cd for that20:30
icerootmoes: lxde with openbox20:30
moesThanks for the info20:31
icerootmoes: you are welcome20:31
bmoezhi, could lubuntu run in old pc with 128Mo orf ram and 32bit cpu? :-)20:32
bioterror32bit CPU yes, 128MB of RAM only with alternative installer20:33
bioterrorbut I would not say that it would be a nice experience ;)20:33
icerootbmoez: my system is using less then 128mb if not starting firefox20:34
bioterroriceroot, *than20:34
icerootbmoez: but of course with some programs i am using more then 128mb, so i guess your swap will do a lot of work20:34
bmoezif, i would run many program? will puppylinux be better?20:35
bioterrormore RAM would be better, like double20:36
bmoezSo, 256Mo will be enough!20:37
icerootbmoez: depending on the programs of course20:37
Unit193skaet: You get everything you needed yet?21:15
skaetUnit193, would be nice if someone could test the newly published desktop image.   If they're good, we can still push them out.21:16
Unit193skaet: They're working on checking them now21:17
skaetUnit193, :)  great!21:17
venik212Serious sound problem (mostly recording) on Lubuntu 11.10 with NVIDIA MCP7921:21
venik212can anyone help?21:21
Unit193Open a terminal and type   alsamixer21:25
svaa question... if i choose at LCTerminal do hide the menu - how can i ever get back to the menu?23:12
svashortcut F10? but didnt worked with me23:13
sva(i left the menu open cause i was afraid of closing it after hiding the menu bar)23:13
Unit193You could just remove your config for lxterminal > .config/lxterminal/lxterminal.conf23:14
svabut it woul dbe nice, because the font is so huge (and it wont get smaller, even when i set every font i find to 8px23:14
Unit193iceroot: Heh, are you Basse or Rawson?23:14
svaUnit193: oh, serious? thats no option if i wanna e.g. make the terminal font bigger for showing something etc23:15
icerootUnit193: basse23:15
svabtw, i miss ctrl+/- for in/decreasing the terminal23:15
icerootUnit193: the one hitting "n" :)23:15
Unit193sva: Just saying the easy way to revert it, you can also edit the file, etc/23:15
Unit193iceroot: Does sudo apt-get upgrade work?23:16
svaUnit193: so there is no shortcut to get the menu when it is hided?23:16
svaand is there a shortcut for de/increasing size+font? (cause that would be the most I would use at the menu)23:17
icerootUnit193: upgrade will pull the libg* correctly23:18
Unit193sva: right click > preferences23:18
icerootUnit193: seems to be fixed, dist-upgrade working also23:19
svatnx alot! sorry for asking and not finding out myself...23:19
Unit193iceroot: Alrighty, thanks (Just was wondering some background)23:19
icerootUnit193: imo upgrade should not destroy it, because upgrade will never change other packages just the upgraded ones23:20
Unit193Exactly, just updating ones in place23:20
icerooti am just using ctrl+r dis enter :)23:21
icerootand on important systems always dist-upgrade -s first23:22

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