jbicharocky: the answer is no, but web browsers are special00:05
jbichain Chromium, you can click File>Create Application Shortcuts, check Application Menu, and drag the new shortcut from the dash to the launcher00:07
jbichathat might work00:07
jbichaor you can just use multiple web browsers or learn to love the Alt + ~00:08
rockyjbicha, yeah that works for launching it but once i launch that shortcut app it groups the new icon with the running google chrome icon00:08
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gogo_unity 5.2 will land in alpha 2 or after that?08:47
gogo_i am getting confused...unity 5.2 will land in alpha 2 or after that?09:04
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icerootcrizzy: any cve about that?11:50
crizzyiceroot: http://thexploit.com/sec/critical-php-remote-vulnerability-introduced-in-fix-for-php-hashtable-collision-dos/ here's more12:02
icerootcrizzy: thanks, i applied the patch (which is causing that) two days ago on squeeze where it was backported :(12:05
icerootand i think the fix was also fetched on ubuntu12:05
crizzythere also was a nasty nasty sudo bug12:05
crizzywith instant rooting12:05
crizzygood thing i have 10.04 at servers, old enough not to have it12:06
icerootonly 12.04 was affected by that12:06
icerootand its fixed already12:06
crizzygood thing12:06
crizzyother distros might have it around.. 1.8 isn't that new release12:06
icerootcrizzy: opensuse, fedora and ubuntu 12.04 were affected12:06
icerootthere was also a local root-exploit with some /proc/foo12:07
icerootfor every linux 3.x12:07
icerootcrizzy: as it seems the patch from debian for php5 did not reach ubuntu yet12:08
icerootah great we are using php 5.3.8 and not 5.3.912:09
crizzyfor once good that security updates are late ;)12:09
icerootand debian backported it but it was not needed for there version12:09
icerootso ubuntu is not affected by the old or new exploit12:10
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astraljavaHey guys, thought I'd check your flavor out as well, but I have a spare machine that I can install to by CD only. What is the way to do that now while the image is oversized?12:38
astraljavaErr... sorry, I could have sworn I tried joining #kubuntu+1. Or is there a redirect?12:39
astraljavaAhh yes there is.12:39
astraljavaWell, anyway, talking about kubuntu, do I need to install oneiric, and do-release-upgrade -d ?12:40
Daekdroomastraljava, the ISO default will now be 750MiB12:40
DaekdroomThat is, no more CD12:41
astraljavaOk. When has that changed occurred? cdimage still talks about CDs.12:41
DaekdroomIt's supposed to start for 12.04 LTS12:42
DaekdroomOn the other hand, I have yet to find somewhere saying it's official.12:43
astraljavaDaekdroom: Ok. Thanks for the info!12:43
astraljavaI'll go the oneiric route, then.12:44
snadgewould anyone happen to have any ideas off hand.. how to disable pulseaudio for a specific session using lightdm?12:50
snadgei run xbmc from a custom session.. using a seperate username12:50
snadgeand pulseaudio messes up the audio latency.. so i'd like some way to be able to not run it12:50
BluesKajmorning folks13:05
airtonixsnadge: i run xbmc too and don't need to disable pulseaudio.13:20
airtonixbut that's because i'm just plain awesome13:22
astraljavaSome people just have it.13:22
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airtonixyes well when someone suggests removing pulseaudio i question their sanity13:24
astraljavaNooo... I meant the awesomeness. :)13:24
BluesKajairtonix,  I used to run my system just fine without pulseaudio with my onboard audio , after installing a m-audio pci card , I needed pulse for webaudio like youtube/flash etc , so it depends on alsa / soundcard combination that determines whether pulse is required or not13:36
BluesKajunfortunately there's nothing awesome about pulseaudio , it adds another layer of processing which results in more distrotion and sound quality degradation for those using the analog outputs to their speakers . Fortunately for me the digital pass thru works and the digital conversion/processing takes place on my audio amplifier13:42
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 (last day) starting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:51
mokolokowill aliased window borders arrive with this 12.04? I read about it somewhere and now i can't keep staring at em :D DEM JAGGIES15:31
moo-anyone noticed the font is different?18:35
moo-why is applets in gnome-panel not skinned?18:37
roothorickSo, if icedtea-plugin doesn't work for me, then what? I can't find any other Java browser plugins in the repository......19:10
micahgroothorick: what do you mean by "doesn't work"19:27
micahgthat's the only plugin we can ship19:28
FernandoMiguelevening <319:31
roothorickmicahg: I filed a bug recently. Keyboard input doesn't reach the applet. Kinda a BFD when you use VNC a lot.19:34
roothorickgotta reboot...19:34
icerootcan someone confirm this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/command-not-found/+bug/92567819:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 925678 in command-not-found (Ubuntu) "[12.04] command-not-found crashing after latest dist-upgrade always (e.g. "vii foo")" [Undecided,New]19:49
rockyhas anyone come up with a workaround or fix for the no-sound issue that seems to be plaguing many people in precise right now?20:08
icerootrocky: bug?20:15
* rocky digs it up20:16
rockyiceroot, well the issue is discussed in a bunch of forum threads... this is one i just found:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=190321420:17
rockybut i know i saw a couple bug reports too20:18
icerootrocky: ok20:18
rockyfwiw, the "fixes" there don't fix it for me :(20:18
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Discussion and support for Precise Pangolin | Release schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule | Oneiric Support in #ubuntu | Alpha 2 Released! http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/precise/alpha2
melterwhat great timing, i just came here to check if alpha 2 was released :)20:37
h00kwoah, right now is a bad time to dist-upgrade, it wanted to remove just about everything.21:22
h00kI'll do an upgrade instead.21:22
guntberth00k: strange, just ran a dist-upgrade - the process seemed fine - only my graphic system won't start any more (in a VM, that is)21:27
h00kguntbert: ah. Yeah, mine wanted to bork everything, unity, nautilus, etc, all kinds of libs21:30
h00kI'll only assume it's in the middle of some packages getting thrown in ;)21:30
guntberth00k: yes, immediatley after running the dist-upgrade another dist-upgrade was necessary, so things seem pretty in the flow right now - a little strange *after* alpha2, isn't it?21:32
* h00k srugs21:34
DiyarHow can update 11.10 to 12 alpha 2 ?22:12
FernandoMiguel!upgrade | Diyar22:13
ubottuDiyar: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade22:13
FernandoMiguelDiyar: have you read that?22:13
Diyarno .. I will read it now .. thanks22:14
DiyarFernandoMiguel: in both not talk about 11.10 to 12 alpha 2  and in software update not show update/upgrade to 1222:17
Diyarother way please22:18
FernandoMiguel$ update-manager -d22:18
Diyarwithout download fresh22:18
crizzyDiyar: sudo update-manager -d22:19
Diyar know I wrote this one not show any update /upgrade available22:19
DiyarI know*22:20
FernandoMiguelDiyar: make sure you haven't updates set to LTS22:20
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)22:20
Diyarwait wait not show is22:21
Diyarnow is show*22:21
DiyarI mean upgrade is appear now at update manager22:22
DiyarThanks guys :-)22:22
swat_hmmm, precise upgrade wants to remove a lot of packages...22:23
crizzybah, 'unresolvable error' :( i wants percise22:24
Diyarnot problem my problem just be faster22:24
FernandoMiguelswat_: DON'T22:31
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zzecoolHello guy i have precise Alpha 1 installed  and right now my update manager ask me to remove almost the whole system  (unity  , nautilus , gnome shell ... all the libraries..... etc )  and only updates about 5 7 random packages....22:35
zzecooli know that Alpha 2 is out  but if i continue i will left with no system22:36
zzecoolinstead of an updated one22:36
zzecoolany  clues?22:36
swat_FernandoMiguel: i wasn't going to :)22:36
swat_zzecool: just run into the same problem22:36
FernandoMiguelswat_: apt-get or aptitude?22:37
zzecoolswat_, strange thing i have a virtual machine with precise on22:37
zzecooland it doesnt happening there....22:37
zzecoolFernandoMiguel,  it doesn matter   apt-get aptitude    update manage synaptic22:38
zzecoolits the same everywhere22:38
FernandoMiguelactually it does22:38
FernandoMiguelsince aptitude has some known bugs with multi arch22:38
swat_FernandoMiguel: apt-get22:38
FernandoMiguelI did my upgrades 2h ago an all was ok22:39
swat_something has gone wrong now22:40
jtaylorwait a while22:42
jtaylorsome package need to be upgraded at the same time or bad things will happen22:42
jtaylorprobably one of them ahs not reached your mirror yet22:42
hggdhjtaylor: dependencies on the update of libglib22:46
hggdhexpected, right now22:46
FernandoMiguelthat's why I'm on the Main Archive and a local mirror :)22:46
FernandoMiguelhey hey hggdh22:46
FernandoMiguellong time not see22:46
hggdhyo FernandoMiguel22:46
hggdhthe lesson here is: be careful, be *VERY* careful when using apt-get, synaptic, aptitude on development versions22:47
hggdheither be selective on what you want to update, or do not update, or use update-manager (which will propose a partial upgrade)22:48
zzecoolswat_:  my friend i think we have to wait  or we gonna end up playing with a brick :)22:50
zzecoolFernandoMiguel: im also using the Main Archive  but....22:56
hggdhoh, and add libxb* and evolution-data-server to the mix... the three of them together (libglib2.0, libxb*, and the e-d-s packages will propose to remove half the system right now23:00
iceroothggdh: or just read the text in the screen before hitting yes23:00
hggdhindeed :-)23:00
hggdhbut the lesson is still dist-upgrade with care...23:01
icerootmaybe something like that in the topic would be a good idea23:02
hggdhyes, but I do not have op rights here23:07
yofeluhm, just point them to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185924023:09
yofeland mention that dist-upgrade does the same thing23:10
FernandoMiguelswat_: zzecool pro tip from a long time +1 user:23:10
FernandoMiguelNEVER EVER DO UPDATES on fridays lolol shame we are still a few hours away from that23:11
yofeloh right, that rule was there too :D23:11
icerootfor us (german) its a friday update :)23:12
FernandoMiguelthere you go23:12
FernandoMiguelstill 23:12 here23:13
icerootFernandoMiguel: then what are you waiting for? its not friday to fire up the dist-upgrade :)23:13
yofelsame for the channel if we talk UTC23:13
FernandoMiguelI would love to use my laptop this weekend23:13
GTRsdkIs there a bug in some networking thing that prevents ssh and using some ports to connect locally?23:14
GTRsdklooks like there is an update23:15
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FernandoMiguelno update here23:17
FernandoMigueljust power down23:17
FernandoMiguelas I was saying23:17
FernandoMiguelalready spent 4 weekends without a system23:17
FernandoMiguelthis cycle23:17
GTRsdktimes like these make me think that Debian Wheezy is more stable23:18
yofelwell, what do you expect 2 weeks before feature freeze...23:18
zzecoolSo i wonder what precise im running right now23:19
zzecoolAlpha 1   ot Alpha + something ;p23:20
icerootissue is fixed on german mirrorsy23:20
zzecoolo rly?23:20
zzecoollet me try main again23:20
yofelalpha2 + x**(num_of_broken_pkgs)23:21
icerootzzecool: here it is fixed23:21
yofelsomething like that23:21
GTRsdkyofel: well what "features" could be added that are broken? Especially when they are using ports and ssh?23:21
yofelno idea. a) ssh works fine here b) I'm on KDE23:22
zzecooliceroot: the main archive is still broken23:22
icerootzzecool: ok23:22
yofelmirror being fixed while main being broken doesn't make sense o.O23:22
GTRsdkI'm using LXDE on one computer while Fluxbox is in use on the other23:23
icerootzzecool: stupid question, used apt-get update first?23:23
GTRsdkwell on both computers I had a lot of updates23:23
icerootzzecool: hm, here http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu  it is fixed (i thought i am using german mirrors)23:23
zzecoolGTRsdk:  be very carefull because my update manager asks me to remove my whole system23:24
GTRsdkzzecool: I only ran upgrade, not dist-upgrade23:24
zzecoolYou are lucky ;p23:24
zzecooli was too23:24
GTRsdkwhat really sucks is that I was using them as miners, so one not being able to connect to the other is a major issue23:26
zzecooliceroot: for me archive.ubuntu.com still ask me a partial update23:30
zzecoolprobably i have more packages or different packages than you23:30
icerootzzecool: maybe, this is "just" a lubuntu system23:31
zzecoolim using ubuntu23:31
GTRsdkbut then there must be a bug in the ubuntu-desktop meta package?23:32
icerootbut i was facing the same issue here before23:32
zzecoollubuntu is the lightweight one  right ?23:32
icerootzzecool: yes23:32
zzecooli c23:32
zzecoolone thing is sure23:32
zzecoolmany ppl will  experience the smae23:32
zzecooland cant be unoticed23:32
zzecoolthey gonna fix it23:33
zzecoolsooner or later23:33
GTRsdkwell let's hope it gets fixed sooner than later, or better yet, now23:33
zzecoolbad thing is that you cant find here ppl that driving the whole situation to give you a better thought about what is happening23:34
icerootthe best is23:35
zzecoolits a bit unlike that you gonna find a dev here to help you23:35
icerootsleeping and tomorrow everything is fine23:35
zzecooli remember last year23:35
zzecoolwhen waiting here to irc23:35
zzecoolwith many others23:35
zzecoolfor unity to land23:35
zzecooli was so bored23:36
zzecoolthat felt for sleep23:36
zzecooland when woke up tha same ppl were still waiting23:36
zzecoolfor the release23:36
GTRsdkthis Debian system doesn't have ssh upgrades, so I'm guessing it must be an old version in Ubuntu or something?23:36
GTRsdkalthough, I still don't know which one is the culprit. ssh or something else?23:37
zzecoolin my system the culprit must a shitload of pachages and not only one ;p23:37
zzecooliceroot: why not using ubuntu  ?  Cause of resources  or you just dont like Unity ?23:41
GTRsdkThe sources in the recent versions of Lubuntu are the same, so basically only the installation disc and the packages installed 0 minutes after installation are the only real differences23:42
zzecoolyeah but with compiz + unity you have a ton more packages and libraries as dependencies23:43
icerootzzecool: the mainreason is because i wanted to be part of an oss-project. unity/ubuntu have already a lots of good people (mostly from canocial), i was searching for something "new" which is not that big, so its easier for me to understand how everything is working (organisation, testing, developing)23:44
icerootzzecool: so i decided to install lubuntu and be part of the lubuntu-team23:44
GTRsdkzzecool: sure, but those can be installed with "apt-get install unity compiz"23:44
GTRsdkjust like how they can easily be removed23:47
icerooti dont see the problem, in the last weeks hdds are very expensive so its a great feature that ubuntu is cleaning the hdd so you dont have to buy a new one for 400% of the costs23:48
GTRsdkcleaning the hard drive meaning removing critical packages?23:50
iceroot:) yes23:50
icerootit was also removing bugs and security issues23:50
icerootand everyone was saying that he dont like unity, it was also removing unity23:51
GTRsdkwell since I use Debian and Ubuntu, consistency is fairly important. Since Unity exists only in Ubuntu, I use LXDE. Though, I am beginning to like Fluxbox.23:52
icerootof course only joking. we are using 12.04 which is still an alpha, so things like that are not impossible and normally 12.04 should only be used for testing and to see what ne new ubuntu version will look like23:52
GTRsdkbut 12.04 is supposed to sync with Debian Wheezy and be a LTS23:53
icerootGTRsdk: debian sid23:54
icerootGTRsdk: ubuntu always syning with sid23:54
GTRsdkWasn't Sid for non-LTS versions?23:54
icerootnever heard of that23:55

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