dpmgood morning all08:16
_rahmat_hi everyone. i'm using quickly in ubuntu 10.04 and following video tutorial in http://developer.ubuntu.com everything work fine, until I type quickly package, quickly get error with error message "An error has occured during package building ERROR: package command failed Aborting" here is screenshot of quickly http://paste.ubuntu.com/826217/ . Any idea? thanks11:09
gengiskhanHello, I want create a new app but I don't have any knowledge about programmation18:40
gengiskhanI'd like create a app like a data base18:41
gengiskhanbut Quickly don't help me a lot...18:41
gengiskhanSomeone know where I can found a good tutorial about Quickly and creation app's?18:42
ts2I've never used Quickly, but have you followed the getting started guide? http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/18:44
gengiskhanYes, I've followed this guide but that tutorial only show me how create a basic app and how registered it18:49
gengiskhanI need learn to work with quickly deeply18:50
gengiskhanby the way, thanks for answr me18:50

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