dioxingrrr... I've just overwritten an image file trying to write to a SD card....00:13
dioxinis it possible to install gnome-classic on Oneric?00:57
GrueMasterOn arm?  Not sure.  If it is in the pool, then yes.00:59
dioxinUnity was first in 11.04? or 10.10?01:05
twb10.10 on netbooks01:08
GrueMaster10.10 yes.01:15
krosswindzI recently got a pandaboard01:45
krosswindzwhen I am trying to use the usb serial adapter my screen is complete garbled01:45
krosswindzI have the Prolific Technology pl2303 usb serial adapter01:46
krosswindzI have set the minicom settings from pandaboard side01:46
krosswindzI was wondering if anyone could help me fix this issue01:46
GrueMasterkrosswindz: I used to use those all the time (recently upgraded to an 8 port pci serial adapter for all my systems).  I use screen and it works fine.  "screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200" should give you a serial console.01:47
twbIME there are only one or two USB serial adapters in existence01:48
twbEverything is just that rebranded01:48
twbgarbled might just indicate your baud rate is wrong01:48
krosswindzGrueMaster: I was using minicom01:48
twbbaud rate needs to be the same on both sides01:49
krosswindzGrueMaster: when I use screen I have the issue01:49
twbminicom and sceren both work as client side; probably want getty on the server side01:49
krosswindztwb: I am setting baudrate as 115200 which is what is mentioned in the ubuntu website01:49
twbThat should be fine01:49
krosswindzWhen I use a different adapter it works fine for the same setting01:49
twbMaybe that specific device is damaged01:49
krosswindzyou mean the pl2303 might be damaged01:50
twbdevice = that adapter, I mean, no the pandaboard01:50
krosswindzI will see if I can get it replaced01:50
twbThey cost like $4 so just replace it01:50
GrueMasterkrosswindz: Are you plugging the 9 pin plug directly to the panda or are you using a cable/adapter in between?01:50
twbGrueMaster: if he doesn't have a nullmodem cable it should just fail, right?  i.e. not garbled01:51
krosswindzthe 9 pin directly to the pandaaboard01:51
krosswindzwhen I using the tripplite keyspan usb serial adapter01:52
krosswindzit was all fine01:52
krosswindzi had borrowed that from my friend01:52
krosswindzif i switch to that same settings for minicom it is fine01:52
GrueMasterAnother thing to try is on the desktop side, type "sudo setserial /dev/ttyUSB0 base_baud 115200".01:53
krosswindzInvalid flag: base_baud01:53
GrueMasterOops.  baud_base (I had it reversed).01:54
krosswindzCannot set serial info: Invalid argument01:55
krosswindzsudo setserial /dev/ttyUSB0 baud_base 11520001:55
krosswindzthats the command I am using01:55
krosswindzthat is the output of setserial -a01:57
GrueMaster"Baud_base: 460800".  That is the problem.01:59
krosswindzI am unable to switch it to 11520002:00
GrueMasterTry "sudo setserial /dev/ttyUSB0 port 0x0000 irq 0 uart 16654 baud_base 1152000"02:01
krosswindzCannot set serial info: Invalid argument02:03
GrueMastersudo setserial /dev/ttyUSB0 uart 16654 baud_base 115200002:03
GrueMastersudo setserial /dev/ttyUSB0 uart 16654 baud_base 11520002:03
GrueMaster(somehow my copy/paste added a zero)02:04
krosswindzi didnt see it02:05
krosswindzno go02:05
krosswindzsame invalid argument error02:05
GrueMasterYou are running this on the host (usb) side, right?02:05
krosswindzyes this on the host side02:06
krosswindzmy laptop02:06
krosswindzgoogle isnt being helpful either :(02:07
GrueMasterTry unplugging and plugging the usb serial adapter back in, then run setserial -a /dev/ttyUSB0 to see what it says.02:08
krosswindzits the same, http://pastebin.com/UCC17Ukx02:11
GrueMasterNot sure why it is coming up with Baud_base: 46080002:11
GrueMasterVery odd.02:11
krosswindzI am leaning towards the fact that it could be a bad adapter/cable02:11
GrueMasterCheck dmesg to see what it says.02:12
GrueMasterAlso, when you plug it into the laptop, is it connected to the panda?  Try unplugging from the panda.02:12
GrueMasterVery possible.02:12
krosswindzlet me unplug from panda02:12
krosswindzits the same02:13
krosswindzi unplugged from panda, unplugged from laptop, then plugged to my laptop02:13
krosswindzran setserial -a /dev/ttyUSB002:13
krosswindzthe result is the same02:13
GrueMasterSounding like a bad cable.  Nothing else I can suggest.02:14
krosswindzI am inclined towards the same02:14
krosswindzthis sucks02:14
krosswindzi need to go borrow the cable again02:15
krosswindzthanks for your time GrueMaster02:15
GrueMasterSorry I couldn't help more.  Good luck.02:16
krosswindznot a problem02:16
krosswindzat least one other person things its a bad cable02:17
krosswindzthis was driving my nuts, I was thinking I was screwing up02:17
GrueMasterWell, since it isn't directly in front of me, I can't actually diagnose that that isn't the problem.  :P02:19
krosswindzI was wondering are there any documentation on setting up cross compile toolchain for arm on ubuntu02:19
krosswindzI want to rebuild my kernel, I was hoping I dont have to do it on the pandaboard02:20
GrueMasterI think there is somewhere.  Do a google search with " cross compile site:wiki.ubuntu.com".  I've done it, but not for a kernel.02:21
GrueMasterAlso, I think the kernel build only takes 20 minutes if you are using a usb drive to build on.02:21
krosswindzI found the blueprint for it :p02:22
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GrueMasterNot sure if that will work, but worth a shot.  You will need the arm compiler installed.02:29
krosswindzi will have to use it but only after I install the cross compile tool chain02:29
krosswindzI am seeing kernel oops on poweroff04:14
krosswindzthats the output from the serial console04:14
mythoshmm... i had that effect too... but my board is a ti alpha board04:48
twbmythos: ti doesn't make alpha architecture ;-P04:52
mythostwb, nice joke :o04:52
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janimojcrigby, I'd like to test your mx5 new kernels. Can you provide me with the most up-to-date ppa and what exactly to test - apart from it booting?15:40
janimoalso a git repo would be helpful too in case I need to rebuild and change15:40
janimoGrueMaster, infinity rsalveti which is the ppa and kernel version to test for mx5? armhf , 3.0 or combined testing?16:04
rsalvetijanimo: 1 sec16:04
rsalvetijanimo: https://launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/kernel16:05
rsalvetiargh, but it's just for oneiric there16:05
rsalvetilet me check the other ppa16:05
rsalvetiwe moved the ppas around, let's wait jcrigby to answer that16:07
janimorsalveti, the link you sent has precise armel mx516:07
rsalvetijanimo: true!16:08
rsalvetijanimo: that's probably best working one16:08
janimois there a 3.2 that needs testing? I can wait for that too16:08
rsalvetijanimo: 3.2 doesn't even boot16:08
rsalvetisomething we'll check at connect with the freescale guys16:08
janimorsalveti, ok, I'll check that. jcrigby tested it I assume but you need another confirmation from Ubuntu-ARM?16:08
rsalvetijanimo: exactly16:09
rsalvetijanimo: the src package comes from https://github.com/jcrigby/packaged-linux-linaro-3.1-ci/commits/lt-mx516:10
rsalvetiwhich is a merge from the lt source tree + packaging patches16:10
rsalvetiand ubuntu sauce16:10
janimorsalveti, thanks16:10
GrueMasterYea, we will have to rebuild those.  No armhf kernels (which is the goal).16:12
janimoDo we not have netboot for mx5?16:12
janimoah because of univerese kernel16:13
janimoor such16:13
ndecogra_: rsalveti: quick packaging questions... we have upgrade many packages in our PPA, but if we install the ubuntu-omap4-extras in a fresh install not all packages are installed at once, we need to make a dist-upgrade afterwards. is that normal?16:13
GrueMasterYea, something like that.16:13
janimoI quite liked the netboot experience on panda was hoping for a similar quick thing on mx516:13
rsalvetindec: that will only happen if your meta package is requiring an specific version of a package16:14
GrueMasterGet us a 3.2 kernel and the kernel team might be more lenient towards that.16:14
rsalvetias if it's just depending on the package name, it'll always grab the latest one available16:14
ndecXavB: is that the case ^^16:14
ndecrsalveti: i think we explicitely conflicts/replaces the default ubuntu kernel so that it gets removed in favor of our 3.116:14
rsalvetijanimo: jcrigby should know more about netboot for mx516:15
rsalvetibut I think it should be easy to support16:15
rsalvetiat least I know tftp should probably be working already16:15
GrueMasterrsalveti: He was referring to netboot intstall.16:15
GrueMaster(I call it netinstaller, but colin doesn't like that).16:16
infinityrsalveti: It's not a kernel issue, it's that we don't build d-i against universe kernels.16:16
rsalvetindec: but as your kernel is newer anyway, all you need to do is to install your own kernel16:16
rsalvetioh, ok16:16
rsalvetindec: guess the links will be in place after that, and flash-kernel will flash the latest installed one16:16
rsalvetithe older one will still be installed, but don't thinkg that would be a problem16:17
XavBndec: rsalveti: we are not requesting any specific version iirc, and if it was the case, the dist-upgrade would not work then.16:17
XavBrsalveti: we want to prevent the case where an upgrade from your kernel will replace ours16:17
infinityrsalveti: Hrm, looking at the haskell-src-exts build failure, I'm not sure this is a binutils issue (I need to test locally and see what processes are running to be sure, but there's no whining from ld)16:17
infinityrsalveti: So, it may still be a kernel issue.16:18
XavBrsalveti: as soon as you have two linux-image package version (2 abi versions) the last package installed is the winner16:18
ndecrsalveti: as XavB said, if both kernel are installed, since they don't have the same pkg name and ABI, a kernel upgrade from main archive will be installed and flashed16:18
infinityndec: Perhaps a silly question, but is there any reason you can't work with ppisati to merge the bits you need into our kernel?16:19
rsalvetiok, so it can be problematically16:19
infinityndec: Or are you building non-free stuff in?16:19
ndecinfinity: yes, we are moving to 3.1 in oneiric...16:19
rsalvetibut still, you just need to remove the kernel meta package16:19
infinityndec: Oh, this is for oneiric.  Kay.  Not an issue for precise, then?16:19
ndecit's all free ;-)16:19
rsalvetinot exactly, because of the abi16:19
ndecinfinity: for P. we will move to 3.3 similarly.16:19
rsalvetiyeah, removing it entirely will probably be the best thing to do16:19
infinityndec: Are those kernels of yours supported with security updates and such?16:20
infinitySo, enabling your PPA is effectively removing users' security support? :/16:21
ndecbut they have features that we can't backport with the resources we have, so instead of that we move forward.16:21
ndecyes, this is correct. we have added a note about that (debconf) so that users know about it16:22
infinityWhy not just move forward with the development release instead, and leave the previous ones as they are?16:22
infinityie: Do what the rest of the distro does. :P16:22
infinityFreeze features at feature freeze, and then start targetting new stuff to the next release.16:22
infinityAnd that way, you can build on top of distro kernels instead of shipping your own.16:23
ndecwe have to match different schedules all together... Ubuntu release cycle as well as our internal release cycles for TI customers that consume Ubuntu release from us.16:23
ndecit would be better to be aligned, but difficult16:23
ndecwe build on top of linaro kernel (which we contribute to).16:23
infinitySure, and we merge from the linaro tree as well, but we freeze at certain points.16:24
ndecfor P. we in fact decided to support 3.3 only for MM. since some of our drivers were pushed into 3.3 mainline.16:24
infinityWhich is a bit of a promise to the user, as well as people developing on the platform.16:24
infinityI'm not going to say your PPA can't do that.  It's a PPA, it can do whatever you want.16:24
ndecwe will support basic functionalities and X11 driver in 3.2, but we've moved all our dev to 3.316:24
infinityBut it certainly cements positions on earlier conversations we've had about why PPAs can't be presented as installer options to end users.16:25
infinityCause removing the distro kernel in favor of an unsupported (and version mismatched, compared to other platforms) kernel is a bit nasty.16:25
ndecnote that 3.2 from P. or 3.0 from O. just work without problems.16:27
ndecwe just provide more features shoulld you decide to enable our PPA.16:27
ndecand i agree that this is the first time we push our kernel, but we really couldn't do without it this now.16:27
infinityYeah, I realise that the distro kernels work, I use them. ;)16:27
ndecbackporting all the PandaES support and power management to get 1.2Ghz from 3.1 to 3.0 was really waste of time on our end, especially because our internal TI releases were done on 3.116:28
infinityJust hoping your "NO SECURITY SUPPORT!!!111ELEVENTYONE" note is obvious enough to people.16:28
infinityAnd, sure, not many Pandas are internet facing or multi-user, but people should still be aware.16:28
infinityndec: Sure, backporting isn't always the right answer.  But we have a 6 months release schedule for a reason, hence my "just develop for the development release" point.16:29
ndecyeah, so it's either a nice media player with full HD playback *or* a very secure server with kernel security upgrades ;-)16:29
infinityndec: If your PPA was developing for the development release instead of playing cacth-up on the released one, it would sort of solve most of this.16:29
ndecthat brings another problem ;-)16:29
ndecfor 10.10 we did work on the development release and struggled too much to make our internal stable with a dev release of Ubuntu...16:30
ndecso now we use the latest stable release instead of dev. i agree.16:30
infinityWas that before we actually had a sanely-maintained opam4 kernel?16:30
infinityOr was it fast-moving userspace changes that were killing you?16:31
GrueMasterndec: To be fair, the hardware wasn't stable either during 10.10 development.16:31
ndecthe problem was not kernel, but archives.16:31
ndecthe fact that archive was different everyday was painful since we couldn't make stable (reproducible) releases out of it.16:31
infinityndec: Well, sure, cutting released images from it is often a no-go.16:31
infinityndec: The general idea is to do feature development while we're doing the same, and then as it stabilises, ship.16:32
infinityndec: I guess if you have customer obligations to ship Feature X "right effin' now" on top of a stable distro, you don't have much choice but to do what you're doing right now.16:32
ndecyeah... two contradicting goals ;-)16:33
infinityndec: But most people seem to figure out a way to communicate why that's insanity, and do it more sanely.  You could always try. ;)16:33
ndecok.. i wish we could continue the discussion,  but i need to go. will catch up later.16:34
infinityndec: Later. ;)16:34
janimoinfinity, my 1hr estimation was for the qtwebkit build. It is now 70 min into linking with 1.7G of virtmem used accordint to top. IIRC last time it was simply OOM-killed ld did not get around to complain either16:39
infinityjanimo: Yeah, my 10m may have been a bit generous.  I was always multitasking before when testing, not watching it. ;)16:41
infinityjanimo: 72m... So... Uhm... It's 10 minutes, if you ignore the extra hour!16:42
janimoinfinity, also some drugs are known to make time fly ;)16:42
janimohmm it did not yet finish here after 75 min, (debuild -us -uc -ns so some overhead above just the gcc invocation)16:43
infinityreal 72m21.67216:44
janimook, should be finishing here up as well soon then16:44
* janimo wonders if some local proxy and url rewriting could convince netboot to work with kernels that are in universe only16:45
janimosounds boring though16:45
janimowhy does D-I not have an option off by default to allow using universe?16:46
infinityHow would that solve anything?16:47
infinityThis is on the buildds we're talking here, not in your home.16:47
infinityAs in, building d-i generates those images, and d-i (in main) doesn't build against universe.16:47
janimoinfinity, oh I mean only for devel use, if I wanted to have a netboot image on the board16:48
infinityDoing it yourself isn't hard at all.16:48
janimois there a doc ?16:48
infinityNo. :P16:48
infinityDocumenting d-i would take about as long as rewriting it.  And reading the docs would take almost as long as reading all the source for all the components.16:49
infinitySo, uhm.  It's the ultimate "use the source" example.16:49
janimothat the fact it is easy is not very  relevant :)16:49
janimoafter earing so many things about d-i, this advice make me uneasy16:49
infinityMost people who whine about d-i just like whining.16:50
infinitySo, erm.  Hrm.16:50
infinityjanimo / rsalveti: Maybe the 3/1 split thing isn't actually fixed.  Or, not completely.16:51
infinitySure, the simple testcase passes.16:51
infinityAnd when watching swap usage, I see it go up to ~2G, which seems reasonable.16:51
infinityBut I sort of forgot my system was eating nearly 1G before g++ was run.16:52
infinitySo, ld's probably only using about 2G there.16:52
infinityI need to monitor this more sanely.16:52
janimomy build is still not over after 1h25m. I wonder is my swap is that much slower - external USB disk16:52
janimo1Ghz panda16:53
infinityjanimo: Are you sure you don't have some swap on SD too?16:53
infinityjanimo: If it's a default install, you have swap on SD, which it will hit before disk.16:53
infinitycat /proc/swaps16:54
janimoit is a netboot install directly to the USB disk, only uboot+kernel are (hopefully) on SD16:54
infinityOh, hrm.  Then I dunno.16:54
janimoonce ld lets me have a scheduler slice I'll check that16:54
infinityOh wait, but you said your build was a full debuild?16:54
infinityI was just re-running the g++ call.16:54
janimodebuild -nc reached that in less than a couple minutes I'd say. Now at 1.8G virtmem16:55
infinityWell, it should die soon.16:56
janimodebuild -nc is very useful, I only found out about it at last rally. from you incidentally16:56
infinityAnd if it does die around ~2G, I now want to know why the testcase works.16:56
janimoor I may have tried it earlier on a broken package and given up on hoping it does what it is meant to do16:57
janimoinfinity, is this related to the top-down MMAP bug thing or some other mmap issue?16:58
infinityjanimo: It's the same (the only?) mmap thing we've been talking about for the last six months.16:58
janimoI was only aware of one - for which we last month did SRUs16:59
janimonot being able to alloc past 2G or something16:59
infinityYeah, that one.16:59
infinityAnd the testcase now passes.16:59
infinityBut perhaps the testcase is broken. :P16:59
GrueMasterI have other tests that were broken prior to the fix that now work.17:00
GrueMasterFor the same reason.17:00
GrueMasterSo in my SRU testing, I am hitting this from multiple angles.17:00
infinityOkay, for "passes", I mean "the testcase almost passes".17:01
infinityIt hits 2925MB (not 2999, as it does on x86), but close enough.17:01
GrueMasterAlmost?  didn't know there were multiple levels of passing.17:02
infinityGrueMaster: From my POV, "close to 3G" beats "only 2G". ;)17:02
infinity(And it was passing on the SRU kernels, it's the precise kernel where it's only 2925)17:02
infinityBut in all cases, the qtwebkit-source build fails.17:02
GrueMasterinfinity: Do you want to try building that package on my server?  It has 4G physical memory, SATA (16G SSD), 1GE, and ipv6.17:05
GrueMaster(and it is idle at the moment).17:05
infinityGrueMaster: Erm.  How's that help me?17:05
GrueMaster(Faster to fail).17:06
infinityGrueMaster: It's already failed here.  Countless times.17:06
janimoGrueMaster, does that server have precise or a precise chroot?17:11
jcrigbyjanimo: https://code.launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/kernel/+recipebuild/16777217:11
janimowould be interesting to see how fast it fails there17:11
jcrigbyjanimo, that is the latest mx5 3.1 build17:11
jcrigbybut it is oneiric17:11
infinityjanimo: I'm on it already.17:11
janimoinfinity, ok17:12
infinityjanimo: qtwebkit, that is.17:12
infinityjanimo: jcrigby is all yours. :P17:12
jcrigbyjanimo, but should be identical17:12
janimojcrigby, I understand the testing is for inclusion in precise, so I guess the precise/ppa should be a better choice? Unless they're exactly the same of course17:13
infinityjanimo: They won't be exactly the same, even if the source is, due to toolchain changes.17:13
infinityWe really do need to test precise kernels built on precise. :P17:13
janimoso the PPA it is then17:14
jcrigbyinfinity, janimo: if you want to try that out while I work on our source upload recipe issue  then go for it, otherwise I'll ping you when I have a precise version17:15
jcrigbyjanimo, or actually let me look for an older precise armhf build17:15
janimoIs this not ok ? https://launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/kernel/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=precise17:16
janimothe one rsalveti mentioned above17:16
janimoI will test armel first17:16
janimokernel images should be the same for armel and armhf right?17:17
jcrigbyyes should be unless there is a bug in the toolchain17:17
infinityjanimo: They should bit-for-bit identical, even.17:17
jcrigbybecause the kernel uses no floating point17:17
infinityjanimo: Except for the debian packae.17:17
jcrigbyjanimo, the testing I did was just with a minimal linaro rootfs, booted17:18
jcrigbyand I also saw console on vga, did not test with hdmi adapter17:19
infinityI don't own the HDMI adapter.17:22
infinityGrueMaster does, though.17:22
GrueMasterI think hdmi requires a u-boot parameter.  I have the adapter, but haven't had time to test it.17:23
infinityYeah, it requires changing the command line.17:23
infinityIt's super user-friendly.17:23
infinityUnless either Freescale or Linaro have made the displays actually auto-detect and auto-switch in 3.x?17:24
GrueMasterThat would be sweet.17:27
GrueMasterBut would probably require the closed source bits.17:27
janimoinfinity, two 4G swap files in / (USB disk), still linking after 2:30h18:00
janimono idea where the difference can come from18:00
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infinityjanimo: That's certainly odd.18:44
infinityjanimo: What's the memory usage at on your 2.5h link?18:44
* janimo goes checking18:44
janimooh it stopped18:45
janimolast time it was 1.8G did not check after that18:45
janimoinfinity,  real    197m29.862s user    1m58.063s sys     1m30.719s18:46
janimoKilled process 19240 (ld) total-vm:840480kB, anon-rss:838092kB, file-rss:48kB18:48
pbuckleyUnder the current ubuntu 12.04 arm version i get this when trying to use alsa19:13
pbuckleyALSA lib main.c:260:(execute_sequence) unable to open ctl device 'hw:Panda'19:14
pbuckleythough when i do listcards i see 0: Panda19:14
pbuckley(this was working under 11.10)19:14
pbuckleyim guessing it has something to do with /usr/share/alsa/ucm/Panda/ the files there19:15
GrueMasterpbuckley: Known.  See bug 92506919:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 925069 in linux-ti-omap4 "No analog audio on omap4 panda" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92506919:15
pbuckleyah thanks19:15
GrueMasterIt might, haven't had a chance to really look into it.  Just discovered it yesterday with milestone testing.19:16
pbuckleyim also getting the same dmesg dump fyi thats in the bug19:17
pbuckleyalso just want to say i can't believe the performance improvement in 12.04 over 11.10, its like an entirely new machine19:18
GrueMasterpbuckley: Are you using armel or armhf build of 12.04?19:30
XavBogra_: rsalveti: I am trying to copy packages (without rebuild) from ppa ti-omap-private to release ppa and I am facing "timeout issue"... Error ID: OOPS-93333df9d8f15a5bfb041f2c181e8b10... Any idea?19:30
orbarronhello all -- got a quick ?? I need net_tstamp.h on 10.04. can I get this somewhere? or do I take what in kernel.org and drop in?19:30
pbuckleyarmel, should i be using armhf?19:31
GrueMasterorbarron: For armel?  What platform?19:31
GrueMasterpbuckley: Yes, please.  We are trying to shift to armhf, and the more testing, the better.19:32
GrueMasterIt should also give a slight boost in performance.19:32
orbarronwell -- am working on 1588 on a DM8148 -- and testing this on a host + device platform.19:32
pbuckleydo i need to do a fresh install or can i just do sed -i 's/armel/armhf/g' /etc/apt/sources.list19:32
GrueMasterpbuckley: I don't think that is recommended.  Fresh install would be better.19:33
GrueMasterKind of like s/i386/amd64 on intel HW.19:33
pbuckleyah ok19:33
GrueMasterNot recommended.19:33
GrueMasterorbarron: Where is that file normally located?  Is it part of the kernel headers?19:34
GrueMasterAnd I assume you have a custom kernel.  I would recommend using it from your kernel source tree.19:35
orbarronwell -- I need this on my host.. but not sure if I could drop this in the proper location or if there was a package I could download -- problem is Im not sure what impact it might have on my existing headers....19:36
infinityorbarron: It's in linux-libc-dev19:48
infinityorbarron: Which you'd have installed if you install build-essential.19:48
orbarrongot that -- but no net_tstamp.h -- this might be based on a newer kernel -- Im on 2.6.32-38 and checking into this atm19:52
infinityorbarron: Oh, it wasn't in linux-libc-dev in lucid, no.19:53
infinityorbarron: Only newer releases.19:53
orbarronahh that is what I figured...19:53
orbarronhmm -- can I pull in the newer headers or will this mess other things?19:54
infinityIf it's fairly self-contained, you can pull just that one header, but if it relies on other interfaces having changed, you're a bit out of luck.19:55
dioxindoes anyone know of any drivers available for usb wifi sticks?19:56
infinityThat's pretty non-specific.19:57
GrueMasterErm, most x86 drivers should also be on the arm images.19:57
infinityBut I can tell you that most any USB WiFi stick that works on x86 will also work on ARM.19:57
infinityOur distro kernels build everything they can, unless it breaks.19:57
dioxinI've just plugged in a usb wifi stick and was expecting iwconfig to recognise it straight away20:00
GrueMasterdioxin: Did the system load a module on plugin?  That's the first thing to check.20:02
dioxinI'm just trying to figure stuff like that out20:02
orbarronthanks infinity20:03
dioxinGruemaster: do I need to output dmesg to find that ?20:04
dioxinwhat text would tell me a module is loaded, I dont see anything obvious20:05
rsalvetiXavB: this timout issue is very annoying20:05
rsalvetiXavB: happens from time to time20:05
rsalvetiXavB: try copying just one package at a time20:05
GrueMasterdioxin: Does the device show up in lsusb?20:06
GrueMasterYou should see a kernel message in dmesg showing the device being plugged in.20:07
dioxinthink I see that in there20:07
infinitydioxin: Could just be some USB IDs missing from the correct atheros driver.20:10
dioxininfinity: is there anyway to check if I have the driver isntalled?20:11
infinityI see no messages there from a driver being loaded.20:12
infinityWhich means there was no ID->driver mapping found for that specific device.20:12
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desrtany updates on the prime?20:20
dioxininfinity: I tried to find the module in modprobe but its not there20:25
GrueMasterdioxin: First off, does the usb wifi device work on x86 Linux?20:25
dioxinath9k is the driver20:26
infinityAnd you're using the same version of Ubuntu on ARM?20:28
infinityath9k is definitely there on omap4 in precise.20:29
infinityNot sure about past releases.20:29
dioxinI'm on Onerioc on both20:29
dioxinubuntu on both20:29
GrueMastersigh.  # CONFIG_ATH9K is not set20:31
dioxinis precise an additional tag like main restricted universe multiverse on the packages20:31
GrueMasterFile a kernel bug.20:31
infinityGrueMaster: At least it's fixed in precise.20:31
GrueMasterprecise is 12.04 release.20:31
infinityGrueMaster: Perhaps as a result of the hours I spent with Leanna and Andy.20:31
infinitydioxin: precise is the release after oneiric.20:32
infinitydioxin: The one currently in development.20:32
GrueMasterdioxin: This is on Panda, right?  Why don't you use the built-in wifi?20:33
dioxinthe more WiFi the better :D (but yes the built in works)20:33
GrueMasterBest I can suggest is to file a bug and hope they fix it with the next SRU cycle in 3 weeks.20:35
GrueMasterOr download the kernel source and build the module manually.20:35
dioxincan I not do an apt-get upgrade to precise?20:36
XavBrsalveti: you are right, copyying small group of packages (5 e.g.) works fine20:37
GrueMasterdioxin: You can run "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" to upgrade to 12.04 Precise.20:38
dioxinGrueMaster: Cheers20:38
pbuckleyGrueMaster: are there prebuilt armhf ubuntu images?20:51
GrueMasterYes.  We should be releasing Alpha 2 images today, and there are daily images on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com20:52
GrueMasterWhat platform?20:52
GrueMasterYes, we have those.  Freshly tested, and they work quite well (for alpha).20:53
pbuckleyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ i dont see them here20:53
pbuckleybrilliant, thank you20:54
pbuckleyjust to be pedantic http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/precise-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4.img.gz20:56
pbuckleythis is the one i want?20:56
GrueMasterWhich game?  Who can stay in the house the longest w/o getting dressed?20:59
GrueMasterOop.  wrong window.20:59
pbuckleyGrueMaster: armhf loaded and running22:03
pbuckleyfirst thing i notice is there are no ti armhf packages22:03
GrueMasterpbuckley: They should be showing up soon.22:13
pbuckleyyay! :)22:13
pbuckleyeverything (minus sound) seems to be great22:14
pbuckleysuper fast22:14
pbuckleyinstall went fine22:14
dioxinGruemaster: the precise build works for the ATHEROS wifi stick22:26
dioxinmuch appriecated22:27
GrueMasterI would still recommend filing a bug.22:27
dioxinis there an ARM specific place to log bugs?22:30
GrueMasterNo, just use apport-bug (or apport-cli if console only).  It will tag bugs accordingly.22:35
GrueMasterSo apport-bug linux-omap4 for the kernel bug.  Make sure you are on oneiric so it can gather the info it needs.22:36
GrueMasterThen drop me a note here and I can triage it.22:36
pbuckleyare there supposed to be udev rules for the pandaboard? for setting things like audio/etc?23:01
pbuckleyunfortunately i dont have an 11.10 image to compare against23:01
GrueMasterYes.  They shouldn't have changed since 11.1023:03
pbuckleyok.. i dont have any udev rules23:04
pbuckleyunder 12.0423:04
GrueMasterthey should be in /lib/udev/rules.d23:04
pbuckleytheres only one file there23:04
pbuckleyand its empty23:04
pbuckleywhat should be there?23:05
GrueMasterI'll have to look.  I don't have an oneiric desktop image running atm.23:06
pbuckleyok.. would be appreciated23:06
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GrueMasterpbuckley: The udev rule should be /lib/udev/rules.d/90-alsa-ucm.rules.  I see it here on a desktop image.  It is installed by alsa-utils.23:23
pbuckleyi didn't get it23:26
pbuckleycould you message me the contents?23:26
GrueMasterNot easily.  Check to see if alsa-utils is installed.23:27
pbuckleyii  alsa-utils       Utilities for configuring and using ALSA23:27
pbuckleyit is23:27
GrueMasterAnd you don't see anything in "/lib/udev/rules.d" ?23:27
pbuckleypbuckley@panda:/etc/udev/rules.d$ ls23:28
pbuckley70-persistent-cd.rules  README23:28
pbuckleyunder lib/udev i do23:28
pbuckleyand it has that file23:28
pbuckleydamn.. so much for that idea23:28
pbuckleyi wonder how cdev's are created23:30
pbuckley                cdev "hw:Panda"23:30
GrueMasterYou should have two devices, one for HDMI audio and one for analog audio.23:31

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