ashickur-noorHow r u every body?04:39
* ashickur-noor is thinking every body may be sleeping after the UDW 2nd day04:44
holsteinashickur-noor: im here... check out #ubuntu-beginners-team if you'd like to be more social :)04:47
Unit193holstein: Late to the party04:47
ashickur-noorhe he04:48
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ashickur-noorHow to add different server in X-Chat?04:58
holsteini think its in the menu... connect? something like that.. server or channel?05:00
Unit193I always point at http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat because I've not really used xchat (So it's back there <----- )05:03
ashickur-noorI will see that site05:07
taterheadssup guise09:20
taterheadsWhats going on in here09:20
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CuliforgeI installed a Geforce 8400gs and now my 10.04 won't boot, is there any wisdom here?12:29
Culiforgeor should I find the nvidia irc?12:29
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rajus-fox:  Hi man15:17
s-foxHello raju15:18
rajus-fox: how is the day ?15:19
s-foxAverage. Working on a SOAP service request with ssl certificate.15:19
savant_Struggling With SSH, I understand config files and getting around in the command line, but SSh?15:35
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cul_awayinstalled an nvidia 8400gs and 10.04 won't boot anymore, with or without the card present. Any wisdom?20:50
holsteincul_away: i would try the recovery console... ideally, you would remove the driver *before* taking that card out.. you can always put a custom xorg.conf in place that forces vesa20:51
cul_awayholstein: tried recovery, no boot there either..20:54
holsteinok.. then vesa, or going to the command line and uninstalling the driver you installed, or any xorg.conf or anything else that would force the proprietary driver that is failing for you20:55
holsteinfirst time i encountered this, i reinstalled ;)20:55
holsteinthe next few times, vesa worked til i could get in20:55
cul_awayholstein: installed the card, installed driver, system requested reboot, boot splash came up in lo-res then hangs20:55
holsteincul_away: not sure i follow you20:56
holsteini was assuming you had a functional system booting an unmentioned proprietary video driver.. then you took out the card20:57
cul_awayholstein: you know the splash scree that says ubuntu 10.04 with the four dots..20:57
cul_awayno, other way around.. working system.. installed nvidia card loaded driver.. dead system20:57
holsteincul_away: sure.. just unistall the driver20:58
cul_awayhow can I go about that.. I'm currently running a minimal install on another partition.. I can access the other but I don't know what i'm looking for..20:58
holsteinon my system, i used a knoppix disc to get a nice xorg.conf file, then when i installed the proprietary nvidia driver, and it went all wonky like that, i used the xorg.conf from knoppix and changed the driver section20:59
cul_awayis there someplace you can point me that would have a walk-through of sorts?21:00
holsteincul_away: i would get an xorg.conf for you system, however you like to go about that... i use knopppix or puppy somtimes.. then put that it /etc/X1121:00
holsteincul_away: not really.. you can ask nvidia i suppose, but i doubt they are eager to speak with you about it ;)21:01
holsteinyou can try main #ubuntu21:01
holsteinbut, this is the way to go21:01
holsteinyou can boot in and get to the terminal and remove the driver as well, and go from there21:01
cul_awaycould I possibly use the xorg.conf from this present install I'm using now.. same system, same 10.04...21:01
holsteincul_away: if there is one there already, try editing it21:02
holsteinim my cases *with* nvidia, the one the driver created was bad... kind of like what you are explaining21:02
cul_awayso I'm in my current "good" install in etc/x11... I don't see an xorg.conf...21:05
holsteincul_away: i just backed up 2 xorg.conf's.. the knoppix one, and the nvidia one.. i remember using the vesa driver to troubleshoot, and just experimenting... i used a live CD21:05
holsteincul_away: right.. there doesnt have to be one... you *can* use one... knoppix generates one still AFAIK21:06
holsteinyou might have had nvidia create one, and you are not looking at that /etc21:06
cul_awayso if I pop in a live cd and grab an xorg from that, you're saying I just replace it into my "dead" system with appropriate edits concerning the system specs?21:07
cul_awayhere is my xorg from the dead system.. http://pastebin.com/qfturEGx21:11
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Culiforgeholstein: ? did I lose you?21:26
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