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berdariois it possible to have 2 remote bug watches on the same launchpad bug?10:53
berdarioa bug as been marked as resolved upstream, and a new one has been opened (for the same bug) on a different project... I don't think that launchpad can manage this on its own, so I already linked the other project on the launchpad bug, but I can't find where I should put the remote bug information10:54
berdariook, found out how to do it11:02
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 (last day) starting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:51
dholbachom26er, ready?14:54
om26erdholbach, hey yes almost ready or getting ready :)14:55
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bdmurraymvo: bug 901413 is kind of weird and about ubiquity upgrades16:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 901413 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "11.10 installer crashes when removing packages due to not finding gac-package-remove (affects: 5) (dups: 5) (heat: 46)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90141316:53
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mvobdmurray: that is a bug in libgkeyfile1.0-cil  I think, was that a keep-home-and-upgrade install?19:52
bdmurraymvo: as far as I can tell yes19:52
mvoI would suspect its some sort of package-relation bug in libgkeyfile1.0-cil19:54
bdmurraymvo: even though it is the first of many packages not able to find gac-package-remove?19:57
* mvo looks19:59
mvobdmurray: I don't even know where that normally belongs too, but apt-file is my friend20:01
bdmurrayI think its cli-common20:01
bdmurraywhich is a dependency of libgkeyfile1.0-cil20:02
mvoyeah, thats it20:02
bdmurrayin the logs I didn't see anything about cli-common20:02
bdmurraybut I didn't know if that means its not installed or something else20:02
mvohm, is this normal:20:03
mvoDec  7 21:13:50 ubuntu ubiquity: cannot open /target/etc/apt/sources.list: No such file20:03
mvoDec  7 21:13:57 ubuntu in-target:   Could not resolve 'nl.archive.ubuntu.com'20:04
mvoDec  7 21:14:00 ubuntu in-target:   Could not resolve 'security.ubuntu.com'20:04
mvoDec  7 21:14:54 ubuntu ubiquity: Removing ubuntu-standard ...20:04
mvoDec  7 21:15:25 ubuntu ubiquity: Removing apt ...20:05
mvothat looks like something more is going on there20:05
mvoDec  7 21:52:40 ubuntu ubiquity: touch: cannot touch `/var/lib/update-notifier/dpkg-run-stamp': Input/output error20:05
mvoDec  7 21:52:40 ubuntu kernel: [ 1529.491510] EXT2-fs (loop1): error: ext2_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 3604420:06
mvothat does not look either20:06
bdmurraymvo: okay, thanks20:11
mvobdmurray: but it looks very odd indeed, thanks for brining it up, I wonder if maybe apt-clone is doing crazy stuff without a network?20:12
bdmurraymvo: looking at all the duplicates they may have disk issues20:14
bdmurrayEXT4-fs (sda2): warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsck is recommended20:14
* mvo nods20:15
s9iper1gud nyte  people:)22:00
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