MrChrisDruifI only seemed to have your @ubuntu email. Should be fine I guess ^_^00:01
bkerensaMmm Pizza02:31
doctormonmhall119: GitHub support! http://imagebin.org/19681203:23
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dholbachgood morning08:01
dpmgood morning all08:15
benonsoftwareHello dpm08:16
dpmhi benonsoftware08:16
dholbachbenonsoftware, happy birthday! :)08:17
benonsoftwareThanks :p08:17
dholbachok, I think I'll take the plunge and take the dog for a walk08:20
dholbachit's -13°C08:20
dholbachif I don't come back you know what happened08:21
bkerensathats 8.6 degrees08:21
* nigelb waves from a toasty 21 C08:24
alouriegood morning08:25
dholbachwow, I just had a look, it just seem to be United States, Cayman Islands and Belize who use the Fahrenheit scale - that's not many :)08:25
nigelbYeah. Everyone else in the world uses common sense and Celsius :P08:26
nigelbI just washed my bike 15 minutes back.08:27
nigelbThe sun is hot enough that its completely trdry.08:27
czajkowskiforecastis for -16 this weekend in Brussels08:28
czajkowskiI may in fact curl up and die!08:28
bkerensaEurope used to use Fahrenheit right?08:28
nigelbooh, you're already in Brussels?08:28
bkerensasee when I see people saying its going to be negative any temp it just gives me goose bumps because I think freezing :D08:29
czajkowskinope London08:29
dholbachbkerensa, at least the UK seems to have used it before the 70s (according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celsius)08:30
czajkowskiminus figured do tend to be freezing08:30
nigelbtechnically, negative in celsius is freezing.08:30
dholbachbut anyway, I'll go out now - see you in a bit :)08:30
bkerensaOh Fahrenheit was invited by a German :D08:32
s-foxPing for jcastro when you are around / awake10:50
czajkowskis-fox: is this re the FC by any chance?10:55
s-foxYes czajkowski11:01
czajkowskis-fox: anything I can help wiht , follwoing the ticket11:02
s-foxWhich ticket czajkowski ? We have 2 issues at the moment. ;)11:02
czajkowskithe sso11:02
s-foxWe were confused by Marks reply on the mailing list. We want to know what is going to happen now regarding SSO vs the security issue we found.11:03
czajkowskis-fox: the way I read it was jcastro has found someone to work on it and mark was happy about that11:04
s-foxHave you seen the information regarding the  security & privacy breaches ?11:05
czajkowskibut that is on the same ticket no?11:05
s-foxOur concern is the privacy of our userbase vs a nice to have feature.11:06
czajkowskis-fox: it's not just a nice feature, its a necessity though11:06
s-foxPrivacy is not?11:06
czajkowskiI do appeciate the security breach is an issue though11:06
s-fox4 administrator accounts have had problems in the last 6 months.11:07
czajkowskis-fox: is there a ticket specifically about the breach ??11:07
s-foxI believe the ticket is 1673311:08
s-foxticket 19247 is also related to the breach.11:08
czajkowskithats the one I was asking for11:09
czajkowskicant view it11:09
czajkowskilet me go and see if I can get more info on it11:09
s-foxczajkowski,  I have just read marks email to the list.11:10
s-foxIt appears SSO is being put on hold in view of the security issue.11:11
s-foxOr at least a point upgrade.11:11
czajkowskis-fox: so it's been looked into11:15
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mhall119dholbach: ping13:15
dholbachmhall119, pong13:15
mhall119can you merge from lp:~mhall119/+junk/unity-stats/ again?13:16
mhall119and can you also delete data/unity-patch-bugs on cranberry, that data was bad13:16
dholbachjust a sec13:17
mhall119oh, and is ./ubuntustats/ in bzr for you?  On my local checkout it's saying it's unknown13:17
dholbachno, I just branched it into there13:18
dholbachfrom ~dholbach/+junk/ubuntustats13:18
dholbachmerged your branch, deleted the file and now running the script for you13:19
mhall119is there a reason for having it separate?13:19
dholbachI use it in a couple of other places too13:19
mhall119but not the udd-sponsoring-stats?13:20
dholbacherr, you mean http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring-stats/?13:20
mhall119I'm trying to pull your contributor graphs from udd into unity13:20
dholbachit uses it too13:21
dholbachbut not all parts of it are fully ported to it yet13:21
dholbachI just keep of running out of time to move everything to it13:21
mhall119mind if I add tools.py from udd-sponsored-stats/stats into unity-stats/ubuntustats?13:22
dholbachnot at all - there should be no conflicts I guess13:22
mhall119if there are I'll clean them up13:22
* dholbach hugs mhall11913:23
dholbachone day, maybe during a sprint we can sit together and make it all tidy, tight and nice13:23
dholbachmost graphs were "we need this data and we should have had it yesterday" jobs13:24
dholbachand I mostly just went back to fix them when they were broken13:24
dholbachwow, my mouse pointer is moving around on its own13:26
dholbachwhat the ...13:26
mhall119dholbach: I've been thinking of how we can convert it all into a django app13:27
dholbachthat'd be nice indeed13:27
dholbachwith proper logging, so if data sources get broken, we can go back and fix them13:27
mhall119maybe even unity tests13:27
* mhall119 *gasps*13:27
mhall119I've got unity on the brain13:27
mhall119I can't type unit without my fingers adding the y13:27
dholbachok, I'll reboot - this is getting weird13:28
dholbachok, now I can go back to work :)13:30
mhall119oh, I have a classroom session in 2.5 hours13:36
alourieballoons: ping13:40
Pendulummhall119: good thing you remembered now?13:40
alourieballoons: sorry for being MIA a bit, I'm still getting used to the new schedule13:40
mhall119Pendulum: yeah13:41
mhall119have a little time to prepare13:42
mhall119though, I'm not sure what to prepare...13:42
akgranerpleia2, cjohnston  - sorry I missed the request somewhere (or just spaced it) - I have meetings from 1500 Sunday until (I'm hoping the until doesn't last the entire length of the Super Bowl) - however, I should know more tomorrow and I can let you know then if that's not to late.13:56
james_wdholbach, hi. So I stupidly booked a dentist appointment for the same time as my developer week session14:13
mhall119james_w: the anesthetics are going to make for an amusing session, I'm sure :)14:14
snap-lHave someone at the dentist office transcribe your talk14:24
nigelbpopey: You're awesome. Just sayin.14:24
snap-l"And furthermore blarf nargle bip garflnargin"14:25
nigelbwow. http://www.cmu.edu/homepage/computing/2012/winter/ipad-course.shtml14:26
dpmjames_w, perhaps you can ask some of the guys that come before your session if they'd want to swap. I see seb128, om26er, mhall119, tumbleweed, coolbhavi and jbicha have sessions before your one14:31
james_wswapping later would be better actually, I'll see if aq doesn't want to go back-to-back14:31
mhall119I can't swap, I have a call at 180014:32
dholbachjames_w, or swapping with kirkland maybe?14:49
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 (last day) starting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:51
dpmjames_w, let me know how the swapping goes, and once you know the new time, I'll announce the session on the ubuntuappdev social media channels14:54
nigelbAlanBell: Had you seen http://sharejs.org/ yet?14:57
nigelbdholbach: How does doing shorter UDW feel like? Good? Bad?15:01
dholbachnigelb, good15:01
dholbachwe had a lot of short topics we could handle very well15:01
nigelbBuy sil a drink next time you see him :)15:01
nigelb(I *think* he suggested it)15:02
dholbachah nice15:02
dholbachon the other hand it was quite a bit of work to get the schedule together15:02
nigelbThe original idea was15:03
nigelb30 mins is easier to sell.15:03
dholbachyeah, but more slots to fill ;)15:03
jcastroyeah, all that was sil's idea15:07
jcastroit's only like 3 more slots, we did the math15:07
nigelbOh. right. I remember that now.15:08
jcastrodon't worry, I wouldn't conciously add more work15:08
jcastro3 extra sessions is worth dropping 2 days worth imo15:08
nigelbWe should cut down user days too. That should make it easier.15:08
nigelbjcastro: YES15:08
jcastroI believe the google term is "less arrows, but more wood behind each one."15:08
nigelbAnd it saves weekend!15:08
nigelb(especially for classroom team)15:09
jcastroplus no monday first thing blam IRC week when you're not even awake yet15:09
james_wdpm, dholbach: schedule updated. kirkland couldn't swap, but aq could15:31
dholbachjames_w, awesome15:31
dpmjames_w, great15:32
dholbachjames_w, all the best with the dentist programme15:32
dpmjames_w, now make sure the dentist leaves you in a state you can type at least :)15:32
dholbachI'm happy for om26er - he just told the audience "I had my first ever date yesterday <3"15:32
jcastrohah you know what that means15:32
doctormonHey nigelb15:32
jcastrohe'll disappear at some point15:32
nigelbhey doctormon15:33
nigelbjcastro: lol15:33
jcastroremember when robert carr discovered women? He was gone for like 3 years15:33
nigelbdholbach: So, I joined the Mozilla webdev team when they did an AMA on reddit.15:33
nigelbOne of the questions was "Are women impressed when they hear you're part of mozilla dev team"15:33
dholbachI guess it very much depends on the type of women15:34
dholbachsome impressed, some depressed, I guess15:34
nigelbYeah, we had fun answering that question :)15:34
doctormonnigelb: Collectively or on average?15:34
jcastrocjohnston: mhall119: nigelb: You guys have seen this right? http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/15:35
cjohnstoni hadnt15:35
nigelbjcastro: already using it at work.15:35
jcastroah excellent15:35
jcastrojust making sure someone knew it was there15:36
jcastrocjohnston: it's pretty bad ass15:36
doctormonjcastro: Talking of github http://imagebin.org/19681215:36
jcastroOh man, NICE NICE!15:36
jcastrothe little cat guy is cute!15:37
mhall119jcastro: yes15:37
jcastroor octocat or whatever they call it15:37
mhall119jcastro: we did a prototype in ISD using it,  very slick15:37
doctormonYeah got an svg of him. hard to find.15:37
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jcastromhall119: ping16:25
mhall119jcastro: teaching16:25
mhall119jcastro: ok16:29
balloonsjcastro, last night i had a dream google bought juju.. more importantly, if I'm dreaming with google, does that means they really own all my data and know everything about me? :-) I dream with google! number one dream search engine16:32
jcastroyou need a hobby. :)16:33
koolhead17juju dream16:33
mhall119balloons: this is what happens when you don't read the Terms of Service16:34
mhall119you agree to let them implant Google DreamAds into your brain16:35
balloonsmhall119, isn't there an adblock for that?16:35
mhall119balloons: yes, but you've got to pay for them16:36
balloonsshoot.. they told me everything was free ... no consequence...16:37
technovikingjcastro: ping-a-ling16:40
mhall119balloons: no consequence to *them*16:41
jcastrotechnoviking: yo16:42
technovikingjcastro: you need anything from me for the php SSO forum volenteer16:42
jcastroHim and Newz talked16:43
jcastrocan you ping newz? He should know the details16:43
jcastroBut they've been linked up already16:43
jcastroHey so, would now be a bad time to bring up this phpbb thing?16:44
technovikingseeing if upgrade to 3.8.7 will fix the security issues on the forums16:44
technovikingit is always a bad time, but I think it is the right thing to do16:44
jcastroI can't believe we pay for something that doesn't even have openid support16:44
technovikingI'm totally for moving the old forums to an forums archive linked to phpbb front end16:45
technovikingnot sure if transfer accounts would work, people make have to start from scratch16:46
technovikingwould lose alot of the forums community16:46
jcastrowhat do you mean?16:46
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jcastrooh, a large percentage of people have local only accounts?16:47
popeymost probably do16:47
snap-ljcastro: Pretty sure anything you do with the forums will piss off a lot of people16:47
technovikingI have not found a way to transfer the vBB database to phpbb, even only the user account16:47
snap-leven if you just leave it as it is16:47
jcastrosnap-l: owned forums will probably piss them off more16:47
technoviking97%+ I bet16:47
mhall119jcastro: did you need me?16:48
snap-lphpbb is a strange beast16:48
snap-lthere's a lot of "interesting" design decisions16:48
jcastromhall119: yeah16:49
jcastroso skaet will usually ping you the day before an alpha/beta to give these a once over16:49
jcastroand I used to just add links to upstream projects in the notes16:50
jcastroto ensure that upstream projects are getting proper attribution16:50
jcastroso for example, in the line about rhythmbox, I change that to add a link to the upstream page, etc.16:50
jcastrothen when you're done you say "ok ready" and she passes it on to the web team for proper publication16:51
jonomorning all16:52
doctormonhello jono16:52
jonohey doctormon16:52
jonohows things?16:52
jonohey cjohnston16:52
dholbachhey jono16:53
jonohey dholbach16:53
doctormonjono: doing great http://imagebin.org/196903 How's you?16:54
mhall119jcastro: alright is she waiting on me currently?16:54
mhall119or did you update this one16:54
jcastroI took care of it16:55
jcastrobut she's going to ping you for future releases16:55
jcastroIt's basically just ensuring our upstreams get a shout out in the release notes.16:55
mhall119jcastro: will do, thanks16:56
jcastrotechnoviking: s-fox: ok the forums issue is at the top of IS level of attention already.17:10
pleia2thanks jcastro17:11
technovikingjcastro: who should I ping IS if vb 3.8.7 will work17:13
jcastroI am not sure yet17:13
technovikingwill ping the RT once I heard17:14
s-foxjcastro,  Thank you :-)17:14
jcastrotechnoviking: you're looking for mbarnett17:15
technovikingjcastro: cool thanks17:21
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bodhizazenAnyone here familiar with Launchpad might have a minute to help me set up a team ?17:29
jussibodhizazen: probably better to ask in #launchpad?17:33
bodhizazenThanks, I am getting help =)17:37
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balloonsjcastro, mhall119 there's a weird line in the release notes preview on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview#preview. Both of this reduces power consumption and thus battery lifetime. should be like "Both of these changes help reduce power consumption and thus increase battery life".17:41
jcastroballoons: fix it in the wiki and then ping skaet or someone on #ubuntu-release17:42
balloonsohh.. I haz the powerz...17:43
doctormonballoons: Can I suggest "These changes increase battery life through reducing power consumption"? Marketing says accent the recognisable.17:44
balloonsdoctormon, yes.. the sentence didn't make sense.. but your right. .It could also be said in a better way17:45
doctormonballoons: Or even "reducing power waste", :-)17:46
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mhall119doctormon: IMO, "consumption" is more easily measurable and verifiable than "waste"17:49
doctormonmhall119: Yes, and it's also meaningless in real terms, I can reduce the power consumption to zero by making the kernel shutdown the computer on each boot.17:50
doctormonThe question is, is the computer using less power but doing the same things as before.17:50
doctormonIf yes, then logically we have less waste.17:50
mhall119likely it's doing less than before, just not in a way that the user will mind17:51
mhall119but yes, people care about wasting power more17:51
doctormons/doing the same things/doing the same useful work/17:52
mhall119personally, I prefer talking about consumption for two reason17:53
mhall119as an engineer, I natually ask "how much less", and units of energy are more meaningful than units of waste17:53
mhall119as a human, I negatively association the word "waste", so I don't want people reading about waste (even the reduction of it) in the context of Ubuntu17:54
doctormonThere's a study in there somewhere17:55
mhall119while "this sucks 50% less" is literally good, the mood it puts the reader in isn't17:55
jonook in ~5?17:55
mhall119jono: yup17:55
jonomhall119, sweet17:55
doctormonmhall119: Lasts longer then?17:55
doctormonMakes better use of electrons than leading brands of soap.17:56
mhall119I think 'reduces power consumption' is good17:57
mhall119both 'power' and 'consumption' generally put people's brains into a positive mood17:57
mhall119and 'reduces' make it literally good as well17:57
doctormonI'm convinced.17:58
mhall119I'm putting "Convinced somebody on IRC to agree with me" on my list of this week's achievements17:59
jonomhall119, creating a hangout18:01
doctormonmhall119: maybe an acheivement trophy?18:02
mhall119doctormon: nah, that's too hard18:03
doctormonhard to verify anyway18:03
jonomhall119, invite sent18:03
nigelbdholbach: ping?18:04
dholbachnigelb, pong18:04
nigelbdholbach: what was the change after james_w shift?18:05
nigelbthere seems to be a missing session18:05
nigelbI moved sil around in the calender just now.18:05
dholbach18 UTC: Adding Ubuntu One to your applications -- aquarius18:06
dholbach18:30 → 19:29 UTC: Pair Programming and Code Review in the Cloud! -- kirkland18:06
dholbach19:30 UTC: Syncing your app data everywhere with U1DB -- aquarius18:06
dholbach20:00 UTC: Automated packaging with pkgme -- james_w18:06
dholbachnigelb, ^ does that look alright to you?18:07
nigelblet me compare18:07
nigelbdholbach: ok, is that after james's switch for the dentist?18:08
nigelbok, so apparently, it is.18:09
nigelblet me fix classroom calender.18:09
nigelbYou forgot that bit :)18:09
dholbachthanks muchly18:09
dholbachyes, I was in the middle of 5 things throughout the day18:09
* dholbach hugs nigelb18:09
* nigelb hugs dholbach 18:09
nigelbHappy to help, just let me know if you want to delete stuff like this.18:09
dholbachdelete what?18:10
nigelbdholbach: *delegate18:10
nigelbMissed two chars :)18:11
nigelbdholbach: Is Fixing internationalisation bugs still on?18:11
nigelbIts not on the calender. I wonder if I accidentally screwed it up.18:12
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek should be accurate18:12
bodhizazen'lo doctormon18:12
doctormonhey bodhizazen18:13
nigelbdholbach: okay, all fixed!18:14
technovikingbodhizazen: I'm looking to make sure we can patch the 3.8.7 to fix the security hole18:15
dholbachnigelb, ROCK18:15
dholbachthanks! :)18:15
cjohnstonDoes anyone know if we have any iPhone devs in our community?18:16
nigelbI think he does.18:16
dholbachalrightie - have a great rest of your day everyone18:19
dholbachand see you tomorrow18:19
nigelbg'nite dholbach!18:20
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jcastropleia2: around?19:41
jcastrokirkland tells me there's a problem with them getting voice on -classrom19:42
bkerensajcastro: http://i.imgur.com/LSaDJ.jpg19:42
akgranerjcastro,  does he need voice now?19:42
jcastroI think so19:42
jcastrobkerensa: I'm the cloud guy, I don't do local music. :)19:43
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akgranerjcastro, aq and kirkland have been voiced19:45
bodhizazenjcastro: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntuforumssso19:58
jcastroI saw the post, thanks!19:58
bodhizazenIf you know anyone else interested, have them email myself or another of the FC19:59
jcastrois that guy going to put his code there?19:59
bodhizazenI have asked the forms staff to hand in this channel a bit more19:59
bodhizazenWe are hoping to keep code in LP, yes19:59
jcastrolet me tell newz19:59
bodhizazenFWIW - The "chat" feature on ask ubuntu is not well liked by my corporate firewall =(20:00
bkerensaIf you are transitioning to vb4 there was a vbulletin developer who tried to get SSO going on vb4 but I think he abandoned such efforts20:00
s-foxHello, I need to get in touch with someone at canonical legal. Anyone know a good place to start?21:50
doctormons-fox: They have a good email address. check canonical.com if it's not about a community issue.21:55
s-foxI've been looking on the website doctormon , I can't see a contact email for the legal dept.22:00
balloonss-fox, hmmm22:01
doctormons-fox: Have you tried emailing legal@canonical.com ?22:01
s-foxNo doctormon , I couldn't see that listed so have not emailed it. Thank you. :-)22:01
doctormonmhall119: ping22:48

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