govatentis anyone around?11:06
serfushey govatent11:09
govatenthow are you?11:09
serfusgreat and you/11:09
govatentI am doing good. Been enjoying my time in Israel the last few weeks.11:10
govatentOn vacation here till the 24th.11:10
serfusah how nice11:10
serfuswhere are you from?11:10
govatentI live in Miami Florida.11:10
govatentLast time we spoke I was at UDS. :)11:10
govatentnot sure if you remember. its been a while11:11
serfusoh right!11:11
serfusi remember now11:11
govatentI was hoping to get to meet some ubuntu users for coffee or something while I am here.11:11
serfushum... it's kind of a rough time for the israeli loco11:12
serfusi'll tell you what11:12
serfusyou should mail the list11:12
serfusit will be you best chance to gather some folks11:12
serfusare you registered in launchpad?11:13
govatentok. is there some kind of best location to request? I am currently in the capital. Last week I was in holon. Next week ill be all the way up north with my grandma.11:13
govatentYes i am.11:13
govatenti am part of the florida loco team11:13
govatentand the argentina team11:13
serfusso join the israeli one11:14
serfusand mail the list11:14
govatentwill do. will english be ok? or should i have a family member help me write in hebrew as well?11:14
serfuswrite that you are visiting, where and when and see what comes up11:14
serfussure, english will be good11:14
serfusi guess you wouldn't have much to talk about with someone who won't understand it11:15
govatentI could still make friends. :)11:16
govatentI've had an interesting time moving my way around with just english. people seem to not want to deal with me.11:16
serfusi'll do my best to attend11:16
serfuspeople here might not be all too inviting11:17
govatentI had a very nice Philippine caretaker help me find my bus stop yesterday cause she spoke enough english and was kind11:18
govatenti thought it was funny11:18
govatentWhat days work out best for you and time slots?11:19
serfusi guess you could find more english speakers at tel aviv and jerusalem rather up north or down south11:19
govatenti'd like to work the meetup around when your free. at least i know you can try and show up. i'm free all month. :P11:19
govatentI'm in Jerusalem right now. not far from the old city.11:20
serfusmy problem is that i might not be able to come at all11:20
govatentah ok11:20
serfusi mainly study at this time and rest of the time i work11:20
govatentwell ill see when i'm not with family and just pick that date then and see what kind of reply i get11:20
serfusthis is maybe why the loco it at it's situation11:21
govatentit makes me feel like a bum having a month off. all my friends work/study11:21
serfuswish i had this problem :P11:21
serfusguysoft42 lives in jerusalem as far as i know11:22
serfusanyhow, i must leave now... i have my history finales today11:22
govatentok. good luck and we shall catch up later11:22
serfushope i can make it11:22
serfuslater govatent11:23

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