jacobis it possible to swap my cloak to match my launchpad username (~jpeddicord), or must it match my nick?01:49
Unit193jacob: It normally matches your nickserv account name, but you could ask (/me hilights Pici, AlanBell, and funkyHat)01:59
jacobUnit193: ah, ok. it doesn't matter too much either way, but I just think it makes a little more sense to point to lp. (it would make even more sense if i could snag "jacob" on launchpad, but that's unlikely ;) )02:01
ubot5`In #lubuntu, iceroot said: ubot5`: thanks, i will mark is as a duplicate03:05
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dholbachgood morning08:01
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rajuAlanBell:  Hi12:22
rajuhello i would like have Ubuntu cloak , somebody help me12:24
Myrtticould you give your launchpad URL?12:24
rajuThanks for responding12:24
MyrttiAlanBell, Pici, funkyHat, topyli ^12:24
funkyHatraju: there you go ⢁)12:30
rajufunkyHat:  thanks for responding , is it done ?12:30
funkyHatraju: yes12:30
rajufunkyHat:  thank you very much12:31
funkyHat12:29:27 ::: raju [~raja@ubuntu/member/genupulas] has joined #ubuntu-irc12:31
funkyHatraju: no problem ❡⢁)12:31
rajufunkyHat:  :)12:32
rajufunkyHat:  how is the day going ?12:34
rajuis it day there ?12:34
funkyHatraju: Yes, it's 12:34 here. It's going pretty well. I had a quite boring lecture on Java this morning, and have to hang around at uni for another hour and a half or so. How is it going for you?12:35
* Myrtti gently prods dholbach with a pink fluffy pen12:37
rajujava i have studied 4 years ago , yeah i have done with my classes . hmm my students are feeling ASM is a complex one . i need to get rid of that feeling from their minds .12:37
rajufunkyHat: ^^12:38
Pinkpony someone mentioned pink fluff?12:46
Tm_Tthis is what you get when there's not enough coffee ):12:47
k1lwe got (or will get) a new bot in #ubuntu-de, can we request a ubuntu related cloak for that and what would it look like?15:38
pangolinIF you can get it would look like @ubuntu/bot/botowner15:39
k1lok. so either we could set the real botowner or the ubuntu-de-irc neutral acc.15:45
DJonesIf its not owned by an ubuntu member, it might take on the cloak of the owner as unaffiliated/owner/bot/botname (as an example), which I think is the default freenode bot cloak format15:45
k1lyep, that is what the testbot (which is borrowed from the german kubuntu team) does look like. but i think an ubuntu cloak would suit better15:47
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ts2k1l: you'd need to contact the IRC Council to request a bot cloak, probably best to go ahead an email them on irc-council (AT) lists.ubuntu.com18:41
k1lts2: ok. ill try my best :)18:42
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lubotu3In #ubuntu-uk, cliftonts said: lubotu3: But why is 11.10 doing it too now?22:41

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