YoBoYgood morning07:30
dholbachgood morning08:01
AlanBell!lococouncil | jpds10:37
AlanBellbot is ignoring me for 10 minutes because of botabuse10:38
AlanBellbut it needs a sync10:39
czajkowskiAlanBell: aye we've asked for this for months now :/10:40
jpdsAlanBell: Already fixed.10:42
czajkowski!lococouncil | czajkowski 10:42
ubot2`czajkowski, please see my private message10:42
czajkowskijpds: thank you10:43
AlanBellpopey: ^^10:44
popeyyeah, it was fixed a day or two ago10:46
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dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 (last day) starting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:52
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JanCfor those of you who come to FOSDEM: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fosdem/2012 (I will update the wiki later today & tomorrow, but feel free to add yourself, your talks and/or your ideas!)16:18
YoBoYI forwarded to the event french list16:21
kinoucho`hello JanC16:23
JanCkinoucho`: hi  ☺16:23
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JanCkinouchou / YoBoY : do you know if any French people who attend FOSDEM would like to help the FOSDEM organisation as a volunteer?16:37
JanCI think they are still searching for some volunteers, e.g. to work with the video/audio equipment for the live streaming, but also other tasks16:38
kinouchouJanC: i can ask to mozilla16:41
JanCkinouchou: thanks16:42
YoBoYI don't know. We never had request for volunteers in the french usual feeds.16:44
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