blairtumbleweed, opened 5 tickets, last one for pyside-tools is https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/92520600:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 925206 in pyside-tools (Ubuntu) "Sync pyside-tools 0.2.13-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]00:37
Riddellblair: why do you care about pyside out of interest?00:55
blairRiddell, we're moving a PyQt 3 app to pyside instead of pyqt and i'm also trying to get our facility to move from fedora 13 to 12.04, so i want the latest version available00:56
Riddellblair: why are you moving an app to pyside?00:56
blairwe have an app already, it's just in pyqt300:56
blairare you asking why pyside instead of pyqt?00:57
Riddellblair: right00:57
Riddellon terminology PyQt3 means python bindings for Qt 3, I expect you mean PyQt4 with Python 3?00:58
blairyes, PyQt3 means Python 2.x with Qt3 bindings00:59
Riddelloh I see00:59
blairand the choices are moving to Python 2.x with PyQt4 or pyside00:59
Riddellso you're porting to Qt 4 as well as PyQt -> PySide00:59
blairwe're not looking to move to python 300:59
Riddellwhich still leaves the question of why PySide and not PyQt401:00
blairi understand you can code them with a shim layer that can work with either01:00
blairbut pyside has nokia developers01:00
blairoff to a meeting, can discuss more later01:01
Riddellblair: you should be able to just change the import and it'll work with either (mostly)01:04
Riddellbut PySide is losing its Nokia support and it's unknown if it can survive as a community project http://lists.pyside.org/pipermail/pyside/2011-December/003259.html01:04
Riddellwhereas PyQt has a well established company behind it01:05
Riddell(one man company)01:05
blairRiddell, there's one advantage to pyside, it's LGPL while pyqt is GPL01:54
blairRiddell, didn't know about them loosing support, we decided 3-4 months ago to go with pyside and haven't started the porting effort, so this is news01:56
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dholbachgood morning08:01
geserGuten Morgen dholbach08:02
dholbachhey geser :)08:02
ajmitchhi dholbach, geser08:02
geserHi ajmitch08:03
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_rahmat_hi everyone. i'm using quickly in ubuntu 10.04 and following video tutorial in http://developer.ubuntu.com everything work fine, until I type quickly package, quickly get error with error message "An error has occured during package building ERROR: package command failed Aborting" here is screenshot of quickly http://paste.ubuntu.com/826217/ . Any idea? thanks11:04
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alucardnihello, is there a way to use bzr behind a proxy???14:32
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 (last day) starting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:52
Zhenech_mh, is there no backport of a dh_python2 enabled python to lucid?15:49
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tumbleweeddebfx: Been running update-rdepends with your patches17:01
tumbleweedso far 707MB, and I started it 4 hours ago :P17:01
tumbleweed(compared to 287)17:01
tumbleweedah, and it finished17:02
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Rhondahmm.  I have issues with my wesnoth-1.10 backport.  It will require packaging changes because of the droids fonts changed their install path in precise.17:47
RhondaIt will require two changes in debian/rules and the different package name in debian/control.  Would that be acceptable for backports?17:48
micahgRhonda: yes18:18
micahgRhonda: just attach a debdiff to the backports bug18:18
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ScottKjtaylor: So are you going to fix Debian Bug#639995 in Ubuntu then?21:18
jtaylorScottK: already working on it21:18
ScottKExcellent.  Thanks.21:18
Laneyiulian: http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/glasgow-haskell-users/2012-February/021764.html ? ;-)21:48
directhexLaney, does it have a stable ABI yet?22:25
Laneynah who needs that22:26
* Laney wonders why dist-upgrade wants to remove half the world22:28
stgraberLaney: can you define "half the world"?22:30
Laneyquite precisely, yes22:30
stgraberLaney: that looks like glib22:31
stgraberor maybe gtk, both were uploaded earlier22:31
stgraberLaney: yep, just got the same here, that's indeed glib22:31
Laneywhat about it? skew?22:32
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Laneyah, I need to wait for gtk to read me22:33
stgraberI don't see anything stuck in new, so yeah, I'd thing it's an archive skew22:33
Laney    - Breaks on gtk << 3.3.12, glib and gtk needs to be updated together22:35
Laney      due to the gmenu parser changes22:35
* ajmitch shall be careful not to blindly upgrade today :)22:40
stgraberupgrading just after a freeze is usually a bad idea ;)22:42
ajmitchupgrading just after feature freeze has to be about the worst22:42
ajmitchhopefully there won't be too much breakage around freeze time in precise, but it's usually a bit chaotic22:43
stgraberagreed :)22:43
brodercan we slap somebody for not staging massive breakage like that in a PPA?22:55
RAOFbroder: I think that should become standard practice, yes.  Possibly once we have the ability to get things *out* of a PPA into the archive, though.23:02
broderoh, i didn't realize that was unusually difficult23:02
Laneyis it?23:02
broderwe also talked about staging transitions in -proposed pre-release, which presumably wouldn't suffer from those problems23:02
LaneyPossibly copyPackage is broken with include_binaries=True23:02
* ajmitch thought it still required some manual intervention copying to the archive23:02
Laneybut syncSource works afaik23:03
RAOFWhen we wanted to copy the X stack out of staging we needed an archive admin to do the deed.23:03
LaneyI'll try copyPackage when I next get a chance23:03
RAOFAlso we'd really want armel/armhf to be working for virtualised PPAs first; otherwise we just dump the breakage on architectures we don't test as a matter of daily routine, and which are hard pressed to build things :)23:04
broderRAOF: but s/PPA/-proposed/ would have worked for you guys, right?23:05
RAOFI think so?23:05
RAOFI mean, I'm fairly sure it'd work for *me*, but that's because I have archive admin privs.23:06
broderoh, should copyPackage theoretically work just using your standard upload privileges?23:17
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