chrisccoulsondid the addressbar autocomplete stuff get backed out? i've just noticed it's not working on my nightly builds now12:50
chrisccoulsonok, i think i answered my own question: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/63757aa2e629 :)12:56
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jlebar_Hey, guys.  Wanted to give you a heads-up that in FF13, Flash with npwrapper may not work everywhere.15:45
jlebar_SEe https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=72316415:45
ubot2`Mozilla bug 723164 in Plug-ins "Pandora does not fully load" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]15:45
jlebar_At least some of the documentation I read recommended this as the best way to use Flash.15:46
mdeslaurjlebar_: thanks for the heads up...the precise flashplugin-nonfree package now installs the native 64bit one15:48
jlebar_mdeslaur, Excellent.  I'm not sure how I got into the mess I did, but I may have done something silly to get the 32-bit version installed.15:48
mdeslaurjlebar_: well, if you're running oneiric and older, that's still what gets installed15:49
jlebar_mdeslaur, Ah, that explains it then.  :)15:50
jlebar_Sounds like you guys are upgrading just in time then!15:51
jlebar_FF13 is scheduled for release on June 5.15:51
chrisccoulsonhah, i love bsmedberg's comment in that bug15:52
chrisccoulsoni have basically the same opinion of nspluginwrapper ;)15:52
mdeslaurhrm, I do have flash packages for lucid-oneiric that update to the native 64bit version, but have resisted pushing them for fear of introducing regressions...15:52
mdeslaurguess that's going to force my hand :P15:52
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, yeah, i guess we should start planning to do that then :)15:52
chrisccoulsonwhich is what https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-next is designed for ;)15:53
mdeslaurok, I'll stick them in my flash ppa when I have a minute15:53
chrisccoulsonwe can push them to the firefox beta PPA once you're sure they're working if you want15:53
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: ok, let me think about that, but it's probably a good idea15:54
chrisccoulsonjlebar_, thanks for the heads-up15:55
jlebar_Sure thing!15:55
chrisccoulsonit's funny that whilst we're trying to get rid of nspluginwrapper, the gnome guys now depend on it for running flash in epiphany15:56
chrisccoulsonwhich sucks :/15:56
FernandoMiguelevening <319:31
micahghi FernandoMiguel19:32
micahgchrisccoulson: we should patch that out if we ship we 64 bit flash (unless they're using it like plugin-container in firefox)19:33
micahgugh, that was about epipahny ^^19:33
chrisccoulsonmicahg, patch what out?19:33
micahgrequiring nspluginwrapper19:33
chrisccoulsonmicahg, then you can't use flash in epiphany, at all19:34
micahgthat sounds like a bug19:34
micahgunless they're using it like that for security reasons (i.e. process separation)19:34
chrisccoulsonsure. the bug is that epiphany uses gtk3 and flash uses gtk219:34
chrisccoulsonyou can't have them in the same address space19:34
micahgah, heh, that makes sense then :)19:34
knomemicahg, chrisccoulson: gotcha! so, what about a xubuntu-specific firefox start page?19:36
micahg /away gone fishing19:36
micahgoops :)19:36
knomehahah, i know this is a sensitive subject19:36
knomebut i'd really like to know if it's possible at all19:36
knometechnically, we could even have a startpage that doesn't require translations19:37
chrisccoulsonwhat would you actually want the startpage to point at?19:38
knomethat could be a "local" page in the CD or a subpage in xubuntu.org, which we could create before precise release19:38
knomewhatever is easier...19:39
chrisccoulsonwell, a local page on the CD is out of the question unless you're willing to package the page as an extension19:39
knomemicahg, ?19:39
chrisccoulsonCSS is blocked from file: URI's19:39
chrisccoulsonwell, at least when i last looked at it. our old offline page didn't work because of that19:40
* micahg was wondering if start.ubuntu.com could be branded based on URL ala start.xubuntu.org19:40
knomebranded, yes, easily (from a technical POV), but the question of actually changing some content (we'd like links to xubuntu.org and so) is a different thing19:41
micahgknome: right, I was more concerned with keeping the search box intact19:42
knomemicahg, is that a problem with a self-managed page?19:42
micahgproblem? idk19:42
knomeas far as i know, google doesn't forbid using their search...19:43
micahgno, not at all19:43
knomeso managing our own page at start.xubuntu.org or sth could be technically easiest19:43
knomethe question is, could we even pass that page some parameters, like the lang19:43
knomelike, start.xubuntu.org/lang/19:45
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