dholbachgood morning08:01
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akgranerpleia2, thanks for the call for volunteers.15:28
nlsthzncall to arms more like it :D15:31
akgranerbkerensa, I have an appointment to night but should be back home by 6pm your time - would you have some time tonight15:34
akgranerI'll get with pleia2 today to make sure I have the list of everything you'll need to install so you can run the scripts15:35
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bkerensaakgraner: 6pm PST works good for me18:08
akgranerpleia2, what does bkerensa need to have installed before I walk him through the publishing process?18:08
akgranerdo we have a list somewhere (sorry if you told me)18:09
pleia2I don't remember, I'd have to look back on irc logs18:09
pleia2(can't right now, but I can try to later)18:09
akgranerthat's fine - :-)18:11
akgranerI think I can screen share just to demo for now18:11
pleia2it's mostly just python scripts though, and they error in a way that makes it pretty easy to figure out what's missing18:11
akgranerbkerensa, you're familiar enough with python right? I wasn't so I needed help18:12
bkerensaakgraner: Not familiar enough yet :P I'm not even halfway through the book I'm learning from18:15
bkerensaI know bits and pieces :D18:15
pleia2not python programming issues, just syadmin stuff - what modules are missing and you need to apt-get install18:15
bkerensapleia2 uhh yeah that shouldn't be a problem18:16
bkerensapleia2: sudo pip install module18:18
pleia2no, they are all packaged for ubuntu18:18
bkerensamuch easier then18:18
pleia2don't install the ones from the python repos, I don't know that they'll work (different versions, etc)18:18
akgranerbkerensa, my daughter has to sing the National Anthem tonight at an ROTC event - but I should be back in time - if not it shouldn't be much past 1830 your time.20:20
bkerensaakgraner: No worries :) We are doing Google Hangout right?20:21
akgranerthat's what I was thinking20:22
akgranerthat way I can show you my screen if I need too20:22
pleia2working on the release post to fridge20:45
akgranerthanks pleia2 Kate just pinged me20:57
pleia2it's out20:57
akgranerThanks pleia2 :-)20:58
pleia2sure thing, now back to work for real!20:59
akgranerpleia2, I just learned you can at ! in front of a work that hotlinks and get the same effect as using ``21:36
pleia2yeah, we decided to use `` rather than !21:36
pleia2I think it's in our style guidelines21:37
pleia2(I always used to use !)21:37
pleia2only started using `` when I got to UWN :)21:37
akgraner:-) I find pleasure in the smallest of things21:37

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