d[-_-]bnom nom nom01:39
codepald[-_-]b: burp - nice nick btw01:45
codepalreminds me of my nick at school01:46
d[-_-]bOh thanks.01:53
d[-_-]bDubstep to much for me i thinks.01:53
d[-_-]bThis nick is on back of my car window ^_^ <01:53
mwhudsonsomeone convince me that 15:30 on the last work day before travelling for work is not the time to upgrade to precise02:28
ajmitchwhat's the worst that could happen?02:29
codepalyou may never make it, your brain could fry in front of such awesomeness!!02:30
mwhudsonajmitch: i don't have a working laptop for linaro connect02:31
ajmitchprecise has been fairly stable for me, but you may be unlucky & lose X, or have a broken boot02:31
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codepalmorn !19:24
codepalmother nature rattling the politicians19:57
codepalwish they'd take some notice19:57
ajmitchwellington a bit wobbly?19:58
codepal5.7 - 200km deep19:58
codepalfelt in Wellington & Taranaki19:58
ajmitchnice way to start the day19:59
chiltsdidn't feel it in Upper Hutt, though I was up and about at the time, so maybe it passed me by20:27
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