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ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:11
ubottuiToast called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:11
Ben64someone is spamming #ubuntu09:11
ubottutaterhead called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:12
ubottutwitter called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:12
ubottuiToast called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:12
Ben64he got klined09:12
Garyfixed \o/09:12
ikoniaiToast: how long have you used #ubuntu for ?09:51
iToastIn total, 20 + hours09:51
ikoniano - you've used it longer than that, you've been using it for weeks09:51
iToastTheres use then afk.09:51
ikoniaand operators have spoken to you a number of times explaining the rules/topic of the channel09:51
ikoniayou know the topic is Ubuntu support discussion, so you start talking about a video you are watching09:52
ikoniayou can take some time out of the channel - this isn't the first time09:52
ikoniaI ask you to stop and you have a smart response09:52
ikoniaI can't be bothered asking you any more09:52
ikoniaiToast: come back in 7 days time and we'll discuss removing your ban09:53
ikonia... isn't a helpful response09:53
iToastIn total now i've wasted about, 20+ hours on ubuntu...09:53
ikoniatry actually talking in a normal conversation and you'll get much further09:53
ikoniaI'm not interested in that09:53
ikoniaI'm only interested in your ability to interact in #ubuntu with the topic09:53
iToastNo one can seem to figure out whats wron.09:53
ikoniaiToast: ok, so come back in a week and we'll look at removing the ban09:54
ikoniaI suggest taking time to think about the channels rules and just participating09:54
iToastIm basically out of a server for a week..09:54
ikoniaiToast: .... is not a response as I've told you09:54
ikoniawhen you come back, I'd suggest just typing a normal conversation09:54
ikoniaI'll speak to you in a week09:54
iToastSo basically for a week stair at the ubuntu installer screen as it tells me that i need cdrom dirvers09:55
ikoniaI'm not interested in your technical problem in this channel09:55
iToastthen it says there are no required drivers but demands drivers09:55
ikoniaiToast: I'm only interested in discussing how you behave and interact in the ubuntu channel09:55
iToastI didnt say anything vulger or insulting09:55
ikoniaiToast: you've pushed the behaviour too often too far so please come back to this channel in a week09:56
iToastI even helped someone who repeatiditly didn't listen and check their skype settings09:56
ikoniathat doesn't mean you can do what you want09:56
iToastI never said it did.09:56
ikoniathe fact that you knew to join #ubuntu-ops straight after you where banned shows how many times people have been spoken to09:56
ikoniaso - come back in 7 days from now and we'll discuss it again09:56
ikoniaiToast: please leave the channel and we'll speak again in 7 days09:56
iToastikonia, No it show's i'd come here instead of just going through a proxy like most users09:56
ikoniaiToast: good bye09:57
iToast7 days and i've not been vulgar rude or spamming -_-09:57
oCeaniToast: last time I removed your ban, I told you next time would be harder to get rid of the ban09:57
ikoniaiToast: not open for discussion at this time - good bye09:57
iToastI love this about ops.09:57
ikoniaiToast: leave now or it will be extended09:57
iToastJust like psi-jack, if you don't like it, !op !KB!09:57
iToastikonia, I'm going to have to find a new distro anyways.09:57
ikonianow starting up in #ubuntu-server09:59
ikoniaiToast: please leave this channel now.10:13
iToastIm looking in the user list10:14
iToastThere was a name i saw i reconized10:14
ikoniayou don't need to be in this channel do to that10:14
ikoniaplease leave this channel now, and we'll see you in 7 days10:14
iToastIm not sure how do do it outside this channel.10:14
iToasti rather not goto #freenode and wast there time when im about at the bottom of the list.10:14
ikoniaask in #freenode10:14
ikoniaplease leave this channel now10:14
iToast#centos <ikonia> enjoy this idiot, I'm out10:48
iToastNice ops ;D10:48
pangolinubottu: wake up!14:44
ubottuIn ubottu, RJ_F1 said: where is osama?15:25
ubottuLjL called the ops in #kubuntu (Clitoris)16:25
LjLdid it in #gentoo as well16:25
ikonianow hitting ##unix16:26
ikoniadealt with in #xubuntu16:26
ikoniagiven staff a prod in #freenode to see if they want to look at him16:27
Tm_T...now I have mental image of eyeballs rolling on the floor /:16:28
Myrttijust imagine me hovering in a corner behind you16:29
Myrttithat's me, LOOKING AT YOU.16:29
ikoniapangolin: I'm not happy with him using #ubuntu to most his money making URLs18:04
pangolinI agree18:05
ikoniathis guy adds no value and if he's now trying to trick people into clicking money / advert links in #ubuntu-offtopic I won't be happy18:05
Tm_Twho where?18:05
ikoniaGTRsdk in #ubuntu-offtopic18:05
bazhangoCean, yeah, sorry about that. no need to ask22:38

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