cyphermoxmdeslaur: t'avais trouvé comment régler le problème pour la taille du bidule addressbook? j'ai une idée d'un changement de code qui va probablement régler ca04:48
cyphermoxnevermind :)06:09
mdeslaurcyphermox: mon upload est prêt, j'attends juste que ca unfreeze12:40
mdeslaurcyphermox: alors, j'avais pensé aux netbooks...mais par défaut la largeur est réglé à 700, alors ca ne marche pas pour les écrans 640x480, pour les 1024x600, je me suis dit que 500 devrait être assez12:49
mdeslaurcyphermox: mais j'aime bien ta patch12:49
mdeslaurcyphermox: est-ce que tu vas l'uploader, ou si tu veux que je le fasse?12:49
cyphermoxmdeslaur: comme tu veux14:15
mdeslaurcyphermox: si ton upload est prêt, fais le, sinon fais moi signe et je m'en occupe...ca te va?14:26
cyphermoxah j'ai pas d'upload de pr^et14:26
mdeslaurok, je vais le faire dans ce cas14:26
mdeslaurcyphermox: merci d'avoir regardé ca14:26
cyphermoxpas de trouble, ca m'a donne un petit refresh sur le code d'evo14:26
mdeslaurcyphermox: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/evolution-data-server/ubuntu n'est pas à jour14:34
mdeslaurcyphermox: peux tu faire un push dessus14:34
cyphermoxoui minute :)14:50
cyphermoxtas un upload de pret alors?14:52
mdeslaurcyphermox: ouais, ca compile en ce moment, je test et j'upload dans quelques minutes14:56
mdeslaurah, c'est encore en soft freeze, je vais attendre15:02
pangolincyphermox: I need a simple and easy to use GUI app that will keep track of my daily/weekly/monthly bandwidth usage. I am running Kubuntu, any suggestions?15:36
cyphermoxhmm, good question15:36
pangolinI don't want to learn all about network security and I don't want to mess with configs15:37
cyphermoxI'm not overly familiar with kubuntu, but I can take a look a little later (trying to figure out something up)15:37
pangolinI just want something that tells me, THIS IS HOW MUCH YOU HAVE USED SO FAR.15:37
pangolincyphermox: I would appreciate any help you can give :) take your time 15:38
pangolinI installed wireshark but to be honest it is just way too complicated and I don't need all the features it has.15:43
Chexpangolin: thats a good one16:32
Chexpangolin: I use Tomato router firmware on my linksys, and that gives you a very good total net usage breakdown on your connection by hour, day, week, month.. 16:33
pangolintoo complicated. I would like something that sits either on the panel or as a widget on my desktop. nothing fancy16:34
pangolinI just need Totals of usage.16:34
pangolinso that i can keep track and not go over my monthly limit.16:34
Chexpangolin: dont really know, because I use more than one computer on my home network, and usage of just one computer is not interesting to me16:34
Chexbut I am sure there is some utility that reads your network interface on your machine, and give you stats .. 16:36
cyphermoxpangolin: 20:11
cyphermoxit 20:11
cyphermoxit has day stats, and saves them to aggregate into month, yeah20:12
cyphermoxapparently I can't type today20:12
cyphermoxpangolin: looks like a really good program for what you want to do. you must know though that this will just give you a rough idea of the transfers, not the exact full picture -- only the isp can give you that20:13
pangolincyphermox: Thank you. it looks like exactly what i need. Not too complicated and simple to use.22:31
cyphermoxpangolin: np22:56

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