renagadexI'm trying to start a *simple* webchat, but I'm stuck at implementation.... I don't know how exactly to move past polling.00:00
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renagadexAny suggestions?00:00
cloakableLook at a php jabber client?00:01
renagadexwill do00:01
VivekAny developers around at these times ?00:12
VivekI am facing a situation where dnsmaq is serving dhcp requests on eth0 when it is not supposed to do that, in /var/log/orchestra I have directories created with the I.P Address range of eth000:14
VivekI am running virtual box with eth0 in bridged mode and eth1 in internal networking mode.00:14
VivekOrchestra configuration should only permit dhcp requests via eth1 and not eth000:15
Vivekin /etc/dnsmasq.conf I have made the change interface=eth1.00:15
hallynVivek: check with ps -ef if that file is beign used.  last i tried i had to edit /etc/default/dnsmasq instead.00:16
Vivekhallyn: What changes did you make there ?00:17
VivekAny howto or doc pointing to this would be most welcome.00:17
hallynVivek: this is just something I found earlier today.  adam_g should have a better idea of whether it's supposed to be like that.  (I'm guessing it's a bug)00:18
hallynVivek: but, you can check /etc/init/dnsmasq.conf to see how /etc/default/dnsmasq is used.  (i'd be more helpful, but right now can't)00:19
hallynVivek: use DNSMASQ_OPTS="--interface=eth0" or whatever00:28
* hallyn out00:32
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nOStahlhey guys, fresh install of 11.10 server here00:48
nOStahlI cant seem to set public/static ip on it though00:48
nOStahlbeen all over google nothings working00:48
nOStahldhcp works fine00:48
nOStahlsomeone help me figure out what im missing ?00:49
cloakableWhat are you putting in /etc/network/interfaces?00:49
nOStahlone of the static ips    for address00:50
nOStahl255.255.255.0 for submask00:50
cloakableUh-uh. Can you pastebin it for me?00:50
nOStahlgateway  is public ip of the router00:50
twbcloakable: oh noes then you might get his public IP!!1!00:51
cloakabletwb: apparently so! Given he's put the public ip for gateway00:51
cloakablenOStahl: You need to put the LAN ip of the gateway for IP, for one.00:51
cloakablenOStahl: for gateway address, that is00:52
nOStahlwhat is the broadcast line anyways?00:53
cloakableNot usually needed to be set, defaults to
cloakableWhich is fine00:54
cloakablenOStahl: pastebin yet?00:54
twbcloakable: I believe interfaces(5) needs the address and at least the netmask or the broadcast line00:54
cloakabletwb: address minimum00:55
nOStahlim running back and forth from the terminal heh00:55
twbThat must be new00:55
twbIt used to crack the shits around debian 600:56
cloakableit also needs iface <interface> inet static00:56
cloakableBut I can't see nOStahl's interfaces file due to not being psychic.00:57
twbcloakable: are you looking at a 0.7 ifupdown package?00:57
cloakabletwb: yup00:57
cloakableOkay, that network line isn't needed01:00
nOStahland my public ip's start with 99 so its not a 192 ip01:02
cloakableIs it behind a NAT?01:03
cloakableAlso in that case, keep the broadcast line01:04
nOStahlhow about the resolv.conf01:04
nOStahlcan it just have nameserver in it?01:04
nOStahlor does it need the search line?01:04
cloakableIt can just have the nameserver01:05
cloakableDoesn't your gateway run dns?01:05
nOStahlbut its att01:06
nOStahlthe dsl at my office some times pops up dns errors cant find www.google.com heh01:06
cloakableYou can also put google dns01:07
nOStahlso i'll try it with the router nameserver01:07
nOStahlsee if i can do sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart after that01:07
cloakableI only run static interfaces on my router personally. Everything else is either dynamic or static dhcp leases01:08
nOStahlI dont like the interface of the att modem01:08
nOStahllets see if it blows up01:09
nOStahlone sec01:09
nOStahlrtnetlink error01:10
nOStahlfile exists01:11
nOStahlany ideas01:15
cloakableHrm, not really.01:16
cloakableI've used static dhcp leases for ages >.>01:16
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Vivekhallyn: ok01:20
nOStahli dont even see any place in my att modem to set static01:21
roaksoaxkirkland it is already but probably in upgrades is not being done02:09
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twbSanity check: in /etc/ppp/peers/foo if it says usepeerdns, that should overwrite resolv.conf, right?02:29
twbresolvconf (the package) isn't installed, but resolv.conf isn't being overwritten when the PPPoE handshake finishes.02:29
twbNever mind, it was being overwritten02:31
twbSo the *actual* problem is this: pppoe is writing a correct resolv.conf.  Something *else* is repeatedly blowing it away and putting in broken entries.02:36
maxbIs NetworkManager installed/running? That's the only thing other than resolvconf that I know of, which rewrites resolv.conf02:43
twbGood question; it isn't.02:52
twbI *think* the problem was actually, ironically, /etc/init.d/pppd-dns, which moved resolv.conf.pppd-backup over the top of resolv.conf02:52
twbI don't know yet why that would have triggered but it's the only explanation I can find02:53
_dinsdalethinking about starting a linux softwareraid with a seagate caviar black and barracuda green. Would anyone recommend against this choice or will the probably slower green drive be a bottleneck for the main drive?02:56
twb_dinsdale: don't use green drives in a server03:02
twbAnd yes it would be a bottleneck if the green is not configured as a write-behind / read-mostly node in the array03:02
twbStill be a write bottleneck if you flooded the I/O03:02
_dinsdaletwb: just seeing it now - it's only 5900 RPM .... brrr03:06
twbGive it to your kisd to take apart03:07
chelzeveryone hates on greens but they're inexpensive dangit03:18
chelzjust make sure you have a solid and good raid and/or backup system03:18
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* starlocke|soho appears.03:25
starlocke|sohothere's this ubuntu 11.10 server guide that suggests to doing "sudo apt-get install mail-stack-deliver" to get a bunch of email systems installed... i get an "E: unable to locate package"... is it in a particularly special repository?03:28
chelzstarlocke|soho: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mail-stack-delivery03:31
starlocke|sohoi'm also wishing that /etc/issue would list the ubuntu codenames... XD03:31
starlocke|sohoyeah, it exists... it's just not getting into my particular server. =\03:32
starlocke|sohoah... naturally...03:32
chelzstarlocke|soho: that's not so good. if an apt-get update doesn't fix it03:32
starlocke|sohomy copy-paste-fu needed some work.03:33
starlocke|sohonothing to see here, nothing at all. :)03:33
chelzstarlocke|soho: working?03:33
chelzgood :)03:34
starlocke|sohoyeah... i've had this question for ages now... what does "smarthost" mean? the term comes up in the postfix config.03:55
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qman__starlocke|soho, smarthost configuration means pointing your server to your 'internet site' mail server to send mail04:04
qman__something I typically do, set up the main mail server, then set all the other servers in a smarthost configuration pointing at it, so I can get email alerts for SMART data and such04:05
starlocke|sohommm... as in hard drive SMART...? i'd like to clarify whether the smart in smarthost has anything to do w/ that capitalized SMART...04:06
qman__nothing whatsoever04:06
qman__smartd can send email alerts when drives have SMART events04:07
qman__I configure my severs in that email configuration so I can get said email alerts04:07
qman__among others04:07
starlocke|sohosmartd = smarthost? it's such a weird term... "smarthost" XD04:08
qman__smartd is the hard drive monitoring service04:08
qman__a smarthost configuration is very simple04:08
starlocke|sohoso what exactly makes a smarthost a smarthost? lol04:08
qman__server A is your internet site mail server04:08
qman__server B is not an internet mail server, but you want to be able to send mail from it to the internet04:08
qman__so you configure server B in a smarthost configuration, where the specified smarthost is server A, which is already capable of sending mail04:09
qman__then server B just relays its mail through the smarthost, server A04:09
starlocke|sohothat's a great clarification.04:09
starlocke|sohoi was suspecting something along those lines... it's just weird that they decided to use the word smarthost XD04:10
qman__that's the commonly accepted term04:10
qman__it's not postfix or even linux specific04:10
starlocke|sohohehe. all right then. memorize new term.04:11
starlocke|sohoqman__: by the way... where's a good read about that stuff on the web?04:25
chelzstarlocke|soho: probably the documentation for your mailserver of choice04:31
starlocke|sohookay... let's see if grep can find "smarthost" in man pages... :304:32
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twbUrgh, just for yuks I tested precise's current d-i06:38
twbEVEN IN priority=low, it only has a single "autoconfigure network" -- you can't pick between DHCP, IPv6 RA, &06:39
twbI appear to have picked one of the NICs that isn't cabled, because currently it's just hung for ten minutes trying to do rdnssd06:40
twbIf I kill rdnssd, it carries on assuming the network is fully configured, when clearly (from ip a) none of the NICs even have an IP06:42
twbWhat a crock06:42
_rubenor "nice" actually06:43
twbStrangely, picking the second (of four) nics, it first does a test for no carrier, that passes, and it proceeds to try dhclient, which fails06:43
SpamapStwb: There's a lot of work going on to make IPv6 solid in precise..06:44
twbNow I have two of the four NICs cabled, both to a network that hands out DHCP addresses06:44
SpamapStwb: stgraber would be very interested to hear about the problems you're seeing06:44
twbSpamapS: it looks like that work isn't finished yet :P06:44
SpamapStwb: I know that a new ifupdown just landed last week06:44
SpamapSnot sure about netcfg tho06:44
twbSpamapS: ifupdown isn't even used in d-i06:44
twbOK interesting, on the *third* nic, it gives me actual output while rdnssd runs, and it fails quickly, and appears to fall back to dhcp, which succeeds.  2 rdnssd and 1 dhclient process are still running06:45
twbso the first nic, which had the strange results, was one that was physically cabled.  I can tell because it has the same chipset as the third one (it's a two-port pcie nic)06:46
twbIt has hung again06:57
twbAh, OK, it seems the first time was hanging in the same place as well -- AFTER giving hostname and domain.06:58
twbLast times in log are writing DHCP stanza for eth2 / Success!06:58
SpamapStwb: would you perhaps have time to file these as bugs in d-i ? I will make sure they're looked at ASAP06:59
twbOn tty1 all you see is the bogl black background with a black-on-white last line where stuff you type (e.g. ^[[A) appears06:59
twbWell, you can dump my irc log... I need to get back to actually doing the lucid install about now06:59
twbIf I kill either rdnssd proc, then I get back to the menu and I can actually continue on with picking the mirror and the udebs to install07:01
twbHm, it doesn't prompt me to use sha256 passwords -- is that just implied now?07:01
twbIt also ignores the DHCP-supplied NTP servers and defaults to ntp.ubuntu.com07:02
twbWhich I guess doesn't matter too much, since post-install the DHCP client will override that07:02
twbDoing mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda (via partman) seems to have hung at 33%, here sda is a 60GB OCZ Vertex.  Note: sda, not sda107:07
twbAh, running it by hand, I can see it chugging away doing a TRIM first, which seems to be O(n)07:08
twbBut that did finish after the TRIM in O(1), so I guess it defaults to lazy allocation these days?07:09
twbWTF, after "mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda" by hand finishes, partman thinks it's an *ext2* filesystem, and won't offer the "don't reformat" option07:10
twbThat is, it won't offer it when picking "Use as: ext4"; it does when picking "Use as: ext2"07:11
twbblkid says /dev/sda is ext407:12
twbTelling it to treat it was ext2 and not format it works, until it tries to mount it (which, unsurprisingly, fails)07:14
twbOK, I give up, doing the proper lucid install now07:15
twbRe ntp, *lucid's* d-i *does* prefer the DHCP-supplied one, so that is a clear regression07:20
twbAlso lucid successfully recognizes /dev/sda as being ext4 (not 2) formatted07:20
iToastCan someone help me07:21
iToastIm stuck and i caznt continue unless someone helps :/07:21
SpamapSiToast: best to just ask the question.. it may be a while until somebody can answer07:22
iToastIm installing ubuntu server 10.4.307:22
iToastIts acting for my cdrom driver to continue, im installing from a usb07:22
iToastwhat would I put?07:22
starlocke|soho... have you tried turning it off and on again?07:22
iToaststarlocke|soho, why -_-"07:22
iToastIt changes NOTHING07:22
starlocke|sohostandard knee-jerk IT response? sorry XD07:23
iToaststarlocke|soho, BOO!07:23
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iToastYour a IT not the sys admin ;)07:23
iToastsysadmin <307:24
iToastsysadmin in a nutshell:07:25
iToastServers got hit with atom bomb?07:25
SpamapSiToast: perhaps your usb key is corrupted...07:25
iToast10 seconds of downtime?!07:25
iToastSpamapS, yes, thats why it boots...07:25
iToastIm using unetbootin07:26
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iToastdoes anyone have any idea07:30
* smb wonders whether iToast has the usb key in the blue or black usb socket...07:30
iToastsmb, that made no sense...07:30
twbsmb: good question07:30
iToastThis machine has no usb 3.0 ports, it was released WAY before usb 3.0 really went out there..07:30
smbiToast, It does when knowing one is usb2 and the other usb3 (usually)07:31
iToastsmb, Also, usb3 ports are compatible with usb2 devices...07:31
iToastThe extra pins are in the back of the port, they dont interfear07:31
smbiToast, But in fact when in an usb3 port a usb3 driver module is requested and that is not in the installer. We just had a case like that07:32
smbHence the question07:32
iToastThats, insane..07:32
iToastAnyways, what do i type?07:32
smbiToast, If you say you got no usb3 then this does not matter07:32
twbThe blue ports include high-speed failure07:32
iToastUsb 3.0 sounds good, but its slow crap compared to thunderbolt :/07:33
iToastIt doesn't do the same things thunderbolt does07:33
* iToast is waiting for the pci-e thunderbolt card for pcs07:33
twbThunderbolt is crap, it still uses electrons07:33
smbI'd check (alt-f2 or so) whether the usb stick seems to be visible (/proc/partitions)07:33
iToastThunterbolt is better then usb3.007:34
iToastIts not cheap or as widly supported, or universal...07:35
SpamapSthunderbolt is better than twinkies07:35
twbIs thunderbolt peer to peer or master/slave?07:35
iToastI think both07:35
twbDoes thunderbolt require stupid polling protocols like USB?07:35
iToastit lets you daisychain everything07:35
twbFirewire got both of those correct07:35
iToastusb has one fatal flaw.07:35
iToastIf the usb controller is busy, well, it wont be responsive..07:36
iToastUsb transfers will be slow / stop suddently.. mice and keyboards will lag / stop working07:36
twbiToast: guess what, that happens when any controller is busy07:36
iToasttwb, get that flaw on a ps/2 port ;)07:37
twbps/2 can't be flooded; it has fixed data rate guarantees07:37
iToastDoesnt thunderbolt fix that thaw?07:37
twbYou could get the same effect on USB by simply banning all full-speed and higher devices and limiting the controller to a single device07:37
iToastDoes the thunderbolt controller ever get that problem?07:38
twbWho cares07:38
iToastSeriosly, its daisy channed so that would be a problem..07:39
twbIt's still using electrons07:39
iToastits cheaper that way07:39
iToastIt has a big advantage too, the devices can be powered over thunderbolt...07:39
twbelectrons are fundamentally slower than c07:39
iToastI thought of something, fiber optics are flaw'd in a  way07:40
* SpamapS ponders why they'd be slower than c ...07:40
iToastTurning on and off fast won't be good eneugh. switch colors for different packets?07:40
twbSpamapS: because they have mass?07:40
iToastSo lets say we have 4 users downloading 8 tb of data over 1 line.07:40
SpamapSI suppose just being attracted by all the conductors, sucked into those "holes" ... makes them take a non-direct route07:40
* NeoNetNinja lmfao!07:40
iToastITs basicly computer to computer, it would be limited by a computer taking to long, thats fixable by skipping that pc until its ready07:41
iToastBut why not transmit with different colors per machine07:41
SpamapStwb: photons have mass07:41
iToastSpamapS, twb Lets not get into physics...07:41
JapjeiToast: http://bit.ly/wKux1a07:41
twbPfft, that is only a recent theory, it will prove to be a fad in time :P07:41
iToastJapje, Basically lights turning on and off fast..07:43
iToastThicker wires transmit with different spectrums of light..?07:43
iToastAllowing more comunication per line07:43
iToastYou guys, if you wan't to talk about physics, i got something for you.07:43
SpamapSiToast: full spectrum fiber optics is already the norm07:44
iToastLets take a coper wire, a thicker one would have lower resistance correct?07:44
iToastSpamapS, correct?07:44
iToastAssuming its free of impurities07:45
SpamapSiToast: no, I don't believe thats true. The thickness is not as important as the number of copper atoms between the two points of differential that make up a voltage.07:45
iToastSpamapS, I was simplyfying it cuz its late here.07:45
iToastAssuming theres more room for a electrom to move from end to end, theres lest resistance right?07:45
Japjeif you do that on these subjects you create wrong information07:45
SpamapSyes but its a complicated formula to figure out how much less resistance. :p07:46
iToastLets just assume its lowered resistance...07:46
SpamapSlets just assume its cats instead of copper wire07:46
iToastA thinner wire would have higher resistance..07:46
Japjeassume makes an ASS of U and ME07:47
iToastOk lets think of it like this07:47
iToastA thicker wire has more paths for electrons to move and a tinner one doesn't07:47
SpamapSIts true, yes. :)07:47
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.07:47
iToastBy making things like cpu's smaller and thinning hte paths for electrons to go across, wouldn't that negate efficiency?07:47
twbFlippancy is not an excuse07:48
iToastBy making it smaller there is a shorter path to go across and it allows for higher speeds easyer, but comes with highered resistance and less surface to dissipate heat.07:48
SpamapSiToast: the resistance has most certainly gone up, but the amount of heat dissapation has gone down.07:49
twbSpamapS: btw have you noticed IP over Avian Carriers latest RFC shows a substantially higher increase in throughput compared to conventional carriers?07:49
iToastSo by design a cpu is flawed07:49
SpamapStwb: I think its due to global warming07:49
iToastCpu's by design are f*cked.07:49
iToastSmaller = Higher heat lower efficieny.07:49
SpamapSiToast: thats completely backwards07:49
SpamapSyou're assuming the voltage and current required to activate the transistors is constant07:49
JapjeiToast: "The larger the cross-sectional area of the conductor, the more electrons are available to carry the current, so the lower the resistance. "07:50
iToastWe have the problem though of how thin we can go before electrons wont pass through.07:50
SpamapSProbably a few atoms.07:50
iToastSure, we have nano tubes being tested by ibm...07:50
JapjeSpamapS: id say 207:50
iToastSpamapS, By design a cpu is flawed basically07:51
iToastYou have a smaller area every generation to dissipate heat07:51
SpamapSA mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.07:51
iToastIm not sure if im correct on this, but in things like silicon and copper, heat = highered resistance?07:51
SpamapSNothing is perfect07:51
iToastSpamapS, never said anything is07:52
twbSpamapS: math is07:52
Japjeare you sure? :P07:53
iToastCan't we bypass the flaws in cpu's today easly?07:53
iToastJust lock the size of a cpu for high thermal transfer and lower resistance07:54
iToastInstead of getting smaller and smaller every revision, get a tiny bit bigger, by nm allowing more thermal transfer area07:54
SpamapStwb: can you please put math in an envelope and mail it to me? I want to gaze upon its wonder ;)07:54
SpamapSiToast: bzzt, sorry, you've reached your crazy idea quota for the day. ;)07:55
iToastHow is it crazy?07:55
twbThe nice thing about math is you can express it in meatspace but it stays, itself, unsullied07:55
Japjei like meatspace07:56
iToastIm curios if this is a good idea, its already implemented in macs07:56
iToastKeep all ram constantly reserved by the system so its always ready for a application to launch07:57
SpamapSmacs use intel CPU's07:57
iToastIm using a amd...07:57
iToastI still use intel, but for performance and price, amd just seems better07:57
iToastOk, so no one hates on me07:58
iToastLets say core i3 and athlon II are on level grounds, or should i choose a diff amd.07:58
Japjediff architecture07:59
iToastLets compare ghz/dollar07:59
Japjecouldnt we compare ghz/pound07:59
Japjedollar isnt worth anything07:59
iToast39.390 ghz/dollar for a i3.08:00
iToastNow lets choose a amd cpu08:00
Japjelets not08:00
iToastOk off topic to this08:00
iToastWHO NEEDS 8 CORES?!08:01
twbJapje: itym /watt08:01
iToastMY GOD! WHY?!08:01
iToastWHY 8 CORES?!08:01
Japjei do08:01
iToastYou better be rendering 3d hd video in blender...08:01
Japjehow about virtualisation08:01
iToastWhat os08:02
iToast(guest and host)08:02
Japjeor kvm08:02
Japjeor any other hypervisor08:02
SpamapSiToast: I've made use of a box w/ 40 cores before.. :)08:02
iToastSpamapS, Thats a server mobo.08:02
SpamapShadoop ftw. :)08:02
iToastThat doesn't count!08:02
iToastServers do not count, they need the cores.08:02
Japjeofcourse it does08:02
iToastMy webserver is 1core... at 1.5ghz...08:03
Japjelets assume we want a server08:03
iToastJapje, you want 80 cores :D08:03
iToast128tb of ram08:03
Japjeonly 80?08:03
iToastyea why?08:03
iToastwere trying not to make it burst into flames...08:03
Japjei currently use more08:03
iToast800tb of storage08:03
Japjealso not enough08:03
iToastand 10 1k /watt psus for redundancy08:03
iToastJapje, ?!08:03
iToastAre you rendering uncompresed video from a red epic?!08:04
Japjei currently have about 2.2 Pb worth of data08:04
Japjeabout 400 cores08:04
Japjeyou could call it that08:04
Japjelets call it... cloud08:04
Japjethat way i can use buzzwords08:04
iToastI wan't to cluster my ubuntu machine to work for my windows machine...08:05
iToastSo when vegas is rendering hd video, instead of up to 2 hours for 30mins of video, 1 / half a hour...08:05
iToast(has about 14 computers)08:05
Japjei want to cluster my cat and my dog08:06
SpamapSJapje: give the cat catnip and the dog an ubuntu CD... they'll cluster all day08:06
Japjethats a good idea08:06
Japjebut its a Dog Air08:07
Japjeit doesnt have a cd slot08:07
iToastPlug a external dvd rom into the usb port under the tail08:07
twbThe more space you give users, the more content you have to check for badthinks and steganography08:08
iToasttwb, Easy idea...08:08
iToastDon't let them make it public08:08
Japjetell that to the megaupload users08:10
iToastvim e_e08:10
iToastNano <308:10
iToastHow to secure you're server:08:11
iToastStep 1: Turn it off08:11
iToastStep 2: lock it away in a closet08:11
iToastStep 3: tell no one it exists08:11
iToastStep 4: hope no one finds it...08:12
twbJapje: I babysit prison servers, what I said is an actual issue there08:12
* RoyK slaps iToast 08:12
* iToast slaps RoyK with a smelly fish08:12
Japjei know :)08:12
Japjewasnt doubting it08:12
twbiToast reminds me of the electronic toaster from Red Dwarf08:12
iToasttwb, what do you mean?08:12
Japjemy users use space for database storage08:12
Japjemost anyway08:12
* RoyK sends iToast to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhJQp-q1Y1s08:13
iToastNo, i ment babysiting prison servers08:13
Japjehow can you not understand that?08:13
iToastWhat's put on those servers08:13
twb128MiB is enough for anyone08:13
Japjei kindly refuse08:14
_rubenhrm .. apparently ubuntu(-server)/linux/whatever doesn't like traffic originating from the network address .. bugger that08:14
iToastI agressivly refuse.08:14
Japje_ruben: ubuntu is not a network aware operating system08:15
twb_ruben: which address?08:15
iToastJapje, Letme get this straight08:15
twb_ruben: maybe you forgot to purge NM with extreme prejudice08:15
iToastBy a network aware os, does that mean computers discover eachother and their open services08:16
_rubentwb: .0 in a /2408:16
Japjeno, its an OS that has given network access by chuck norris08:16
Japje.0 is not chuck norris approved08:16
iToastJapje, out of all seriousness was that right?08:16
twbThis channel has turned into a clown house08:17
_rubeni can use /31s just fine for ptp, but arp fails when it's sourced from .0/2408:17
JapjeiToast: as for the last hour, your wrong08:17
twbIt's not even september08:17
iToastJapje, Explain network aware os ;)08:17
twb_ruben: "doesn't like" as in it drops it on the floor?08:17
Japjeits the time difference that makes me aggitated08:18
Japjethat or the snow here in bucharest08:18
_rubentwb: seems to ignore it yes, and arping to .0 gets permission denied ?!08:18
iToastOh, ugm, this is the stupidiest question you will hear.08:19
iToastWas the reason my samba install not working because i forgot to set the domain to WORKGROUP08:20
iToastOut of all honesty, i've used windows network shares and freenas, freenas automated samba for me...08:20
iToastIl stop being stupid...08:23
iToastNow for my original question08:24
iToastWhat do i do for cdrom08:24
twb_ruben: are you root?08:24
iToastDoes anyone know?08:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #925315 in bacula (main) "[Patch][Precise]Enable LZO support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92531508:26
_rubentwb: yes08:31
_rubenfor now i just bumped the firewall from .0 to .108:31
_rubenwill postpone in-depth research to later date08:31
twbYou know .0 is not a normal address right?08:36
twbIt's not a host address it's a network address08:36
_rubenyes, but most network stacks are "liberal" enough to treat it as a "normal" address, with cidr involved and all08:37
onretwb, it can be a normal address in any network with "wider" than 24-bit netmask.08:38
twbonre: granted08:39
twb_ruben: that sounds like a dirty hack08:39
twbthe same way NAT is a dirty hack :P08:39
_rubenthe network address should be "less special" than for instance the broadcast address, which atleast has *some* functionality :)08:44
twb_ruben: HTFU princess08:50
RoyKtwb: is a host address on our network...08:55
=== jodh is now known as jhunt
_Techie_is there any downside to using 32bit ubuntu server with 8gigs of RAM and an i3-2100?09:14
linociscowhere to find apt.conf in android?09:16
_Techie_linocisco: i dont believe android uses apt09:16
linocisco_Techie_: it is a big problem for me as I could not authenticate to use office network09:17
linociscowhich rooting software is best for all android tablets and phones09:18
_Techie_linocisco: have you tried asking in #android09:18
linociscoi can't connect or join it09:18
_Techie_linocisco: i have a feeling that its restricted to registered users, you will need to register with nickserv09:19
SpamapS_Techie_: yes, memory addressing will incurr a performance penalty09:19
linociscoyes. I keep trying09:19
_Techie_SpamapS: how much of a performance penalty?, i will be using it mainly as a personal game server. team fortress 2, garry's mod, some teamspeak... and yes... minecraft09:20
SpamapS_Techie_: varies by CPU09:22
SpamapS_Techie_: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_32_pae&num=109:23
_Techie_SpamapS: thankyou, i was just abotu to ask if you had any links showing the performace difference in different situations09:24
SpamapS_Techie_: notice how much the 64-bit system kills the 32-bit systems... if you have 8GB of RAM and a capable system.. there's very little reason not to do it.09:25
_Techie_SpamapS: looks like my choice is clear, ill start prepping a hard drive image to implement this weekend09:28
_Techie_SpamapS: thanks alot for your help09:28
lambda_xdoes anyone know how to remove faulty paths from multipath?09:30
SpamapSjamespage: you wouldn't happen to be around would you?09:55
* SpamapS fights the urge to go run across the street to 7-11 and buy a redbull + twinkie and keep working through till sun-up10:01
jamespageSpamapS, I am now10:04
iToastops >_>10:07
Tm_Thi iToast, welcome to the Ubuntu Server discussion and support channel #ubuntu-server10:08
SpamapSjamespage: trying to discern how the documents in couchdb are populated from the server-tests-precise thing..10:08
jamespageSpamapS, well run-test.py puts most stuff into couchdb10:09
jamespagethats in the ubuntu-server-iso-testing codebase10:09
SpamapSright I think I lost that bit :-P10:10
SpamapSsomewhere in the hangover/jet lag induced haze10:10
jamespageI drew a picture once lemme see if I can find it10:10
=== cerberos_ is now known as cerberos
SpamapSjamespage: I've got run_tests in a state where I can make it reboot and run post-reboot tests..10:10
iToastTm_T, hi10:11
jamespageSpamapS, nice; want me to review and test as well?10:11
SpamapSjamespage: I thinK I understand how it works, but I don't understand how to make sure it will work... I can make a manually booted kvm vm reboot and run tests and stuff.10:12
SpamapSjamespage: right now the way I'm doing it is storing the service state of before/after reboot in couchdb, which works quite nicely, but means that run_test itself has to push the result of that into the "results" ...10:13
SpamapSjamespage: I think I should probably change that to have it serialize those results back onto disk and let a post-reboot test pick it up10:13
SpamapSjamespage: will perhaps ask for a review late today or early tomorrow.10:14
Davieyjamespage: for the ec2 tests, do we save the euca-get-console-ouput log ?10:17
jamespageDaviey, yes10:17
m_tadeuhi...I'm trying to use mysqldbexport, but I'm getting the following error "ImportError: No module named mysql.utilities". How can I solve this?10:17
Davieyjamespage: i think i am being daft, where is it stored?10:18
Davieyjamespage: looking into https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/job/precise-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=eu-west-1,STORAGE=ebs,TEST=cloud-config,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/2/10:18
jamespageDaviey: well it tried to get a console output - but was not able to10:19
jamespagethe instance never actually booted10:19
jamespageec2 error10:19
Davieyjamespage: Did the reservation go awol?10:20
jamespageDaviey: nope it just crapped out10:20
Davieyjamespage: Hmm, the console-log suggests it couldn't be terminated..10:20
DavieyDoes thta mean it went directly to terminated by AWS?10:20
jamespageDaviey: yes - I'm just going to see if its still running10:21
jamespageDaviey: possible - it not present in the instances listing for that region on that account10:21
Davieyok, thanks10:22
Davieyjamespage: Do you know why cloud-config is unstable?10:23
jamespageDaviey: yes10:23
jamespagethe test needs updating - its nothing to worry about for the a1 images10:23
jamespagesomeone did half a job just after alpha110:24
Davieyjamespage: great, thanks10:24
Davieyjamespage: Does the account need to be able to run more concurrent instances?10:24
Daviey>InstanceLimitExceeded</Code><Message>Your quota allows for 8 more running instance(s). You requested at least 10</Message>10:24
jamespageDaviey: yes - I thought that had been done but its possible I got confused about which region10:25
jamespageyou will notice that we are not running tests in the new sa region10:25
jamespagethat def has been done10:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #925278 in openstack-ppa "nova-api will not run (some change in trunk PPA over past 48hrs)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92527810:28
jamespageDaviey: I just requested that increase and asked them to validate its good in all regions.10:29
jamespagedo you want me to fix the test; add the new sa region and run again once they confirm?10:29
Davieyjamespage: that would seem like a dandy idea.10:31
jamespageDaviey: OK - just waiting on amazon to confirm the instance limit increases....11:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #925231 in samba (main) "smbd crashed with SIGABRT in file_ntimes() (dup-of: 911449)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92523112:03
rbasakjamespage: I have one test for a precise panda netinst on armhf itself, and another to test juju in a local environment. This is still in progress somewhat but ready to start getting integrated now I think12:24
jamespagerbasak, whats your central point of control?12:25
rbasakwhat I'd like to do is run a jenkins slave for these, so we can start automatically detecting breakages for these12:25
rbasakI have a "server" here that runs cobbler and my scripts, and I imagine will be running a jenkins slave12:25
jamespagerbasak, you will need to run jenkins itself; until this is in the QA lab and it can actually access a master instance you can just run everything from jenkins locally12:26
rbasakIn time we'll be adding more tests to this mechanism. There's also talk of testing in qemu12:26
jamespagerbasak, so sudo apt-get install jenkins is a good start :-)12:26
rbasakI see - so we can't really hook it up to the existing master instance without it being in the QA lab?12:26
jamespageassume you are running oneiric or precise on this install12:26
rbasakI was hoping to give QA visibility of this12:26
rbasakI'm running oneiric but could run precise12:27
jamespagerbasak, we can still push results to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com12:27
jamespagethats just a read only copy of stuff from another 3 jenkins instances12:27
jamespageNOT slaves12:27
rbasakI see, OK12:27
jamespagerbasak, of course we need to get the nod from QA before starting to push results12:27
jamespageoneiric is fine12:28
jamespageits a slightly older version but is compatible with that in the lab12:28
jamespageI will be backporting the latest LTS to oneiric next week12:28
rbasakI've never touched jenkins before. Is there anything I need to know? Any particular way I should be setting it up?12:28
jamespageso if you need a particular feature12:29
jamespageso a couple of things you need to know12:29
jamespage1) everything runs under the jenkins account by default; this is a good place to install tools (we normally user ${HOME}/tools/XXX-tool12:29
jamespagewhich jenkins jobs are going to use12:29
jamespage2) get the naming right; if you look at jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com for guidance12:30
jamespagee.g. precise-arm-XXX-test of something similar12:30
jamespageprecise-server-armel-XXX maybe12:30
jamespageanyway have a think12:30
jamespageits worth getting right - makes setting up dashboards using regex easier12:31
jamespageOH - and jenkins starts on port 8080 by default BTW and is not secured in any way to start with12:31
rbasakOK, thanks!12:32
jamespageI try to limit whats actually in a Jenkins job definition to a bare minimum - that way the tools can be run by anyone without jenkins12:32
jamespagejust enough to execute the test and determine the results12:32
jamespagenon zero exit code = job failure = RED ball12:32
jamespagerbasak, how are you running tests?12:33
rbasakRight now, just a script with an exit status12:33
jamespagei.e. can the test results be parsed easily into something Jenkins can understand?12:33
rbasakI presume I'll be needing to change script output to be more useful to jenkins12:33
jamespageit is possible to search for specific strings in the log12:33
jamespagebut outputting something into JUnit  xml format means Jenkins can do more...12:34
rbasakOK, so to start with I can just use what I have, and then change the format later?12:35
jamespagerbasak, yes12:43
roaksoaxsmoser: howdy! So I was checking youtr homeserver and really don;t see any issues13:22
roaksoaxsmoser: as according to /proc/cpuinfo you have only 1 core, with 1.0Ghz13:22
mdeslaurSpamapS: FYI, please don't merge php5 from debian13:51
jamespageDaviey: I just kicked off the precise-server-ec2 testing again - limits should now be OK on all regions.14:17
jamespageutlemming ^^ sa-east-1 also being tested now on all test types for ec214:17
roaksoaxjamespage: btw.. are you still using the lab with automatic power managent on the sentry switch?14:19
Davieyjamespage: Is it difficult to do selective tests?14:23
Davieyie, test those that failed due to that error?14:23
smoserroaksoax, well, its definitely not just 1.0Ghz14:25
smoserit does scale14:25
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
autifI have used xubuntu desktop for a long while and for the first time set up an ubuntu server machine for long term use - my question is how do I apply updates - just apt-get update && apt-get upgrade? If yes, then I have never seen the kernel change on the server - is that intentional or there is an apt command that I am missing - I am on 11.1014:56
smwautif, you need to install them manually15:04
smwit tells you that the kernel packages are "held back"?15:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #925511 in lxc (main) "lxc init script should fail when it ... failed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92551115:06
eikkedid anyone ever use ubuntu orchestra/cobbler/koan to provision virtual machines on a server other than the cobbler host?15:08
mtayloreikke: if you want to do that, wouldn't something like nova make more sense?15:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #925513 in plymouth (main) "plymouth should not run in container" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92551315:11
eikkemtaylor: not sure, feels heavyweight for a jenkins/ci environment using VMs as work horses15:11
mtayloreikke: ah. yeah15:13
jamespageeikke, I've not done it myself but its definitely possible - I think jibel may be  looking at this for further automation of Ubunt15:15
eikkeI got orchestra/cobbler running for physical machine provisioning, yet running koan on another mahcine does find the cobbler install and can retrieve info about the VM I want to create (it's a System in orchestra/cobbler)15:16
jamespageDaviey: well it is possible - there is an adhoc job we can use for that15:16
eikkebut then starts to retrieve some files from the cobbler host, and gets 404, and the files it attempts to retrieve look like RedHat-bases systems to me15:17
Davieyjamespage: just wondering if it's worth doing a full retest on things we know work?15:18
jamespageeikke: have you seen this - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cobbler/Deployment15:18
jamespageDaviey: if there was a nice easy way todo that yes I agree15:19
jamespageits a bit of a hack at the moment which makes it hard to gain a full set of results in one place15:19
eikkejamespage: that's what I'm attempting to do, but fails (the last command)15:20
jamespageI did toy with seperating all of the jobs into individual jobs which would mean you could just re-run one of them more easily15:20
Davieyjamespage: hehe15:20
Davieyjamespage: makes sense.15:20
jamespageDaviey - there might be a plugin - I will take a look15:20
jamespageeikke: please can you pastebin the error code/stack trace you are getting15:21
Davieyjamespage: meh, just retrigger it right now - but useful for the future i think15:21
jamespageDaviey: ack - I already did15:22
jamespageresults should publish in the next few minutes15:22
eikkejamespage: https://gist.github.com/215475eba8817899212b15:26
eikke(thats using --profile, using --system I get the same result)15:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #925520 in lxc (main) "lxc script non-root errors can be confusing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92552015:26
dax_rocAfternoon all15:26
dax_rocIs the correct way to remount a fs rw after an error "mount -o remount,rw / " ?15:27
dkngoogle says mount -remount,rw /mnt15:28
dknthe -oremount looks like read only15:29
eikkemount -o remount,rw / should do the job15:30
dax_rocno doesn't seem to, Fails with "mount: cannot remount block device /dev/mapper/ubuntu--base-root read-write, is write-protected"15:31
eikkejamespage: any clue? the repo_mirror folder was empty initially, so I enabled it to reposync, ran reposync (and pulled in several GB of data), yet no reveal15:33
autifsmw - thanks for the info, can you please also point me to how to go about installing the latest kernel manually? (apologies for the late reply, had to run to a meeting)15:34
jamespageeikke, just trying it out :-)15:34
smwautif, I just install manually15:35
smwautif, sudo apt-get install15:35
smwautif, there is also aptitude safe-upgrade15:35
eikkejamespage: ah, thanks!15:35
autifin that case, I will need to search for the latest kernel - presumable using apt-cache search15:36
dkndax_roc, did you try specifying the paths? mount -o remount,rw /dev/foo /dir ?15:37
dax_rocdkn: just the mount point not the device15:38
autifsmw - also - how are you notified when a new kernel is available? short of running apt-cache search linux-image.+server everyday15:39
smwautif, I don't know15:39
dknthe man page for mount remount shows both, you might try /dev/ and /dir if just /dir isn't working.... not an expert on it though15:40
autifthanks for the help!15:40
autifwill research15:40
patdk-wkautif, personally, I just subscribe to the security alerts mail list15:41
dax_rocdkn: it should work with the mount point, I'll try force15:41
eikkejamespage: I never ran 'cobbler import' though...15:47
jamespageeikke: ah - well you need to get some basic information into cobbler otherwise it won't do much15:47
jamespageI did get a little further - appeared to try and create a kvm instance - however not sure it worked.15:48
eikkejamespage: well... I installed the ubuntu-orchestrator-server package, configured according to my needs15:48
eikkethen created an 'oneiric-x86_64' system using cobbler_web providing a mac address, and was able to provision a physical server through pxe this way15:49
eikkethere's other distros available in the (default) list as well, I didnt change anything over there15:49
jamespagehmm - well it should be OK then15:50
jamespageeikke, I think its your system - can you do sudo cobbler system dumpvars --name oneiric-x86_6415:53
=== fenris is now known as Guest60985
jamespageeikke: sorry not being much help am I :-(16:03
eikkejamespage: all help is welcome ;-)16:03
jamespageeikke: using the standard oneiric-x86_64 profile I get a Cannot find install source in kickstart file, aborting. message16:09
jamespageusing a profile I use on hardware everyday I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/826540/16:10
jamespagedomains are running16:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #514379 in lxc (main) "Lack of documentation" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51437916:11
roaksoaxjamespage: could ytou also pastebin your "cannot find install source in kickstart file"16:12
jamespageroaksoax: I think its the standard one from oneiric - I'll check16:13
roaksoaxjamespage: jamespage ah your running cobbler/koan in oneiric?16:13
jamespageroaksoax, ah - my bad - neither server or profile as and associated kickstart!16:14
roaksoaxjamespage: cause in precise this should have been fixed16:14
jamespageconfusingly I'm using koan on precise and cobbler on oneiric16:14
roaksoaxjamespage: ah :)! but yeah, there were koan/virtinst issues in precise related to not being able to detect an ubuntu mirror, which are already fixed16:14
jamespagegah eikke has gone - I suspect thats his issue.16:15
roaksoaxjamespage: most likely16:15
roaksoaxjamespage: btw.. are you still using the fence_cdu script for the lab?16:15
roaksoaxjamespage: i'm gonna integrate it later today in cobbler/fence-agents so if you see any breakeage you know why it might be xD16:16
eikkejamespage: sorry, laptop died on me, hope I didnt miss any useful info :)16:16
jamespageeikke: roaksoax said that there where know koan/virtinstall issues detecting ubuntu mirrors16:18
eikkethe problem I have is I don't know whether koan is looking for files it shouldnt look for, *or* cobbler isnt serving files it should16:18
roaksoaxeikke: could you pastebin your koan output16:19
eikkeroaksoax: https://gist.github.com/215475eba8817899212b16:20
roaksoaxeikke: is this in precise or oneiric?16:21
eikkeboth master and slave are oneiric x86_6416:21
roaksoaxeikke: is it possible you could try installing virtinst for precise?16:21
roaksoaxerr precise's virtinst into oneiric?16:21
eikkeon the slave? sure16:21
eikkeif I can figure out how to mix'n'match those things :$16:22
roaksoaxeikke: yeah on the machine you are running koan16:22
* roaksoax bbl16:25
eikkeroaksoax: should I do so using download + dpkg?16:25
eikkeroaksoax: using 0.600.0-1ubuntu4, same error16:29
roaksoaxeikke: uhmm interesting16:30
eikkedidnt update koan, only virtinst16:30
roaksoaxeikke: you shouldn't really need to update koan16:31
eikkeI'll try to "cobbler import" an oneiric server ISO16:31
roaksoaxeikke: maybe becuaes installing with dpkg didn't really upgrade the python modules16:31
eikkeit should though, they're part of the package (http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/virtinst/filelist)16:33
koolhead17hi all16:34
roaksoaxeikke: ok found the issue. you need to update koan from precise too16:35
eikkewill do16:35
roaksoaxeikke: or16:36
roaksoaxeikke: or16:36
eikke? about to install python-koan and koan from precise :)16:37
roaksoaxeikke: or sudo cobbler profile edit --name precise-x86_64 --ksmeta tree=http://@@http_server@@/cblr/ks_mirror/precise-x86_6416:38
roaksoaxbug #80732416:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 807324 in bind9 "BIND 9.7.0 (ie., lucid) is overly strict on authoritative responses missing the "aa" flag" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80732416:39
jamespageDaviey: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/job/precise-server-ec2/16:41
eikkeroaksoax: changing the oneiric ksmeta like that works, w00t16:42
roaksoaxeikke: cool then16:43
roaksoaxeikke: in the precise's koan that change is done automatically16:43
eikkethanks for the help, really!16:44
roaksoaxeikke: no worries ;)16:44
Davieyjamespage: \o/16:44
smoserjamespage, we really need tomake console.txt wait before collecting16:44
smoserits pointless to collect an almost guaranteteeed empty file16:44
mjtsmoser: you around?  Do you remember why ipxe package were split into kvm-ipxe and ipxe?  And maybe, do you know how the roms in ipxe package are being actually used, besides by qemu and the like?16:44
jamespageDaviey: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Matrix+Reloaded+Plugin16:45
jamespageI'll get it installed16:45
smoserhallyn, would know. mjt16:45
mjtsmoser: he sent me to you :)16:45
Davieyjamespage: ooo, that is nice16:46
mjti'm trying to decide what to do with ipxe in debian.  To me it looks like we should drop all the boot roms except of very few ones which we actually use - by qemu, by virtualbox maybe, etc, and compile them without boot delay.  The rest - IMHO - has no use at all, since if someone wants to embed it into their actual NIC they'll compile their own anyway.16:47
jamespagesmoser: if so I really need to re-implement the test framework todo more multithreading16:47
smoserjamespage, yeah. i looked at it, and decided that too16:49
mjthallyn: do you not agree ^^ ?16:49
hallynmjt: I wouldn't object.16:50
jamespagemaybe use twisted :-)16:50
smosermjt, i would agree.16:50
smoserthat boot-delay is annoying.16:50
smoserand i'm not aware of any use for this other than kvm (or as you say, compiling their own).16:50
mjtand in that case, just one package "ipxe" should be enough (which provide ipxe-grub too)16:51
smoserjamespage, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/job/precise-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-west-2,STORAGE=instance-store,TEST=cloud-config,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/lastBuild/artifact/None/i386/m1.small/instance-store/i-e688ccd6/uec2-20120202-1453-d28473559d2145-terminated.console.txt16:52
hallynlynxman: was it by chance you who was interested in ipxe roms for non-kvm?16:53
hallynor is that person a figment of my imagination?16:53
hallynzul: can xen use any ipxe roms?16:53
jamespagesmoser: looking now16:53
zulhallyn: no idea i havent been able to try16:53
jamespagesmoser: we have seen that before....16:53
lynxmanhallyn: I was indeed, and I solved the issue concerning that on my new build, I now have to kill some more packaging issues before the package is life :)16:53
smoserjamespage, that failure (from https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/job/precise-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-west-2,STORAGE=instance-store,TEST=cloud-config,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/lastBuild/)16:53
smoseri suspect is related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/89837316:53
smbhallyn, I do boot xen guests with pxe if that is what you want to know16:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 898373 in cloud-init "fsck.ext3: Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/xvda2" [High,Confirmed]16:53
smosermaybe not.16:54
smoserwhere else had you thought we'd seen it?16:54
hallynsmb: what i want to know is whether any of the roms in ipxe but not in ipxe-qemu are needed16:54
jamespagesmoser: I think that was the bug I was thinking about16:54
hallynlynxman: ^16:54
smbhallyn, Oh ok... more detail I used to care about then16:54
lynxmanhallyn: that should be trivial to add now, so no worries about it16:55
jamespagesmoser: yes - its the same thing16:55
lynxmanhallyn: lp:~lynxman/ubuntu/precise/ipxe/newsnapshot16:55
smoserwhy do you think its the same, jamespage ?16:55
smoserit is.16:55
utlemmingsmoser: is that a launch blocker or just a release note?16:55
smoseri was looking too far down.16:55
jamespageso looking at https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/precise-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-west-1,STORAGE=instance-store,TEST=cloud-config,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/1/artifact/None/i386/m1.small/instance-store/i-835a3dc4/uec2-20111130-1920-5d6ee3bc489541-terminated.console.txt16:56
jamespagewhich is linked from the bug16:56
jamespagethe instance fails to reboot with the same errors as in todays test16:56
stgraberhallyn: working on some changes to lxc-ubuntu to default to armhf and deal with building for a non-native arch16:56
hallynlyxman: you did an update, but i can't tell from that - do you need any of the roms which are in ipxe but not in kvm-ipxe?16:56
eikkeroaksoax: virt-manager etc now work beautifully as well, thank you, really. spent all day on this :P16:56
hallynsmb: so the answer is you don't need those?16:57
lynxmanhallyn: nope, it's fine as it is in the update, got all the roms you copied over to kvm-ipxe as well16:57
hallynstgraber: ok, pls remember there are staged changes in ubuntu:lxc bzr tree16:57
smbhallyn, No, the answer is I don't know whether I need those16:57
lynxmanhallyn: so your choice of roms doesn't affect me :)16:57
smoserthats freaking annoying16:57
jamespagesmoser: yes16:57
smoseri click on "#3", and the link i get is https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/job/precise-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-west-2,STORAGE=instance-store,TEST=cloud-config,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/lastBuild/16:57
hallynmjt: ^ so i think the answer is JFDI and we'll hear about it if any deleted roms are needed :)16:57
smoseri want a perminent link16:58
mjtJFDI? Just F.. Do It? :)16:58
mjtyes that's probably the best way to know16:58
stgraberhallyn: hmm, latest entry I see in the branch is 0.7.5-3ubuntu16, can't see any staged changes. Did you push?16:59
smoserits sad, mjt, but sometimes that is the best way.16:59
* smoser is happy for ditching 3 seconds of boot!16:59
smoserso jamespage utlemming ...17:00
smoserif, for some reason the filesystem is dirty on /mnt (or some other filesystem), we just dont boot.17:01
smoseris that the case?17:01
smosercause that sucks17:01
utlemmingsmoser: yuck17:01
utlemmingsmoser: can you document that in the bug and we'll put it on the release notes17:02
hallynstgraber: feh lemme check17:04
stgraberhallyn: my changes are fairly minimal, so I can easily rebase on whatever you have staged17:04
hallynstgraber: this wasn't major either, it was just there so i wouldn't forget.  now i forgot.17:05
hallynstgraber: nm, that was libvirt :)17:06
hallynfire away17:06
stgraberhallyn: good. I'll also make a separate commit cleaning up all the tabs and using 4 spaces consistently in the file :)17:07
hallynstgraber: that'd be great.  but be careful!  :)17:07
hallynstgraber: btw do you have an idea about why the net-device-up for lo is not being fired in lucid containers?17:07
stgraberhallyn: not really, is udev working properly (udevd, the --add and udevtrigger)?17:09
hallynstgraber: pretty sure it is, though remember we were going to drop those anyway17:09
hallynok, then i guess i'll look into it more - just thought you might know offhand what changed.  (I'm sure it was working until very recnetly)17:10
jamespagesmoser: it would appear that that is the case17:13
stgraberroot@castiana:/# cat /etc/apt/sources.list17:16
stgraberdeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports precise-updates main universe17:16
stgraberdeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports precise-security main universe17:16
stgraberhallyn: ^ that looks wrong ;)17:16
mjtanyone know what NICs virtualbox emulates?17:16
stgraberhallyn: where's the regular source? :)17:16
hallynstgraber: is that on arm?17:17
stgraberhallyn: armhf, yes, well armhf running on x86, but code path should be the same17:17
hallynrbasak: ^17:17
smoserjamespage, discussion in -devel with slangasek is that it is working as designed and he in all his knowledge does'nt have a solution for me other than "nobootwait"17:17
hallynstgraber: what do you mean by 'the regular source'?  you mean without -updates?  or you mean not ports.ubuntu.com?17:18
stgraberhallyn: "deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports precise main universe" is missing17:19
hallynstgraber: oh.  that sounds like a thinko17:19
stgraberhallyn: in my case, I'll also need some i386 sources in there but that's specific to my hack and I know I need to implement that bit17:19
allenapbigjools: You were saying it's a pi... going to be very easy.17:20
Davieystgraber / smb: Is resolveconf behaving now?17:20
bigjoolsallenap: cake17:20
hallynoh.  so no containers are getting regular 'source'?  d'oh.17:20
stgraberDaviey: no, we have one more change staged in the branch to be pushed post-freeze17:20
allenapbigjools: How does maas tell other components of the whereabouts of this blob service?17:21
hallynno, mine has it17:21
stgraberDaviey: and then will need to deal with potential bugs that may appear because of that change17:21
smbDaviey, I have not re-tested (which needs a install of oneiric and upgrade after manual reconfig) but I have not noticed a note saying it should work now17:21
stgraberhallyn: my amd64 ones seem to be fine17:21
bigjoolsallenap: it's only for juju17:21
Davieystgraber: do you have concerns?17:21
mrevellallenap, Do you have a moment to talk hosting the MaaS docs?17:21
jamespagesmoser: so I see17:21
Davieysmb: thanks17:22
hallynstgraber: but is that a debootstrap bug then?17:22
stgraberDaviey: well, our current trick to make resolvconf work in chroots was a bad idea (creating the symlink at boot time), so we'll revert that and replace by a relative symlink which should work for chroots but it's hard to think of all possible use cases17:22
Davieystgraber: This seems to be a good candidate for a QA upgrade test?17:22
allenapmrevell: Sure.17:22
Davieystgraber: right!17:22
allenapmrevell: Hangout.17:23
stgraberDaviey: so we didn't want to risk a rebuild for it and will upload today. I don't expect issues on upgrade (possibly less issues actually), but I have daily upgrade testing running here for all the flavours so that's easy enough to check17:23
mrevellallenap, Yo betcha, as they say.17:23
mrevellallenap, invite sent17:24
stgraberhallyn: could be, seems like qemu-debootstrap might be missing the initial sources.list line17:24
stgraberhallyn: I'll just update the template to wipe sources.list and write it from scratch instead17:24
Davieystgraber: Something centralised would be good :).. and gema and jibel would love you.17:24
hallynstgraber: ok17:24
stgraberhallyn: and add restricted and multiverse in the process, not sure why we don't have them at the moment17:25
hallynstgraber: speed?17:25
hallynadding those makes apt-get update forever on my laptop anyway17:25
stgraberDaviey: right, I have my own setup here because "Canonical no longer wants to spend resources on doing QA for flavours" ...17:25
stgraberhallyn: hmm, restricted and multiverse are pretty small compared to universe17:26
hallynyeah i was thinking universe.  i would admit not knowing what multiverse is, but i'm too manly17:26
hallynso why would you want restricted and multiverse in a container?17:27
Davieystgraber: Been drinking lemon juice? :)17:27
stgraberhallyn: main => 7.5M, multiverse => 592K, restricted => 129K and universe => 25M17:27
stgraberDaviey: ;)17:28
hallyn:)  ok.  so no problem, but still not sure what we'd want from there17:28
hallynzul: smb: is "apt-get install openvswitch-switch" supposed to just work?17:28
stgraberhallyn: well, it'd be consistent with desktop and maybe someone may need some codecs or similar stuff for some weird setup :)17:28
zulhallyn: reputadely17:28
hallynstgraber: oh, right and with arkose esp ppl might want codecs.  ok.17:29
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hallynzul: "FATAL: Module oepnvswitch_mod not found"17:29
Davieyhallyn: where are you seeing that?17:29
zulhallyn: try installing the openvswitch-dkms17:30
hallynzul: it tried dkms automatically.  oh, there, very neatly hidden away, i guess the dkms build failed.  why not show me those erors, dingbat?17:31
zulbut but :)17:31
hallynyeah, errrors in brcompat.c17:32
smbzul, maybe we need sound support for dkms, doing the red alert thing when build fails17:32
stgraberhallyn: I'm assuming the typo in the module name is just a manual copy/paste typo and not a typo in a script right? (oepnvswitch_mod vs openvswitch_mod)17:32
stgraberoh, ok, yeah, if the module failed to build, that probably was just an IRC typo then ;)17:32
zulsmb: red alert thing?17:32
hallynstgraber: yeah.  this was in a vm on another laptop.  no cut/paste17:32
smbzul, like in star trek17:32
zulsmb: ah right17:32
* zul loves majel barret :)17:33
hallynmaybe it needs to #include <linux/module.h>?  it says expected declaration specificers or '...' before string constant on the MODULE_DESCRIPTION("..."); line17:34
ahs3mmmm....majel barret.....17:36
smbhallyn, sounds reasonable and probably is quick to test...17:36
hallynsmb: what's the quickest way?  if i change the src under /var/lib/dkms and do dkms build -m openvswitch -v 1.2.2, it reextracts the src :)17:37
hallyndo i have to rebuild the whole package and install it?17:37
Davieyhallyn: the build.log should show you how to reproduce the build out of band.17:37
smbhallyn, oh crap. somehow I expected it not to extrat every time. You could rebuild the tarball I guess17:38
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* hallyn gets cranky typing on this tiny keyboard with jacked-up capslock key17:39
hallynwell just a 'make' worked.  and yes that #include fixed that error.  which brings upthe next one:17:41
hallynkernels after 3.0 are not supported by this version of openvswitch17:41
hallynglad to see this is so heavily used :)17:41
* smb wonders who tested that one before... :)17:42
hallynwell, all i'm saying is, if noone has noticed, then maybe we don't care all that much17:42
* hallyn checks open bugs17:42
smbI am not sure I remember that one right, but wsn't that the package that first was discussed to move into main and then (a while ago) decided its not really required or so...?17:43
hallynthere is an open MIR for it.  i don't know about it being decided it wasn't needed.  zul?17:44
zulreading the backlog17:45
zulyeah i care about it, ill make sure it doesnt fail can you open up a bug about it17:45
hallynwell, sid has 1.3.0-1.  perhaps we should sync17:45
hallynzul: sure17:45
hallynzul: or do you just want to sync17:45
zuli was going to find some time to sync it up17:46
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hallynzul: filed bug 925611, thanks.  (let me know if you want me to do it, but happy to leave it to you as you've obviously done the last few).  I was just trying it out to see about making recommendations in documetnation for use with qemu+libvirt...17:49
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 925611 in openvswitch "Please merge 1.3.0-1 from debian unstable" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92561117:49
zulhallyn: gotcha17:49
mrevellbigjools, Hey, do we have a "Bad" state for a node that's got some kind of problem?17:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #925611 in openvswitch (universe) "Please merge 1.3.0-1 from debian unstable" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92561117:55
bigjoolsmrevell: no - we should though18:02
mrevellI've added one to the new glossary, which I'll share shortly18:02
bigjoolsmrevell: see src/maasserver/models.py18:02
mrevellthanks bigjools18:02
adam_gzul: that iscsi patch got merged, no need to carry patch18:08
zulyep i saw18:08
stgraberhallyn: any reason why we don't have a proper locale installed in the template?18:15
hallynstgraber: i think we didn't know how to decide which locale is proper18:15
stgraberhallyn: well, having "a" locale would be nice, I'd just go with language-pack-en and en_US.UTF-8 by default. Using C is likely to break quite a few things ...18:16
hallyni like locale C :)18:17
hallyni suppose if there's a clean way to get the host's locale we could copy that into container at setup18:17
stgraberC.UTF-8 would be reasonable I guess if that works now18:18
hallynstgraber: I'm just being an old man.  locales are new to me :)  Pls do what you think best.18:20
hallynplus i don't run things like ff in my containers (yet)18:20
hallynbtw i'm working on a patch to have lxc-start bail early if insufficient privs18:21
stgraberhallyn: well, the biggest annoyance to me with our current lack of locales is all these warnings from perl that you get in APT and some other tools. I also remember having some pretty serious issues with PostgreSQL and other DB where they would store everything as ASCII unless the locale supported utf-8 at install time.18:21
stgraberif C.UTF-8 works, that should take care of all of these issues and not require any extra package18:22
hallynascii ftw :)18:22
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tgardnerSpamapS, once you've created a cobbler repo by importing an ISO, is there a way to update it?18:27
hallynstgraber: lp:~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/precise/lxc/lxc-start-checkperms  if you wanted to pull that patch (0032) into your tree18:30
smosertgardner, what do you want to update?18:35
tgardnersmoser, well, I imported a precise desktop ISO and I'd like to update to the most recent daily (which has a newer kernel)18:36
smoserwould remove and re-add be not the same?18:36
smoserwe have a tool that kidn of does this, but it really is hard-coded to do mini-iso stuff (cobbler-ubuntu-import).18:37
tgardnersmoser, yes, but thats a bit of a pain in the ass, what with having to choose the right pre-seed and all.18:37
smoserit basically imports a new one, then renames it.18:38
tgardnerbeen using that18:38
smoserso yeah...  we dont really have anything.18:38
smoserbut you could take the logic from cobbler-ubuntu-import18:38
tgardnerI'll have a look18:38
adam_gsmoser: i took a look at that nova-volume charm patch yesterday. it requires the loopback device is first created on the host and allowed into the container by someone before charm deploy?18:40
smoseradam_g, yeah.18:40
smoseri do that in one of the pastebins.18:41
zulhallyn: around?18:41
smoserit assumes you have access to the loopback. whihc is not unreasonable.18:41
hallynzul: yes, though lunching soon.  what's up?18:41
adam_gsmoser: why not just look for /dev/loopN like any other block device while making the same assumption?18:41
zulhallyn: this use to work on oneiric: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/826733/18:41
smoseradam_g, and assume that something else has alrady set up the block device?18:42
smoserbecause thats not generally helpful.18:42
zulhallyn: basically it would give you acccess to look at the console for libvirt-lxc and now it doesnt18:42
smoser(and that would already besupported if you just gave it 'loop0' as the config)18:42
hallynzul: not sure, but offhand that could be due to getty change18:42
smosernote, the patch would work on ec2 also.18:42
zulhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/826731/18:43
adam_gsmoser: thats up the provider to decide before granting the container access to the device, no? the same thing could potentially happen with an EBS volume on amazon or openstack.18:43
zulhallyn: also there is some changes to /dev/ptmx and /dev/pts in libvirt i think as well18:43
zulhallyn: where would i start looking18:43
smoseradam_g, the charm has no notion of container.18:43
smoserand it should not.18:44
hallyndoes this happen also with an oneiric container on precise libvirt?18:44
smosermaybe somewhere down the road, juju has some concept of "this charm requires access to these devices and these kernel modules"18:44
smoserbut thats just not reasonable right now.18:44
zulhallyn: i havent checked yet18:44
zulhallyn: ill let you know18:44
adam_gsmoser: sec, taking another look at the charm with fresh eyes..18:45
adam_gsmoser: which is the pastebin that prepares the loop device on the host?18:48
smoseradam_g, http://paste.ubuntu.com/826756/18:52
smoserall that does is  make juju grant all containers access to all /dev/loop*18:52
zulhallyn:  same with oneiric its probably a libvirt issue i think18:56
hallynzul: hm18:56
zulhallyn: http://libvirt.org/git/?p=libvirt.git;a=commit;h=c30a78c398135577c3038199cb81bfaa19708cc518:58
hallynzul: i don't think that's it18:58
zulwell that patch isnt in libvirt yet18:59
hallynzul: that just changes the underlying file from chardev to empty file (which we mount /dev/pts/ptmx onto)18:59
zuli have a strace if you want one18:59
hallynzul: I'm guessing it has to do with the new routine for opening the ptys at container init.19:00
hallyni.e. virFileOpenTty19:01
hallynwhat the heck is set_nonblocking_flag()19:02
hallynzul: if you drop 'iflag=nonblock', does it work?19:04
zulin the dd?19:04
zuljust sits there19:05
hallynzul: that strace was not '-f' ?19:06
zulit wasnt19:07
hallyncan you give me -f output?19:07
adam_gsmoser: ah, nevermind. charm looks good and works elsewhere. basically, i had no idea that 'losetup --find --show "$fpath"' actually sets up the device19:08
zulhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/826777/19:09
adam_gsmoser: ill probably steal get_block_device() in the next iteration of the swift charms19:10
smoseradam_g, sure. so you're merging from mine?19:10
adam_gsmoser: yeah, my branch is still pending a MP into the main lp:charms, but your change will go with it.19:11
Davieyadam_g: you could merge into yours, and the MP will refresh19:12
hallynzul: kernel change i'm thinking19:12
zulhallyn: damn19:13
zulthats unfortunate19:13
hallynzul: got an oneiric box up?19:13
zulhallyn: i can do it in a vm...ill let you know19:13
hallynzul: well open up a terminal, do 'tty', and try the dd on that pty19:13
hallynthat fails the same way here on my precise laptop19:14
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/826789/ is basically what we need to support armel/armhf/powerpc/... on x8619:14
adam_gDaviey: thats what i meant19:14
zulhallyn: yeah it fails here19:14
stgraberhallyn: I just uploaded mountall and sysvinit with the multi-arch changes, so hopefully in an hour or so, the template will work with these changes19:14
hallynstgraber: what about soft freeze?19:15
stgraberhallyn: we've been out of soft freeze for 40min now19:15
hallynstgraber: being pedantic, but could you add comments at top of that new fn documenting expected $1..$3?  :)19:16
zulhallyn: ditto on my oneiric box19:16
stgraberhallyn: probably a good idea indeed ;)19:16
Davieyadam_g: ah19:17
hallynzul: so how did that ever work...  ok, it must be something libvirt used to do to the ptys it creates for consoles, but no longer does19:17
zulhallyn: im not sure it just did is there a way where we can grab a console output under precise?19:18
Unode|Workhi everyone19:23
Unode|WorkCan someone tell me how can I disable daily fetches of packages?19:23
Unode|WorkI only want to update package lists when I want to upgrade things and not on a regular basis.19:24
hallynzul: haven't found one yet19:27
zulhallyn: this is how everything is mounted in the container: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/826803/19:28
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hallynzul: oneiric gives me the same behavior19:47
zulhallyn: yeah so i dont remember how that could have worked19:48
hallynzul: use socat?19:49
mjtok, thank you everyone (re ipxe)19:49
zulhallyn: how do you use socat?19:51
hallynzul: 'socat - /dev/pts/1' for instance.  (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1159220)19:51
hallyndo you expect this to work nicely while someone does 'virsh console <container>' too?19:52
zulnot really i just want to get like a "picture" of the console19:54
hallynzul: you know, oneiric got a version of the big pty update backported, so it's possible dd was broken by that after all19:58
zulhallyn: probably, although im not upset about it, just have to figure out something19:59
hallyncan socat work for you?19:59
zulhallyn: i think so20:00
zulhallyn: thanks20:00
hallyncool, np20:00
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stgraberhallyn: ok, so I got an armhf to install and boot, well, boot until mountall explodes when tryin to talk to udev ;)20:21
hallynwhy does that explode?20:21
stgrabermountall:mountall.c:3700: Assertion failed in main: udev_monitor = udev_monitor_new_from_netlink (udev, "udev")20:21
_Neytiri_ i have bind9 set to do recursion but when i attempt to look up a domain i dont host it refuses the request how do i fix this20:22
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cr3zul: a while ago, I asked for a way for a kvm guest to access the host filesystem. I found a very simple solution: nc20:30
smosercr3, lame.20:32
smoseryou should have found a kvm exploit.20:32
smoserthat would be more general purpose.20:32
jjohansenhallyn: would you have time to test a kernel, and if so would you like -generic, -server, i386/x86-64?20:33
cr3smoser: if only you had suggested that when I first asked in the channel, you could've saved me so much time20:34
hallynjjohansen: -generic would be great20:34
jjohansenhallyn: 64bit?20:34
smosercr3, and you'd be rich and famous20:35
hallynjjohansen: yes pls20:35
jjohansenhallyn: okay, I'll kick it off and let it build while I have some lunch20:36
hallynjjohansen: cool.  this is for the detach problem?20:36
hallyni'll try it out later tonight then20:36
jjohansenhallyn: yeah, see your mail20:36
hallyn(fwiw i try to check mail 3-4x/day :)20:37
hallynstgraber: i wonder if it'd be safe to make /etc/init.d/lxc set -e20:38
stgraberhallyn: sounds dangerous, why would you do that?20:39
hallynstgraber: bc it should fail if the network isn't set up right20:39
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stgraberhallyn: well, it should fail, not just stop there. So it should handle return codes where relevant and undo whatever it did, indeed, set -e would just leave the system half configured20:42
hallynstgraber: well, set -e + trap EXIT20:42
hallyni wouldn't be un-tidy20:42
stgraberright, trap EXIT with a proper handler would be good20:43
hallynstgraber: actually i'm just going to do trap and set -e only for the net setup, then undo them20:47
hallyn(it's just that adding 'if [ $? -ne 0 ]' after each stmt is ugly20:47
stgraberhallyn: looks like if I multi-arch makedev and iproute, then I can get a container to boot (with upstart, mountall, plymouth and iproute being amd64 in the armhf container)20:57
lifelessstgraber: that sounds unholy20:57
stgraberhallyn: testing armel now as I'm getting weird qemu output that may be related to armhf support, maybe armel will complain a bit less20:57
_Neytiri_how do i enable recursion in bind?20:58
stgraberlifeless: well, if qemu-user-static was doing a better job it'd just work ;) sadly anything using ptrace() fails under it (that's why I need an amd64 upstart) and apparently netlink is a bit broken too (breaking most of the network stuff and udev)20:59
lifelesshallyn: you can do statement || thingwhenfail20:59
lifelesshallyn: as an alternative to if [ $? -ne 0 ]21:00
hallynlifeless: yeah, but then i want to cleanly unroll21:00
lifelessah, well thats different :)21:00
hallynlifeless: I'm thinking something like undo_network in http://paste.ubuntu.com/826916/21:02
smoserhallyn, the thing i've done for your trap on exit, which stacks better21:13
smoseris to set a global in that block of code21:14
smoserand then always trap exit and just check it.21:14
smosernote, that sh doesn't handle EXIT as well as bash21:14
smoserif user ctrl-c's it21:14
hallynsmoser: thing is i'd like to keep changes against debian's version as simple as possible.  and they don't have the whole network bit.21:15
hallynnow, maybe i should switch to upstart...21:15
hallynsmoser: i like the trick though.  will keep it in mind.21:23
hallynstgraber: so i added an updated lxc.init to lp:~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/precise/lxc/lxc-start-checkperms21:31
stgraberhallyn: ok. I'm finishing to deal with some multi-arch issues to at least upload something that kind of boot instead of crashing and dumping you in a root shell21:33
hallynhurray for root shell21:33
stgrabermy fallback plan is to put a job as "start on startup" explaining that qemu-user-static is a bit limited and that the rest wouldn't boot ;)21:34
stgraberthen start getty and that's it21:34
rremerI don't have the /desktop directory key in my gconf schema.  What package do I have to install to get that?  (specifically, I'm looking to be able to edit menu shortcuts: /desktop/gnome/interface:can_change_accels)21:38
rremerI've installed GNOME, but the key is not there still.21:39
melterhas there been a change in how networking is configured in pangolin?21:47
melteranyone know why dns resolution isn't working in a new pangolin alpha 2 install?21:52
RoyKmelter: does "host google.com" work?21:52
stgraberhallyn: yeah! got the container to boot "cleanly", I just need "upstart:amd64 mountall:amd64 iproute:amd64 isc-dhcp-client:amd64", so that's pretty much all of what's using netlink21:53
stgrabermelter: did you run "sudo start resolvconf && reboot" as per the release notes21:54
* hallyn isn't quite sure whether th cheer or not :)21:54
stgraberhallyn: well, it's better than nothing (I guess), but having ptrace() and netlink support in qemu-user-static would be magic ;)21:54
melterstgraber: "start: Job is already running: resolvconf"22:06
melterRoyK: no22:07
stgrabermelter: ok, is that the first or second boot of the machine?22:07
melterstgraber: i've already rebooted several times22:08
melterso it wasn't the first22:08
stgrabermelter: ok, so that's probably not the resolvconf race condition then. Can you confirm /etc/resolv.conf is a symlink to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf?22:08
melterstgraber: yes22:09
stgrabermelter: can you post your /etc/network/interfaces to a pastebin?22:10
melterstgraber: http://pastebin.com/hsjQbwgb22:16
melterit's the same as a 11.10 production machine, except the static ip is different22:16
stgrabermelter: I'm hoping you didn't get that as a result of the installer?22:17
melterstgraber: no22:17
stgrabergood, because it's wrong (on 12.04)22:17
stgraberwell, not really wrong, rather incomplete22:17
melterstgraber: ah, ok22:17
stgraber /etc/resolv.conf is managed by resolvconf now22:17
stgraberso anything you write to /etc/resolv.conf will be lost after a reboot22:17
stgraberyou need to use:22:17
stgraberand dns-search my.domain.com22:18
stgraberin /etc/network/interfaces22:18
melterso it isn't done automatically anymore?22:18
stgraberwell, we weren't doing anything automatically before, /etc/resolv.conf was a static file22:18
stgrabernow it's a dynamic file, so your DNS configuration needs to be in /etc/network/interfaces for resolvconf to configure resolv.conf properly22:19
melterstgraber: thanks, that worked22:27
melteris there a better way to set a hostname and static ip than editing that file?22:27
stgrabermelter: well, the hostname should be in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts but all the network configuration should indeed be in /etc/network/interfaces22:29
stgrabermelter: you can get that file generated for you if you install using the static configuration22:29
melterok, thanks22:30
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stgraberhallyn: uploaded the remaining bits, hopefully in an hour or so I can test, then upload LXC22:46
jjohansenhallyn: I hit a snag with the test kernel I'll get you a build tomorrow22:47
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melterin pangolin alpha2, "apt-get autoremove --purge -y g++" fails with "g++ is already the newest version."23:11
SpamapSHmm, I'm trying to get a VM to pxe boot.. never seeing the DHCP requests on virbr#23:29
adam_gSpamapS: bug #92444623:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 924446 in libvirt "STP enabled on bridge results in unreliable PXE boot of guests" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92444623:34
adam_gSpamapS: apparently a bug in libvirt thats been fixed upstream and will be cherrypicked back thanks mr. hallyn23:34
SpamapSadam_g: good to know!23:35
SpamapSso if I had dist-upgraded today, I wouldn't have this problem23:36
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adam_gSpamapS: only one way to find out?23:36
SpamapSadam_g: a Mutha****in MONTAGE!23:37
* twb quietly remove's SpamapS' caffeine drip bag23:38
SpamapStwb: I switched to guarana and horny goat weed 2 hours ago23:38
* SpamapS goes off to find some Yerba Mate23:39
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hallynSpamapS: I only pushed the change a few hours ago23:48
SpamapShallyn: oh ok cool, well glad that the fix won't bite anyone else... cost me about an hour and two small patches of hair on the top of my head ;)23:49
_godhelpmehi could i get some help setting up permissions23:50
hallynSpamapS: it's been broken for awhile, odd that everyone notices at once :)23:50
SpamapShallyn: I think only recently we've wanted to pxe boot our vms23:51
_godhelpmehow do i make it so that if a user makes a file it will by default create it so that the owner would be user and the group would be newgroup23:51
starlockethere's that PGP key server concept... is there anything similarly centralized for SSH keys...?23:54
SpamapSDEBUG:root:Test b4d2d6e6-af86-4772-b645-9d835382130c failed to execute within 20 minutes23:56
SpamapSdurn it.. my poor machine couldn't finish the install in time. :-P23:56

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