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JanCSaviq: did you hear anything if somebody could bring an Ubuntu TV system to demo at FOSDEM?17:02
SaviqJanC, let me try and get some info17:03
JanCSaviq: I guess it's possible to run it on some regular hardware too?  (I haven't had time to really look into it, so I don't know what hardware is expected, etc.)17:04
SaviqJanC, anything with OpenGL should be fine17:06
JanCwell, my old EEE 900 does OpenGL, but it can't play hi-res videos  ;)17:08
SaviqJanC, well, hi-res videos is another thing17:08
Saviqwe don't have hw accel yet17:08
SaviqJanC, I'm afraid we don't have anyone going, sorry17:09
Saviqtoo much other stuff to do17:10
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